chainlink vs lunaTerra Luna Classic SEC Staking Ban Affecting LUNC

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chainlink vs luna link swap Terra Luna Classic SEC Staking Ban Affecting LUNC
Terra Luna classic got hit very hard in price over the last 24 hours alongside the entire cryptocurrency Market because of the SEC if you guys havent seen by now you can watch the video from last night for a little bit more detail but the SEC coming out and basically Banning staking in the United States on centralized platforms they came out and they find Kraken 30 million dollars and and Kraken had to shut down its staking services and coinbase could be next because of this people are fleeing some of these centralized exchanges and moving over to the decentralized exchanges which could actually be good for cryptocurrency projects like Terra Luna classic so were gonna be focusing on that a little bit in this video but I also want to talk about some of the levels of support and resistance because as we come down we are at a very significant level of support right now and if it breaks weve only got a couple lines left on the chart before were sitting back down and we add another zero so lets talk about the good lets talk about the BET and lets talk about Terror classic so if it sounds like something youre interested in lets get started whats up everybody Im clay Im here to make 2023 the best year ever if you havent clicked that subscribe button make sure to subscribe to the channel join us become a bro we are here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together and look if youre brand new to investing you dont know how or where to buy stocks and crypto you get a link in the description below for Weeble it is super simple to set up your account any deposit you guys are getting at least six free stocks up to 12 free stocks and a one dollar crypto trade is going to get you five dollars in free crypto now if you guys want crypto exclusive exchanges where you could buy sell trade short leverage all that good stuff you get kucoin and binance down there now kucoin and binance they offer rewards for the more active Traders so the more you trade the more youre gonna earn but please be aware if youre holding your crypto on those exchanges it is considered a loan to those exchanges if you want it to be your crypto you need to hold it on a cold storage or D5 wallet and I do not know what the result of of their staking is going to be we know that the SEC is only in charge of United States companies so were gonna have to see how that plays out for for binance and kucoin there but binance us I I dont even know if anybody uses binance us so regardless guys coinbase could be next in the this SEC Saga now I want to talk about Terra Luna classic because yesterday this news really Catching Fire and in a lot of sell-offs taking place in the entire cryptocurrency space Terror Luna classic was one of them dropping to roughly 16 000 points per coin this is a major level of support and if broken obviously could lead to lower levels that well talk about in a second here but one of the benefits that we are seeing or one of the upsides if youre if youre trying to look at the good in everything its that staking is increasing on the Terra Luna classic Network now I dont know if these if these extra coins are coming directly from Kraken if theyre coming from coinbase if theyre coming from cool coin I dont know where all these new coins are coming from but weve increased to about 900 and roughly 50 I think its 940 some 950 roughly billion Terror Luna classic staked very very close to reaching that one trillion Terra Luna classic mark on the the staking fees on network which is great its great to see that and and although its a result of something so stupid by the SEC I uh you know I try to do the positive and everything and that is a definite positive is that staking on chain is increasing right now even though the reasons may not be uh even though the reasons may not be what we hoped they were it is increasing now thats the benefit the the negative is people are kind of getting even more leery of the cryptocurrency space and and we saw some major sell-offs over the last couple of thats its hours really 24 hours or so and I believe over 200 million dollars in liquidations have taken place on Long positions 20 million dollars in liquidations taking place on Shore positions and this is overall right financing some very heavy liquidations themselves with over a hundred million dollars in in liquidated cryptocurrency positions meaning going back into cash and right now that is not good it indicates that further uncertainty is is ahead for the cryptocurrency market if the SEC can come in and find cracking cracking doesnt even put up a fight cracking decides to shut down their staking program to pay 30 million dollars I mean think about it Ripple Ripple has been going on with this fight for for the last several years if coinbase is next the cryptocurrency industry is going to its going to contract its going to contract very largely especially if the SEC just comes in out of nowhere and gains complete control over the cryptocurrency industry if they think that they can own and regulate this entire space just because they want to own and regulate this entire space without a fight being put up from centralized exchanges it is its going to lead to one thing its going to lead to mass decentralized adoption or an outflow of cryptocurrency from the United States to other countries and I talked about it in the video last night um you know were gonna look at the positives in this one but you know money flowing out of the United States into other countries is not going to be good for the United States it doesnt necessarily mean its going to be good or bad for you it simply means that its not going to be good for the United States in progress when it comes to blockchain and and cryptocurrency innovation but if we start to move over on chain if centralized exchanges kind of dwindle down and maybe theres only a handful of them where you can go out and cash your cryptocurrency out because if you think about it cryptocurrency when first started had no value you could have one two three 20 Bitcoin and they were worth nothing you couldnt cash them out unless you could find a buyer and trust me when I tell you buyers were very hard to come by as evidenced by that one guy who spent you know ten thousand ten thousand Bitcoin to buy uh two pizzas from Papa Johns nearly impossible to find buyers at that time so centralized exchanges have provided an opportunity to be able to cash out your Bitcoin and cash out your cryptocurrency in an excellent way but the direction we seem to be going right now is back to the roots of crypto and this idea of a decentralized network and D5 wallets and in crypto is crypto and Fiat is Fiat type of a deal now Tara Luna classic guys dropping to where it is right now its 16 000 points per coin is is a very low level compared to where weve been in the past but well just basically last month before the rally began we were down here at these levels and Below 16 000 were looking at 12 000 points per coin 12 000 points per coin being the next major level of support is broken I absolutely believe its possible to add another zero everybody wants to burn a zero delete a zero if we break twelve thousand on the way down we basically have that ten thousand and nine thousand Point per coin range and obviously if we break that were were adding another zero so were were inching closer every day especially on the back of this wild information from the SEC that we could be dropping even further and potentially adding a zero so the question is if you believe in the progress the Terra Luna classic is making if you believe in the progress that cryptocurrency is making you cannot you cannot let the SEC coming in with something like this deter you from believing in the future of crypto one way or another it will be successful whether the U.S Embraces it I do not know but what I do know is I believe in the blockchain and I believe in cryptocurrency and I believe in Terra Luna classic I want to know what you guys think down in the comments below let me know your thoughts and of course if that button right there is still red make sure to click it subscribe to the channel join us become a bro were here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together you guys got claybro 883 everywhere youre getting 6 to 12 free stocks on Weeble kucoin and binance you get free Discord and until the next time hope to each and every one of you have an awesome day Terra Luna Classic may be falling in price alongside the crypto markets today, but LUNC holders have a lot to be optimistic about. 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