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hey its Ryan OBrien so we just moved into a new house weve got a nice chain-link fence around the backyard and within the first day of being here which was only like a week ago one of our dogs found a weak spot in the fence that was kind of off the ground and managed to squeeze her way through it back in here as you might be able to see she found her way through that through that chain-link fence and got out a couple of times within the first day of us being in this home so as you can see I went to Lowes I picked up some some rods from the chain-link Finch section that were about four or 450 apiece and drove them into the ground to try to plug up those holes a little bit well theyre not the prettiest looking things in the world so I talked to my father-in-law and he had a pretty good suggestion of another way to do this because weve got other parts of this fence that she could also sneak through if she decided to do so but were going to plug these holes up a little more discreetly using these common tent stakes now these were a 6-pack of them at Academy Sports for a dollar 99 were going to drive these into the ground and plug up some more of these holes so the dog doesnt get out a nice easy way and a little bit more discrete way to plug up those holes in your fence so your dog doesnt get out so as you can see here it doesnt connect to the ground so she really wanted to hard enough she could push that out and probably werent her wanderin so were going to drive these stakes into the ground to keep that a little more attached and keep her from being able to to get out by the way this is the one right here this is the sneaky when it gets out dont you yeah yeah you little punk alright so as you can see Ive already stuck one in the ground here hammered it in hooked it right there underneath the fence and I put it out at an angle so I dont want her to be able to so she pushes on it she gets a little bit more resistance if she were to try to get out as the post is straight up and down where she may be able to get it bent and get it to slip out of the ground so let me show you what I did here were going to go down a little further and angle them in like so and I get it started with my hand a little bit just enough to set it and then Ill take now Im using a mini sledge that you could use a regular hammer as well its just as simple as tapping those down in there now say just a simple now if you go until it hooks on and then just a little there you go so now from a distance if you were to let me get up off the ground here so from here you can kind of see them if you know where they are but from here obviously you cant see those tent stakes as opposed to these here that you can see and these cost me about half as much so just go on down a few feet every so often however far you need to go wherever theres a weak spot in your fence drive these stakes in and ideally the dog doesnt get out anymore you have life hacks your chain-link fence Dog getting under your chain link fence? This discreet and cheap fix should stop it from happening again.If youre new, Subscribe! → Go here → Like us → Follow us → Get our newsletter → For any licensing requests please contact