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did you know that you can make money is useless until it is used one billion dollars or one billion friends which would you take whats going on you dont need money dude you need people people have the next money you want you should put money in the marketing you should promote yourself not put money where you and the kids live whats going on guys lux crypto here back at it with another video another moon gem video for you guys and today were going to be discussing yield zilla now this is an awesome new token project where you guys can earn 2.5 daily and it is the highest paying protocol that also has an auto stake feature that you guys can definitely take advantage of this project in my opinion is going to be huge so were gonna go ahead and go over this token and auto staking protocol project yieldzilla right now for you guys so you can get all of the information that you need now check this out guys a yield monster has risen all right so yieldzilla provides a decentralized financial asset which rewards its users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model through use of its unique yap protocol and yieldzilla also delivers the industrys highest fixed apy every 15 minutes and a simple buy hold earn system that grows your ydz token portfolio in your wallet at a lightning fast pace now you guys will be able to invest in this token now im not a financial advisor please do your own research but you guys can definitely earn a lot with this project guys just by buying and holding you will earn free tokens free money every single day and you will have access to a very high apy most of these similar projects are paying about 350 000 per year but this one will net you 916 000 percent even a little bit more than that guys so this is absolutely massive and i believe you should definitely get into it right now so ill leave all the links in the description below for you guys so you can join their community check out the token and start auto compounding your holdings now before we get into how the staking works you guys should definitely check this out this is pretty cool now the links will be in the description below as i said but they have a lottery okay and this is how it works so one ydz token equals one entry and there is a maximum of 100 entries per wallet now the pool is distributed so 50 of the pool goes to the selected winner 25 of the lottery pool is burned into the black black hole and then another 25 goes to ydz marketing funds so this is actually really huge because you can win a lot of tokens by getting into this lottery pool and also on top of that theyre going to be burning a percentage of every lottery win that means increasing the value of the tokens that you have which is really great and theyre also giving 25 of the lottery pool on each lottery drawing to the marketing fund which means that they will be able to afford more promo more marketing bring more buyers and further increase the value of this project so this is very exciting news for this project guys it is definitely something to check out this project has long term capabilities all right guys so lets see exactly how the auto staking works so yieldzillas auto stake feature is a simple innovation term buy hold and earn all right now this provides the ultimate ease of use for all of their holders which is really really great okay so all you have to do is simply hold your ydz tokens in your wallet and you will simply earn rebase rewards via interest payments directly into your wallet now your holdings in your wallet will be increasing every 15 minutes which is actually really great most projects like this only pay out you know once a day or um you know a couple times a day but this is 15 minute intervals which is actually massive okay now using a quantitative rebase formula yieldzilla makes it possible for token distribution to be paid directly proportional to the rebase rewards alright and it is worth 0.02604 percent every 15 minute period and and that goes the reward you get goes based on the amount of tokens that you hold in your wallet so the more you hold the more rewards you will get all right this means that without moving the tokens from your wallet all of the yieldzilla holders will receive an annual compound interest of about 916 000 per year guys and this is very very massive and the last thing i want to discuss in this video is their upcoming p2e nfts and this will be based on the ydz token guys so check out these previews of these nfts they look pretty pretty sweet so this is even more utility for this project guys now as i said ill leave all the links in the description below you should definitely check them out because they have an awesome reward token that will pay you almost a million percent per year and youre not going to find that anywhere else they also have the lottery which is really great for the tokens ecosystem and they are creating a p2e nft part of the project which when released will be massive as well so make sure you dont miss it go and check out yieldzilla right now if you find this video useful in any way please drop a like down below and subscribe to my channel so i can continue to bring you these awesome moon gem videos and with that being said guys lux crypto out JOIN MY CRYPTO CHANNEL ON TELEGRAM ️ YIELDZILLA LINKS ️ All YieldZilla Links Here: ️️️️️️️️️️️ For any BUSINESS INQUIRIES: Email: TG: -- BEWARE OF SCAMMERS -- THE ABOVE INFO IS THE ONLY WAY TO CONTACT THE REAL ME. Please be smart and only use the contact methods above. If someone reaches out to you on my behalf ALWAYS confirm it with me by email or TG listed above. I cannot reimburse for scams. I am not a financial advisor and my videos are not financial advice. They are my own opinion and thoughts. And my videos are PURELY ENTERTAINMENT only. If you wish to invest please seek a professional financial advisor. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. 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