chainlink linked to ethereum chainlink charge from mario 3d world chainlink mining rig WILL THE TENSIONS IN CHINA CAUSE A CRYPTO CRASH!? - BITCOIN, CHAINLINK & STOCK MARKET ANALYSIS
back to the chance for Big Boss crypto bringing another day trading analysis on bitcoin and on chain link today were gonna take a look at how it was possible that we first saw a move to the downside as we saw this double top forming at the end of the last week we have seen a drop down we have seen a retrace and what comes next well lets look at the charts go to this channel I always draw out the market maker structure and Im gonna repeat it to you all again this is what the market maker structure looks like three hits to the high double top formation and then reversal in three hits very for a w bottom and the process repeats again so as you can see we have formed this structure already and we have moved to the downside as well let me remove this for you so its clearer so I can show you where we are because as you can see we form this double top formation we have seen the first drop down and we are currently you know second drop down and here is a possible profit Target before we head to our third and final leg down we are seeing somewhat of uh how do you say it a week here on the one hour time frame which could indicate that we are gonna form somewhat of a reversal to the upside and then were gonna bounce down to this area at 15.8 K where we do have a volume candle that hasnt been filled yet we also have one to the upside at 16.3 which also is a possible reversal point before we head lower I suggest to you that you take a look on the weekly time frame as well on bitcoin because there is where we have an unfilled watering candle at 14.8 K which hasnt been filled yet and as you know this week is the monthly close as well so one possible scenario is that we move to the downside and recover this volume Candle on the weekly time frame at 14.8 and that we end this month with a huge red volume candle and prepare moves to the downside if you take a look at this weeks news events we have a lot of them actually we have the CPI numbers coming out on Wednesday or the estimated numbers we have the non-farm employment change with adults job openings and we have the almighty Jerome Powell speaking on Wednesday as well then we have the core pce on Thursday and on Friday we have the non-form employment change and the unemployment rate in the US so a huge week in my opinion and I think this week will dictate how the market will look like for the next coming three months and as you know something that is mentioned as a news event here China has a rough period right now they are experiencing some riots actually as far as Ive seen and thats not common to China because as you know they are very strict and the police is pretty brutal there in China and riots arent common there so crazy things might go down in China so that could move the markets especially the stock market which hasnt tanked yet and its a possibility that China will seek safety the Chinese markets will seek safety in the dollar and if the dollar moves higher well then assets like Bitcoin crypto and stocks will move down if we take a look at the liquidation map we do have a lot of liquidity liquidation points residing first of all at 14.8 K which is where the volume candle resides but we also have a lot of liquidation points at 14k so a lot of people went long around 15K and they will get liquidated at 14k roughly also we have to keep in mind that we have liquidation points to the upside especially around the 16.6 K area where a lot of money is residing I would say oh yeah roughly a billion dollars is residing in this area and that will liquidate a lot of shorts that came in late so thats a possible reversal by the next coming days actually that we see this reversal going up to this area and then when Jerome Powell speaks Market moves down or if China progresses to yeah riots then we could move all the way to 14K and that is something Im looking at my general outlook on bitcoin is something like this I built my shorts well if Im going to be personal here I built my shorts in this Zone uh which I talked about in my last video on Friday that we could top out in this area and build some quick shorts and actually we dropped down on yeah yesterday during the Sunday weekly close and we can see that we are moving to the downside but I think that we have more now to go and Im looking especially at the 40K area if you are also interested in shorts wait until we recover some of these falling candles in this area we could go all the way up to 16.5 and 16.6 and that is where a lot of liquidations will take place and I think the market maker sees this as a quick opportunity to move price up yeah 500 basically which is nothing in the market Makers pocket he will move price possibly all the way up here before reversing quickly on Tuesday and Wednesday and we can see a 15K Bitcoin and possibly even a 14k Bitcoin chain LinkedIn I can see that we are also moving quickly to the downside as Bitcoin also is moving to the downside and currently looking at a scenario like this because we have an unfilled volume killer at seven dollars or even up to 7.1 dollars so Im possibly looking at going short in this area around seven dollars build my shorts and as you know what I mean with build shorts is one order here one order here and one order here it all depends on your strategy but I do it in threes and I divide lets say I have a hundred dollars I want to risk hundred dollars I divide that in three what this isnt a good example 33 dollars on each order here and when they are filled I wait until it reverses and take my profits as these how they State waves continue and possible W bottom scenario local W bottom scenario is around 5.6 dollars because that is where we have an unfilled wowing candle residing so Im gonna summarize this video with the NASDAQ chart and why do I do that well the crypto Market depends on this going up if we want to see Bitcoin going up and crypto in general if NASDAQ and the S P 500 is moving down it correlates that Bitcoin will move down as well and what Im really scared of is This volume channel right here which hasnt been filled yet look how much money is residing in this area for the stock market and if it goes down to this area its not good for Bitcoin and that is why I think that we will move down to 14K per Bitcoin during this week because I mean not Financial advice none of this is financial advice on this channel its all for entertainment and educational purpose only but what does this look like Im not gonna answer that question but what does it look like Im gonna stop it right here at 11.5 k and you will have to make your own decision what this structure is and what these Fallen candles represent thats it for today I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you learned something and I hope you have something to think about see you soon big boss out thank you Bringing you the heat every other day and try to make sense for you what Bitcoin & Alts might do the next 48 hours!BITCOIN ANALYSIS CHAINLINK ANALYSIS Twitter: 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