chainlink rivalsWhy You Should Own At Least 100 Chainlink Tokens - LINK Chainlink Cryptocurrency

chainlink analytics chain link chain chainlink rivals Why You Should Own At Least 100 Chainlink Tokens - LINK Chainlink Cryptocurrency
chainlink rivals openlaw chainlink Why You Should Own At Least 100 Chainlink Tokens - LINK Chainlink Cryptocurrency
hello guys welcome back to alpha show a channel that will completely change your life from negative to positive and make you the person you always wanted to be after this video you will learn well-researched reasons why you should own at least 100 chain-link tokens also referred to as link its native token chain link has been won sizzling crypto for some time now in may 2021 link usd skyrocketed as high as 208 percent from 11.27 at decembers end to about 37 on may the 17th 2021 this is rather interesting because link came immensely off its bullish high of 52.20 on may the 9th 2021. chain links journey is simple yet impactful it offers the missing link between the blockchain world and the outside world through the creation of decentralized oracle networks something exciting is always happening over at chainlink and every crypto enthusiast and investor shouldnt be left out of what the dynamic team there is building despite its launch in 2017 years after several of its competitors chain link has managed to make itself one of the top digital assets to own but the question remains is it a good investment when compared with bitcoins price action and the crypto world market performance many signs demonstrate links potentials in mid 2018 chain link was far from the top 100 cryptos by market capitalization but today it is ranked 13th with a market cap of over 11 billion dollars in this video ill examine how chain link works and explain what it offers differently from other blockchain platforms i will talk about price prediction with projected market cap and price as well what is chain link in 2017 smart contract chain link limited created the crypto ill be focusing on in this video in its initial coin offering ico the company raised 32 million dollars intending to become the middleman software solution that will make smart contract applications on any blockchain to receive communicate and send data to off-chain sources via the use of oracles by oracle im certainly not referring to some priestess or priest that knows the mind of mount olympuss deities the oracle is a data feed that links blockchains to off-blockchain data the network offers dependable and unbreachable inputs and outputs for complicated smart contracts on any blockchain link is the digital asset to use to pay for the services that the network offers among chain-link partners are google synthetic celsius nexus mutual celsius and intel chain links real value to comprehend the benefits of chain link and its operation you need to get the basics and technical concepts i will start with smart contracts smart contracts you must have heard smart contract before in the crypto world what are they smart contracts are pre-specified agreements on the blockchain that assess data and automatically implement when some conditions are fulfilled a perfect example of this is crowdfunding for startups if by a certain date some amount of ether is deposited into a smart contract then the funds will be released to the startup but if that is not the case the funds go back to the donors so given the fact that smart contracts operate on a blockchain they cant be changed and are verifiable everyone can see them this guarantees a high level of trust among the players involved if smart contracts must make agreements beyond those that concern the information that exists on the blockchain off-chain data is required in an off-chain set but how do we link outside information sources external data to blockchain smart contracts in a language they all understand this is one of the major drawbacks of smart contracts meanwhile smart contract functionality has developed in recent times with the likes of ethereum polkadot cardeno and the binance smart chain all making it a major feature of their platform what problem does chain link solve smart contracts and blockchains can only connect and receive information from their own networks therefore their use cases are at best limited this is where chain link comes in the platform offers a network of nodes that depend on oracles to allow smart contracts to interoperate with off-chain data sources and extend their capabilities to market data bank payments event data and any other type of data sources as an example lets assume you want to build a decentralized application d-app that focuses on offering real-time sports results this d app wont work without the help of an oracle because it cant receive information from off-chain sources by linking a chain-link oracle this d-app will be capable of receiving the needed information and of all the important data to end users you should note that merely using oracles is not sufficient to ensure the security and reliability of using a centralized data source to tackle this chain link deploys a network of decentralized nodes that offer decentralized trustless oracles for example if eight nodes deliver the exact result for a specific hockey game and two other nodes deliver varying results chain link uses an aggregating contract to find out if those two nodes are mistaken or even untrusted and disregard their results this process removes the risk of mistakes when providing off-chain data to smart contracts how chain link network is secured chain link is an ethereum based erc20 token that is secured by the proof of stake pos consensus mechanism it is not like the proof of work pow consensus used by bitcoin which relies on the computers power guzzling abilities pos depend on the amount of staked tokens for choosing node validators pos protocols were made to remedy the passive power consumption that pow models require today pos systems are becoming increasingly popular as they require less energy consumption besides going green is the new call they arent hard to scale as well while pow has showcased its strength in the consensus model ethereum and other erc 20 digital assets have been rapidly growing and blazing trails in the crypto space upcoming chain link projects as of the time of this video production chain links price is 24.01 dollars with a trading volume of one billion two hundred and ninety six million nine hundred and eighty thousand four hundred and seventeen point two six dollars and a market cap of ten billion three hundred and eighty three and million thousand eight hundred and fourteen point eight zero dollars according to coin market cap this is a promising coin and its community is lining up exciting projects to boost its place in the market the projects are aimed at solving problems across several industries and as a crypto enthusiast or investor you should keep an eye on what these guys are up to this will definitely help you make informed investment decisions here are upcoming chain link projects provision of data for farming insurance startup arbol is the farming insurance startup that chainlink wants to provide data for the insurance outfit whose application is built on ethereum smart contracts provides crop insurance for farmers and agricultural enterprises what chainlink plans to do is simple direct data from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration noaa and other sources arbol will use a combination of smart contracts and chain-link data thereby effectively preventing any delay on payments so farmers would be better prepared for bad harvests and changes in weather here are some chain-link news smart contract summit this is the platforms largest event of the year and its all about blockchain the conference is expected to hold from august 5th to 7th 2021 it will feature three full days of panels keynotes amas and more from developers enterprise leaders and other leaders across the blockchain space chaining partners with unicef chainlink recently partnered with unicef innovation fund to support blockchain-enabled applications in emerging markets with this partnership chain link hopes to make universally connected smart contracts the most used form of digital agreement chain link joins forces with git coin to support ethereum infrastructure chain link is joining the forthcoming git coin grants round 10 as a matching partner gitcoin incentivizes developers to build key infrastructure and tooling like lightweight ethereum clients open source programming libraries deployment tooling new testing suites etc chainlink wants to continue to offer financial resources directly to developers in the ethereum ecosystem developers can apply for chain link community grant program this initiative is to provide financial support to several development teams and researchers building solutions for chain link network talented individual programmers and development teams are encouraged to apply for the grant bitcoin and the price of link being the pioneer digital token in the crypto world bitcoin happens to have the largest market capitalization it has opened the floor for the crypto industry and ensured their acceptance and adoption globally as such it has an incredible potential for influencing other cryptos as well as the entire market but it doesnt affect the price of other digital tokens all the time for example link isnt affected by much btc price actions bitcoin has recently reached the 40 000 threshold while link hardly increases beyond 26.44 no indication that bitcoins bearish performance or otherwise affects link to understand this better i looked at their correlation analysis correlation analysis between prices of different assets tells us how they relate and influence each other btc and link do not have a substantial relationship often times when btc increases in value link hardly moves link price prediction as you already know chain link wants to bring interoperability to the crypto landscape where smart contracts connect to real world applications that is totally unique from what other blockchain platforms offer in january 2021 link traded at 11.45 and surprisingly it reached 51.17 in early may after stock prices declined in the market on may 19th link plummeted from 36.8 to twenty one dollars since then though its price has been steadily surging chain link keeps attracting a lot of new users and many analysts think the basics look healthy considering that the altcoin has been proactive in launching its developments and project as scheduled it has consistently grown so by the end of 2021 link might reach eighty dollars to a hundred dollars then again considering all news and market sentiments playing hide and seek or any contingency no one saw coming or even competitor coins giving a difficult road ahead link price might demonstrate a marginal correction this will reduce it to its support levels of around eighty dollars to ninety dollars at best but financial experts predictions have suggested that the altcoins price may average 65.45 dollars when 2021 ends the maximum price is expected to be close to 70 while the lowest price may hit 56.4 with an average price of sixty five point four five dollars the market cap is expected to be seventy seven billion one hundred and sixty five million four hundred and forty one thousand eight hundred ninety five point two three three nine eight dollars this is huge in contrast to how other digital assets operate unlike the majority of other altcoins the price of link was and is not materially determined by bitcoins price movements yet it holds positive market promises this is partly because chain link is useful in the business world in fact there are countless use cases of the platforms adoption across various industries as such the adoption of the chain link protocol has the potential to further increase the adoption of the link token why own chain link tokens now if youre still not persuaded on securing chain link tokens note what ill be saying now chain link is hardly competing against any major project in the crypto space it wants to connect public blockchains to off-chain real-world entities like apis by using a secure decentralized and trustless system it enjoys the advantage of being a trailblazer within the oracle service space while other platforms offering services in the same niche chain link is a step ahead and is already adopted by the majority of crypto projects as their blockchain oracle provider it is in a strategic partnership with google cloud this allows google cloud users to use chain link to link a big query which is one of googles major cloud services the chain link community is expanding in fact it has one of the largest and most responsive communities in the crypto world the advantage of this is that investors would be more exposed to its projects i trust that this video has answered your questions on chain link thanks for watching Why You Should Own At Least 100 Chainlink Tokens - LINK Chainlink CyptocurrencyAfter this video, you will learn well-researched reasons why you should own at least 100 Chainlink tokens. Also referred to as LINK, its native token, Chainlink has been one sizzling crypto for some time now. In May 2021, LINK-USD skyrocketed as high as 208% from $11.27 at December’s end to about $37 on May 17, 2021. This is rather interesting because LINK came immensely off its bullish high of $52.20 on May 9, 2021. Chainlink’s journey is simple, yet impactful. It offers the missing link between the blockchain world and the outside world through the creation of decentralized oracle networks. Something exciting is always happening over at Chainlink and every crypto enthusiast and investor shouldn’t be left out of what the dynamic team there is building. Subscribe to Crypto Diary for more videos on crypto! 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