chainlinks expansion guide 2019Why Im still invested in Chainlink LINK in 2020, and what would cause me to sell

chainlink marketing chainlink gbp chainlinks expansion guide 2019 Why Im still invested in Chainlink LINK in 2020, and what would cause me to sell
chainlinks expansion guide 2019 chainlink stepn Why Im still invested in Chainlink LINK in 2020, and what would cause me to sell
and whats goin guys is Alex cook and I have a new video that Im gonna talk about why I am still invested in chain link in 2020 and Im also going to talk about what would cause me to consider selling chain link so first of all as always this video is not intended to be investment advice because investment advice in a by definition it has to take an account your suitability now I dont know you you could be anyone maybe you have a really high risk tolerance or maybe you have really low risk tolerance so because I dont know you I cant say if any kind of investment would be risk appropriate for you so this is just meant to be informational purposes but just my own personal perspective I will tell you why I am still invested in Shane link you know I have a previous video talking about why I got into it why I got interested in it in this video I will talk about more recent developments that weve seen really in the last few months and and Ill even go in the last few weeks and what would also cause me to consider selling some of this investment as well so one of the first big developments that weve seen and I really cant understate the importance of this is that Goldman Sachs and Citi have announced that they have been working on equity swaps on a private blockchain so its its not a theorem its not you know what one of the public blog chains that weve seen but this is still a big development as far as Finance ghosts that you know you do now have some big banks talking about taking blockchain technology seriously and not just in a sense that theyre trading you know crypto to crypto but that theyre using it to help automate their processes now if you see my earlier videos I was saying this is exactly the kind of thing that we want to be looking for we dont just want to see white papers on oh you may be blockchain could help with finance you know this is now moving from kind of white paper theory a new brasstacks were actually seeing banks experiment with this so this is a very big development now chain link is not involved in this you know I want to be clear with that but lets just recap what happened so it is now in fact that large major banks are experimenting with blockchain for derivatives that is a fact it is my opinion and again this is an in Yin that because of this Shan link has the ability to potentially benefit in the long run because this is the way that chain link is marketing itself I think in the long run were gonna see banks probably have a preference for public blockchain rather than private no again this is my opinion I could be wrong but I will say why I think that velvet preference for public block chains note 1 it means anyone can hop on it meaning any counterparty you know its not just going to be the the private blockchain that City and Goldman used but it could be any any counterparty whether its another Bank an energy company you know an investor that needs a special type of hedging like a pension fund or something like that anyone can hop on onto this because its a public blockchain the second reason is regulatory the regulatory risk sorry I cant English today but look with things like method you know regulators are pushing banks to be more transparent and pushing them to use exchanges more and its becoming a bit more than just a suggestion like there they are serious about this with things like method and really lighter developments Ive seen a you know post 2008 so I think that public blockchain would be a way that would satisfy regulators because you know any transaction you know you can look it up so dark pool customers might not be satisfied but you know again are these really the kind of people that are using interest rate swaps or you know complex derivatives like that you know in my opinion theyre using over-the-counter market just because it existed and for a long time it worked so thats that just how over-the-counter derivatives have been traded in the past not to say its a waste now so going to work in the future so port beam the first reason why I am interested in chain link in 2020 is that large banks now Ive shown not just an interest but like theyre actively now exploring using blockchain to help derivatives trading so thats reason number one the second reason is the Bitcoin having thats expected to happen in May so the way I look at something like link from an investment perspective is high beta aetherium you know essentially it is aetherium that slammed down a couple bang energy drinks so when crypto rallies which it usually Desmond Bitcoin rallies usually money follows behind it all points usually do better now what will happen to is all the junk coins you know theyll probably rally to will see some use cases that make no sense whatsoever will see some things that are blatant obvious frauds get attention but Im seeing clear those Im just saying in general crypto tends to do well or what let me rephrase what coins which you know what lets be honest chain-link does does still fall in that category with Bitcoin rallies theorem usually follows or well since its existence it is followed and I believe that link will follow as well and it could could in fact you stand to have more upside as well now flipside it could also have more downside to but you know again I am a bull should that change you know Ill revise how I express my investments in terms of dollars so heres what caused me to sell chain-link now I think the biggest sign that we could see a market top is when the crypto experts start coming in alright Im not talking about people who do serious research but Im talking about I mean you know the types and someones on Instagram with like a bunch of random charts on their laptop or like you know trading by the pool or just something silly like that like youre silly like Instagram entrepreneur mean guys its like hey DME for my trading course bro were like what do you people have clearly no idea what theyre talking about talking about how theyre making all this money in crypto thats thats when Im going to be looking to take profit alright or and then also to if link like just goes parabolic just goes crazy look Im not gonna be an idiot about it Im gonna cash in some profits here so lets recap you know why Im interested in link is no one its now showing not just potential but its now showing actually well Ill rephrase defy is now showing action potential and I believe the link could piggyback off of that and the second reason is the bitcoin having the downside risk I think were going to see plenty downside risk when the crypto experts like the Instagram types you know all the weirdos sending out there you know hey sign up for my crypto newsletter what when those clouds come in all right were at a market op then Simon run but Im seen like nowhere near that kind of hype that we had back in 2017 which actually makes me kind of excited because I want to get in when when you dont have light when there is hype that its too late youre youve already missed the boat so enjoy this video leave a comment below I just want to give some quick thoughts on some developments I was seen with Goldman Sachs and City it is a recent story so its something thats still probably ongoing but should the story develop further Ill make another video about it but thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this I hit subscribe so take care thanks Im still in LINK. Heres why I like it, and what would make me consider selling. Previous video on why I like LINK: Not intended as investment advice. Figure out your own risk tolerance and if crypto or any investment is right for you. If you make investments based on internet memes, youre probably an idiot and should lose all of your money. If you make investments based on crypto expert weirdos on Instagram, oh man you done goofed son.