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if you cant reach for the sky aim a little lower our quote of the day for Friday a little bit of a spin with comedy uh lets get right to the video uh Chain Link versus Bitcoin were also going to look at Chain Link versus the US Dollar on the bigger time frame charts the weekly the daily were gonna look at you know when to be able to convert your Bitcoin to altcoins uh specific levels and just a general rule of thumb on how to do that so if you like the video give us thumbs up follow us on patreon telegram for private telegram uh you just more content the way you see here on YouTube and if you want more help in the Bull Run thats what thats for so looking at chain link BTC uptrend the verse you know 900 plus days right lets take a measured move uh this uptrend lasted uh 756 days from down here it goes actually about 900 if you go back from early little Peaks but um you know a major uptrend like that is often going to be led uh into a little bit of a cool off and I think chain link cool off has been a bit of an understatement right so here were in downtrend right until proven otherwise and you might argue well what if chain Links kind of already broken out you can arbitrarily draw that from different Peaks right but lets lets not give it any slack right lets pretend that this is the line all right and we could you know start to redraw this every now and again but thats just going to make it more difficult so we want a decisive break of a trend line so even if you were to draw it from back here right look look up here right if we were to draw it from this point to this point because you have to have two touch points to even draw a trend line right so theres your first touch point after this one and so still a fake breakout back down fake breakout back down or is this a very big breakout again or could we potentially Hold the Line This Time well lets pretend that you know the line is up here we want to make chain link be certain that its ready to break out again against Bitcoin so that is why weve drawn it up here so uh now lets put back on traditional candles and see if we can extrapolate any more data out of here what do we want to look for if youre holding Bitcoin and you want to convert it over to link you know one of my most asked questions is how do you know when to convert uh you know your Bitcoin over to link you can also convert your link to ethereum if you for some reason you dont like Bitcoin uh link eth also has a pair so uh we compare your altcoins to bitcoin compare your old coins to ethereum and uh you can do very well uh going forward narrow your focus down to you know five to ten coins max if youre looking at more than that youre really doing yourself an injustice you need to be hyper focused on a handful of charts that way you can really know if something is going on um so having said that a little side note when do we look for um a possible conversion of our Bitcoin to link right so step one right obviously break this downtrend with uh decisive move how do we know when that move would be well uh your your highs here right you want to you want to flip this and look for a higher high that would be the first step in a sign of a potential reversing of a downtrend so that would be step one but before that we probably gonna need to put in a higher low so how about that that would be step one right heres your low right weve already put that in so if we can reverse this you know immediate downtrend before this said low then that would be a you know cracking the door right uh we might be able to come back up here take out this trend line and then put it in our higher high thats what we have to do to reverse a trend we have a low a high you want to put in a higher low and then a higher high thats exactly how were going to do it its not by any trend line its its by definition to reverse a trend you must have a higher high and a higher low we dont have either yet right we we have a low set we have a high set so now we have half of the equation we need the other half we need a higher low right there right and then we need a higher high we need to take out that so uh lets clean it up a little bit and look at what those levels might be you can even put it on closing prices and you can see right there we really need to clear 4 400 sets uh 4400 satoshis and we really get uh you know moving again potentially right look at this kind of Zone here look at all these touch points in here right and the more you interact with a zone or a level the stronger that zoner level is so uh we really need to break back in here right we havent done it much over the past um you know a year or so right looking all the way back to 2022 right only one little brief leading moment in there so that is our really our level to start to think about converting you know your Bitcoin over to uh chain link until then right youre just playing with fire could this be a good opportunity could this be the new high or low right here of course right but ta is meant to improve your odds and uh your odds are not you know with you until you start to see uh the rules the rules are you know you gotta take out that high you have to put in a higher low so thats how were going to step up uh you know go up the stairs right and were looking for higher low higher high plain and simple right so that is about how you need to be doing it now lets say you have some other things right because thats a kind of a naked chart what if we need some more help well you can look at moving averages uh the bigger ones the better to overcome to you know make these big macro shifts in the market right that weve been in uh what almost a two-year downtrend right against Bitcoin so not youre not putting your link and get into Bitcoin just yet uh right uh or Bitcoin hit the link just yet right yeah otherwise youre losing value you want to be gaining value against uh Bitcoin right so thats the point of holding altcoins in the first place you should be gaining on bitcoin otherwise why not just hold Bitcoin right right uh so the 200 week right right there uh 3 600 sets that might that might uh you know should set off some alarms right if youre taking over the 200 week right that would also likely mean weve put in a higher low hopefully were hoping itll put on a lower low first um that would be a long movement right were probably looking at another year plus if were going to put in another low right so you know fingers crossed there that uh link does not put any lower low against Bitcoin so uh wait at least first until we see a low and then look at your moving averages you need those sorted out right now were sorted you know pretty pretty Tangled up here right no clear signs so thats what you need to be waiting for like look at the last bull run right when link was doing very well against Bitcoin right were having our moving averages least to greatest 8 the 14 21 right thats how you need to be looking you have plenty of time right now I would say at best case where somewhere in this this area right were just tangled up trying to find our footing right putting in look at the flow look at this higher low and then you come back up and you take out this high right look at this this is just this is exactly what we just looked at right this is what were waiting on were waiting on a higher low sort out the moving averages get above you want your price action above all of your moving averages you want to be technically higher than all weve been moving right thats where the point of moving averages you can know by definition if youre more bullish or more bearish than previous prices right thats the exact point of moving averages right so now lets fast forward again uh to today right and look at our downtrend and realize where we are were trying to put in a higher low that is when you can start right you shouldnt just be doing 100 one way or another right you start to get back into um you know uh your Bitcoin back into link if and when the the signs of a reversal are there and now hopefully you know a little bit more than you did before you started watching the video right so were looking for the 200 week right the 21 week and the yellow that would be a good sign but you could still see that we did that before right uh so I would wait until that massive um you know the trend line is broken that we initially looked at that high would be really your safest level uh as long as we put in a higher low somewhere anywhere higher than 2300 SATs right in here right so thats what were kind of looking for ideally you know a reversal somewhere in here uh come back up right take out this high and then heres your heres your long enter for you know taking all of your or at least the majority of your Bitcoin at this point right you can put some of it in here if you think thats the new low right and then you know your clear level once this high is closed right you need to look at a close that closing high right right there uh 43.50 so if you see prices closing above 43.50 and you want to increase your Bitcoin stack changing it over to link at that point would be the safest bet and you can use this same kind of rules for uh you know the rest of your alts going to bitcoin and vice versa Bitcoin to all coins right thats kind of general rule of thumb of how you would be doing it so uh what else do we have how about the gaussian channel on the weekly or towards the bottom part of the weekly gaussian Channel it doesnt mean that you cant fall out of it obviously but interesting to note that thats where we are so itd be cool to see you know in you know six months from now if we look back and be like well it held right at the bottom after falling through it that was the higher low so interesting to note where we are now the five day gaussian channel has just turned green thats half of our signals right you want to wait for your signal to turn green then you want to wait for your price action on top and this is just another you know tool and another indicator to help you uh make it that decisive move of you you know increasing your Bitcoin stack with chain link um you know increasing your link with Bitcoin all but works both ways uh wait until we get on top of the gaussian channel and historically that will you know not just in chain link any pretty much any coin out there once your channel goes from red to green your price actions on top uh youre good to go right you can go look at pretty much any coin uh and you know the five day gaussian price on top green after red and then you know good things come right so where we have half of it were green now we need the price action up here and then were good to go uh you should be good to go that is that is the odds of that happening are far better than not happening so uh thats what were looking for for link BTC hopefully that helps right a little bit more in depth on that than weve uh really gone before but uh you know I had a lot of requests for link BTC lately and you know what do I do if I want to increase my Bitcoin stack with chain link well or altcoins thats how you do it wait for the 21 week the 200 week but you want your you want your prices up right so uh how about we flip over to uh Chain Link versus the dollar if youre still with me I appreciate you uh weve been going sideways more or less but you know weve talked about these levels for you know every pretty much every chain link update lets get to the weekly uh were holding above the 21 week for the first time in a long time how long uh Im glad youre asked its way back over a year ago now January that was the last close right closing price above the yellow 21 week EMA for chain link thats it right we just did it thats the first time in a year so thats worth noting it does nothing nothing uh to you know go all in or anything like that but its worth noting that this could be the first candle that says you know in you know like like we said earlier months or years from now well look back and well see that was the sign right that was the sign that were breaking back above again now could we very well do something exactly like this again and just kind of uh this be a fake out and you know melt back down of course right theres no certainties in crypto but uncertainty we could absolutely do something like this just like we did you know right back in here now Im not saying all this is coming but we should sure shed hope not uh but uh could we go back down and test these lows again of course right um but Id ideally what we need to do is you know hold this 21 week for a couple weeks right this yellow line as it moves up right we need price just kind of easy on up here and then we need to take out this eye right the same thing same rule that high 877 right lets go 877 on that we need a close above that that would be our highest close since you know that candle right there uh that was that was a while ago right lets lets take a measured move on that that candle right there was uh no days ago nope doesnt work um were trying to take a measurement there we go thank you okay so uh 273 days since our you know our since weve closed above 8.77 thats insane right 877. who who would have thunk it back in this time right not many people right A lot of people bought up in this area and theyre you know feisty mad now but youll get it back especially if you were one of the you know people accumulating and during the past you know six months or so I think youre gonna do well at the next cycle now you have to have patience and not sell once we start take out nine dollars and make your twelve dollars in profit right but long term I think youre gonna do well uh we next Target is that 200 week right just like the link BTC pair the 200 week I can draw you know crayon uh arrows if you need them uh thats what were looking like the 200 week is at ten dollars right ten dollars on that how about the gaussian channel Im glad you asked uh gaussian channel is were still below it right on the on the weekly we are still below um were looking to enter said five day gaussian channel that was the weekly we are in the five day for the first time you guessed it and Ill in a long time we are actually uh for the first time in over a year again we have closed a candle a five-day candle inside the gaussian channel so uh good things to come there I had to check my mic this time because this is the second time Ive made this video the first one was better so if youre like yeah this ones all right but uh you should have seen the first one it was at least one percent better so were looking at um the weekly glossing channel to get into there were looking about that um you know we have to take out that high then well be back in the five-day awesome channel the weekly glossing channel will be you know probably a good thing starting to happen but we have to get back above our high that we havent been above in you know six seven months now were looking at you know eight dollars right where we can even draw a Zone over here lets remove this Im rambling a bit I get it have patience um its Friday right were looking at this zone right here uh were looking to break back in here and then break out of it right we have to break the 200 week thatll be the biggest uh Line in the Sand at ten dollars uh four chain link if we can do that good things are uh right ahead um so thats what were looking like how about the indicators do we have any positives on the weekly indicators um the Fisher transform right were going straight up on this we got the trigger by a couple weeks ago uh now were taking out this high right good things right were trying to reverse this multi seemingly multi-year downtrend right that chain Links been in since August of 2020 right see that lower highs lower highs low highs uh lower lows and now so far right higher low just like we looked at on the price chart there we go theres a high uh now we need to match that right it looks like we might be able to get it but we you never know at the weekly close we might just do something like this and uh you know Sergey sells 50 million coins again uh but well see uh follow the price uh follow less chats just just start learning as much as possible as you can uh during these times so youre well prepared in the bull cycle and not buying the picotop uh so though the weekly indicators not much going right pretty pretty pretty flat pretty in the middle in the middle not we have some momentum so stochastic right thats cranked out a bit thats looking okay uh but the daily lets lets jump down to the Daily do we have anything there uh the mfi is creeping up right the money flow index that uh whats the difference between the RSI and the mfi you might ask um that is volume is calculated into the mfi so thats a good one to use for Divergence especially uh we have our weekly you know Bitcoin hash ribbon has has crossed uh has nothing to do with chain link but just Bitcoin itll still show up just as Bitcoin down here so if you put that in your Bitcoin chart you can you know just have it to look at I probably need to remove that but um lets back on track to chain link and then well end this video and let you have your life back um were were stuck sideways were stuck sideways for for months now right we need to break out of this Zone weve looked at that many times uh heres your closing prices the first direction that we close out of first is likely the next direction that we will continue following for the next several weeks to months probably months so hopefully that is above nine dollars right thats our high we can close above that its it should be go time right this 200 week is still creeping down so depending on when we do it you know maybe you can drag that box out uh it could be around that you know eight to nine dollar Mark once we get to it um you know were looking at you know summertime here uh unless we get you know real frothy and start to you know melt to the upside that would be great as well I doubt anybody is still here so if youre here this long listen to me ramble Im trying to remember what I did in the first video and its just not there uh the the first video with zero sound I I did pretty damn well uh this one is definitely more ramble uh but you know you get you get what you get I guess for some reason it didnt record I got one more one more pattern to look at if youre still here um this is this is the more bullish one right so um the the breakdown here right see this this is kind of like a flagpole then we have this falling channel here right see that its like uh this is this is what we call a you you might call a bull flag this would be a Bear Flag right so if you invert this uh falling channel right you see that right see this this Rising Channel this would be bearish rising Channel not good uh more likely than not much higher odds to break this way but this is inverted chart remember so the invert right you you break to the upside and if youre like that doesnt play out there often right uh well youd be surprised uh have you ever heard of Bitcoin um right I talked about this for months that this has a potential of playing out just like this so maybe bitcoins just ahead of chain link right were looking at this uh falling channel right ring any bells here right look at this move right this is exactly what we want to be watching for for chain link uh so buying after its you know broken out here and confirmed right really that high uh that was the the safe you know really launch for Bitcoin and we want to see the same thing with Senor link that is what were watching for and no Crayola markers right so you see it now right so link is just lagging behind whats new um maybe we do something similar to that right even if you draw way the hell back here uh this is looking pretty good so we want to get up in this area and then you know uh that area and that area and that area so thats where we want to go for chain link hopefully this video helped you at least one percent if it did its worth it if not um you know whatever uh you got your quote of the day um car of the day I might have just uh uh nope I got it I still got it I thought I X it out uh Lamborghini centenario Roadster which is right up there in that box and its this ones my favorite car of all time no matter the price this is about four or five million dollars now uh a little bit unattainable probably never maybe Ill just hope to see one Ive never even seen one in real life but uh the rear end on that diffuser is absolutely my favorite thing ever so if youre you know you got a few million laying around thinking of some late Christmas gifts Ill take that thanks so much for watching this long if you have have a great weekend Ill talk to you real soon leave me a comment on what you want to see next When to Trade BTC For LINK - Chainlink VS Bitcoin . 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