June 27th 2020 - Short, Mid & Long Term Strategies! grayscale chainlink trust ticker symbolWHAT TO EXPECT FROM BITCOIN THIS WEEKEND?

chainlink terminal post oakley men's mph chainlink grayscale chainlink trust ticker symbol WHAT TO EXPECT FROM BITCOIN THIS WEEKEND? June 27th 2020 - Short, Mid & Long Term Strategies!
grayscale chainlink trust ticker symbol chainlink price today WHAT TO EXPECT FROM BITCOIN THIS WEEKEND? June 27th 2020 - Short, Mid & Long Term Strategies!
hope youre all having a fantastic Sagi Saturday here and you might be wondering while Im calling it a soggy Saturday is because bitcoin is drooping its sagging and theres not really a lot happening here right its just its a lot of whats the word whats the word here just sideways Wicky dirty trap be choppy just disgusting mess here right there is a lot to talk about here so before I begin I do just want to say not financial advice use your own brain to trade and if you did once um sorry I just showed some code I dont know if was that visible no it wasnt great okay cool cool cool carrying on yeah if you dont enter a giveaway just leave a comment on the video we draw every Sunday so thats tomorrow if you leave a comment now youll get ticket into tomorrows giveaway so comment anything any of your opinions whatever blah blah blah blah blah feed on me soggy box as well I was a pretty good place to go for Bitcoin stuff and without further ado lets talk about short mid and long term Bitcoin here so my positions here again I am still long from 9000 and this was way back when we when we were back here I think yeah I basically see a Down I got average entry of 99022 out 95 I then held my position for a bit longer I then cashed out some more at 97 and now Ive got 40% on my trade left in on along from 9000 just in with the profit here I dont really mind what Bitcoin does here because Ive got my cash back out and if we do dump down here so even the low eight thousands then Im happy to get a little long in from there bring my entry down even lower with my profit that Ive already made and then just cash out with the bigger moves upwards anyway right so thats the kind of positions Im in right now again the other day with us short here I did say I was expecting us to either break even take a small loss or get stops out here I wasnt expecting that big done that everyone was talking about and the reason why is because this huge spike up here in the historical volatility you can see that right the trade we had before was a gradual increase up and we made money with that right but this one was just a spiked out which basically means that the whales are manipulating the market here and this isnt something that happens rarely this happens quite a lot but we do we do we do get to take advantage of the ones that gradually go up progressively and aggressively right so yeah its all about the flow that the fluidity here to kind of kind of get a better synopsis of whats going on right so in terms of long in terms of the short term here just to kind of clarify that positions are out the way I would say it its still looking pretty bearish but again this upward pressure will be kind of mounting over the weekend here so we could easily get a pump up this looking like our initial support to come forward but with that being said and done if we are just to draw a trendline trap zone kind of thing here potentially 9060 could be tested against a day right again it is a saggy Saturday so were going to be its going to be an interesting one to see whether we actually move today because a lot of side days we do just compress and we do just do nothing for most of the day maybe a couple traps up and down this is why a lot of people dont trade weekends Im not a personally a fan of weekends I like the long game here but in terms of scalps and stuff you can use certain indicators for that right one of them being the sideways money and okay if we are just bringing this up on the short term I havent looked at this today so this might not be valid let me just check this out out this is the this is the the new one that Im making but little peek through the blinds there but you can see here range is valid cool take a short there boom cash it out there boom and then you wouldnt have had a trade since then so maybe we are due a breakout very very soon if were not hitting either side of this but if not we cant just shorten the range here and see whats going on there right so yeah you would have got trade there boom again no real trades after that so I would say the range is valid but we have been in this range for a long time now so since 3 oclock yesterday I mean now its almost is what almost one is half twelve right now so almost 24 hours potentially a move today but I would expect to stay in this range between like ninety eighty eight again 90/60 kind of area and and wicking as high as 9235 right but over I do expect to stand this range if the range does break it means were going to close a candle over ninety one ninety nine so 19 two hundred and close a candle under nineteen ninety so 9090 there right so if we do close now early or 30-minute or whatever one of these lower timeframes below it could be a signification that we are actually going somewhere but always look at the higher time frames and always look at whats going on with the bigger picture here right so overall if we are looking at this it does look kind of just send the triangle we with a few traps involve towards bottom here you can see but with that being said if we are just looking at the this on the on the lower timeframes anyway we have been gaining some momentum away from our rounded blue boxes right so this could be the start of our colossal dumb pitch here down to kind of the low eight thousands potentially even as low as the six thousand zone right depending on how big the dump is but I would expect the stock markets to be open when this happens right I do believe that they will just be propping us up if we argue a huge dump here I do believe that theyll prop this up for a little bit before the colossal damage or if governments if the Fed and everyone is against Bitcoin which clearly they are a little bit but they cant really stop it if they are against it they will dump it first on the weekend right and then when stock markets open they dump the stock markets as well so Bitcoin gets that a little bit lower causing even more fun but if you are a believer in Bitcoin if you do watch the technical analysis you will know that we rarely bake break this this white line here and if we do its for a short period of time right the only time weve broken it is the co vid crash and then we basically straight ran all the way back up and reclaimed it right so this would just be potentially as I have been saying over the past few weeks another wave down just to retest these kind of areas and then conformational e going up with some reclaiming this line and then starting our huge bull run up and calling it the pay power run if they can actually do this thing right so well see well see how this goes but thats thats the short term here thats what were looking at right now again if we are below the 21 here we have been testing it with there a few times the next time we do test this guy we do break it I would expect to come up to at least 9 to 200 here but we are below the 55 and the fact that 21 is holding us this yellow line holding us for this long here is really a good indication that there are more bears in the market right now and its a lot easier to push it down than it is to push it up right so a lot of fun being talked about here so well see how this goes but if we do get that pump here I would expect to get stopped at the the 200 EMA slash SMA here so these two lines this white and purple line so well see how this goes yeah so 9360 probably my my top there but if we do break through that I mean its a possibility here I would basically just extend this line automatically drawn in from the blue indicator if you do want the blue indicator is completely free just go to my profile and then you will find it if you scroll down on the script section right so this line here is a good indication of a pretty significant resistance line if we do get up then you can see here that we do have a line drawn in from the one machine here this little red line as a pretty significant support as well so potentially we could get up there test 9600 but and if we do break that then you can set targets even higher here 99 10,000 and potentially even 10,000 300 but right now on the short term just to clarify the short term it is still bearish we are still below all major moving averages here on the hourly and yeah the rest as youll see in a minute are a little bit more neutral to bearish as well so well see how this goes whether this is the start of a big move down theyre just teasing us here trying to get some Longs involved and saying that 9k holds right potentially it could hold here and we could come back again anywhere below this white line I say is fine too long as long as youre on a low leverage and theres more of an investment long rather than a oh my god I might get liquidated if this dumps not right so thats that me reversion on the short term here you can see that 9050 again looking pretty looking pretty solid as a support here as we can see this this mean reversion line if I can just get rid of everything else quickly just one second guys just get rid of everything else thats easier for you guys to see boom you can see here right yeah pretty much similar scenario here where where yeah we could easily come down test this 9050 zone but we have tested this white line a lot a lot okay I would expect this to break soon if we do again 9300 looking pretty tasty up there looking pretty good and again the top side of this range this indicate is very very good Im gonna make a version of it and make it a little bit better for you guys oh okay now were on the Euro interesting interesting stuff here I could get this back what did I just do it there we go nice nice right potentially yeah potentially up there but you can see a descent on these lines both of these lines so it could be the start of a downtrend here much like we saw in the past so well see how this goes well see what happens going forward and well have to react accordingly Yeah right if we do bring up the three hour here looking into the midterm in a short midterm a similar scenario all round here mean reversion looking same word machine looking same we Wow okay I didnt know we were that low compared to with this 10 simple so this 10 symbol has been holding us down we can see that we opened over it we tested it then we tested it again here now were about to close if it closes above it 9150 here looking like a good close here for Bitcoin so if we do get could you get over that it would be looking a lot more bullish here to come up and test the 9 to 200 area you can see this this this 21 EMA coming in here and ignore these shorts and Longs theyre actually before the breakout machine which isnt valid on these timeframes only valid on the one hour guys but yeah weve tested this this 10 simple and the faculty below this 10 simple for so long is actually quite bearish here its pretty bearish but you can see all these wicks theres a lot of upward pressure coming theres people just buying this up every time you can see that so either theyre going to dump on all those people or they are these people and theyre going to pump it up to kind of the 92 zone test this price action channel before another wave down or a slow grind chubby chunky grind through right so again short term a little bit more neutral than bearish here just because of the upward pressure midterm pretty bearish were below a lot of the moving averages besides the 10 I would expect another wave down if we do hit this guy but with that being said Nike is pretty strong okay so well see how this goes Im kind of more neutral than bearish but I would say neutral / bearish for the midterm if we do go for the the mid the late midterm here the 12-hour cont 24 hours zone we can see that it is still bearish there is still wicks down this does look like it is just being walked down here to the support here at 8960 so well see if that does come into fruition here on the 12 hour if we do get the mean reversion here on the 12 hour can see here that we are actually just in the middle were on the middle here there will be a lot of pressure towards the upside here and you can see that here a lot of these big hedge funds do use mean reversion more than anything else and we are in the mean right now so is it as a set of coin flip we could see easily we could see down to 83 here with this 200 simple here but there is a 200 as well 88 so look for that as well 72 coming in here at the bottom end of this band if we can get that down there then thatd be a nice little buy a beautiful buy actually if we do lose this at or well Im gonna be looking for a buy a big buy okay so again this this actually looking pretty bearish but I would expect some upside here to retest this channel again right kind of 90 to 74 but over a longer period of time if you are just looking at the progression of this you can see this it is just kind of slumping over its a little bit flaccid got a bit of a flop on here right so I would expect to come down test these lower size these lower moving averages looking at 83 looking at 88 looking at 72 72 Im looking at you okay if we do bring up the blue indicator as well just get rid of everything else here a little bit less convoluted we can see that yes there are trend lines coming down here from from pretty significant points but it really depends will we come down where we will test some more things it does look flaccid as I said same scenario here with where its the same its the same time frame rate as same scenario but potentially 10600 is an option as well you can see that right this this line looking pretty good so well see how this goes well see how this gets this line is obviously gonna be a huge huge point that we need to get over if we do get over there we do sustain it rather than just a trap like we saw here then its gonna be more bullish than barracks Id say a lot more bullish so we go to the 24 hour here you can see a similar thing potentially 83 is looking like a good little area to buy at but well see how that goes and again this topside this is just put out so bluntly and so so nicely from the blue indicator here I really shouldnt have given it away this for free but trading me if you put something on trading because its there forever okay so its free for have a nap good luck guys have fun if we do bring up the settings here we can just plot boxes and get it a little bit more busy view of whats going on but it is still pretty clear to see whats going on here you can see these lines coming in and we can see that weve respected them to some degree you can see that weve come off of them as well right so looking at the daily here I would expect another test down but it really depends if this goes down as a trap when we do just smash it back up here too 9400 and just and just retain that area right so well see how that goes what else what else is there to talk about three day three day looking at okay we still got another day and a half on that again pivot points ten thousand four hundred and we got a line coming up here so if we do just talk about in a few weeks say August first here or not a few weeks its a month its a month so in June of July very cheap I guess a month right okay so yeah as this line comes up it will be a pretty solid significant support and you can see these lines actually do Bend as well which is good to kind of correlate with stuff so you can see that looking pretty good looking pretty solid looking pretty fine so yeah a three day weekly gonna be ending soon obviously in a couple days so well see how this goes whether we do just get the monuments will dump down to $4,000 not that low guys I dont expect it to be that loan you can see the blue indicator does kind of mess up with this much time frame but generally in terms of supports and resistances I mean theyre pretty obvious you can spot them out we are at that pretty significant spot here on the longer time frames this could just go down as a retest if we have broken that or this could go down as a trap because we havent broken the the trap zone here you can see that theres a trap zone here you can also draw it down to here as well right with both of these points correlate a bit better a little bit better here so well see how this goes we are in the trap zone if we do lose it I would expect a huge dump here and this is more on the long term again guys this could take a few months or so this could be in this in September whatever and we could really start talking about the Bitcoin fizzle out thing right where we do come down and print a huge descending triangle and then cut down again and come down to like the $200 kind of area right thats a long shot I dont expect that to happen Im not a big believer of that I am a big believer in Bitcoin I do want it to go up and I do think it will go up right I do believe this is just a retest before coming up but again the formation is a little bit reject II right now so well see how this goes whether we do reclaim it with you continue this uptrend and bang it towards the moon right that is almost the video guys before I continue I do just want to say please like it helps me out a lot cost you guys nothing good investment good investment here you get good content you like it with for free and you get more content right cool but from that its basically the video guys in terms of supports and resistances if we do lose this redline if it closed like a I want to say like a four hour below kind of 90 130 area I would expect a bit of a dump here a bit of a dump but it is a weekend anything can happen just be careful trading this it is okay its looking like its recovering a little bit as well so well see how this goes again this is the 12 hour closed so if we do get a nice 12 our closed over this trendline something like this then potentially potentially or even something like like this if we do close over this again something like we saw the other day where we closed over this guy here if you remember correct me if I can zoom out so its a little bit more fresh in the old memory here were recording a video here I said if we close over I do expect a pump here and we closed we opened over sorry I thats why I meant it open over right I said if we if we open over then it will probably retest and then were banging up we opened over we didnt even retest guys we didnt even retest we didnt even get that ten dollars down we just bang a bit towards the moon right so Im yeah well see how that goes well see how this goes and whether the same thing happens here but it is a weekend just be cautious guys be reactive be predictive and that is the video so yeah have a great weekend Ill do a giveaway tomorrow leave a comment and goodbye from Bitcoin base WIN 1 Month All Access Free By Commenting On This Video!GIVEAWAY RUNS WEEKLY --- 2 week free trial to the Algobox VIP Signals group! 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