Analyse du Vechain VET, Chainlink LINK & BNB ! chainlink 511VECHAIN : ON SE RAPPROCHE DE LATH !

chainlink repair eugene chainlink psd2 chainlink 511 VECHAIN : ON SE RAPPROCHE DE LATH ! Analyse du Vechain VET, Chainlink LINK & BNB !
chainlink 511 wallet chainlink VECHAIN : ON SE RAPPROCHE DE LATH ! Analyse du Vechain VET, Chainlink LINK & BNB !
hey hello to all its rivals news we meet again for a new video and games in this friday november 5th we have a rather mixed crypto market with 1 bitcoin today still in consolidation phase currently 69 100 dollars -0 3% over last 24 hours on the side of the bid that an alliance continued to weaken we are currently at 43 4% that the players are currently benefiting with nice performances especially for oterom still around 4500 dollars +0 3% and during the majority of to fall on cac +2 + 3 + 4 or even more 7% for chain watch and even + 10% for the good and with still here 8% for the other channel 8% for aix 14% for target and finally 33% for the sketch still continues to perform so in the 2nd part of the video we will also analyze shane lifting the bnb and the che link my pieces see the news of the cricket market we now move on to the scalp ex annexes with first of all the course bitcoin in 1h12 beacon third prefecture I remind you at 60 thousand 900 dollars and which is currently evolving in a downward channel since now so November 2 so following the rejection of the famous resistance of sixty three thousand six hundred per hour we have been evolving since therefore on a downward momentum and in a descending channel with the objective of therefore two bins breaking this upward channel to retry a fourth time therefore the break of the resistance in order to really what to do a new ath on the fair and greed side today still in the grid at 73% of aix we are on europe but not fully and for the crazy killer whale marketer we are more on buy orders today we are now on twitter with to start rigaud is really that they inform that one of the first decisions of the new mayor of new york who was elected on Tuesday so in this case eric adams was therefore to receive these first three salaries in bitcoin their sherbrooke website which tells us here as an indication that the segment it has just passed the 2 million mark on 50 pin holders so it is really a crypt currency which has a lot of holders much more than the chiva for comparison what chiba currently has less than 1 million holder and yet the figure is in the top 10 crypto while the cf moon and in 90 or 95th position so it seems to me that it shows that there is really a lot of holder for the earthquake with small wallet features unlike the chiba with much larger porters including several whales that hold chiba we then log the code which informs us here that the avalanche foundation with its avax token has just unveiled a fund intended to finance the development of its ecosystem ten faults and nfc us to develop these two ecosystems this name rather good news that this christmas advanced access therefore concerns the development of its ecosystem and then we have matthew wilson who show us racing club course of bitcoin in four hours over the last days so current is also the rsi of bitcoin also in four hours we can see that we had here in the medium term an ascending channel for bitcoin with a small downward momentum over the last hours last days and no one is about to break this downward momentum on the rise and the rsi has just broken on the upside not earlier good news we were here on the bottom of the channel at somain that we will probably rebound from what we are about to break this bearish trendline so we re really probably about to bounce back to get a new atr ge for bitcoin and then we have bump log again which tells us this time that the diva he continues to be plagued by léa since in total in 2021 it is nearly 1.4 billion dollars that have been stolen from four different singh blocks no really the ecosystem will have to have ten faults and that quite simply the companies present on the a10 fault make their platform more secure to avoid as much as possible so the actions we suffer from anger at who shows us so there are four mayors who have recently accepted therefore to collect their salary a beat quad in this case the mayor of miami spoke to you about it there is a few days the mayor of new york that i told you about it just now we also noted the mayor of jackson and tampa bay that this is really very very good news there is a lot to be gained more and more mothers since that of miami who precisely want to have their salary at beacon only to wish that it would have a chain effect and that therefore more and more mayors accept this to not really allow the development of monthly payments in bitcoin or to develop to democratize all this so here is for the news of the day passing under the graph of the wettstein we do not pass so much on the graph of the wettstein hendaye layton which carried out at 15 7 cents of dollar and 1 on the ground I recall it beyond the 28 cents budget enormous in an ascending channel since now so end of September beginning of October to very good news for the v jing which had to do with underperforming the market which had taken a very very big correction since its April ath after 2 85% so at lowest point the occurrence on may 19 is currently is still still on -43% belgium is lagging behind the global spirits and crypto market but is catching up earlier aubert son delay since it broke recently in this case at the end of october roughly around october 20 7 traenheim bearish since the th so far the top of september 5 that this training was broken on the upside rather good news the channel not his name which is always present since the end of September as I said it is therefore time to tackle the reload zone two shorts of our fibonacci retracement here place and therefore on the bearish movement of spring-summer 2021 therefore the reload zone two kinds which is understood between the 06 started from 07 86 of fibonacci and I recall it is therefore in this case in terms of price so it is between the 17 9 cents and the 22 2 500th of 20 short-term objectives would be to really come and get this area since we broke this time its definitely the first stop on the rise the first stop that was I remind you at 11.5 hundred places ier the first stops the first stop was broken a little now therefore chosen to dream quietly but surely towards the engagement zone two shorts recognized that we have some small resistances on our way in particular here a small resistance at 18 6 cents a big resistance all the same that we had had during the month of April then then a support during the end of April beginning of May in a resistance beyond the reloading zone two shorts at 23 2 cents resistance here so that we had at the beginning of May is also small resistance and support that we had a very close to earth jose around mid april and finally last resistance to tremors the task at 28 3 cents and therefore as soon as we have the task of breaking contreras years near discovery we can move towards our fibonacci extension it is always both a key level 1,118 and the two of fibers which gives us the two respective targets in this case the 45 cents and the 55 cents and I also added a tag and 2 psychological the 50 cents for vici steal us a little bit at the level of the targets inaugural in the short term at the level of volumes over the last few days was no longer earlier on constant volumes but slightly ascending all the same we are still slightly on increasing volumes moreover over the last few days big explosion since yesterday the 4th rank in volumes, which shows that buyers are really present on the e and its a pleasure in terms of momentum indicators, we have here the rsi is therefore to go there right away precisely this rs a little fed up that we have rsi which becomes bullish again we are well beyond that when we are currently on a reef at 68 soon in zone 2 on a young man like a man rather in the hands of buyers currently it is rather good news for the v jing its Tuesday in soyaux chart of the channing the link which is an atr I remind you at 54 dollars and a current price at 33.22 dollars so in terms of volumes for the link over the last few days we are rather on decreasing volumes that you can connect justin that its a rather bad sign and a loss of volumes less enthusiasm for this crypt huge sums at the level of the graph we still continue to rise slowly but surely from a body is still very close to the first stop of the movement bearish spring-summer 2021 this bearish movement with the first in eyrein the occurrence liq 0 38 2 of the movement here of fibonacci and therefore it corresponds to the 28 of the valley that we are still very very close to the first stop but we are when even on the point of breaking it on the rise to move so as for a v-twin by the reloading zone two shorts in this case these two are understood here between the 38 dollar mark does not pass and the 45 dollar at half mast ots so it is clearly for the next few days the objective to come and get $38 to succeed in reaching this zone by recovering some small resistances as for weinstein on the rise with in particular a small resistance very soon at 34 of the resistance had served as resistance in February then as support on many occasions and support which had broken during the fatal day of May 19 we took a very very large red candle for the tce nick then resistance a little higher in the middle of the reload zone two cats at 42 from there and after so we have the top of the genre recording zone at 45 dollar I remind you then the th at 54 dollars so at the momentum level for the tce nique on a point l rsi indicator as for the vehicle we are on a story which is going up as for vettel is currently at 61 for the channeling momentum earlier bullish for janick we should probably continue in the coming days to move towards this famous reloading zone two shorts and finally we end with the bim bim which still takes us 10% over the last 24 hours which has given us nice performances since the end of September now which has been in an ascending channel for more than a year now month with a resistance and the resistance of the top of the top of September 5 around 507 dollars which was really a big resistance which broke on the upside so around October 29 brings us back very very good news is so now we are heading a lot the more we gradually approach the th so we have here on the bullish movement device always as for possible channing the fibonacci retracement places and crds on the bearish movement so of the spring was 21 and therefore on this moment we have zones of reloading two genres that we came to get a few days ago at the lower limit at 511 dollars zone of very big resistance that we finally managed to break upwards and to bring my mother breaking the top of the dangerously rim zone in this case the $597 on the road we placed a fence beyond $1,597 today we could say that we will have broken on the upside it gives a reload of chardenoux that then we will have for aim to head towards the th to make a new boarding however a small resistance or the task at $677 also so the token resistance of the tech at $705 and a south direction price discovery zone for the bnb with two target for a young garage extension on the bullish movement so we had known from the beginning of 2021 until May in this case from the bottom of the movement to the top so I placed my extension here and I therefore always but level here as a price target to pick up which gives me as a target here the 1100 18 dollars and the 1374 from there for the most optimistic target I also add a target a little lower at $1000 as a psychological target here we are for me the three targets to pick up for the baby as soon as we have broken our heads in this case the $705 à la aux doubiens beatty for the moment remains with a bullish recess but very close to the task and which remains on its bullish channel so if they sweat the logic of the channel we should probably correct or consolidate for a few days to come and find the bottom of the channel and then probably therefore like these we could probably make a correction consolidation then we hit the bottom of the channel answered and there we go to the resistances of 1,677 in dollar for then probably still corrected under the race or the th and then come will pulverize the trg entered in price ten bodies and thats it for the analysis of the day of the vici of the bnb and the chad nick tell me what crime of monet wanted me to analyze tomorrow and but also as in interseries you liked it and if you have not yet subscribed do not hesitate to Doing it makes me extremely happy and as for me, Im not telling you more for a new video Si vous avez aimé cette vidéo, nhésitez pas à mettre un pouce bleu pour me soutenir ! 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