chainlink oracle bnbUnveiling Chainlink Functions, a Next-Gen Serverless Solution for Web3 Developers at ETHDenver

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chainlink oracle bnb chainlink прогноз 2025 Unveiling Chainlink Functions, a Next-Gen Serverless Solution for Web3 Developers at ETHDenver
thank you all right hello everybody thank you for coming the chain link falls through the launch were so excited to have you here today my name is Lauren alphabet from chain link Labs now everybody in the crowd can have everybody fun but if you had heard about the chain link function logs today please raise your hand s I gotta help you hear it love to hear it all right we have a bunch of great panelists for you today so were going to start it off with Patrick Collins Patrick Collins has been working with chain link Labs since the very beginning on any API were so excited to have him Im gonna turn it off to him hello Patrick [Applause] am I working can you guys hear me all right all right cool so Im just doing a quick opener here I dont have any slides I dont have anything up here but yeah as Lauren said Ive been working with the chain link project for quite some time now since data feeds were launched Way Way Back in the dinosaur ages of 2019 so so long ago and back then data feeds used this thing called any API and the setup was as such you have a chain link node that connects to a data feed dumps that on chain obviously a single chain link note in a single data feed is a horrible thing because it is a very centralized so what the chain link team did is they had many they had many chain link nodes many data providers do this process all these chain link nodes theyre reading an API you know deleting all the bad data grabbing the good stuff sticking it on chain and on chain theres a contract that would aggregate all this data and that would be your price feed over time they realized we realized that this aggregation process on chain is incredibly expensive you have to spend gas if you have 30 nodes dumping on chain thats 30 additional transactions that you need to do data So eventually the data feed model shifted to OCR which was this massive massive breakthrough reducing gas costs by over 90 percent and this process took this data aggregation and kept it off chain and that is the data feeds model that we know today we have this off-chain aggregation its called the OCR or the off-train reporting model and it is wonderful so developers and many hackathons many hackathons that I judged said wow this is so cool I can get any data that I want I can put it on chain this is amazing and when they went to go and try building their own data feed they realized the process was very time consuming and very difficult its why the chain link team did such an amazing job uh spinning these up and making them configurable in such a way that all this off-chain reporting excuse me all this off chain aggregation happens but it only really works with numerical data you have to get everything right theres a lot of contracts you need to do so a lot of developers we had kind of stumped and they would go back to this any API methodology which was great because its really simple you can get any data however when you go to go to production you again need 30 nodes you need many data providers and a lot of them would go hey I have this cool MVP but they wouldnt be able to launch mainnet because the gas fees just wouldnt be sustainable and thats how it was for quite some time and so at all these hackathons we would have these amazing projects with these brilliant brilliant ideas come through oh Im going to do this crazy thing with this API and then we go to launch and it would be a little bit tricky for them so chain link Labs obviously said okay we want to enable developers to use their unlimited creativity and this is a blocking point we want to enable developers to take these smart contracts and allow you to do whatever you want with them because right now smart contracts still are this isolated system on chain theres not a lot of real world application and something I believe and I know a lot of the chain link Labs folks believe is that smart contracts are fundamentally cool but kind of uninteresting if they cant affect our real real world lives in a meaningful way and in order to affect our lives in a meaningful way we need to connect to the real world in a meaningful way so chain link Labs looked at this problem and they said we can solve this and that was the birth of the idea of chain link functions where you can have all this data aggregation off chain you get all the benefits of a data feed you can request an entire chain link Dawn or decentralized Oracle Network for your data and now you can get all your customized all your creativity everything that you want to do but in a gas efficient way and to me this is incredibly exciting because all these brilliant ideas that all these developers have of how to change the world and use Smart contracts to do so can finally come to life in a very easy interface so Im incredibly excited that chain link functions has launched Im incredibly excited to see what all the developers build on it and Im incredibly excited for you to see the rest of the panel here who are going to be talking about it more who are going to be showing you what it looks like and I am beyond thrilled for the future of what to me seems to be the decentralized cloud we have cloud computing in a decentralized manner and I am beyond thrilled so with that Im going to turn it over to our next speaker who is our next speaker the mall our head of product at chain link Labs thanks Patrick can you can you can you hear me okay yeah cool thank you thank you Patrick um its surreal its a real treat for me to be here today to represent the work of so many people and to drop something that is so significant so massive which um because because when you look at it its been really dismissing piece that Patrick talked about this huge missing piece and we believe this is going to be an amazing unlock for the whole ecosystem for chain link of course but fall web3 ecosystem got it okay so um Im speaking to the choir if I say that web3 is this huge opportunity right you can now write these these contracts that are provably fair that can be shut down that nobody can tamper with that can carry this massive amount of value and its really you the builders who are going to drive this revolution this is why these kinds of events are so important because we want to empower you we want to listen to you we want to understand what youre trying to do we want to make you successful but theres a big missing piece a big Missing Link pun intended in building web 3. if you want web3 to have real world impact theres something missing and that is connecting to web 2 apis like weve seen what happened when we just connected smart contracts with crypto prices the whole defy field appeared seven trillion dollars of transaction enabled on chain link last year only thats thats incredible thats mind-blowing but theres just so much more data out there so much more data out there and thats just about the data think about all the fields that are seeing this massive breakthroughs think about AI everythings happening in Ai and its not accessible to Smart contracts because this connection does not exist and thats a huge deal because well lets say theres roughly 30 000 active developers in web 3. who are limited because their smart contract can Leverage The Power of those web 2 apis theyre 30 million developers out there 30 million who are building amazing things as well who are inspired but by the promise of web3 and they dont know how to get started they dont want to reinvent the wheel they have the things that theyre building with they dont want to throw it away so its a big deal for them as well so what is this Missing Link well it turns out its not exactly like you havent been calling our attention to it four hackathon winners out of five have been using any API okay so we got a clue there and any API kind of worked but to what Patrick was saying earlier it was just a lot a lot of work it was single source and ultimately it just took way too much time and the platform is about enabling developers giving them super powers making it easy for them and that wasnt doing just that so youve been asking us to fix it and weve listened and so its my absolute pleasure to introduce chain link functions to you today [Applause] for the first time for the first time youre going to be able to connect in minutes your smart contract to any API youd like whether its data compute anything and thats why we believe this is going to be such a huge unlock for chain link of course but for the whole industry the way this works is that we give you this platform essentially with extensive connectivity you hit up any API youd like you run any kind of compute youd like its fully trust minimized so your whole app stays trust minimized its self-service in minutes where you dont have to think about a node or Dawn ever and its 40 serverless which is a model that has proven super effective in web 2 all you need to do is write your JavaScript and well run it for you and its powered by the chain link platform so that uh battle tested software ocr2 that has secured enables seven trillion dollars of value last year thats running on the same infrastructure same software its using the same node operators who are reputable who are um you know reliable or geographically distributed and its blockchain agnostic and so the way this works is your smart contract makes a call to the chain link Function Smart contract and sends it to sends it to JavaScript that he would like it to run then this contract sends it to the Don and every node in a dawn just makes its own API call gets results comes to consensus will CR2 and feedback the results to your smart contract but the beauty of all of this is you dont have to care about any of that all you do is you write your JavaScript code and at once and you get the result and you connect it to any API youd like and I couldnt be more thrilled honored to be launching this with such amazing launch Partners we got uh devs we got startups we have big names and stick around youll see amazing demos youll hear from them at the panel and what theyre doing with it its just mind-blowing youll hear about youll hear about it from them its mind-blowing and this is all about what were doing we want to unleash your creativity this is how ecosystems Thrive when you can give developers those superpowers and then they go figure out some crazy new idea and they go make it work and this is what what this is about by the way this is also for web 2 people because right because For the First Time their web 2 apis can help building those apps so tell your web to friends right tell them now you can join the web 3 Revolution so whats next whats next well you can sign up for the beta you can also go on use chain to see the incredible uh idea thats already been submitted and submit yours this is really about tinkering um sorry I think Im too close to that uh this is about tinkering uh trying against its creativity I started playing with training functions and um I dont know if you know this about me but Im a bit of a big fan of AI so I thought you know what what um what could we do with chaining functions with AI and so I decided to hit up a friend whos an AI lead at Google Lawrence moroney and actually lets lets hear it from him hello chain link friends so when Kamal told me about chain link functions I really got excited about this and it got me to thinking about all of the interesting use cases that could be enabled when AI meets web 3. so we got together and we thought AI has become really great at generative Arts with things like stable diffusion and web3 developers need unique art for things such as in-game assets or nfts so lets see if we could put these two together and make a smart contract generate some art so I put together a very simple application that wraps stable diffusion to generate some art if you give it a prompt and a seed and I hooked up a smart contract to it so lets take a look at what that looks like so heres a very simple front end its a website which has a back end of an AI image generator and that back end exposes an API that we can call and one of the nice things of course is we can call it from the chain link the first thing Im going to have to do is connect my wallet so Ive done that and connected my wallet there and you can see I have a metamask wallet and we can see the details of my wallet a few things that I ran earlier in it so what Im going to do next of course is to try and generate an image so Im going to type in some text and you know they said the community loves things about hackers eating burgers and we wanted some frogs and some UFOs so I put a prompt in with that but Ive also been doing a lot of prompt work so just do something to make it a little bit nicer make it a little bit more interesting and then you can have a seed value so when you have a combination of a prompt and a seed youll always get the same image so for example if I use this prompt and I type in the seed one two three four one two three four and hit generate then metamask is going to go off and do its thing and we can see now its um setting up and its asking me do I want to confirm this transaction on the chain and Ill say yes I will Im going to confirm that and now its off and working so well see in the background its starting to call that back end and that back end is spinning up some gpus and those gpus and we can see a contract interaction just happened those gpus will start rendering my graphics on the back end you know I can look at my contracts I can view it on the Block Explorer for example in polygon scan and if I go in and I take a look at the logs we can see that stuff is happening if I scroll down a little bit we should see my prompts on the logs and there it is I wanted a photograph so we have the prompt happening the back end is doing its thing the back end is generating that image for us its created an ID associated with that image that we can use as a static URL for that image so you could maybe store that URL on the Chain if you so wanted and whats happening now is sometimes when you run this it should take about 10 to 15 seconds sometimes it will take a little bit longer because its got to spin up the gpus but now we see that its actually done and its created this and this image of a hacker eating a burger for us the frog looks very concerned we got some UFOs in the background with a beautiful bokeh effect and she looks more like shes about to throw the burger into her mouth and I really love her glasses which are merged into her head I want a pair of glasses like that myself so thats it pretty cool stuff I love how weve been able to tie the blockchain together with a with a traditional web back end to be able to do some cool stuff and now just like that a smart contract can leverage AI to generate arts and Ive got to say that was super easy to put together and it was also a lot of fun to do Im personally really blown away at the possibilities that this creates and theres so much development happening in Ai and now its accessible to web3 developers too I think its going to unlock a lot of innovation for web 3 developers as well as AI developers so uh right back to you Kamal pretty pretty cool right so and and obviously this is just a demo but you can start thinking about now what happens when you can connect to a Smart contract with something as powerful as predictive AI or general AI all these incredible advances are happening in this field and other fields are now accessible to Smart contracts okay so are we excited to be here um please stick around for these lightning demos and then an awesome panel where it gets from AWS meta polygon block schools participate in our hackathon we have ten thousand dollars in bounties using function theres a deep dive on Saturday with none other than Steve Ellis Brian shower who is the PM lead on function and a demo from Google and then just come and visit us at a chaining booth so look this is really a new superpower which I really believe is going to unlock so many so much Innovation so many new use cases this is really what we believe was the missing piece The Missing Link and so were were really excited to see what youre gonna what youre gonna do with this Ive seen this in other ecosystems Ive seen this in messaging Ive seen this in AI When Things become composable like this and when developers can build on top of what other developers have done this is really when things start really taking off and this is why we believe this is going to be a huge chapter new chapter for chain link but also for web 3. so cant wait to see what youre going to build and lets link the world link the world all right now we have a few demos coming up we have Kira Nightingale from third web you can come up here and Ill help you set it all up thank you again Kamal super excited like the world guys thank you is that working is the mic one hello hello its working okay hi everyone Im Kara and Im a developer relations engineer at third web and I am super excited to be showing you guys a demo of functions so Im going to be sort of highlighting the two main things that you can do using chain link functions and it makes it so so special so the first thing is that you can make API requests super quickly and then you can also am I standing right in front of it um you can also then do complex computations using that returned data so the example that Im going to be doing is actually a gaming example so Im going to be using a chest API to retrieve to um player data to peoples um data and there so Im going to be requesting their ratings and then using those ratings I am going to calculate their up their updated rating based on whether the player wins or loses now that sounds a little bit abstract at the moment but Ill dive into it I just want to do two sort of housekeeping points to start with number one Im going to be rattling through this pretty quickly um just because I dont have too much time um and then the second thing is I am probably not going to be doing any live transactions I will show you what you will need to do but I dont trust the demo Gods just this not gonna happen um so the first thing that were going to do is um I would recommend that you use the third web chain link functions repo oh I forgot to mention Im also going to be using third web to deploy the smart contract and then also interact with those smart contracts and set up a subscription so the way that chain link functions works is its the same as vrs so you have its using the subscription method so you have one over up to subscription to fund multiple consumer contracts so you can think of it as a bit like a Top-Up card when youre traveling where you can pay for multiple um sort of Journeys only topping up one card its the same kind of thing um so Im going to initially just deploy a con the contract but if you I do have a local version actually I should probably zoom in a little bit um definitely a little bit more than that um but you would need to create a local instance of my GitHub repository so that you have the contracts and all of the source code so the way you could do that is with the command MPX third web create dash dash template and then the name of the template that youre using but luckily I did this earlier um so Im going to be deploying this functions consumer contract Im not going to dive into the code because no one wants to see code um but essentially it just conforms to the functions interface so it is functions compatible and then to deploy this contract I will use the command MPX third web deploy and what this means is it will Deploy on the client side and that means that I dont have to use any private keys I dont have to have a DOT EnV it will use your browser wallet to deploy the contract making it super easy we do all of the hard work and the heavy lifting for you and you dont have to worry about it you can just use a user interface to deploy a contract so if I into that command it will detect the framework that you are using so we support both hard hat and Foundry and then it will compile your contract and then ask you which one you want to deploy so Im going to select functions consumer its really difficult to see this I apologize um and then hopefully it will pop up um the a browser window where youll be able to input the contract parameters so you now need to input the Oracle address corresponding to the network that you are working on Im going to be working on polygon Mumbai test net but in the readme I have a list of all of the different addresses we are going to be importing some contracts so anything that you will need will be here but Im going to copy the functions Oracle Network address and then I would click deploy now but Im not going to and that would trigger two transactions well kind of one transaction and then a second which is where you sign a message and the transaction is actually free its gas its um gasless so the transaction is actually relayed we pay for the gas fees for you so add your contract to your dashboard now what is a dashboard um so heres one that I did earlier this is just a way for you to interact with your contract using a front end so we can also see that so Ill go into this a little bit more but you can copy the contract address because well be using this in a second but now what we need to do is we need to create a subscription in order to be able to make requests to the Oracle Network so to do that we need to import the functions billing registry contract so to do that we will just simply search any contract address that you possibly have you can search in third web and then import that contract to your dashboard so you can interact with it with a front end so I have done this earlier and Im going I would call the function so you can head to the Explorer tab there are the read and write functions in the right functions theres create subscription so I would execute this function then I would head over to the events Tab and then I would find the event subscription created and then I would find what the subscription ID is so in this case its 132. now the next thing I need to do is I need to add my recently deployed contract My Consumer contract to that subscription so that it can make requests so Im going to head back wed really appreciate it if you quiet down so everybodys trying to listen in the front thank you thank you um Im then going to add my contract to that subscription so I will enter this subscription ID and then Ill paste in oops paste in with the V at the front thank you um paste in the consumer contract address I would then execute that transaction and it will have added it now the final piece of sort of admin that we need to do is we need to fund our subscription so the way that we can do that is by importing the chain link token contract again all of the addresses um are in the readme you could just search the address add it to your dashboard and then were going to do a transfer and call so the address is going to be the chain of the functions billing registry the value is the amount of link that you want to send to your subscription so that is measured in joules so its going to be times 10 to the 18 so 5 with 18 zeros and then for data you need an ABI encoded version of your subscription ID now the way to do that I am going to just use car so cast ABI Dash encode and then you need the function signature which is you int 256 and then your subscription ID and then that will give you what the ABI encoded version is and then I would just execute this transaction oops and then it would successfully transfer that link to the subscription great now Im actually going to try and do a live um request so what Im going to do is Im going to head back over to my source code in function.js Im just going to copy all of the source code and all that this code is doing is its making an HTTP request to get two players usernames and then it is doing a second HTTP request to get their current rating and then it will calculate what the probability is of each one winning and then depending on who wins it will calculate the new ELO rating ELO rating is essentially just a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in Zero Sum two-player games things um so that is all that it does so Ill just paste in the source code you can use secrets so if your API requires an API key then you can use Secrets but in this case I actually dont need one um thats an o button to zero the sequence location is just zero fit in line and then number one for remotes but I dont have it so I dont need to worry and then the arguments so my first argument is going to be the player the index of the player that I want to read the rating of so Im going to read the first player and then whether they won or lost so if they won that is donated with number one like a Boolean and then if they lost its donated with a zero so like lets say that they won um and then Im gonna pay add the subscription ID and a gas limit now the only complexity here is that I need to provide a custom gas limit so Im just going to show you very quickly in metamask how you can do that and just to make sure that it goes through Im just gonna put 500 000. just to make sure that it has enough gas to go through and then whats happening is this JavaScript code is being sent to the Oracle Network each node in the Oracle network is going to be running my custom JavaScript then they will come to consensus on the results the the result will be sent back to the contract via the Callback function at any other custom functionality that you want to be run alongside that will happen and then the contract will then have that data the off-chain dates will be now provided on chain for you to use in your your projects um so you can see here that the request was sent and there are the request was fulfilled and if we look there then you can see this data here the results and then if I head back to the Explorer Tab and then head to the read functions I can actually read the latest response now that doesnt really seem to mean anything cant really see here but it says two thousand 625 and so we have successfully calculated the updated rating now this is super super cool because we can have examples such as Dynamic metadata for nfts where the the metadata updates with your rating now if you combined functions with automation you could automatically update this nft metadata and then you can do things with these nfts in in game such as tokengates certain aspects of your game as just one really cool example so you can see that even though this doesnt look really pretty and like you know super fancy but its so so powerful and I think Ive gone a little bit over time but um thank you all so much for having me and I will be at the booths tomorrow and the next day if you have any questions thank you thank you degrade thank you all right everybody in the back again we really just really need you guys to be quiet um I know Lobby too are like chain link Labs team so please please quiet down the back um next up we have boom Cherry from music um as many of you know like the most important thing to me in my life is music so go for it thank you for having us so much can you guys hear me hello how are you guys doing tonight lets go so today we are going to make music history and uh let me get this plugged in right now cool so first off Id like to say thank you chain link for inviting us here Id rather present music and my name for you guys that dont know me is Cherry a little bit about me I am from Pittsburgh and I moved to LA a couple years ago music has been a passion my whole life and this right here this is Leah Culver if you guys could all give a round for Leah thank you guys so much she is an incredible artist and somebody that we could be using this functionality for to change the entirety of Music itself in the industry so lets start off right here this is like how I got into music and as a web 3 label and Company we are a whole world trying to Encompass artists and give them a new outlet where they can get funds and fund themselves and take control of their music and give it to the fans too so right here what we did was its basically a little funnel and we took a song of mine we segmented it up into 14 pieces and we gave my fans like this sold out like in a couple hours and you can guys can see here we have a secondary Market a bid to earn functionality which is pretty cool oh we dont have Internet Okay so so then also this was really cool because we wanted to integrate Tick Tock to this too so we made each piece 15 seconds long and our fans could then post it on Tick Tock and then they had like that original oh thank you they had that original sound bite that we could then make a campaign with so lets get into how functions can kind of really change the entire game right now well were okay um lets see so lets just start with how did this all happen in the the start to this story music was music originally won the chain link grand prize in 2021 because of creating bonds and theres a little bit of a background story to bonds there is something known as Bowie bons and what he did was he used a bond to basically buy his entire catalog and then the royalties of that of that music could then pay off that Bond so you guys can read a little bit about this right here and this was really the start of this story and that worked so well for artists that have years of years of of a financial model to kind of give give us a way to okay lets pay it off this one but what about the emerging artists so right now were just gonna go over um a couple a couple websites that were going to be using the API with functions to Now integrate into web3 so right here we have a a superstar this is Sam Smith and these websites give us all the analytics to the songs then we have my my song stats which is showing okay Im an emerging artist so I might not be ready for the bonds yet but I will be getting into how we can really change that game for emerging artists and then we also have Leah over here whos accumulated hundreds of millions of plays with marshmallow if you guys are into electronic music definitely check out her music so guys lets get into how we can take this API and bring it into a web 3 land where we can really start to take control and start paying artists um in a decentralized way so what Im going to do right now is show you guys some of the code but what were gonna do right here is take so right now I have one of my songs Im going to comment it out and then were gonna bring in liaison fly which has hundreds of millions of plays lets now show you guys really quickly what functions can do so were going to be taking the API of that song of of those three those three websites and were going to be bringing it in so you guys can see here that we actually have um we do have this song up here and its showing its showing the numbers so what can we do with these numbers this is where were going to change the game of the music industry here we go what were introducing is something called nft notes and the difference between notes and a bond is very important because bonds need to be paid back in a singular amount of time notes allows us to give the investors whether its fans or its the label 50 percent of the royalties no matter how long it takes so this allows us to really open up the portal for any artist to give away for fans to connect to the artists and give them something that they can hold on to where you can make money as a fan or a label can make money off of the streams and give a low a low investment way option to really start to give support so were gonna do this right now right here and upload one of our financial statements I have one of my songs up right now so what we have here is all of my songs and you can see a couple of them are eligible so were going to take is my love enough and here we go so right now functions is going to be bringing us the Spotify streams I this may be just problematic because Im not connected to the Wi-Fi lets see if we can run this through here we go so were going to upload one of my songs Im gonna use is my love enough and now there we have it were pulling were using functions to pull the API of these of song stats and we can now see the streams on YouTube and the streams on Spotify were going to continue here and just create a name is my love enough so just so you guys can see whats next for this too this is going to be chain linked into distrokid and any any platform that can allow us to allow us to basically distribute our music so we can then put in is My Love Enough okay here we go and this is a really cool page now because we have the number the amount of money that were going to be raising with this nft note and here we have how many sections we can split it up so lets say we want to make this 20 sections we can have 20 nfts that fans can purchase and it already shows the price and then theyre going to get a segment of 50 of those royalties as the song gains money through streaming in this case were going to be just using instant liquidity which would be in a use case lets say a label would have the money in their liquidity pool and then they would just be able to pay this out right now and we already have that so were going to be able to just do that right now and make this really easy because this is for emerging artists and there is less risk involved giving a note out we want to really implement the promotional side of this too so we went ahead and we looked at what kind of the the algorithm would have would give us if we were to invest and put that note money right into Tick Tock and you guys can see here that the song would basically jump massively to like 3000 streams and then this is cumulative which is nine thousand and this is taking in already one third of the note and then we can add another one-third into Spotify and now you guys can see some of the the the growth of the song by using playlisting so there are two very different vehicles but both extremely necessary to get the song to the next level and then and then for everyone were all gonna win so here we go were going to continue and were going to issue the note right now okay were going to connect my wallet and do this right here lets make sure metamask is on confirm cool and I dont want to bore you guys with waiting for this to go through the transaction so were just going to let this go and then I already did do this right before so here we have on open C this is the nft and then its pretty cool theres a number down here that shows the streams um and then yeah so what is next for this oh because this is obviously implementing web 2 and bringing in to web3 and giving us an ability to make money off of our royalties in a in a system that cuts out the labels because I personally have had so many problems dealing with labels and that is something Leah will speak on too as everybody in the industry has problems between not getting their credits my one main Mentor is literally owed three Grammy statues because the labels just decided not to put him on the credits when he put countless hours into the song so you can imagine how unfrustrating this can be for artists mix Engineers songwriters and everybody involved so whats next this is going to be a web 3 native platform that Aggregates every music song on the blockchain and this is called music player and I definitely would encourage you guys to all check it out up here we have one of my songs that I created and then I actually used AI to demo it and kind of tell us what it is you guys cant hear it because were not connected but it definitely has a sick drop so okay cool guys thank you so much I want to give one second to Leah and just to tell a little bit about her background and maybe how this could be beneficial to somebody like her I dont know if you can hear me okay Im Leah Culver Im an artist in the music industry Ive had a lot of experience with the record labels Ive been screwed by the record labels and um this is so amazing I dont know if you guys know any artists but this is the next thing this is how we get the rights and how we get the fans involved and its really beautiful its really exciting [Applause] so we have an awesome panel with great panelists and were going to be talking about connecting web3 smart contracts with web 2 apis um saving functions so Im going to start by asking for you to present them sure thanks hi everybody my name is Jeff hasselman I am the global head of web 3 at AWS Ive been there for about six years and built a business from scratch and its really great to be here looking forward to working with all the Builders out there and see how we can support you I am a developer relations engineer at polygon Labs I leave devrel for North America and really excited to be here and also see what everyone builds with chain link functions over the course of this week at the hackathon hey everybody Im Kevin watt from meta I support product marketing teams who work on business messaging products Instagram messenger and WhatsApp and super excited to talk to everybody about how web 2 and web3 Converge on messaging hi everybody my name is Damon Garcia Im the CEO of block Shores before that I spent 15 years of my life as a Trader and invest from Dyson hedge funds Im very very look much looking forward and excited to see what people are building in the defy space cool cool well welcome um all right so lets start with your job so um chain link and itll be going to be working together for a long time I believe we had the quick start note a couple years ago and now were doing something cool together with AWS data Exchange do you mind telling us a bit about it yeah the relationship goes way back to 2017 when when Sergey was starting out helping him get onto AWS so it goes way back then and a few other things so its kind of Full Circle here as far as how we look at it uh with the announcement with chain link functions and our uh the AWS data team weve come together to kind of rebuilt a high high quality data API that allows all of you to build um oh my God to to build um uh together as far it gives you the ability to reach out and oh my God Im totally bombing here its one of those days theyre talking all day sorry you can use AWS data now to connect it with smart computers yes to Smart contracts and the beauty of this is when you really think about it its from the smart contract perspective the way the power of the Dons and what I should say to Don and the networks behind that this allows you to bring new quality data you were talking earlier about web 2 Data different parts so AWS data exchange has a number of pieces of data thats out there and we can now roll that into a web3 world so were bringing new developers into it it unlocks a lot of new potential for a lot of Builders as far as what they can do with that and the beauty too is also bringing more developers into web 3. nice nice yeah I mean I I would want to check out everything thats available on AWS data to come up with some new crazy ideas what we can unlock cool for sure for sure Steph you um so chain Lincoln polygon have been were working together for all the time polygon is offering one of the first teams that the chain link launches things on and certain function is no exception you have worked both on web 2 and web3 um can you tell us how are you thinking about what channel function enables as a developer yeah so I come from a web 2 background I was at actually AWS before polygon Labs out of curiosity how many of you were at a web 2 company or still are thats a lot right and you all have apis that you work with every day and most data honestly is not Unchained just D5 stuff and anything thats been brought on for nfts and all of that kind of stuff but all of the real world problems that are worth solving or a lot of them have data that comes from sources off chain and to be able to actually bring those on chain and then do really interesting things with them or give out nfts or reward people with tokens or maybe execute something else in another smart contract is just a huge unlock that we didnt have before this and I love functions because its a huge upgrade to any API actually um two years ago I watched a video by Patrick Hollins I dont know if hes still here but he was teaching how to use any API and I was just so stoked because I was like oh well I can do weather stuff on chain now or something like that which was just a small use case but it was that first step of like oh wow we can take off-chain data from The Real World to figure things out on chain and maybe do interesting things like the reigning nfts that are controlled by the by the weather or just unlocking tons of different things that werent possible without this so really excited about that and at polygon our developers love to experiment and so we love being one of the first chains that you support for all of your different products whether its like brf or automation or malfunctions because it means that our hackers get to play with all of the latest and greatest things so if theyre building games or anything on The Cutting Edge they can use both polygon and chain link together so thats always really exciting those are some of our best uh hackathon projects and they really do win a lot of the time so its fun to see nice thank you cool so Kevin meta has some pretty amazing apis out there and I know a little bit about it and uh so Im thinking about Facebook proper Instagram messenger WhatsApp so youve been cooking some pretty cool stuff with training functions you mind telling us a bit about we have been cooking some pretty cool stuff with you but first I have to say way back when I was also at AWS with where Jack was from no joke there but yeah so so maybe just a little bit of context I think like one like meta is a data company right billions of people using our services every day in different ways and messaging is no exception to that we have hundreds of millions of businesses like billions of people and like well over a billion interactions a day between people and businesses and what are they trying to do like people are trying to get resolutions to problems they have theyre trying to find out about products theyre trying to buy stuff and get questions answered and businesses are trying to reach people and ultimately serve them right theyre trying to get appointments booked if theyre small businesses or auto dealers theyre trying to sell products whether its socks or diamond rings theres kind of like low consideration and consultative sales and what you know where we actually have like built of the really strong businesses in facilitating that connection between people and businesses and giving them tools to build communities and own those relationships and so Im really excited by by what the meta and chain link teams have been working on together which I think sneak preview I hope is okay theres going to be a blob drop on a chain link site tomorrow to share some code and a demo of it but it really sets up an example of like how small businesses can tap into the nft ecosystem and also tap into the power of meta and the power of metas apis to do personalized and targeted nft Launches on our messaging channels and do that very natively with the help of chain link so I think its a super cool use case that just demonstrates the power of like enabling marketing for for in this case small businesses and and sets them up but also demonstrates the really cool Power of technology to like streamline this and and make it all integrated yeah Im starting to think about uh you know building something a smart contract or polygon go get get some data from AWS Marketplace and then start sending some messages on Whatsapp yeah thats right thats thats starting to explore on my mind cool um Eamon so um can you tell us a bit more about rock schools its my understanding is youre playing the derivatives Market that is a market thats poised to be a huge a huge Market can you tell us about what does function enable you to do that it was impossible for you to perform absolutely um so I live about block Schultz we are analytics research and data company for crypto assets with a massive focus on derivatives so the idea is for us we want to build a trustworthy database for crypto derivatives across the space that could be used for normally in C5 but I am incredibly excited that now it could be used in the device space so thats in terms of uh live about the company but in terms of what everything that weve been talking about today could be deployed in the space I work on and I can tell you that in the traditional Finance uh some of you you might not remember those but the great financial crisis of 2008 and what caused all of it uh oddly enough actually this is what were talking about today could be a solution to that in the future and that excites me beyond belief that the bottleneck uh for for such a solution is how do you get for example derivatives data on chain in a very reliable way such that you can have a smart contract where myself and any of you we can write options to each other or we can take bets on anything on the market without the need of a centralized entity and all of a sudden we got rid of all of these entities that cause the financial crisis because they are too big to fail so that in my mind excites me tremendously and Im very much looking forward to actually what you guys are building cool cool so now we have Smart contract and then its going to get some data on if you ask Marketplace its gonna unlock some some limit order and then is going to send a notification on WhatsApp exactly exactly there you go uh cool okay so uh Jeff we talked about data but we we would like to say that function is a serverless platform I believe it would last coined the term serverless so let now lets talk a bit more about compute uh what do you see as the interesting use cases uh for functioning your compute space yeah so like in 2014 we did uh coin the phrase uh serverless the person behind that was Tim Wagner who actually left AWS to go to coinbase and then now has a company called vendia working in the blockchain space so its kind of cool how that is playing right into this as far as how that looks so Lambda just for those of you who do not know it allows you to basically do compute without having to be in charge of managing your own servers so we allow you to just write simple lines of code and move on from that from that perspective and move from there so that product itself we have over a million people that are using that I should say million customers that are using that today and as we look at it when you think about called chain chain link functions and how that ties into it the cool part about when you look from a serverless standpoint is its not just the data going in to the to the product its also what you can do before you put it on chain so when you start thinking about how you can like accrue that data build it up and then transform it or do whatever youd like to do with the data before you put it on the chain that makes it a lot less expensive for you so we lower those costs as far as how that looks were going to use in serverless technology thats pretty cool yeah that really opens up a lot of competitions yeah and Ill add to that too where were seeing especially with startups its all ranges from startups all the way up to the largest companies in the world the line I love to use is the two girls in a hoodie that are coming up with a cool idea the way theyre starting to spin up businesses and ideas and where theyre kind of going with this thats where we can help support them so our teams really kind of come in there and give them that extra support so they may not have ever used a server or Lambda function before but it is something where our teams we have essays that are out there helping them so were there to help help teach what theyre looking to do and take it to the next level and then beyond that its also how do we help them go to market and then were a book company so what Id like to share also is that when you really get down to it is how do we tell that story how do we help them tell that story and grow nice nice uh so Steph uh getting back to uh polygon theres a lot of activity in the gaming space could you tell us more about what you see some cool use cases being about losing function in the gaming industry yeah vrf like I said unlocked a ton for gaming with true randomization on chain and this could unlock even more because classic games can get into web 3 by using any of the player data that they have I mean I think we all saw that awesome demo uh two panels ago but you can take any of that off-chain data Bring It On chain and then start maintaining in-game assets like nfts and giving them out to your community whos playing the game and just kind of creating these incentivization mechanisms to reward people to stay on your platform by having things that they can actually have like real value and trade outside of the gaming ecosystem so Im really excited about that and the other thing that I was thinking about with meta and all these other ideas that have been thrown around is loyalty um we saw Starbuckss Odyssey program this past year launch and I think a lot more Brands will start to bring loyalty on chain they have all this data off chain about maybe how many coffees you bought or how many times you checked into your co-working space so you can start to imagine how you can use that off-chain data Bring It On chain and reward people with real nft assets and things like that so Im just really stoked to see all the things that are going to be built by bringing web 2 things into web 3 and vice versa step one question if you dont mind yeah like when youre looking at like you guys made a nice announcements with Starbucks but youre talking about games when do you start seeing those Gamers going to Starbucks and that Trends starting to take place because I think thats how we start building this out to where that next million hundred million billion people start getting into this is when they start using those those Gamers thats a great place to start yeah all right have you seen that Trend where people are starting to blend that together I think people are starting to look at things like that but in my head web3 will reach Mass adoption when people dont even realize that theyre interacting with a smart contract or an nft at all theyll just have something on their phone and understand oh this is my unlock to get on the airplane which is an nft ticket or this is just how I accrue my uh I saw a tweet the other week and it was like What if our Sephora Insider Beauty points where on chain can we stake those and I was just thinking like wow yeah all of these shopping points were accruing through Macys and all of these other brands could be tokenized assets and maybe Im going too far into this but I can just see how all of this adds real value to your life and how you could use these things that youre accruing in different systems that have nothing to do with with each other um trade them for eth or any other asset and then buy into other ecosystems that youre interested in so Im excited for this web3 enabled World nice nice yeah I totally I totally agree that this is all going to be a hybrid adoption and and functions being this this glue that connects it all together thats why we think thats going to be such a huge unlocked all right so Kevin were talking about futuristic things so uh so all the things that uh that you can get all the signals that you can get from meta API so tell us a bit more about where you see this whole thing go so I I think theyre theyre sort of like where we are today and where were going tomorrow and the future is a very fun thing to sort of project as it kind of gets narrower the further out you go but its a pretty cool come and its its really interesting to kind of connect like what we see between businesses and people and this is across the messaging apps but also with you know the VR worlds and things like that and and what youre talking about like how do you connect like offline and online and when when I kind of like look at markets where chatting and interacting in in a messaging super app is is a real daily thing one of the biggest blockers to more commercial growth for uh for the market its as a whole is like seller buyer trust and and so its been some interesting conversation just around the hall with a few of you and catching up with amen earlier as well um just kind of hearing different ways that folks are thinking about how how could the power of connecting people in businesses on a meta platform and the apis that we have and the signals that we have then feed the ecosystem that youre building and building on top of that were just enabling and I think you know that that kind of like power of Commerce taking those signals enabling things of you know youve thrown out an idea of like what was it micro lending micro lending kind of if were sort of enabling payments and and then facilitating uh kind of like buyer seller trust and like does this seller ship within X number of days like this is a this is not a central thing that meta provides but the ecosystem can enable so um so I I cant you know make a promise about what metas roadmap is but I think the possibilities for the ecosystem and what you all build using what we have and what what weve built together are pretty Limitless yeah I mean when you start thinking about the fact that you can get through an API call whether theres been how many check-ins theres been in the business right like you start thinking about connecting this to Smart contracts and unlocking some sort of incentive system if youre a business and you want to drive traffic to your business then its pretty clear or this isnt this things going to go yeah and if if youre a business not every business has a storefront right creators or businesses content creators are businesses Gamers can be businesses and so theres theres a lot of interesting verticalization there that can be pretty cool nice okay uh okay Eamon back to derivatives so what are one or two killer use cases that you see on derivatives for developers are using chain functions sure so look I I appreciate perhaps my part is the least exciting no no out of what you can you could do in the space But as we know unfortunately capital and um financial markets is important for any ecosystem and even for this ecosystem for it to grow and for Capital to be allocated to all these beautiful projects you kind of need to have a very solid Financial system and if you have it in a decentralized way it would be amazing so one of the things right now for example as a bottleneck if you even if you wanted to just have a very simple system where you bet on the price of an asset so lets not call it a derivative its just a single bed the fact that I dont have any uh idea whos the seller of this bet it requires for this expect to be able to be executable that you have to have the full collateral I.E you need to give me the full whatever you need to pay me later on to be locked in in the smart contract when thats not very efficient right in a world that requires leverage theres not a very efficient use of capital so how do I take the BET of I here in Denver I want to bet with somebody in Sydney without the need of a centralized Authority um that you know some of the stuff that you guys are building could facilitate that where if theres reliable data that could be communicated on chain where then you know now you can come up with very creative ways where you can have options or Bets with with no full collateralization and that could be quite amazing and it could be linked to what you guys are working on and if this is signaling and you know if theres a history of um you know data about a certain individual all of a sudden that individual could actually step in and make the bets and people wouldnt require full collateralization that kind of stuff in my mind it might not be very exciting but it has huge potential in terms of the the upside and it then facilitates Capital to be allocated to all the exciting projects in a very efficient way and thats amazing yeah I I mean I dont know why youre saying its quite exciting I find it super exciting because I think that the bankers Bankers were never considerably exciting but it was but it is providing access to everyone is what what this is all about is to be able to cover your risk make bets in a fully decentralized way yeah and providing access to everyone and that is exciting and then we start bridging it with the other signal yeah I was going to say as a former Trader you also want data for those decisions and this is where like our data flowing through channeling functions is the middleware thats where that funnels into those that decision making also while also allowing everyone to participate and but a way to to be able to allow for decentralized trading is incredibly important because that get rid of some of the centralized entities that perhaps cause the clogging in the capital as weve seen last year with certain instances so having a system what allows people to trade freely across borders in a decentralized way its absolutely amazing awesome all right well um that concludes our panel uh again I want to really thank you for your partnership in launching chain link functions its pretty mind-blowing what youve been building already and I think this is just the beginning so I think we should uh lets give a big round of applause [Applause] foreign At this ETHDenver Chainlink meetup, Chainlink Labs introduces Chainlink Functions: The latest innovation in Chainlink oracle services. 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