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okay so whats up everybody um today ill be doing a little uh tutorial on how uh you can transfer your coins from binance uh into metamask okay so for metamask basically once youve set up your metamask you know get your secret key and everything this is the interface that youre gonna see right youre gonna download the extension and you can expand it into a web page like this so the first thing you need to do is you need to find the binance smart chain addresses so that you can add binance coins binance smart chain coins into your metamask so how how this whole system works right now is that you have an ethereum mainnet address i mean you have the ethereum main net selected which means that only coins that are under the erc20 withdrawal technique can be sent into this specific wallet so if you want to add something that requires lets say your binance smart chain which lets see like lets say for example your uh koti if you want to withdraw it you have to have the uh binance smart chain right unless you want to pay 24 dollars of gas fees for no reason then you would choose the ethereum network which is just straight up ridiculous amount of fees that youre paying right so the no brainer here is to transfer koti out using a bsc so how you would transfer it over to your meta mask if you dont have the binance um chain is that you need to actually add it to your metamask so how you would do it is you would go into your account and then you go into settings and use uh you look for no you go into the the network sorry and then you click on custom rpc so over here you see a few text boxes that you need to input and basically i will leave the this this whole thing down in the description so you can automatically just copy and paste it but basically you see in network name you can just type in smart chain and then you can type in the rpc url over here the chain id the symbol and basically just fill this whole thing up so once you have this set up basically you have your smart chain created so if you go back into metamask you will see that the main currency is now bnb instead of ethereum because bnb is the currency that uh you would use to pay fees uh in the binance smart chain um ecosystem right so so so now im going to show you guys how you can send in your bsc tokens into metamask so once youve set this all up you basically just need to copy the address and you start redrawing right so im going to redraw something other than uh koti first uh lets say i want to redraw polka dot because theres really no other place for me to redraw polka dot at the moment um like if you know the ftx currently doesnt support uh dot as the time that im recording this so theres not really any other place to to to put my dot in right so basically i would just select binance smart chain and then ill enter the address of my wallet and so as you can see uh it shows that yeah uh this wallet does support binance smart chain make sure that you have already set up this bnb thing or your um your doc may be lost right okay so lets say i want to redraw my dot out of the binance centralized exchange so you enter in your metamask address over here and make sure that your meta mask is in the smart chain mode currently so you put in the address here and then it auto selects binance smart chain for you and so you basically withdraw however much you want ill just redraw one first just to show you how it works so i will draw one dot and i just click withdraw confirm continue and then basically just just just do the verification stuff real quick 9028 and so this is complete and then now well wait for this to to run all right so my coins has already been transferred into uh the metamask account but as you can see because you transferred a coin that is not known into metamask uh its not automatically known in metamask you will not see your coins here even though binance says you know youre successfully sent it um you generally wont see here so how you can properly see it is you will need to go into your bsc scan right so you click on bse scan inside this tree colon thing and so when you enter here you can actually see the tokens that you own so ive transferred koti before and now i transferred that one dot um to to my meta mask and so basically if you want to see in your metamask assets um you will need to find this like lets say this tokens uh contract address then youre gonna have to add token paste its address in and then it will automatically find its dot and stuff and then just click add token and there you go now youve got your dot in metamask okay so i hope you guys enjoyed the video and uh if you guys want to know anything else on maybe how you can set up metamask and any other information that you pretty much need ill have it all in the link in the description and also a place where you can find some really really really good crypto content that i support 100 um maybe im just trying to do my part in the community uh ive watched crypto banter for the past four months since the may crash and they are extremely extremely extremely nice people um they dont do it for money um you can really really tell that they are in it for the community and um and yeah im just uh trying to share with you guys like some of the things that i watch uh to get my daily dose of crypto so uh yeah thats it uh see you guys in the next video bye With recent limitations of Binance on multiple countries, this video will show you how to store your coins in metamask step by step!Binance Mainnet Address Source: Address: Network Name: Smart Chain New RPC URL: ChainID: 56 Symbol: BNB Block Explorer URL: Check out Crypto Banter for really good insight on market sentiment, news, trading analysis and a lot more