chainlink price cadTOP 5 ALTCOINS TO MAKE MILLIONS IN 2023!

chainlink long forecast chainlink future value chainlink price cad TOP 5 ALTCOINS TO MAKE MILLIONS IN 2023!
chainlink price cad chainlink private chain TOP 5 ALTCOINS TO MAKE MILLIONS IN 2023!
in this video Im sitting here yet again with 50 of altcoin daily how are you doing today my man whats up Carl doing great Im excited about crypto Im excited that if the bottom hasnt come in the past six months I think its going to come in the next six months and regardless of that I think we are preparing to get into a bull market and unlike some bull markets in the past you know every bull market the space gets more quality theres more quality altcoin projects so I am actually really excited about work cryptos going not today not tomorrow but if you can sit back relax and in the next one to three years I think good things are going to happen hundred percent I I always say that patience is so important in the markets because most people are impatient so most people they chase the quick money but when you chase quick money you tend to lose and who do you lose to you lose to the patient people theyre sitting there just waiting for the gains to come to them so I think thats very very important to sit down and just believe what you buy so whether thats Bitcoin ethereum or altcoins that were gonna go into in this video um believe in what you buy do the research and thats why I brought you on here actually because I want you to tell me and my audience um hopefully five all coins that um you are looking into that you can give an update on and um and just um yeah give us top five all coins that might be a good um thing to look into for 23. lets do it Carl and as Im going through this list I want to hear from your audience one if they like this pick or not and two what other good projects are are out there because like I said I mean Im just gonna go like five six four to six um but there are plenty of other good ones and you know if anybody knew the future wed all be rich so not Financial advice but these are the altcoins I think that have they have a lot going on now I could start with ethereum but anybody who subscribes to our Channel we talk about the the value prop of ethereum all the time hugely bullish on ethereum but will not be getting into it in this video the first altcoin that I want to briefly touch on is algorand have you ever heard of algorand Carl Ive heard about it but Im gonna be honest I do not know much about the algorithm let me give you the broad Strokes so algorand is an alternative layer one I think everybody knows theres the the alternative l1s the cardanos the polka dots the Eagles were all familiar with that space now algorand doesnt get talked about a lot but I think they do have a lot going on so when I think of algorand I think of programmability how easy it is to program I think of interoperability in a space thats just getting more and more interoperable you know being able to talk to every everybody I think youre going to need that and then also Al Grande I think of core protocol properties so actually on the base layer what are the properties that would make it good or bad is it are more things permissionless and more towards decentralized because that would be good in my opinion or does it have properties that would stand the test of time now the reason I wanted to mention algorand today is because after all the FTX stuff after all the Celsius stuff even those even though those are centralized crypto company pact is that kind of stuff invites regulation into the space maybe this is something youre not totally concerned with in Dubai but in America its certainly on the mind of many so the reason I put Al Grant on our list today because I think if for whatever reason there is a stronger Crackdown on the crypto Market not saying there will be but if there ever is I think Al Grant is one of the few that could really get off with a small slap on the wrist if anything and really have attraction in the future because the founder of algorand is a guy named Silvio michali he is an MIT Alum and in fact algorand is an MIT Award winner and the only reason thats significant obviously MIT you know really good college in America the reason thats significant is because Gary Gensler has ties to MIT Gary Gensler has actually mentioned Silvio the founder and algorand specifically as a quality altcoin project he in fact said as a example he said you know what Silvio is doing you can put Uber on the blockchain those were words out of Gary genslers mouth and if you really got into what was going on with FTX you know that Sam bankman freed was meeting with Gary Gensler every single day so Gary Gensler didnt see the scam that was going on with FTX you know I think Gary genslers the type of guy who likes to have friends who likes to make connections and you know Al gorans probably safe in that regard so algorand first coin I wanted to bring up today any thoughts um no I think its great to to get some some Alternatives I mean everyone talks about ethereum but I I think its interesting to listen to the wide variety of other competitors out there obviously Im a big ethereum bull I have a bunch of ethereum thats my second biggest holding next to to bitcoin but uh in the bull market Ill be looking into maybe taking some of my Pierre man Bitcoin and deploying that into to other tokens so or and coins and it was its very interesting so please keep going here exactly lets keep Don this list of altcoins thats what the audience wants to see like the video If you appreciate that and again I invite everybody to come on over to altcoin daily for a continued conversation coin number two Carl sorry for the Shameless plug coin number two is Avalanche now Avalanche is an another alternative L1 and I wont do an alternative L1 for the next one but Avalanche is an alternative L1 I think we do understand Avalanche a little a little bit more than Al Grant weve heard it a little bit more certainly in 2021 that bull market besides ethereum there was Solana Avalanche polka dot cardano I think those are the big names in the L1 space uh Avalanche still very much in the game and theyre really targeting scalability and fast confirmation times along with security but its really scalability and fast com confirmation times which would make it desirable to build on Avalanche to hold Avalanche to have a good good tokenomics good supply and demand Dynamics in the Avalanche ecosystem and the reason I wanted to bring Avalanche to the attention of your audience today is because one I want to say they still have stuff going on theyre still very much in the game and number two they just recently launched a 300 million incentive program for Enterprises for gaming for D5 for nfts all to get these different crypto companies to use their subnets which is you know how they scale pretty much theyre subnets on Avalanche its basically subnets are application specific chains and the fact that theyre launching a 300 million uh incentive program honestly means the coin is going to pump a little bit if the market conditions are right so put avalanche on your list I like Avalanche next coin Carl is and again guys if youre getting value in this video smash that like button Ill say it if Carl never does Ill say it next coin on our list is Ave heard of Ave right Carl this one Ive heard about I know some Basics about it but I want you to make me an advanced expert okay so Ave has actually been around since if it was in 2017 it was definitely 2018. now Ave is defy on ethereum Ave is borrowing and lending one of the original D5 use cases when I think of D5 Ave is one of the coins I think about and Ave has been around since 2017. now a lot of people dont know that because it used to be called eth lend I believe and sometime in 2020 they rebranded so aves certainly been around a long time whats going on with Ave today you can still borrow you can still lend on Ave but they just launched version three this is very recent news Carl they just launched version three you can still use version two it is a decentralized permissionless protocol but they just launched version three now according to them I wrote down what they say about it they say the most exciting aspect of V3 is its flexible design which enables a variety of new risk mitigation features risk mitigation features improved Capital efficiency and decentralized liquidity all while reducing gas costs and that is essentially what it does it makes things a little bit more decentralized certainly easier to use certainly more a lot of valuable aspects why youd want to use it now like I said this is an ethereum defy Ave still very much in the game because what this version 3 does what one of the many things it does is it helps Ave become more multi-chain more interoperable something always on the roadmap but besides ethereum Ave is compatible with polygon with arbitrum optimism Phantom Harmony Avalanche thats right now version three and theyre going to become more interoperable in the future with other chains and thats why I like Ave now defy in general hasnt really pumped hard since the very beginning of 2021 if any time you bought Ave after 2021 its been going down slash consolidating so its certainly not you know pumping right now I think obvious want to look at if you can get a good position it certainly has a lot going on it will be here thats coming bull market and this is true for many many all coins and tokens and um and coins out there like if you go to core market cap you can see that almost every coin is down 90 since the all-time high and some of them are down like 97 98 99 and actually I found a few pretty decent projects out there that are on such insane discount right now that um I agree with you like right now its a great time to start looking into these because I think were at the end of the bear Market or started the bull market thats the best time because youre getting the cheapest price possible everyone who wanted to sell sell already sold so um yeah why dont you give us a little bit more yes lets fly through this the next one is kind of a similar situation its been around a while chain link now everybody has heard of chain link whos been in crypto originally the original product chain link CAD was providing reliable data feeds to Smart contracts and thats still what it does today you know I think of chain link as almost to AWS the Amazon web service of the blockchain industry today and I guess in a way chain link always was but certainly today chain link is multi-chain its actually blockchain agnostic today theyre compatible with arbitrom Avalanche binance Phantom Harmony polygon Solana optimism meet us just to name some and they have more than just that data feeds reliable data feeds to Smart contract product they have more than just one product they have data feeds they have proof of reserves vrf which is verifiable random function they have automation ccip now were not going to get into specifics but just go to their site they explain it they have many different products to offer in many different reasons why you would want to use chain link in fact Ave coin you just mentioned uses chain link to get reliable price feed data or their borrowing and Lending Service also in the past six months this happened I think you know near the beginning of the bear Market didnt make huge news Swift which is a global financial transaction and messaging service that all the banks and financial services use across the world is kind of outdated bitcoiners have been talking about overthrowing Swift Forever Swift did partner up and integrate with chain link um which is huge besides that former Google CEO is a part of chain link as an advisor also they have World economic Forum ties Im not a fan of the world economic Forum but theres certainly a powerful organization and the fact that theyre talking about chain link right on their site World economic Forum uh certainly something to keep in mind as we are preparing for the next Bull Run so I like chain link in the spirit of a concise video lets move on I like binance now you know binance is kind of a wild card because the success binance the coin has had so much success since it started in 2018 and and finances you know top three one of the largest exchanges in the world maybe the number one probably and so the success of the token Finance you know it largely depends on the success of the exchange and the organization as a whole so there could be there could something could happen tomorrow which could just you know totally tank the value prop of binance but on the same page you know something could happen tomorrow binance its World success like a company like an Amazon and you know the binance coin does really well so Im gonna put binance on our list today now I know that you know CZ Carl what do you think about binance yeah I mean exactly CZ is actually based here in Dubai um and um I would say the following you know binance is massive binance is almost like a becoming a monopoly in crypto and I think thats uh good for binance but is it good for the industry not so sure um and thats your friend dude I have to be neutral bro I have to be neutral he knows I I know I say like this um so its its already its not news um and Im not skeptical against binance I I dont think binance is bad honestly I I use binance on a daily basis you know uh binance buy bit and um you know so I I have no issues against binance uh but there is a risk there and I see the same risk with binance like I see with the with tether you know there is this big big big Central um Power that can be easily um screwed over by governments really like the biggest threats to binance is is actually the governments not not something else um you know lets say tether for example like if if the United States SEC or or another government agency comes out and say that um this was illegally done tether is um is um you know should be regulated and all tether has to be um Frozen you know what happens to the crypto industry then like that thats going to be a huge blow for us uh same with binance what if they come out to say that the BNB token is a um security thats already something that can change a lot of things but what if they go even further further than that but if you um if you dont consider that I would say that yeah buying is like thats such a blue chip you know um I I dont see buyers losing their grip of the market anytime soon like holding the binance coin is I I hold a bunch youre totally right with your concerns that is literally what I think of when I think of the concerns because it does depend on the strength of Finance itself I do just want to say some of the you know the fud of binance in the in the past couple months has been what if Finance is insolvent like FTX now is that possible yes I have no inside knowledge of whats going on with Finance certainly but its also possible because Finance did like a proof of reserves but they didnt share everything and people are kind of wondering ring is there something theyre hiding I think its possible that binance might have more money than they want people to believe that theyve been so successful since 2017 that the reason they dont want to show everything is not because they dont have enough money to cover you know what their assets its because they might have a lot of money that they dont want everybody to know about just speculation by me who knows its possible and I I would say that I think what happened in the past three months here if anything its strengthened binance because all the FTX users where they go I mean probably buying us right and also everyone is talking about how how exchanges you know its people are people just go to what they really trust and they trust binance you know so so I think buying has got a lot of um deposits a lot of people going into to uh to to that Exchange but probably other exchanges as well actually the same we saw with Casta by the way in the past two three months weve never seen more um deposits and never more sign ups so I think maybe its a phenomenal phenomena around the crypto industry but uh the one exchange that for sure got the most I must be binance so honestly I dont see them going anywhere soon so if you hold binance coins Im sure youre gonna be completely fine the last coin because I said Id give you six one more to get to six the last coin that I want to say drum roll please is Matic a general eth layer 2 Solutions and theres many options in that core category I think this coming cycle could be you know every cycle kind of has some narrative last cycle it was the L ones or even nfts I think its possible this coming cycle could be the cycle of l2s because now were seeing alternative layer ones like cardano like a Solana not necessarily compete with eth itself but theyre also having to compete with the eth layer twos so certainly Matic its like polygonmatic its like half side chain half Layer Two partnered with Facebook Starbucks Disney Nike Adidas Adobe they have so much stuff coming on brought in tons of users tons of transactions tons of everything and they share proudly on their Twitter also they have big updates coming up with their original Innovation was plasma or something I forget what they called it but theyre upgrading the Matic software in that theyre going to have ZK and optimistic roll up Solutions and a lot of people are looking forward to Roll-Ups in general in the cryptocurrency space so also with the eth L2 umbrella besides Matic we can put optimism Loop ring mutable X arbitrum all in there and thats my list thank you man Aaron always a pleasure to have you on the channel and if anyone wants to know more about you and your bro and all coins in general I would suggest everyone should go and click uh the link down below to your channel altcoin daily I would say maybe the biggest crypto YouTube channel right now is that true or biggest in many metrics for sure certainly biggest on consistent daily engagement I dont know any other channel whos getting you know a hundred thousand views on every video and we put out a video every day and not to brag because we live and die by every video and certainly some videos dont get that many views some videos get more but uh no were here to provide value people are hungry for altcoin for cryptocurrency information and Im a nerd about it I love to share it if you come on over from Carls Channel write in the comments Im here from Carls Channel or something and Ill heart the comment and Ill reply back hopefully but would love to see it happen Carl thank you so much for having me on today yeah yeah always a pleasure yeah you have more views than me on the crypto Channel but actually on my Vlog Channel Im starting to catch up with you guys Carl youre amazing there are many ways you know Im trying to to get where youre at certainly you know on 40 under 40 because I am past 30 now thats good all right bro always a pleasure guys make sure to leave a comment down below also when should they be back and what should the topic be for the next video maybe not all of us 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