Bitcoin, Polkadot, and ChainLink Price Predicitons! chainlink tierTOP 3 CRYPTOS THAT MAY SEE STRONG GROWTH SOON?

chainlink ethereum conference chainlink deflationary chainlink tier TOP 3 CRYPTOS THAT MAY SEE STRONG GROWTH SOON? Bitcoin, Polkadot, and ChainLink Price Predicitons!
chainlink tier chainlink kurz TOP 3 CRYPTOS THAT MAY SEE STRONG GROWTH SOON? Bitcoin, Polkadot, and ChainLink Price Predicitons!
what is going on my friends and welcome back to another video on the channel one todays video we are going over three cryptos that have relatively bullish charts forming right now theyre three cryptos that i think could have the potential to see some pretty decent growth over the short term and so with that being said while the market is a little bit boring while not much is going on it is of course important to kind of pay close attention to how these formations do happen because we are of course just kind of ranging right now but once these bullish formations start to happen these indicators start to turn bullish that could be a telltale sign that we may see some bullish momentum soon and we of course want to be ahead of the curve so with that being said were going to be looking at again three different cryptos that do seem to be forming some very bullish patterns and of course were going to be starting here with bitcoin actually this isnt one that ive talked about being bullish in quite a long time but we are seeing a bit of bullishness on some of the smaller time frames and it is something to keep a very close eye on so as many of you do know at the moment we have been really just ranging ever since the beginning of december bouncing between 52 thousand and forty five point six to forty five point seven thousand and weve not really been doing much else just ranging now again you guys know my opinion on this i dont think it is a bad thing at all and i think that it is something that definitely could lead us to see growth into the future but if you do want more info on that definitely go check out yesterdays video as i highlighted that a little bit more but in todays video one thing that we are going to be paying attention to is the shorter time frames and a bit of the more you know the larger time frames as well okay so one thing we can see happening right now in the bitcoin charts is that we are actually seeing the formation of what could possibly be an inverse head and shoulders on the four hour time frames forming from december 28th to now now of course what thats going to look like lets go ahead and lets get this pulled out is were going to have a shoulder line sitting right around our neckline sorry sitting right around 48 000 in which we put in our left shoulder towards 46 000. from there we came back up to retest this key level of resistance around 48 000 we then went in to put in the head retested this line and now it does seem as if we could be putting in a right shoulder somewhere in this little general vicinity okay and so what we need to pay attention to is that as we are ranging right now between forty eight thousand and forty five point six thousand if were able to break forty eight thousand there is a bullish price target back up to the top side of the range in which weve been in which could look like another move back up to the 50 000 plus now of course whats going to invalidate this what says that this is not going to happen is of course if we come back down under 45.6 000 if we get a daily close or realistically any movement below that level that doesnt validate this pattern its just going to be a general downtrend at that point and it is something that we can just consider you know just dead and validated or something thats not really relevant anymore so on bitcoin what im keeping a close eye on is how this does play out because in the event in which we do see that move happen in which we break back above 48 000 and get a daily close which is extremely important we do have a breakout target sitting right up towards about 50. 50.5 000 and so of course that could be very good considering the fact that on the larger time frames we are monitoring how this does play out now if you have been on the channel for a few days at least you will know that we have been tracking this thing and thinking that there is a possibility that we could be looking at some type of double bottom some type of w bottom here which does have a beautiful breakout target to the top side which could look something like um it could look something like you know a move back up towards the 58 000 area and so of course what its going to take to get there is us getting back up to 52 000 and considering the fact that on the four-hour time frames we do have that you know some type of formation that gets us back in this general vicinity i definitely think its something to keep an eye on and its definitely something that i would keep on your radar and so of course were starting this off with bitcoin because bitcoin does control the market and so if bitcoin starts to really move i think this will also be a great catalyst for the other cryptos that were going to talk about today to also see some pretty substantial growth so turn your indicators on turn your um alerts on to 48 000 and if we do start getting a daily close there do expect that we may see some type of back test of support for sure but i am honored to believe that that could lead us to see some growth there and it definitely could be worthwhile just to pick up a little bit thats what im gonna do if we do see that break if we do see that holding there um ill probably pick up a little bit as well so looking at bitcoin to start off the video that is looking pretty dang on bullish keep an eye on 48 000 next up we do have dot now dot is one that i have been doing a little bit of buying on recently um i made a buy roughly lets lets go to the discord record i gotta pull it up already um december 23rd took a little bit of profits off of luna when it was actually at its all-time high or right right below its all-time high and picked up some dot at twenty eight dollars and four cents and so of course since we made that buy in the discord of course the price has gone up a pretty substantial 10 its doing quite well and i am liking it but at the moment there is something a little bit more interesting happening on the charts right now that i think is worth keeping an eye on and what thats going to actually be is a formation of something of another inverse head and shoulders but a rather large inverse head and shoulders okay so what were paying very close attention to is how this thing has been playing out over the last couple days now if we go ahead and just pay attention to how this bottom is forming you can see that very very similar setup now this one is a little bit more uh ugly its not the the prettiest inverse head and shoulders only um ever realistically some people could consider this to be more of a cup and handle pattern and i think thats very justifiable as well looking at something more of this nature but either way the price targets do remain quite the same and so with that being said we can see that on the daily time frames we have this key level of resistance sitting right around 31 dollars and 24 cents which is just a dollar above where we are now and if we are able to clear this i do believe that that could lead us to see some pretty substantial growth in the um the price of dot especially if bitcoin does make a larger move up past 48 000 okay now im going to highlight that i think its going to be very important that we do see bitcoin starting to make a move before getting too excited about what this chart is going to be doing okay because realistically even if um dot does clear this 40 a 31.24 level even if it clears it and holds it and bitcoin starts to take a dump dots likely going to go down with it and thats why its equally as important to pay attention to both the charts of dot and the charts of bitcoin but if we do see that move that we were talking about on the bitcoin price i do think that that could lead to dot even have a further market catalyst that could allow a larger move to the top side to happen so basically the way in which i would be playing this is that if the markets not doing anything if bitcoins staying flat but dot does make us move above 31.24 personally speaking i will be taking on a very small trade i dont like to take on big trades that are going against the market what that means is if the markets staying flat or if the markets going down but one crypto is still going up i dont like to put large amounts of money into it because i dont like to bet against the market in that way but i would definitely take on a little bit of a trade if we do start getting some daily closes up above this level as we do have this price target which is of course going to be based on the distance from the bottom of either your head or your cup whichever one you want to go ahead and say which is going to be you know sitting right up around lets say give it about 39.36 which could look like some growth of you know roughly another 20 to 25 percent so that definitely could be a fantastic trade i do like the long-term outlook of dot i think that it got extremely extended as we did get close to pair chain auctions but its came back its come back down to its key level of support and does seem to be holding very well and it could definitely be the start of another upswing for it maybe even back up to the 50 area so i definitely want to take advantage of that and i think its all going to start by that clearing of 31 and 24 cents on the daily chart so thats one to keep an eye on for sure there may be a pullback on it in the short term time frames if we look at our bollinger bands here one thing we can see is that once we get to that level we are going to see some resistance from both our bonder bands and that being its local resistance and so dont even be surprised if maybe we hit it pull back a little bit maybe even come back down and then eventually see that break but i think that if we get that break and an establishment of support there definitely could be some pretty solid growth coming from dot from that point forward so it is one to keep an eye on now the last one that i am paying attention to is chain link and chain link is doing a very similar thing here so were not going to break it down too deep but i would say that this cup and handle is much much much more obvious and it is much stronger in my opinion of course again you can look at it as a cuff and handle or an inverse head and shoulders it really just depends on how you go ahead and make those measurements but the breakout targets do tend to say very similar and the bullishness of those patterns are also very similar and so what that means for us is that we have this cup line or we have this this neckline right here sitting right around 23 and 11 cents so were about 30 cents under it right now and in the event in which we do get a daily close the daily close will be important above this key level right here im also under the belief again that we will see some pretty substantial growth from chain link if the market allows and so this is another one that i think has a pretty solid chance of seeing even you know a continuous amount of growth if we clear this level which could look like up to 20 to 25 and so what that means for me is that considering the fact that we are also seeing an extension into the bollinger bands by the time we do get there i am expecting that it will break through this level or find resistance at this level and eventually see a pullback looking at the time frames or the rsi on the daily time frames you can see that we are getting towards the 60 level so there is more room to grow towards the midterm but in the short term if we look at something like lets just go down to the four hour rsi one thing you can see is we are getting extended up into the overbought territory and so it wouldnt necessarily surprise me to see a pullback but i do believe that even if we do pull back once we get a daily close above 2311 and were able to hold it we definitely could see a move up towards the 30 to 28 dollar region which again like we said something of a 20 to 25 growth there so overall chain link dot and bitcoin seem to have the most bullish patterns and the most bullish indicators on the charts right now again chain links one we bought at a nice twenty one dollars and seven cents and so we that was the last positional increase that we did there and since then the price has gone up about nine percent so being able to make some gains here and do well while the market is still being pretty red or just boring in general that is a good feeling so i hope you guys are able to take advantage of that as well do you remember im i dont have a crystal ball i cant tell the future none of this could play out it could all just be absolute baloney its totally up to you and its up to you to do your own research this is just the research that ive done this is the studying and examinations of the realm of possibilities that ive done that have led me to these conclusions and so of course thats why im sharing it with you all so with that being said thats going to be about it for todays video of course i hope you guys did enjoy if you did you can let 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