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You looked right! I have already earned over SEK 40,000 on shares this year It is not that difficult to make money on stocks. I tried to tell this in my previous videos But I think that in this video so we should simplify We go through the only two ways you can make money on stocks. I will also show you mine stock trades that I made money on So you can see Exactly how it works When making money on stocks A small bonus is that in the end I will give you my best tips for when to buy shares. So that you can make as much money as possible. If you did not know, my name is Marcus Lindblad I run SparaCash is for you who are a beginner who wants to learn how to save in shares, funds and much more! I want to make it simple and easy for you who are a beginner. Pick up a good cup of coffee because now we start the video. And thank you so much to you who have invited me for a coffee. Briefly explained, there is Two ways you can make money on stocks. The first way is when buying stocks How to buy the shares for a certain price Over time, the price of your shares can go up And then you sell them for a more expensive price and then you have made money on your shares. The second way Which you can make money on stocks through It is that you buy Shares that pay a dividend This means that companies share their profits as they do Thus, you earn Money through it And then you get this money directly to your account in which you own the shares and then you have made money. Coffee break! Nice So we start with way number 1. And that is that you make money when the price of The shares are going up And in my first video called Aktier för nybörjare stocks for beginners I showed you how to buy shares And I bought some shares in the company called Plejd And now the purchase of the shares went through and I now have 1 share in Plejd And then it was like that That I June 8, 2020 Bought shares for Just over DKK 5,000 in Plejd. What I did then was that I bought into Plejd with a small security post as I call it. What it simply means to me I force myself to read more about the company Then I will not lose a profit if the share goes up very much. But I also do not go in too heavy if it is the case that I have missed some detail on the road which means that the share may fall very much. It might not hurt as much! But if we wind up the band a little, then I bought a little more shares Closer to SEK 15,000 In total, I then invested SEK 20,000 in Plejd As time went on so it went better for the company Plejd and thus I decided To buy a little more shares in Plejd. Then I bought for SEK 10,000 more So invested a total of DKK 30,000 in Plejd. If you look at the value today of my shares As I have invested in care So today they are worth SEK 95,000 Which means an increase of just over 65000 kr On my SEK 30,000 that I have invested in Plejd. In percentage terms, this means an increase of 216% right now So if I were to sell my shares Then I would have made a profit At SEK 65,000 today And this is not something that is normal for a stock to increase so much in one year I was simply lucky And I should thank myself for that ... You need to know If the company is doing poorly in the future or they may go bankrupt Then come mine Shares may theoretically be worth 0 And then I did not make any money You have not made money until Sold or taken home his profit And for you who are a beginner who may not really Understand why the price of these shares In Plejd has gone up so much Then Ill try to explain it now The simple explanation for why the price of the shares in Plejd has gone up so much Its simply that company Has shown That they can make more money than they have done before And what happens That to other individuals like you and me or Banks and other companies They believe that Plejds shares are Attractive and they also want to invest in this company If it is the case that they continue to do just as well in the future And what you do then is that to raise the price As one is willing to pay For ordinary shares And what happens is that the price of the shares goes up Which makes my investment worth more than it was before Put number 2 that you can make money on stocks I made a video about dividend stocks As you can see here and in that video, I go through some basics about why a company pays dividends How to make money on it But simply put, its about Companies - usually slightly larger companies share a piece of the profit that they make They thank us shareholders for what we want Be part of the company But also then to Those who own a piece of the company like you and me Or those who have founded the company should get A small part of the profit simply Eat a small piece of the cake Not all companies share the profits Plaid that I talked about earlier They do not share their profits Because they think The money they earn Will stay in the company And should not be distributed to Because they consider the company Will use this money in a better way But larger companies such as banks and real estate companies Who gets a stable Cash flow as it is called they make a lot of money every month or every year and so on They are generous and want to share with us Like Thank you for investing in their business But what I like about dividend stocks You get a little Money that thus pure cash into the account And the money they drop into the same account that you own your shares on So you have few shares in a dividend share on, for example, an Investment Savings Account Then the money will fall into the same account that you own the shares in And then its free for you Take out this money and do whatever you want with it Or buy More shares So you get a higher dividend next time Or whatever you want Buy a Snickers or whatever For example, Castellum Last year I received SEK 3,600 in dividends from Castellum And now I have bought a little more shares Castellum Partly for this dividend money But even so, Castellum has raised the dividend this year Which means Im getting a higher dividend so this year Ill get it 4000 kr in share dividend from Castellum But do you then have to choose either or? No you do not have to! It is just as well to have both a dividend share and a growth share. If you think the price will go up on the shares instead. I have both. That it goes well for you too. And you think Ill give you my best tips for making money on stocks. These tips You should think about before buying shares. So you make the right choice. Tip number one to 1 for you who are a beginner Who may not have bought shares yet. Only invest money that you can afford to be without. The stock market fluctuates a lot, it goes up a lot and it goes down a lot. Money that you invest, you should be able to afford to be without for at least 3-5 years. Lets say you have Just started working on something and then you have set aside some money let your salary say SEK 1,000 Do not invest all that money Maybe starts with SEK 100 or SEK 200 that you can afford to be without And test a little with them just to feel and learn a little how it works This way you avoid To go in too heavy and burn yourself And then maybe you lose a lot of money and you think its hard And then you simply will not continue to invest ... Start with a small amount And do not sell without Let it lie! Then you will learn how it swings up and down Tip number two Only buy shares in companies that you understand Think of it as lending money if you had lent money to a friend Which you trust Yes but then Can you trust this buddy will pay back the money to you But if you would instead lend money to a stranger on the street that you have never met before How sure are you that you will get your money back? Its a bit like investing in shares Invest in companies that you know how to make money So that you can get a little more feel, Yes so you can understand a little This company will use yours Money the right way Very many beginners buy companies or buy shares in companies like they have no idea how they make money and if they even make any money! Some companies make a loss And people are just wondering the stock should go up or down But do you know what the company does and how they make money So you will make much better investments Number 3 be patient To be patient This is how you will earn Terrible much more Money on the stock market I remember when I was a beginner so I keep buying and selling and keep going back and forth like that and followed the stock market every minute From 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Do not do it Invest, log out Do something else that is fun like Rather want to redo the days Do not sit and check every day all the time. so much you will not learn from a stock market day. Have patience. The less you do and shop and buy and sell So you will make a lot more money This is usually when you go in and try to make quick money on stocks In short term as one usually loses money. Have patience Log out a little So you will earn much more Tip No. 4 Buy shares in an ISK account. From the beginning When you start investing So you get to choose which account you want to invest in And then there is the investment savings account Endowment insurance, equity fund account By having your shares and funds for that matter in an investment savings account then you get a low tax And you do not have to keep declaring your business You get tax-free dividends and you can just enjoy life and chill and have a good time And the last tip Buy a company Who makes a profit! If you are a beginner Do not go on buying lots of companies that you have no idea what they are doing And then they go with a loss For What do companies that make a loss do? Well they are doing something wrong! Because it is not sustainable to run companies that do not make money Or who does not make a profit in any case Then you need to be very confident in your investment Start by buying for-profit companies You can only check the P / E ratio If the P / E ratio is above zero, that is positive - then the company is making a profit. If they are at a negative P / E ratio, they are at a loss. Avoid them in the first place. until you have learned a little more Then you can consider buying other companies. The most important lesson when you want to start investing in stocks. Its just getting started! Dare to invest Do not be afraid to invest. Start with as little as just SEK 100 Buy a Swedish company that you are aware of that is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange At Avanza you can do it completely without brokerage and also at Nordnet. Its perfect for you who might want to get started and learn investing! Im incredibly glad I did. I started just over 6 years ago. And yes I could never believe I can live on this right now. I do not live on my stock portfolio But working on this To teach beginners like you About this with investments and stocks and mutual funds. So start today Open an account via the link in my description And watch my other videos and check out There is an incredible amount of info that you can learn And you will thank yourself in the future if you take this now Good luck with your investments and if you have any questions, ask it down here In the comments field, I will respond to it as soon as possible. Thank you very much for watching the video. Have a good one! Hello! That I have to do a little more research I den här videon så vill jag lära dig hur man tjänar pengar på aktier. Du får också se hur mycket pengar jag tjänat på mina aktier i Plejd!I slutet av videon får du också se mina bästa tips på hur du bäst tjänar pengar på aktier. Det finns två sätt att tjäna pengar på aktier, det ena är ifall priset på dina aktier går upp. Det andra sättet är ifall du får en utdelning av de aktier du äger. Jag går igenom dessa lite djupare i videon och ger dig mina bästa tips innan du köper aktier. Börja tjäna pengar på aktier HÄR kostnadsfritt att öppna konto! * Avanza: * Nordnet: Läs mer om att tjäna pengar på aktier här: Video om att tjäna pengar på utdelningsaktier: v-cjixXjBOk 00:00 Intro 01:10 Hur tjänar man pengar på aktier? 02:00 Tjäna pengar på aktier när priset går upp 02:22 Hur mycket jag ‘tjänat’ på mina aktier i Plejd 04:23 Varför går aktier upp och ner? 05:17 Tjäna pengar på utdelningsaktier 07:52 Tips för att tjäna pengar på aktier 08:10 1. Investera pengar du har råd att vara utan 09:00 2. Köp aktier i företag du förstår dig på 10:05 3. Ha tålamod när du köper aktier 10:55 4. Köp aktier på ett ISK konto 11:31 5. Köp aktier som går med vinst 12:16 6. Mitt viktigaste tips Tjäna pengar på fonder HÄR kostnadsfritt att öppna konto! * SAVR Få rabatt på fonder!: * LYSA bästa fondroboten Tjäna pengar på P2P-lån upp till 10% avkastning: * SAVELEND: Läs mitt omdöme om Savelend och få upp till 600 kr i bonus direkt vid investering! Eller aktivera bonusen direkt här: * LENDIFY Investera med upp till 6% ränta: Sparkonto med hög ränta: * Avanza+ upp till 1.15% ränta 37732&p=836&epi=yttjpaktier&url= Läs mer om sparkonton med hög ränta här Aktier för nybörjare Hur köper man aktier? ISK, AF, eller KF? Spara i fonder Kryptovalutor Köpa Bitcoin Bästa fonderna Bästa aktierna Spara till barn Du kan bjuda mig på en kaffe ifall du tycker jag lärt dig något med denna video! * Länkarna med en stjärna är samarbetslänkar och jag får en liten summa pengar ifall du klickar på dem för att registrera ett konto. Det påverkar inte kostnaden för dina investeringar överhuvudtaget utan hjälper bara mig att kunna betala mina räkningar och ge dig fler kostnadsfria guider tjänapengarpåaktier aktier aktierförnybörjare aktier,aktierförnybörjare,