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chainsaw whirring upbeat music - Hey, welcome back to the channel guys. Today what were gonna do is were gonna show you a little bit more about the No Dig Aluminum Fence system and how that works. You can see the guys behind me, theyre just getting going on this job. Weve got a quick 17 sections to put up with two gates and were gonna see how fast we can get this done and tell you a little bit about why we use this as opposed to the standard dig method. And just show you how crazy fast this system is and how crazy strong it is. screen whooshing - So yea if we got a level. - You got off the truck without a level? - I did - Clay. - I know. - Clay? - And I dont even have my hook on me, let me - You better get your hook. Get your hook Clay. machine whizzing arrow pinging So Im just gonna cite this off that wall and were pretty good right there. - Lets do this. - So now were just gonna drive it. Go ahead. machine cracking How much fill are you wanting to bring in here? - I figure well probably at least have to do that much. - So I mean, we cant really keep it. We can keep it flat. - Uh huh - Keeping it level would mean wed have to be up here even higher. - I know, I know youre gonna have to. - Youre just trying to eliminate some of that slope. Well be able to show you that here in just a second. I mean, Im guessing that somewhere right in here is gonna be about where were at. Yeah, and well show it to you before we actually set the fence height. The nice thing about the way we do this is that we can make adjustments after the fact. Not a big deal at all. - Oh, okay. Sounds good. machine whirring funky music machine hammering - Theres are concrete, we found it. music Theres three places that we might have to do this. Anywhere where weve got concrete interfering with our posts, we may have to expose a little bit of a hole, dig down and take care of those problems. But the good thing is most of these dont have much concrete we should be able to bust through this real quick. And then sun dry beam, straight dry. Okay. That little dab of concretes gone. That was it. hammer sounds digging - Got it. thud machine hammers - Were gonna leave this in high. A little more. Cause were trying to get up over this and still keep the whole fence flat so. So now, weve got our corner posts all set. Well set up a string and well drive all the rest of these posts right to the string line. The customer wants this fence to be flat across the back end of the yard. So weve gotta roll off here really bad and weve gotta roll off down there really bad. So what were gonna try and do is make it so its nice and flat all the way across the backyard. And that makes it really easy with these posts. Normally on aluminum and fence, we have maybe two feet in the ground. And so if a customer came to us and and said, Hey I want it to be flat and we had to have a post a foot out the ground, that would be a huge problem. But because weve got four feet of post to play with were still three feet in the ground, even though were a foot out and weve got no problems whatsoever the customer can come in later and fill that off and we havent compromised the integrity of the fence whatsoever, so. - Yeah, Brians gonna pull from his side right now. - [Man Off Camera] That better You like that? - Thats where we clear now were just barely clearing this whole entire yard. Lets get our customer to say this is great or this is not great. And well go from there. - Whats he say? - To kind of flatten this whole thing out, this is about where we would be. Two inches below this would be the bottom of your fence panels. Because thats what we have to do to get it flat and keep it all the way across there. This is our high point right here that were trying to miss. So you can see down here wed be about two inches above the ground and then it dives off real bad again on this end. Where up here would be where your 48 inch tall fence would be. Are you wanting to kind of blend it in? Cuz we can roll the fence. Thats not a problem. We do that all the time. Itll just basically arc to the contour of the ground and then you wont have any gaps. A beautifully rolled fence. A one thats artfully done looks really good. So much better. You know, we get, we get a lot of people that really think they want a flat fence until they see what its gonna look like and how big of the gap is gonna be and theyre like, okay. Yeah. Yeah, it was a lot. It was a lot. You know, thats why its good to show people is because theyre like, well thats what I want. And then you show em. Okay, maybe, maybe not. - Yeah. - Some of the reasons that we use this or the biggest reason for us is number one it makes things very strong. Were adding extra strength inside the post. And then the biggest part is, is that were not tearing peoples yards up. And the dirty little secret of the fence industry is nobody hauls off their dirt. So theyre gonna scatter it in your lawn and youre gonna have all this dirt in your lawn for two, three weeks or whatever and it just, then you get rain and stuff and then you get all this mud there and were just, no. The least we can disturb the yard the better when were doing this. Especially if we can keep the strength and integrity of the fence, so. - Well yeah - Its good. - Hang on - Make sure youre off this string. Dont push that string over. - Youre up here by three - 16th. Just keep that the whole way down. Well be good. hammering - [Man Off Screen] Perfect. - I have an idea. - I might just have an idea - If we stick the post right here, this section will be a foot shorter, but we will not have this whole root mess to deal with, hopefully. So we can maybe drive our I beam right here and still keep a full section. So lets try that before we get carried away. chopping a whole bunch out of a nice live oak tree. hammering drilling - Okay, lets talk about this. So we are here at the base of a huge live oak tree. Were two feet in the ground. The posts are solid, solid. Were probably between a whole root ball. The post cant pull out and chances are if we started cutting through roots, wed find more roots down below it and we just sacrificed the tree. The juice isnt worth the squeeze. So were not going to fight to get another couple feet when the, what weve already got is super solid. We are not having any problem. I could bend this, I beam and the ground wouldnt give way and the post wouldnt fall over. Wed just flat bend the I beam over. So were gonna leave it right here. Trim the top off and let it be because it just isnt worth damaging the tree to get that extra bit. buzzing saw - Tada. sawing Okay. I was today years old when I knew that that thing lived right there. When I learned that that thing lived there, I had no idea. I just wouldve gone to my truck got the wrench and moved on. I feel so stupid. - Oh, I feel so stupid. - Its kinda like when youre chucking a drill youre supposed to tighten it down all the way and then back it off one click and that locks the bit in there. - Wait, what? - I didnt know that until like eight months ago. This is crazy stuff. - Does your bit stay better now that, do you do it? - Yes, it works. A hundred percent works. Do you know what Im talking about? - Never heard that. - But you have to tighten it then back it off. one click and it locks it in there. - Ive never seen it. - Dead serious. This is real life stuff. metal clinging - Ah! buzzing saw - Whats he doin? - Whatre you doing Brian? - Cutting off your, your post. - Oh, you know if youre an aluminum manufacturer and youre thinking, hey, I want to get involved in this what we would really like is we would like posts that are six inches longer than the panel height. That would be good. Then we could save even more money because all were doing is were chopping all this money off and were throwing it away. So if youre an aluminum manufacturer, get with me. Wed like to have you make posts for us that are shorter. saw buzzes - What you got? We got some metal maybe. You want me to look at it? - Just washing it out. I just need- - Probably got a scratch on your eyeball now though. Ooh. Hey, remember what I said about eyeglasses? - Ah! My eyes!. - Yeah. - Wear some eye protection. Hey Clay, you got some eye protection? - I do. I was driving the post. - It dont matter. Little teeny tiny flake is all it takes of that crap. - Yeah, cut those things a little farther away. laughter Ill get away from you. - Lets make sure were wearing eyeglasses too. engine revving and drilling - Yeah, Im good. - You know, aint nothing like that. Keep me down just a little, just just a little bit. No, Ill be okay. I was down here, I was leveling it out almost to the string. Brians cutting the aluminum rail with that saw. So just from him being four feet over there, that came out. Hit me in the eye. So eye protection. Gotta have it. Gotta have it. - Drive it. funky music - Yeah, lets just do the tops all the way down first. That way we can adjust the height. If we do the bottoms now, then we cant adjust height. So here in just a second youll see the roll. Well be able to, well trim these panels and well let you see how its gonna roll. - Okay. - We need to measure this one. It should end up being like two pickets. We cut off of this one to miss those roots. sawing Very carefully cuz those are sharp and we dont wanna scratch up our posts. So if youll notice, Brian, when he is cutting hes setting the saw down on top of the cut rather than sliding it through. And the reason that we do that is cuz itll pick up little shavings of aluminum and scratch the heck out of whatevers underneath the- - The shoe? - The shoe. The shoe. Thats what I was gonna go with the shoe. So he is just lowering it down on there to cut all the way through it rather than lowering it all the way and then sliding it. Were just trying to prevent damage to the material. Then we jockey this one in this end. Bam. He puts a screw in it. Brian, do you even know what youre doing, this looks like trash. - Im gonna request that you wait until were finished. - But I dont like the way it looks now. - So when we have people that are like that, - We give em tennis balls and tell em - Give them tennis balls. - You have to sit over here until were done and then you can talk. - I have to wait. - Were just gonna leave it like this. That gonna be okay? Why- Why are you laughing? This looks pretty good for you, doesnt it? - Uh, no. - Alright - No were, well adjust the height in a second but that is another beautiful part of this is that we dont have to worry about that right now. We can worry about that later. Itll screw into the I-beams so that when its all done and all these screws run into the I-beams you cant pull it up, you cant pull it down you cant do anything and itll lock it all in place. So we put the top screw in because its above the I-beam and then these other two will go into the I-beam. Were very high right now, but well take a hammer. Well tap all these down just a little bit and blend it all out and then well just roll it and itll look really good. Yeah, we just dont worry about adjusting our height just yet. - Yeah - Thats good. - About to run into that one. I have to cut a little off out in there. - The first thing we do whenever we get ready to put a gate in this is I tell everybody before you even think about setting a gate post we wanna know how far apart to set em so that weve got the right dimension. We see that thats gonna take up a half an inch, right? So half inch on your hinge side. So lets say I want my gate to look about like that. So now I can measure this and Im coming up with about three quarters of an inch. So, so if we do an inch and a half and we add that to whatever a gate frame measures, that will be our distance from inside a post to inside a post. - Okay. - Always double check that because theres nothing worse than getting your gate post set and finding out your gate doesnt fit. Thats the gate post. Okay. Now a plumber up. Okay. You could go away a quarter. Okay. Youre dead on now. Line it up with the string there. Yeah, youre good. Send it. hammering - Look at this little bitty pencil mark gave me. - It works! Send it buddy. hammering - So better to drive it down than have to pull it up. You know, if we need to drive it down a little bit, well get it a little hammer. Yep. Your lines pretty good, like right there. And were, its a little short, dont worry. We brought some extra. Luckily there was two in a box and we only needed one. That was close. Hey, so can you see can you see kind of whats happening here without a whole lot of work? Weve actually established a line that the customer wanted and then I see that this post is a little out, and this ones a little out. I dont know if this is tough. Can you do this with your fence? Send me your videos, pics or it didnt happen. How about that? I bet youll snap yours right off. Yep, were good. So I wanna be right there. Oh, sprinkler pipe. Stay off that. - Oh - Hey, welcome back. So what were doing here is were just digging down so that we can get underneath the eaves with our pounder because theres not enough room to get the pounder on. So if we dig down just a little bit, boom, room for the pounder. And luckily we just avoided all the sprinkler pipes and the sprinkler wire. There we go. Go ahead and hit us a little bit. Give us a couple bumps. Oh, thats a foundation. - Go ahead. - Is it going? - No, its hitting concrete. - Okay, pop it off. Yep. Thatd be a foundation digging concrete - Uh-oh. - Found buried- buried treasure, the coke cam from 1996. Christmas bear on it and everything. rock music and drilling ding - Uh-oh - Fixed it. - Then youre gonna need the post that youre at, needs to go down a little bit. - Okay. hammering - Youre in it now. sawing - [ Man Off Camera] Should we, should we get him to say, hey this looks great before we put all the screws in? - Yeah hes gonna love it, go get him. Ah, hes gonna love it. - All right. This is what we got. You gotta make sure you like it. - I dont. - What? - Hey, hey, thats not funny. - Dont do that. Dont do that to me. - Looks really good. - Thats kind of what youre after? So we got flat all the way up to the tree and then we just roll it off tied in. - Its even straight. - Whoa. Whod have thought? Is that gonna work for ya? - Yeah. - So thisll be, thisll be your fill, and then well just go straight from here right up to your screened in porch. I like it, so. - Yeah, no, I, - Before we screw it all off and get it set to height and we just wanna make sure its good with you, so. - Yeah. - We did trim a couple pickets right down there at that route just to, - Oh, okay. - Drop it a little bit lower then we dont have to cut into that route at all. Trim that right there. - That looks good. Yeah especially, yeah Im glad that we, - Yeah, it wouldve looked kind of weird having it taller there and your neighbor might not have appreciated it quite so much. - Yeah. - I think it wouldve drove you nuts over time, but - Sounds good, looks good. Happy customers. Thats what we want. - Oh yeah, you will do. buzzing saw sawing - Push my way Now I dont know many people that think this looks amazing. What were gonna do is were gonna rack this gate even though its already solid welded aluminum. Just so youre aware, weve got about three inches here. Thats probably pretty close to the maximum I want to try because if you do try to rack these much more than that you could risk breaking welds, bending pickets. And what youll see is youll get an arch in this top rail a little bit. So we have a little bit of forgiveness, but not a ton. I think we should be able to get this out of it and show you how to to do a three inch rack - Im on the corner helping you. - So this looks pretty good right here. But we gotta go past because what were gonna have happen is itll spring. And boom just like that we have a racked gate. And now you can see clearly why we hang off the low post because it starts off closer here and as we open it gets further away, since the ground slopes this way had we hinged it on that side, we could run the risk of hitting the ground trying to swing it this way. So, okay. I like it. You guys like it? I like it. Okay. - My work here is done. - Im done. My work here is done. So hopefully youve enjoyed watching us install this no dig aluminum fence. Hopefully youve learned a little bit about why we use no dig aluminum fence. Why we like no dig in general because of the no dig wood fence that we do the no dig vinyl fence we do. And now the no dig aluminum fence. This is the last fence that we werent able to install without digging holes and now weve got the system to be able to do that. If youd like to learn a little bit more about No Dig Vinyl check this video out up here. If you wanna learn about No Dig Cedar and how we install Postmasters without digging and why we use Postmasters, check out this video over here. Im Mark Olson with SWI fence We are Floridas fence company and until next time you have a good dang day. 🏻 Get Your Own No-Dig Aluminum Fence System Here! I love this no-dig aluminum fence system! Its easy, fast, and WAY stronger than traditional aluminum fence. 🏻 Check out the No-Dig Aluminum Fence System: 🏻 Post Drivers: