were going to a different economy and were going to be learning more about that as we go but clearly were were learning that things can be done from remote locations were learning ology can replace people even more than we thought were not going back to the same economy were going were recovering but to a different economy and itll be one that is more leveraged to technology and I worry that that is going to make it even more difficult than it was for for many workers its in Silicon Valley and my friends who work in technology know that what we did to the manufacturing workers we are now going to do to the retail workers the call center workers the fast food workers the truck drivers and then even bookkeepers accountants insurance agents lawyers and on and on through the economy so what happened to the manufacturing workers a very clear sign of this effort and China has big plans for this they intend to seed um their digital yuan into the global environment by giving it away to visitors at next Winters Olympics when they arrived at the airport theyre going to get you want digital wallets theyre going to receive digital U1 theyre going to use it throughout their visits to Beijing and then theyre going to take it back to their home countries theyve seen this as a huge Advantage why do because who controls the underlying protocols who controls the underlying standards of the future of money will control the future welcome to the crypto teacher and guys please like And subscribe if you do like what youre listening to please inform your friends and family and spread all over social media it isnt part of that we get back to learning finances and understand how the world really works because once we understand how the world really works we understand that its all planned out now I want to thank those who purchased the books crypto teacher and the new world order book The New World Order book is going to show you how the world works it is definitely time to wake up out of your sleep and the times that were in right now plus guys we know were waiting on that next Main Event towards the end of the year we had the first quarter event like I told you that would have happened dont forget this ish meets a year and then also I want to thank those that purchased the three kids books its definitely time to re-educate and also those who donate to the cash out patreon much love Keep It Coming do not forget I have the New World Order cryptos in my patreon do your own research but going inside of a bear Market you definitely want the cryptos that have real use cases and much love to those who are shopping at both stores keep it coming and of course guys we get into Bitcoin and cryptos first and right now we have Bitcoin and cryptos flat and we see the stock market taking a beating again today because we see yields are rising remember guys this is the most manipulated Market in S3 the greatest trends for a wealth that weve ever seen this is something youll be able to tell your kids grandkids great grandkids how the world change right in front of your eyes now guys dont forget to pay attention to the actual indicators like I stated yield rates Rising slightly we have volume we have tether than we have USD see and we have a lot of usdc news of course its the chosen one we have Jeremy from Circle usdc will be expanding to five new chains Circa will be launching a cross-chain transfer protocol and we see usdc will be filling the gap for UST on Cosmos plus we have Jack Dorsey TBD teams up with circle to take U.S dollar stable coin savings and remittances Global and we know xlm will be a big piece of that and then of course guys we have the FED repost still over 2 trillion and in the month of October we get a little break we saw the 10-year yield touched at four percent but then dropped down and I definitely see them manipulating yields down as we move into earnings and then on the crypto side guys we know we have open interest and theyre going to be doing another small volume repo on the fifth I put that in my patreon remember Teamwork Makes the Dream work Ive been getting a lot of great information inside the patreon sent to me and guys we have so many narratives that are popping up now we have Nordstrom that they are saying that has the leaks and is coming from explosions then of course we have midterms and we know they want the market to look decent while the people are voting but then after guys we know theyre going to be putting their foot on the gas when it comes to the hegelian dialectic it doesnt matter what Economist you go to everybody knows 2023 and 24 is going to be some of the worst times in American history and you know the crypto teacher warns you a long time ago but guys we know the NWO caused the problem wait for the reaction and run in with the solution and we know the fourth Industrial Revolution is is definitely the solution where the robots algorithms and drones take over the economy pay each other with crypto and the Sheep go inside the metaverse and remember the crypto teacher told you now guys dont forget about grayscale moved up a little to 17.1 billion and then also guys dont forget that we have back today as I told you I definitely saw us pulling back and then we have CME Futures tomorrow and I also see us pulling down further but guys like I stated in the month of October starting on the 5th I definitely see the market getting a slight pump and then towards the end of October we move down because we know the FED is going to be meeting November 1st and 2nd to raise rates again and then plus guys at the beginning of the month they actually roll off the balance sheet so dont forget about that but getting over into a little crypto news we uh BlackRock the company that owns everything right along with Vanguard launches ETF in Europe with blockchain and crypto company exposure and guys we see all the big Banks now and corporations are in crypto and making it known theyre no longer behind the curtain and were going to see this crypto Casino get built out keep getting bigger and bigger the Legacy Market is going to be tokenized and put on blockchain right along with crypto now we have Finance starts ethereum proof of work mining pool initially with no fee and well see how long this ethereum proof of work plays out now we have chain link announces ecosystem growth program called scale and the first change to join is Avalanche Mattis Moonbeam and Moon River and lastly we have Swift partners with chain link for a cross chain crypto transfer project and guys this project will connect Swift to every single blockchain the Beast is in and remember theyre going to be getting all this information and from the beginning we knew how important interoperability is going to be but the NWO is bringing it all together to link back to One Source One brain and you guys know what do I tell you blockchain gives NWO the all-cni and remember the crypto teacher told you because he knows when it comes to the new road order its all planned out but guys all I have for you dont forget about the bus crypto teacher and the new world order book plus the three kids books its time to re-educate also noodle kryptos coinbase bet you finance and not forget bucklings and crypto links are in the description the new stock Channel guys make sure you like subscribe spread it everywhere you have your Kobo your chips house your banking your gaming while everybodys sitting at home get home socks the zero the biotech stocks and Well everybodys it on wishing they were still getting that free money what are they doing drinking and smoking weed dont forget about those stocks and you have a wonderful day most powerful person in the world is the Storyteller the Storyteller says division values and agenda of an entire generation to come Steve Jobs and guys you know I truly believe in this when you look at the new world order theyre the Storyteller and thats the reason why I wrote my new road auto book but guys now its time to change the current generation and I wrote three kids books you know I love the Trinity because I understand the power of that Senate so I have three books we have an opportunity to change the generation to educate not just me but I want to show you that I take action on a daily basis and I want you to take action on a daily basis whether its your job whether its in your community we have an opportunity right now to educate the masses I posted this on my Twitter account please share but this is a short clip of the three books theres going to be a clothing line and action figure please get these books for your kids nephews cousins friends so therefore we can start the re-education now because as we see the fourth Industrial Revolution Foundation is definitely here robots algorithms drones taking Humanity out the picture we have to re-educate but lets get into the video its mandatory to get part one part two and part three of this series its time to re-educate Generation Z THIS IS SCARY! 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