kimber pro raptor 2 with ed brown chainlink mainspring housing waarde chainlink chainlink coin chart THE MONEY IS STILL PRESENT AT 15K FOR BITCOIN - CHAINLINK & STOCK MARKET DAYTRADING TECHNICAL ANALYS
back to the charts with big boss crypto bringing you another day trading analysis on bitcoin and on chain link weve seen a drop through downside the last couple of days it still hasnt moved down to the Target of 14k but do we see that happening soon or are we heading to the upside we do have some volume counts to the upside that will get recovered at some point but are we moving there next week or are we heading to the 14k Zone lets look at the charts look at Bitcoin and what has happened the last couple of days weve seen a quick move through downside the with some volume to the upside that has yet to be recovered so lets mark it off in the chart its from 20.3 K all the way down to 18.7 which has yet to be recovered to the downside we dont have anything on the lower time frame we do have a small zone for all scalpers that has yet to be filled at 17.2 thats an interesting Zone if you want to trade some shorts and run it out until Monday I dont recommend it though none of this is financial advice as you know but its an interesting Zone if youre wanting to look at some shorts because the stock market hasnt dropped yet were gonna look into that later on if we look on the lower time frames today its been an interesting day to say the least because Bitcoin moved to the upside after the quick rundown and has been rejected at the 18K area and weve seen some vix during today on the five minute time frame and on the 50 minute time frame at 17.5 k and its been with some volume Im looking at this candle right here Im looking at this candle right here and Im also looking at let me see this candle right here look at the vix look at this Wick and look at this Wick this is also a volume candle that tells me that the market maker has been placing some shorts in this area because that shows some interest in these zones to move price lower I saw that today and I scalped some shorts and took some profits at this zone right now to the Daily time frame then on bitcoin we can see that we had a Walling candle in this area and it has almost been recovered completely they left out a small Zone and we do have a purple candle in this Zone and we have yet to take some of it during the next couple of days so lets mark it off in the chart Im gonna mark it red because its a short opportunity and we do have the zone at 14.8 all the way down to 13.8 K which has yet to be recovered and I think that is the target for a local bottom before we see a relief rally to the upside to recover these volume counts because we do have this big cantaloupes here at 20K we have recovered this one at 18 points four or five almost we came all the way up to 18.2 before we reversed to the downside because it looks like to me were gonna recover these this purple candle during the week and most likely and head down to 15.7 K area for Bitcoin lets quickly take a look at the macro economic news that came out today we had the GDP in UK mixed results nothing extraordinary happening it looks like inflation is slowing down in the UK as well we had the preliminary consumer sentiment from the US today came out lower than expected which indicates that consumers arent confident of the markets and they arent willing to spend as much money as it was projected that it wanted at 59.5 it came in at 54.7 if it is above 50 though it says that we are still in a positive environment for the consumers so consumers are still willing to spend their money onto products and services in general if its below 50 then that means economic contraction and people arent confident in spending money and yet they save money instead of spending it so that indicates that yeah we are slowing down it isnt as crazy as as it has been but we are still confident in the markets in general lets take a look at the liquidation map on Kingfisher and as you can see we do have more clusters to the downside than to the upside for Bitcoin and we do have our first Target at 16.2 we do have a cluster from from 16 all the way to 15 and we do also have a big cluster of 14.5 k all the way down to 13.4 as well however I do think we will move quickly to 15K during next week at the beginning of next week and we do also see 14.5 K as a local bottom potentially so dont go long yet if youre thinking Im going along and if youre in shorts you might want to run them out all the way down to 14.5 k however its all up to you and your trading strategy lets take a look at chain link we do have a big volume candle Zone to the upside from 8 to 9.2 dollars and we do also have a Zone to the downside at six dollars all the way down to five point eight we did see a volume candle recovery foreign that was made during today we moved all the way down to 6.5 dollars which is where the volume counts resided and started their move to upside and Mark make a move price down there however we are seeing a recovery of the red candle right here so macro is very bearish and Bitcoin isnt looking that great however we could see a small pump to the upside to seven dollars before we move down from here and our Target to 5.10 to recover this falling candle but that is possibly going to happen during the start of next week we could move to to sideways or even to the upside before going down lower again so now I promise you that were gonna take a look at the S P 500 I know this is a crypto Channel but however I do want to point out that if stocks are moving down Bitcoin and crypto is moving down most likely as well look at this Gap up we saw after the CPI numbers this Gap up is going to be filled at some point we do have volume candles in the zone that must recovered right now we also have some molecules in this Zone yet to be filled so we are seeing a relief rally for stocks and we might wanna pay close attention to what the stocks are doing during today and the next couple of hours because I do think well move down fill this Gap during the next week so to be honest we arent out of woods yet the bottom isnt in yet because if we move to the downside here Bitcoin will most likely go to 14.5 k so watch out for the close of todays stock market because that will set the tone for what will happen on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday because this might be a setup before moving down lower again and even potentially forming new laws on the s p 500. and go to these falling channels at 3.5 yay now lets summarize this market update as I said news are showing that inflation is slowing down and some people are calling that bottom is in and the worst is over however we saw the Gap up in the stock market and we saw that inflation is slowing down but however consumers are feeling confident that this is just a dip and its intent that we should buy the dip because price will move higher and higher as it always has but be careful inflation hasnt being removed by the Fed and its still very high so next week will be interesting in my opinion also Point number two is that we have more liquidations to the downside on bitcoin and as I said 14.5 K looks juicy we do have a following candle in that zone we do have a lot of Liquidations in that zone so that is a potential local bottom and that is where we might see a bounce and potentially move to 20K during the next couple of months but however we could drop even lower it all depends on what the stock market is doing the next couple of months and the December fed meeting will be pretty interesting it will decide how next year will look from January to march in my opinion so stay tuned for that its a very interesting market right now also Point number we are already pointed out the stock market hasnt had a significant drop yet Bitcoin has moved aggressively to downside however the stock market has pointed upwards in the last couple of days thats very interesting if something Brewing I know the FTX news made the bitcoin price drop but the stock market isnt looking that great as well so pay a close attention to what the stock market will do next week that was it for today I hope you enjoyed the video stay safe and remember we are seeing a drop down on the Bitcoin price crypto will drop down even lower but that means that the price is in your favor and you can pick up more of your favorite coins because we will see a bull run again even if you feel that is hopeless right now remember money is coming to coming to crypto during the next couple of years stay safe Big Boss out Bringing you the heat every other day and try to make sense for you what Bitcoin & Alts might do the next 48 hours!BITCOIN ANALYSIS CHAINLINK ANALYSIS Twitter: Liquidation map: DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that we are not financial advisors. 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