chainlink stock price prediction chainlink price discovery chainlink validator income THE CHAINLINK LINK PRICE PREDICTION & ANALYSIS FOR 2022
chainlink validator income can you weive wood through... THE CHAINLINK LINK PRICE PREDICTION & ANALYSIS FOR 2022
whats up everybody hope youre all doing great um in the next few minutes i wanted to do a quick price analysis on a chain link or the link token if you if you would like to call it that um basically i mean chain link is a great project first of all i know theres a big community behind it and there i mean its one of the biggest cryptos usually its in the top 20 now ranked 22nd um so that it was relatively bullish today together with the whole market obviously which came quite surprised or i was quite surprised by that to be honest i mean yesterday when i did the videos i really expected that we were going to drop down even more than 34 000 which we might still do but still its um its good to see some some bullish moves so for chain link what we actually did we we went all the way down to 11.5 which is uh really low or 11.5 dollars which is as i said really low but today we did manage to get into this four key level or key area between 13 and 15.5 dollars again so thats good already i mean now were struggling a little bit with this trend line and around 14 but i do suspect that well break that next resistance is 14 and a half dollars which i think will provide some resistance actually i do think that from there will at least drop down to 13.75 maybe consolidate a little bit between 14 and a half and 13.75 but they also do expect a drop down to 13 again uh which i do think is going to hold 13 as of right now uh obviously given the the current market circumstances if they become worse yeah then were dropping down to 11.5 again but yeah that really depends on the fundamentals so mainly the wiring ukraine as of right now but also a little bit of inflation and executive orders maybe um so yeah but if if the current markets are if the market circumstances stay the same then we might also just if we go drop down to 13 again we might just be able to actually break that 14.6 again and start some sort of a consolidation between 15.5 and 13 um in that little bit more long term so within like a week week and a half and the main thing were actually looking for quite obviously is breaking out of this area so the main thing were looking for technically scene so we actually look at the price is breaking 15.5 i think if as soon as we break 15.5 which as i said i do think thats going to take a while but still as soon as we do that we might find some resistance at 16.2 but then we can easily take a break retest off of the 15.5 we just broke and get up to this level right here around 17.5 which would be my initial price target so i just wanted to give you that information in advance and as i said that might take a while obviously depending on the fundamentals but given the current market circumstances and fundamentals it might take a while so yeah thats basically my analysis on a chain link or link if you have any questions about this whole analysis anything i said please let me know down in the comments ill make sure to respond to that as soon as possible but as for now thank you all for watching and listening and hope to see you all my next videos bye LINK TOKEN PRICE PREDICTION 2022JOIN THE CILINIX CRYPTO DISCORD! Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. The content of this video is my opinion and should not be taken as any type of financial advice. Register on Bybit with my link and receive up to 4100 USDT Bonus! Link: Check out Get a $100 free crypto bonus and $5,500 USDTest when you sign up with my link and trade: Find the next crypto gem on KuCoin! Register and trade via my referral link to enjoy 5% discount on trading fees! Click to register Huobi account. Start your Digital Currency journey. Reach us here! @CilinixCrypto