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back to the charts with big boss crypto and today weve got huge news regarding chain links partnership with swift recently going from proof of concept to becoming beta according to this news article purpose was switched recently regards successful testing pastry for cbdcs use cross-border we will see chain link about that being to all kinds of markets like stock market real estate marketer of this market and about to grow parabolically the upcoming years so without further Ado lets look to charts alright so as we can see on Swifts official Twitter account right here they wrote exciting news their CBC sandboxes with 18 Central commercial Banks well thats huge showed clear value in our solution to enable interoperability with CBC networks and existing systems for cross-border payments so check out full details in this article right here and if you want to read the article by yourself provide a link in the description but if we scroll down and see the key takeaways right here the chief Innovation officer Tom right here so that our solution has been successfully tested across almost 5 000 transactions between two different blockchain networks and that traditional fiat currency and were delighted to have the support of our community in developing it further and of course I mean chain link is the is the bridge between the gas between the Fiat Fiat currency and the blockchain network so its about chain link This Cant Function basically and shot this guy called the run to use all package he has a great Twitter account regarding change news and its great guys so please follow me on Twitter right here and the highlighted right here and from a paper by Swift that swiftly model the beta version of our interlinking intent solution were following the success of the sandbox testing that will now develop a beta version of our Interlink solution that will you use for further testing by central banks so this series as were basically moving on from basically proof of concept Concepts yet for many years for chaining to get roof Swift into Bay Area so basically if were in a beta stage it means that release is almost an imminent you need to find tweak tweak a few problems here and there until they can release the final product so this is a huge and exciting opportunity for chain link and like yesterday before with this slide being shared by surigan Azeroth and chain the coverall many times were basically about to begin with chaining tapping into the traditional markets and basically capturing the huge amounts of value that basically will process routines networks not only the cryptocurrency market but now the stock marketing real estate market and especially The Drifters Market twitch will be powered by smart contracts provided by chain link and I mean the value and the potential price for training could be unimaginable if Channel Games capture basically all of the value around the world and also if you look at some interesting blog posts right here but were the great Sports about chain link is that its only beginning the huge announcements with swift being my melon Vodafone Google AWS basically everyone blockchain using China core tools which is literally nothing compared to whats going to come in future especially with the recent released release of chain link functions which is about a Pandoras box of functionality and that were going to see some insane stuff right here and its all beginning right now of ccip havent even released yet so were going to take all these insane developments and deploy them all across all chains and all financial institutions simultaneously and this will be one of the most important lessons in Russias India Ministry and hes blessed to have enough about 321 length of Castle good frame thats a real good back time right here and also if you look right here that over the coming months Swift will develop a beta version of the solution for payments that can be tested further by central banks a second phase of sandbox system will also be held in which the Swift Community can collaborate further with focus on new use cases including insecurity settlements and a sandbox participants have included Bank to France Deutsche bundesbank monetary offered of Singapore BNP Paribas HSBC Royal Bank of Canada I mean countless Banks listed right here and additional four central banks where observers providing input and feedback without participating in the sandbox and the particular participants processed about food for the surrounded transactions between the Quorum and quarter blockchain not products and wow I mean this is insanely huge for chain link criteria and Im not joking with chain link is about the capture of these trillions of dollars of value in the upcoming years and not Financial advice but I think well see huge huge gains in chain token upcoming years thats all for me thanks so much for your time leave a like subscribe if you enjoyed the video or leave a dislike if you do not please note that this is not Financial or innocent devices so with educational and that purposes only this big boss crypto the reels of the real of Crypt YouTubers how wonderful day everyone Big Boss out thank you Today we take a look at Chainlinks future, with Link now powering ISO20022 CBDC network in beta phase!Swift article: DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that we are not financial advisors. 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