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Orlando, lets talk about what I think people are most interested in here, right, and I put myself in this area because obviously its one of the biggest issues, right, thats involved today, especially, right, that Tim links system, which is steak Professor Marco Lopes here is asking how the steaking will be he had read that it will be for specific members what does that mean going back to my screen Danilo please Ill come back here I can show the people So guys Oh theres the a TIM link it already they released here this is the role map as i mentioned initially it will be like this for specific members this neighbor puts One this v0.1 it is specific for some wallets that interacted there are more active among the community then we go to v1 there this v1 he will already have it in the other delegation so here where he will start to make it accessible to us I think it will be there in the first quarter of next year and then the V2 that he will control more products and greater efes So it will be this dynamic so yes, it will be accessible to people, but at the initial point, for example, from now, we cant access it. good line man but there was one of the people here at the beginning was asking how the steak would really work, right like operationally how do I do this then there was a link when I will be able to do this man we dont know the answer there probably will be or really they did nt leave it clear if theres going to be a native solution she had it in me that Notes will have to provide proprietary solutions for you to delegate to those nudes over there we wont know what were going to do one of the little touches links with risk of slime inside the whole structure so they dont others ah ok I got it dude and so a doubt like what you had here Daniel Only hes asking if after this event you notice any asset that has the capacity competitor technique in me man I think it will have one okay Im going to say a certain Catholic friction by code some things are similar like the proposed date came enable the polygon with the polygon came it has some points of intersection with what was proposed in TIMs ccip link and the polygonoid has some points of intersection with Deco which is the identity proposal of tchenic that they also said theyre going to launch there theyre going to work for next year so I think its going to be those two things now man sorry in terms of oracles its hard to compete with the guys the guys are very very advanced like man i was very impressed with the ccp solution like really really really like that man it was something i didnt expect there like i was sitting there i got the lecture i didnt get it exactly the beginning and the middle to the end of the lecture and man it was a very robust solution that the guys were hiding because nobody knew how it was going to work and they presented it to me The best solution Ive seen so far to legalize like that without a doubt and that called me left until I have the slides here, these slides they were not opened I dont even know if I can show it, I hope you can but here, look at the date, you can see it here. but she was there at the event I said man Im going to take a picture of it from here so I can study it later but here man they made this structure, right you will have a Sender this incender will send some information that will be online this information will go through this structure of Change So, first, it goes through a centralized network of oracles that are going to be seen there like it and then it will go through this fn Which guy is an anti-fraud model and then it will be executed And then that it will go through the receiver So this structure here was bad, nobody had thought of a fraud structure and the super complete structure is And like no one had any solution was thinking about this aspect So for me this is something expensive that caught my attention a lot of attention like the team thought very well about this aspect Corte do video da Mercurius Crypto sobre o staking na Chainlink e uma breve comparação da Chainlink com a Polygon Matic. Link do video completo - -oiK58VxfCk&t=2142s Canal da Mercurius Crypto - chainlink link mercurius Mercuriuscrypto crypto polygon matic rollup staking token evm ethereum eth blockchain market bitcoin btc onchain grafico criptomoedas talkskripto kripto talks rollup,ethereum,staking,