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welcome to the chain link engineering tutorials this is going to be a very short video to explain to you how to use these videos where you can go for resources and what to expect these tutorials and walkthroughs will give you the tools to be some of the best smart contract engineers out there theyll go over a little bit of solidity in blockchain working with off-chain data and just overall empowering your smart contracts to go to the next level due to this bleeding edge technology moving so fast always be sure that when you click on one of our technical videos you scroll down to the description and check for any updates that way youll know youre always up to date youll want to download and install an ethereum wallet currently one of the most popular is metamask and itll just be an icon in your browser to get started well hit download install metamask for brave or whatever browser that youre using add to brave add extension or again if youre using chrome itll say add to chrome or firefox and were going to go ahead and get started we want to create a new wallet well give metamask feedback create a password and well need to back up our secret phrase aka our private key your secret phrase is what gives you access to your wallet here for our demos were only going to be working with test net tokens aka funny money or fake money thats great for testing but doesnt have any real value if you ever want to send this wallet actual ethereum or actual money be sure to back this up in several places use it in a password manager or keep your mnemonic and private keys someplace very safe if you lose access to this private key or mnemonic or somebody else gets access your account is now compromised and you will not be able to get back in since were only going to be testing well hit remind me later but if you actually want to use it you need to back it up we can see metamask has popped up as a browser extension well be working a lot with test link and test ethereum to get different test links we can go to the chain link faucets a unique address is located here and we can copy it to our clipboard and put it into one of our faucet addresses coven is the name of one of the test nets that well be working with you can see there are many different networks ethereum mainnet is the one where real money is the rest of these are tests or fake you can add more real networks and fake networks by using the custom rpc lets go ahead and request some fake chain link on the coven test net send me 100 test link to see it in our wallet we have to add the token each network has a different address that we need to get the token to get the address on the different networks we can go to the chain link documentation to work with coven we can grab the address here so in metamask for coven to see our 100 testnet link that we just got well hit add token custom token and add the contract here next add token now we can see our 100 link different tutorials will use different test nets so be sure to reference this page if theyre working with a test net or a network that youre not familiar with its useful but not required to have working knowledge of javascript python or some other object oriented programming language eventually youll learn how to make the switch from remix to your own code editor we use visual studio code in a lot of our examples theres a link in the description to download it and if you ever get lost or confused you can always jump into the documentation check out some of our technical blogs check out some of our technical videos ask a question on stack overflow or join the discord the discord is where the majority of the smart contract engineers gather and is an incredibly welcoming place for technical thoughts questions brainstorming and troubleshooting so if you ever get lost feel free to jump in and ask a question the chain link discord is also where youll meet some of the brightest people in the smart contract space building the next generation of tools and is a great place to meet some friends in the space so i have your browser and code editor ready and be prepared to jump in and learn about smart contracts and getting data talk to you soon you In this brief technical workshop, Developer Advocate Patrick Collins gives a crash course in smart contract development. Learn some of the basics like how to install and use MetaMask, access test networks, receive tokens from faucets, and explore token addresses. This video sets you up for success so you can build your first Solidity smart contract using Chainlinks industry-leading oracle network.Documentation with faucets: Visual Studio Code: -------Updates------- None, happy coding! Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments. Learn more about Chainlink: Website: Twitter: Newsletter: Telegram: If you’re a developer, visit the developer documentation or join the technical discussion on Discord ChainlinkEngineeringTutorials,