chainlink ledger xSECUX W20 é Melhor que Trezor One e Ledger Nano X? Vale a pena Comprar?

chainlink future price predictions chainlink crypto info chainlink ledger x SECUX W20 é Melhor que Trezor One e Ledger Nano X? Vale a pena Comprar?
chainlink ledger x chainlink pricew SECUX W20 é Melhor que Trezor One e Ledger Nano X? Vale a pena Comprar?
Before thinking about buying any crypto wallet, the first thing you have to look at is which currencies this wallet accepts, there is no point in buying the wallet and it does not support the currency you want to store. thing look which currencies this wallet supports here at sequex there are no major problems with regard to currency support because it practically supports all Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash is eternal rc20 tokens like Chiba mana feels and so many other lightcoin reset Estela BNB adesh also das coin type Cardano Tron and tokens in the trc10 standard trc20 by in this Martin here that accepts several tokens in the bep20 standard like baby Doge metarreiro catcoin for example, right? for example for little Dote it is a coin that you hardly find in wallets it has only the standard for the token of Dote on bep20 but not for blockchain, right original of the little adopt so for example for little dot it would no longer be interesting for you to buy dry ex that you would have to leave it in a token not in the original blockchain it is always interesting to leave the coins in the original blockchain so for you who have little adopt for example it would not be the best wallet perhaps you would already have to get an LED for example and I will I actually separated here some models with similar prices even to talk a little about the differences also about these models, for example, the back has much less support too, so there are some currencies that are here that, for example, do not have netword, which is why it is very important before when you buy a wallet you look at the coins that are smaller Dowry maybe some other newer blocks Solana here Solana we are not going to search here is there is no Solano so if you have Solana and tokens from the Solana blockchain it is not an interesting wallet for you either but You want to store the most standard coins even Bitcoin Eternal Bitcoin Cash lightcoin tokens bep20 trc20 Cardano It supports many currencies so its a wallet that doesnt have that much problem. Im here on the Cash Forte website, which is an official sequex reseller in Brazil. So you dont have the risk of being taxed. for you to make this comparison But theres a promotion now, its 1,120 for 950, there are only two products in stock so probably if you want to buy this wallet, youll have to run even more after what happened with fiax, the number of wallets on the market it has decreased a lot, right there is a very high demand for wallets and this is a very beautiful wallet it looks like an MP5 those who have had an MP5 will remember it has this display here it is an easier wallet to visualize in terms of picking up a wallet to move than by example, the transler itself is the led so in this regard, the sequex is more interesting, it just loses in these skills, maybe to make fun of the fact that it has this display, right ? $ 2000 a wallet so its already a more expensive wallet, right, its not just to show these wallets with a display very nice wallet even the serpex I dont have one here to show even if I touch the wallet showing it here on the channel But its a wallet thats available in those photos you want to buy kidnapping or any of those wallets that Im going to show in the video theres a 5% discount in the description you find the coupon which is Gabriel 5 just make your purchase normally at Cash Forte with coupon Gabriel 5 you have a 5% discount and there is also a four percent discount on the pix you can also have a total 9% discount there which is a beautiful discount, right so they have an interesting standard here of security with a chip, right this chip here that is used to store safely and the private key also another thing that is important to say is that you should never buy your wallet on OLX on MercadoLivre there on Facebook you should only buy the wallets or on the wallets official website which is the website there gringo in this case here you enter here In this case, go to the Store and you will see the wallet here or at official resellers in Brazil, such as Cash Ford, remember, if you buy abroad, you run the risk of being taxed, maybe the wallet is even more expensive for you, no problem, pay in pics pay with your credit card, no problem at all and its easier for you, right? 862 only here at Cash strong 950 but if you are taxed it will be more expensive than 950 probably so to be more relaxed you can buy officially here in Brazil right as standard this wallet it comes with your private key with 24 words only it it also has the pattern of 12 18 and 24 so for example you had coins in the LED And then there was some problem in your wallet but you have the private key You can recover it in the ex section too so that is very interesting the wallet it has comes as default 24 But if you have 12 18 and 24 words in another wallet you can recover it too and there is also a passphrase option with 25 words to enable the hidden wallet feature, right There is a lot of currency there that you can store and it stores up to 500 different accounts so for example you have an account of yours You have an account of your son your mother your father so you can create different accounts to organize yourself too that Its very interesting for me the main attraction of this one is the viewfinder Its very easy to use it like this already some videos like I said I dont have the wallet in hand here to do the tutorial right but easy wallet to use its a little heavier than the led and the tresel for example But it fits in the pocket easily too and it has the touch screen which is a very good attraction so it is easier to use here you can already see the currency and the balance also your entire portfolio so the portfolio is very easy to use, right so I believe you would not have any problems with this wallet until same question of coin support as I said there are some that dont have for example there are some coins that you wont be able to store a little hurts only the token but its interesting to store in the original Botinha So in this case the best wallet is in this regard In my opinion its the led theres the model x which is a Premium model its not available for the time being at Cash Esporte which is the model I have I have this one from here the excellent LED really worth every penny very good wallet easy to use also the back I think more easier to use than the led, only the One Let me see if I can find the year here, I think its not, Ill have to search later here, look at the tresul, this wallet here that I also have, its a very good wallet, I even think easier to use than the led only it has little support for coins so there are even fewer coins than the sequestro so if you had to choose for example we bring One and dry ex it would be interesting I know about sequex between LED and dry ex I would go with led x it is a little more expensive but I would go with LED X or the new LED nano S Plus I have to make a video here for the channel the new Ledger that unites the best of the worlds of the x and the s that it is the amount of coins you can store at the same time it is a little smaller than x but it can store a lot of coins not as much as it can store in x if I am not mistaken I think it is x it can store a little more but Its a wallet with an excellent cost-benefit probably if I didnt have the x if I had to choose between x and s I d go with S just how much of the price You can see that the price is currently lower, you know, with the promotion, its also a thousand reais normally its R$ 900 so between dry ex and LED nano S Plus theres a lot to your taste here theres a touch screen its easier to work with right and theres the led is a better known name in the market so its a lot of taste there any of the the two you get will be very well served, right, it has a slightly larger screen than the s, right, that goes out on the market and has support for more currencies too, right, so it depends a lot on the matter of taste, we have usability, I think the sequex W20 it is better in terms precisely because of the touch screen but practically the same price, right the Led on the S Plus is an excellent wallet I also ended up talking about other wallets not only in the sequex W20 but the wallet there that you can store with total security your clips a good wallet there for you a more entry-level wallet in the market, right, in terms of price, it competes there with this Led model on the S Plus and with delay One you who want to store altcoins and want to have the touch screen used to the touch screen you can buy the sequex W20 if the touch screen is not so relevant for you you can go with the Led on the S Plus because it has support for some currencies that would be underwear it doesnt have but it is an excellent wallet so I take advantage of the discount buy at daycare strong official resale from Brazil and I also intend to make a video of other wallets as well as other models from sequex like the av-20 and the w10 which is also a cheaper model more affordable from sequex to bring this model to you too i hope you do if you liked this video 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