chainlink binance smart chainRecover Sending to Ethereum Address on Binance Chain EASY Any network

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what is going on guys in todays video i am going to save your life and we are going to recover any cryptocurrency that youve accidentally sent over the bep 20 network okay so basically lets uh lets look into this post because this explains the situation pretty good so this guy had binance pegged ethereum on his trust wallet okay bep 20 ethereum was on his trust wallet and then he withdrew that ethereum to his treasure wallet and he says im scared it wont arrive because its on the bep 20 network does anyone have any insight on this now this is a very easy fix but it means you have to have two things number one you have to own the wallet that you sent it to in this case he sent it to his treasure wallet so he owns it he has the private keys um but if he had sent the bep 20 ethereum to coinbase or to gemini or to binance or any exchange that he does not own the private keys to hes lost it forever okay so in order to recover your bep 20 tokens you have to own the wallet that it was sent to you have to own the private keys for it okay so im going to show you how to recover the funds if you have accidentally sent bep20 tokens to your ethereum address i sent bef20 chain link over to my erc20 address so now to recover that were just going to go over to were going to click on bsc right here and connect your metamask and hit this button switch to bsc network its going to add all the information automatically hit approve switch network and boom now you are on the bsc binance smart chain network and you can change between ethereum and bsc all right so were almost done so now that ive added the binance smart chain network to this wallet i still dont see my chain link alright so now what we have to do is add a custom token to this uh bsc network now the way we do that is you can either go to you can search up the token in my case its chain link you can search up the token and then over here on the right where it says contract click these three dots and scroll up you should see this one that says binance smart chain now it might or may not be there depending on what token youre using just add it hit add token and then now in your meta mask youll be able to see the tokens all right so this is one chain link that i was expecting to receive and now its there and were almost done now if your token is not visible on the coin gecko website and you cant add it over here theres no button for it all you would do is search up the coin manually so i would just type in chain link bep 20 contract address and then its usually the first one it usually leads to a uh bsc website bsc scan and this part where it says contract youre just going to copy that go to your meta mask import custom token and paste that in there and itll fill out the rest add custom token and there it is and dont worry if you dont see the logo it doesnt really matter um what matters is that you have the right content okay so now at this point you have added the custom token to your wallet you should see the that 20 token be visible but now at this point you cant move it at all the reason being is you dont have any bnb so just fund this account with bnb whether its from your other wallet send a little bit of bnb there to cover gas fees but youre going to need to get bnb in there somehow and you dont need that much you probably need like five bucks worth but just so you can withdraw this and do whatever you want with that token that you just added now if you want to take this one step further and lets say you wanted to sell that chain link um on coinbase or whatever and sell it back for us dollars you have to bridge that chain link from the bep 20 token which we have right now we have to bridge the bap20 chain link over to the erc20 version of chain link and the reason that is is because whenever you sell tokens on an exchange like coinbase finance kucoin gemini all those exchanges they only accept deposits that are erc20 tokens right so you would have to bridge your bep 20 chain link into erc20 chain link and the way you do this uh deserves a video of its own entirely but i will briefly touch over it there are a couple websites that do this so you can use the binance bridge the official one you would just connect your wallet up here and then add the assets which is chain link and sometimes they dont support the asset you have so youll have to convert it into an asset that is listed and thats what i mean it gets kind of sticky so you know if i had chain link here i would convert it from the binary smart chain over to the ethereum network uh type in the amount whatever and you know again if i have one the minimum for this is 4.394 so each bridge is different and like i said this deserves a video entirely of its own um but yeah if you had lets say 400 chain link you could bridge it over and do the rest there are different bridges out there that charge different fees another one is any swap this one as well lets you bridge from the binance smart chain over to ethereum and they do not support chain link so if i had some binance some before 20 ethereum i could bridge it over to ethereum and if i had one ethereum i would end up getting 0.98 normal ethereum on the main net and thats because the bridges do take fees and sometimes there are minimums but like i said if you want to learn how to bridge this stuff you should watch another video or you know just ask me in the discord but yeah otherwise guys thanks for watching if this video was helpful at all and helped you understand you know the difference between bep20 and erc20 tokens then all i ask for in return is give it a thumbs up but thanks for watching hopefully this helped stay careful and stay safe peace In this video i show you how to recover BEP20 tokens sent to an Ethereum wallet address. 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