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all right everybody well thanks so much for joining us uh GM to those of you uh where its still morning and good afternoon for those of you uh theyre a little bit later like me and good evening to some of you as well joining us from all over the world uh super excited to do this today with Kamal as I mentioned just a little bit earlier uh you know this is a culmination of getting that product update out but at the same time you know we really felt that we want an opportunity to have come all kind of Deep dive answer some questions that may have not been addressed in that product post uh and yeah allow you to kind of get to know Kamal a little bit more about the way he thinks about things and why Im super excited uh that hes recently sort of joined our team so yeah uh officially I just want to welcome you to the chain link products q a Im joined today by chain link Labs Chief product officer Kamal El mujid I just want to explain a second to explain how the call is going to work Im going to be asking Kamal questions based on the questions that were submitted on the Google form we showed a day or two back so special shout out to those of you that submitted questions Im going to mention the handle of the people that asked it so give them some love if you see them here or kind of on Twitter some of the names will be very familiar to you as Im sure you can imagine uh one quick thing to call out Kamal is going to be answering questions directly related to Chain Link services so again I know theres always people that have economics questions and things like that if you want to kind of learn a little bit more about some of that that was covered a bit in clgs latest podcast with Sergey so I would definitely check that out if you havent and he does touch on some of those questions that were kind of asked on the Google form as well so without further Ado come all Im going to throw it to you if you wouldnt mind maybe just a brief introduction about yourself kind of who you are where you come from and then well get started with the questions thank you Rory hi everyone um well hi my name is Kamal Im the chief product officer at tuning Labs Ive join team Labs uh almost a year ago and its really great to be here today and and to talk to the community um Ive been you know Ive been excited about the promise of crypto web 3 blockchain whatever I want to call it uh really since the evm got out I think the idea that you could the developers could really for the first time build apps that can be shut down um really blew blew my mind uh for the first time you could just really build something couldnt be shut down uh couldnt couldnt cheat right would run as expected and could move billions of dollars of value um that had to be something that would change the world um and Ive been really fortunate in my career to work on incredibly transformative and disruptive Technologies I got to open the messenger platform to a billion people uh I got to bring tensorflow which is Googles machine learning Crown Jewel platform to three million Developers and I really I really see chain link as the enabler of the web3 promise and I think well get into that in in the call because really any real world application of web 3 requires a connection to web2 and thats what chain link does at the heart of it and and I just got passionate about driving helping drive that Revolution um I I was uh I also just love developer products I love working with Builders uh I was at eat Denver a few weeks ago and it was just a blast to see the energy to see uh the the buzzing and people building things and and building on top of each other and making the connection and and really this is how those revolutions happen um we released functions which was a huge launch for us I really think this is this ushers a new era for for chain link and I know well talk about it um and and so that that was just that was really nice to see um and connecting with the community so Im really happy were doing this today Im really glad that we we were releasing release our blog post uh the goal is really to keep the community informed this is in my mind this is the continuation of of uh the platform Vision that we shared back in September if you go back and and watch the keynote uh that we did a smart con um youll see that the blog really shows how much progress weve made along all these lines that that weve outlined um and yeah Im Im just excited to connect with the community today awesome well thank you so much and I didnt realize its been almost a year myself so time really does fly and uh well uh well go ahead and kick it off uh so this first question was from at chain link girl uh hi Kamal thank you for all the work that you do for chain link which chain link products such as vrf ccip Deco do you think will one day be the largest service used in y and then if I can ask kind of a second question on that which one excites you the most so basically summary which one do you think will be the largest service and then which one excites you the most Ill throw it over to you come on thank you great question thank you chairman girl um so lets see which one will become the largest um its really hard to say and let me explain why I think its always like this with those really big innovation um Ill Ill pick an example I remember this is going to make me sound old but I remember when I downloaded music the first time on Napster it was incredible it was magical almost like what is what just happened I can now listen to music I didnt have to buy to go buy a CD this felt like this felt something that we would never go back and but then being able to predict that this is going to create the iPod that actually the the moment where this becomes mainstream is when everybody buys an iPod because that you know thats how they consume music is is really hard whats really hard at the time what you could predict was yeah people are going to download music yes thats gonna happen but the way this was going to happen is actually pretty pretty complicated and um it was the same for AI um when we look at whats happening with Chad GPT the fact that natural language English for those who speak English or French for me or English or Arabic or whatever whatevers your language feeling that thats now the interface and thats the unlocks the AI wasnt that obvious um so I think in web 3 its going to be the same thing some principles like um I want things to be provably fair I want transparency I dont want to be cheated out of the value or my data I think those are going to permeate Society the way it will permeate is still unclear and and thats okay and thats why I think the future of this adoption is going to be hybrid its not going to be all on chains obviously not going to be on web 2 and and its going to happen when the core advantage of web 3 can be baked in a way that consumers all around us will will come to expect it and thats still not figured out and whats the whats the iPod or whats the chat GPT moment of web3 I dont know but thats also why I think Q Links positioning makes so much sense whatever however this happens we want to be powering the solution right and this is why working with developers on how theyre trying to have this real world impact is so important and making sure that we Empower them so you know it could turn out to be our biggest business can could turn out to to be data which has been a historical debt could be interoperability because assets need to move freely across chains um and it could be something as Nimble as functions right where everybody about every developer decides hey I Im gonna go get my own data thank you thank you for creating that middleware and then Im gonna go disrupt all these industries with my own data so I think again so that thats for the largest but but Im pretty happy with the bathroom making uh and I think its pretty apparent in in um in road map in terms of the ones that Im the most excited about uh its its really hard to pick because uh theyre so different right so let me let me give some examples I think low latency oracles are incredible because theyre unlocking a new scalable way to deliver data theres going to be a lot more data many more chains and data has to flow fast especially to unlock derivatives which is a huge market so that one is definitely definitely very exciting um the the technologist in me thinks about CCAP is the true interrupt stack but also if you look at real world asset tokenization which well talk about everybodys just trying to tokenize their asset every asset holder is thinking okay assets are more useful on Chang but they soon discovered that assets dont flow freely from chain to chain and and that I think this is going to be a huge unlock to be able to to make those assets move freely um and obviously this is recent but I think functions and automation theyre the ones who theyre the products that give the highest degree of freedom to developers so that they can go explore uh and and uh I think when I hear what I see what theyre theyre doing and the kinds of ideas they come up with I think theyre going to come up with things that will really show developers through consumers the promise of web3 is and and Ill go back to the initial promise I think the initial D5 promise is still right there um except that most people dont really get it but but imagine the day youre gonna be at dinner and your friends gonna say oh we bought our first house and we got the mortgage we got we got the financing under five minutes on this app and then its like oh how do you do it well I dont know apparently theyre using something called web3 did you know about it of course I knew oh you didnt know what D5 was yes thats defy so I think once people with once this connect with the real problems that is when the the true promise will come true and so I think its going to be a mix of those three again uh blowing Theory calls probably exciting to see this this fast way to get data on chain interrupt and then yeah I think the developer in me the hacker in me looks at functions and Automation and I get a lot of I get a lot of ideas when I when I see this all right very cool well thank you for that one I really appreciate it were gonna were gonna turn up the heat a little bit and I think ask one of the questions that I know the community really asks all the time and and a lot of people I come across so this is from lover plaid so not a big shocker for those of you that hang out on on crypto Twitter when price feeds were launched chain link was essentially the only viable option in a Barren landscape this presented a unique opportunity to capture and secure market share however with the delay of ccip chain link is now entering an already increasingly crowded sector in terms of cross-chain services what sets ccip apart and how will it compete thank you lover played um okay so first let me um let me say one thing being first to Market is not always a good thing theres this saying that I like a lot which which goes Pioneers get arrows settlers take the land and I by the way I like I love being Pioneer I love Pioneers I root for Pioneers but ultimately we want to take the land and so and were being Ultra cautious with CCAP because theres one thing is to be first to Market another thing is being first secure to Market and we want to be first secure in the market and um so we originally aimed to complete the first version of cpccip in 2022 but we decided ultimately to extend the process to make sure that were being Ultra first secure to Market um we I know we throw all these big numbers all the time but uh I believe last year over 2.5 billion dollars um worth of breach hacks happen so I think thats a good reason to take security very seriously another reason has been um if we want to build the true interrupt play there theres so many different use cases that we want to build in a way thats very generic and thats very easy for developers to use so those were the two main reasons why we took more time now I want to acknowledge that I think our level of communication to the community could have been better and I think weve been you know in hindsight maybe a bit too ambitious and thats why were doing what were doing today we want to provide more insight going forward where we are uh how fast were moving um and and were going in the right direction I think if youve seen the update in the blog post were getting really great feedback and were making significant progress in our beta testers are really liking what theyre seeing so I think we we have the right the right approach there in terms of competitive landscape I think we have a very very good position first because of our attention to security and reliability this is what we do this is what has put us in the position we are today and thats what were never going to compromise with right so um were going to provide gtip through uh our high quality set of node operators which will secure trillions in transaction value last year uh were going to add other layers of uh of security rate limiting uh anti-fraud networks I think well talk a bit about AI which Im Im also a bit passionate about uh and that thats gonna thats gonna play a role there um the other angle here is that were making this seamless to integrate uh were making it very easy blending messaging and and and and token transfers uh really making ease of use uh a um a top consideration here so between security ease of use and then theres another um really important attribute there is that we already have hundreds of live dabs across various chains using our services like data fees automation Etc and adding CCAP does not introduce any other trust assumption which is not the case for other Solutions and um and thats really the true power of a platform by the way because what happens is youre part of the most important things that developers need and it works better together and now you just want to use chain link so I think if you put all those things together um we we feel pretty good about ccip very cool well again thank you for answering that one and that was a great one lover plaid uh lover plaid had another great question I added on here as well kind of building on what you just talked about Kamal now that the chain link product Suite is maturing with the introduction to ccip could you maybe elaborate on any upcoming practical applications of chain link products by non-cryptonative companies or Enterprises uh thank you again for the question um right so I think there are few there are few categories of vertical where we could see um very significant traction so the first one is Capital Market uh and and we we talked about uh real world asset tokenization now because assets on chain and theres a great blog post um on on chain link website about that explains in detail whats the case but the bottom line is you take an asset its physical not very useful its got inherent value but not not a lot of utility you digitize it now you can do a lot lots of really cool things with it you could you could use it you could land it youd borrow it you could do a lot of things so more more utility but this is still siled to whoever can do that now you put it on chain it becomes programmable anybody anybody can can use it for any kind of application so one thing that I one example I like to use is Gold like you could have a bar gold and when it gets on chain you can have a game that lets you win real gold right represented by the actual goal thats is that is increasing the utility of that bar of gold a lot and and and so that is the fundamental phenomenon that makes those uh um web 2 companies well tracked by players think about how do I put my assets on chain and um and this is where something like ccip comes in because they discover that if they put it on chain its stuck on one chain and they need to be able to move around and then they want to be make sure that they could go back to a private chain and go go back to public chain it also needs proof of Reserve or proof of collaborization thats not a very important uh thing that theyre theyre looking at and then and then they realized oh all these things need to be automated how do I dont mean this in a trust minimized way so then they they look at things like like automation um so thats one very um important trend another one that they are also discovering is how this increases um the ability for them to collaborate amongst each other right so they run they usually run Im not going to make a generalization but usually the stack the tech stack for tradify is lets say not very current and the reason for this is just because beneath you know nobody wants to touch it because its working and but then but then they want to be able to collaborate they want to be able to share information and putting things on chain like um funds wanting to put their net asset value nav on a daily basis on chain is a great example because then they can bypass all the upgrades that they would have to do to their stack to put directly something on chain and then its its um its immutable its there other um other players can go and and read that information and thats another really good example Insurance also is really clear example of this um and um weve seen traction with folks like the lemonade crypto Climate Coalition uh where theyre theyre building those contracts that are provably fair I think this is something by the way that most consumers click with right away you know ask them do you like Insurance like no I dont like Insurance why not did they never play me or I dont know if theyre going to pay me and then you tell them imagine if the insurance couldnt choose not to pay you hows that possible well you could write a smart contract and now with functions it could go check whether the event happened or not so I think thats thats another really interesting uh vertical um the next one would be gaming playing gaming and Randomness is really the factor that thats right for the same fundamental reason I think people just dont realize that Randomness might not be random and then when you explain to them its Pro it might not be random and then they they go to well I guess its the fact of life that I have to deal with and when you say well they could just be using vrf and then you could see whether its random and then it come it becomes oh then why arent they using vrf right so I think this its going to be interesting to see how we we can educate the market and the consumers but vrf is making strides in um in providing the solution to web2 and and then I think whats going to happen is the first player the first Lottery web 2 Lottery its going to say Im probably fair this is the badge you can click on it you can see the transaction then people are going to say why is the other lottery not probably Fair whats up with that why why do they not want to do this and then thats going to unlock this Market which is a very very big Market I mean the Powerball Powerball Industries 300 billion dollar Plus um but then I would say most broadly and and this is something that um again uh having joined uh formerly the industry a year ago I have all these conversations with web to friends um about what whats web 3 and and one thing I realized is that web3 is very confusing for web 2 people its very confusing and one of the biggest misconception that they have is that they need to put everything on chain so yeah you tell them about you know Ill pick an example thats pretty familiar to me AI well theyll say well you cant trade a model you cant train a model and change its not scalable and I say why would you why would you want to do that now and then they look at me like I dont have to no you dont have to you could you could keep your model on your web to stack and then you could connect so you can connect to your smart contract and your smart contract can make a call to you to your AI model and then thats like an aha moment for them they realize oh I can do this and I could I can have some of those nice properties of web3 because everybody wants to build products that are probably Fair more transparent to their users they just dont know where to start um and so I think this is why I think this is a whole new chapter for for chain link and for the industry to be able to enable that its really a mind shift and were talking about 30 million developers here um and and so I think what I like as well is that this moves the discussion from its not whether web3 or web 2 or its why and how why would you want like whats the most important reason youd want to do something in web3 and how you do it and then this is where if your insurance company can you show that your payouts will be fair can you differentiate from your competition because your payout will be fair um so I think I think thats what Im Im seeing happening it starts with Developers building those things thats why its so important to unlock them then consumers will see whats possible theyll get to demand it and then theyll get to business people and then business people will do businessy things theyll start writing oh I got a Webster strategy now were going to have webtree strategy officers and and everybody will have a Webster strategy and all that right um and thats the path I I see towards that um broader adoption all right well a lot of uh a lot of interesting stuff there and Im sure the community will be uh chatting about that moving on to the next question from wakey wakey 9834 and crypto go BlackRock and others have said they prefer to use permissioned or closed Garden systems like Corda or hyperledger is it chain Links view that the big boys will have to jump out of their permission systems into permissionless systems in time and if so why uh thank you wakey wakey 9834 slash at cryptogo and thanks for the question um well I think in terms of that debate I think this is going to be a spectrum of different options especially in the foreseeable future so again going back to repositioning were not trying to predict which one uh which kind of blockchain or what level of trust minimization the worlds going to adopt I think it again is going to be um is going to be a spectrum and for different kinds of applications people are going to be comfortable with different kind of trade-offs but so what we want to do is support as many as we can and connect them all together and thats the value that were going to be providing and here interoperability is the key um there might be some reason why it makes sense for a certain institutions to use permission chain as their home base But ultimately theyre going to have to interrupt and and thats where um thats why we want to build CCAP with flexibility and Security in mind you know I mean if if you take a parallel companies have private clouds but their users want to be able to send emails um and and that that should be a given so that yeah thats how were approaching this got it so kind of pivoting a little bit here interesting question from Atlanta oversight how is chain link addressing the issue of high ethereum gas costs or kind of high gas costs in general um thank you Lambeau sorry um so the problem of scalability were blocking the really important one and one which is being addressed by chains in a variety of ways uh some are moving forward with model modular layer 2 Roll-Ups like ethereum or others are exploring new kinds of VMS and ways to paralyze execution I think when it comes to how chain link is tackling the constraint of of blockchain transaction cost and uh and therefore the connected issue of Oracle Network operating costs there are a number of initiatives that are playing out and all those that Im going to enumerate are playing out in parallel and a different stage of research development and deployment I think first um the chilling scale program is an initiative targeted at enabling chains who want to accelerate their ecosystems growth while supporting the economics and sustainability of oracles by covering certain operating costs uh obtaining oracles operating on their Network until user fees grow to a self-sustainable level so for example you know weve done this with ethereum 2 layer 2 Network such as coinbase base Mattis and stockware whove all joined the scare program and there are many other that were in discussion with um also were being more selective in launching new feeds for especially for high cost blockchains um and we make sure that its based upon a clear market demand by users and a clear path to sustainability either of your user fees or or other forms of Your sponsorship feeds are were once in demand but are no longer well we look at them or and if theres little to new usage or on nuclear path sustainability then we we deprecate those fees are being deprecated um and um I think also were exploring spending the scope feed sponsor just beyond just tabs um such as working with asset issuers to empower them to sponsor fees around their tokens thats a win-win Dynamic for issuers quantity token more broadly used within defy and often required to feed um also you know were were continually deploying uh on higher throughput chains and l2s um so and that that creates an attractive incentive for projects um to move to those cost efficient networks or otherwise pay more for the fees on a higher cost blockchains um were also investing uh in deep technical solution in the latest version of chain Links consensus protocol ocr2 really provides a lot of efficiency features around gas um I I believe the the gas consumption use is reduced by 20 25 um and and OCR 2 is being rolled out to some chains and services and were looking to expand this um also the low latency Oracle architecture is a huge unlock there right because it it may it it makes those data points available off chain in a pull-based manner um and and uh that way our users dapps um they can eventually use automation job to put this data on chain so its not writing the data all the time uh on on all the chains and and this infrastructure solve is going to continue to evolve evolve over time um and and when it comes to ethereum specifically uh these initiatives and a general transition to layer 2 Roll-Ups um its not something that can happen overnight right and theres still large base of users on the mainnet the chain link will continue to support by providing Oracle services and at the same time uh were aligned with the ethereum foundations and the terms communitys goal of a role of centric roadmap and were working to support that goal um so all those things are happening in parallel but to take a step back the greater Vision here around Oracle Network cost efficiency is as web3 industry grows the amount of fees flowing through the system will grow and to to support network sustainability all right well I guess kind of keeping along that sort of you mentioned a little bit low latency uh you know sort of oracles D5 Drew ask a question related to that so whats the delay for low latency off chain price oracles the perpetuals derivative Market is the most ripe area of D5 for growth where theres real product Market fit and user demand is this just hard uh it needs more testing or is it being under prioritized or resourced thanks thank you if I drew um so first Id Id say we know derivatives is a huge Market and low in C oracles are really key to unlocking the use case we are I can guarantee were working very hard on this architecture to meet the stringent requirements for on-chain derivatives again going back to um to our philosophy um we want to be first secure Market uh we we want to unlock that market um and this architecture must be extremely reliable timely and provide high quality data with the maximum time to make sure users can execute trades quickly and and really with confidence and as outlined in the the product uh update blog were adding new data points such as liquidity weighted bid ask meaning that each feed will be the first multi-variate chain-lane data fields and will provide this extra bit of information that will ultimately differentiate and and make this an awesome product so this is a huge unlock for data feeds were going to be able to start offering additional data points um were fully committed I mean I would you know I would just love to be able to say ta-da this is whats happening Etc but also where hard work and and we you know we only share the updates when its ready to share so uh so stay tuned for further updates but I guarantee you this is top top uh priority for our team all right weve got a always people kind of asking this question the community so its very good uh Matthias uh g-link.solution 7558 ask this one what steps is chain link taking to incentivize an onboard additional node operators in order to further decentralize its services and increase the security and resilience of its Network um thank you Matthias ginning.solution seven five five eight thank you for the question so first um look I mean onboarding node operators is a balancing act uh nodes need a certain amount of jobs to be able to support their ongoing operations right and and if nodes are not making enough rewards then this is where they potentially become reliable or they drop off the network but but we get that theres a lot of people want to be chaining node operators that support changing Services the data feeds and and we really appreciate the uh the interest and and and what were doing is were focused on launching new Services which can increase the amount of consumption in the network for existing node operators and can help drive a sustainable system and we believe that SP scale who will the opportunity to work with new Opera new node operators will appear right including those from the community and with regards to engaging with Community node operators we are very proud and very very thankful to have such a supportive and active Community this is what powers chain link and were excited to work with Community node operators when we can not just due to their technical expertise but also due to their passion for chain link and for future cryptographically guaranteed world that were all building towards right I think this is this is a deep partnership and we are deeply grateful for this partnership absolutely love the passion always of the passion from uh from from day one so this is something Ive seen Kamal asked actually in the chat thats been going on a little bit now and its not the same as what people are asking but Ill kind of sort of generalize it here for you what is everyone overlooking when it comes to the intersection of of web3 and AI um well thanks for the question I think you know this is uh near and dear to my heart uh I think so lets see the first um the first thing thats pretty pretty clear that people are looking at is that uh coding with AI just became uh incredibly easier faster um and with tools like copilot or what Google uh my friends for Google are working on or its its just incredible to see how what you can build now when youre assisted with AI and I think this is a huge unlock for web3 because its a new uh space and people um typically simplifying things is is the biggest is a bigger unlock when things are new and not everybody knows how to do it I mean I was I was playing with uh with just creating functions uh with AI and it was just mind-blowing you know I would say okay write me write me a function that makes an API call to this and this service and I just wrote it and all I had to do was just you know push it and it was done I didnt have to read the API read what kind of calls to make how to you know authenticate whatever it was just did it for me and then I asked it write me a smart contract that does this and it wrote it for me so I think thats going to be the first big unlock I think what people are overlooking is the impact on an industry where you you have thirty thousand active developers and 30 million developers in the world those 30 million now have a 10x 100x on-ramp to web3 the other one also is security I think blockchain security AI is really good at picking up you give it a lot of data and then it picks up the pattern thats really something that AI is is incredible with you dont really know how it picks it up but you just give it a lot of data and it just picks it up and so I think things like identifying fraudulent Behavior youve talked about um anti-fraud Network which is yeah appearing theres a lot of really cool applications there um but then I I also mentioned it earlier now that smart contract can make any API call and you have all these incredible models that are being built on web2 now smart contracts can get AI superpowers and we we did that fun little demo for the function loans with with my friends Lawrence Maroney whos an AI lead at uh at Google where smart contract just generated some art um this this is I think were going to see a lot of interesting applications there you can imagine a very complex trading strategy that needs a lot of gpus to run and you have that sitting on your cloud and then you have a trading uh smart contract that just makes a call to get a prediction and decides what to do that is something that is now possible um another one that is pretty near and dear my heart is uh solving data collection for AI so let me let me explain an AI model is as good as data that you use to train and collecting data is complicated especially when data is siled and lives in places where either players dont want to share that data or cannot for regulatory reason whatever share that data this is why you see most of Advance happening within large players who have not naturally this this huge access to data but if you pick something like healthcare it is today possible to train a model that will predict lung cancer it will do it at the level of the worlds best experts maybe even better and it will do it maybe but youre in advance so you you the model knows that youre an advanced if somethings going to get malignant okay so its possible to do it today but the reason why and and by the way anybody can get could get diagnosed whether they have access to these top five World experts or not so its a huge huge opportunity just to diagnose people right and and its not done because well the data sits in silos in in where where the the scans exist or something like that so but what what what what blockchain enables is is to train that data without sharing um with trained that model so without sharing the data just keep it in in those different silos and theres some really interesting um approaches on federal learning swarm learning some really interesting protocols theyre doing things there so I think thats going to be a huge unlock and then um and in a lot of different areas and obviously I mentioned healthcare because I think this is literally something that impacts lives um the last the last one I I tweeted recently about this because people are asking me what do you think about chat GPT what do you think about Chad GPT whats the next thing Etc and to me whats clear is that chat GPT will will be able to make API calls I mean maybe not GPT 4 but maybe gpt5 and what it does this thing is going to be able to just go get any information anywhere on the internet and and and then its going to be able to take action so its going to be able to actually order food or or an Uber for you or um with taskrabbit it could just ask humans to do to do things right and and thats going to be marketed to everybody as your your ultimate assistant itll be okay well you have this assistant that can do anything for you you can ask anything it knows everything you do everything for you um thats by the way thats what we were building at Facebook in 2016 with M and Jan lacunan um it was just we didnt have at the time chat GPT which now exists so where Im going with this is that you were going to be in a world where youre going to have an assistant that can do anything for you much better than anyone else around you will know everything about you but well live on a centralized place and I dont know whether people are going to be cool with that and I think this is where the promise of web 3 comes in and this happened initially with with money after the uh 2008 crisis where people said money is too serious to just be only Less in the hands of central institutions I think people are going to come to the realization that AI is too serious you leave it in the hands of uh you know just trust me Central uh institution and by the way people work in those centralized institutions are awesome people they believe in open source um they want to make things more accessible so so I think blockchain is going to provide a really interesting solution for them yeah that was a great that was a great answer I was both excited and terrified and thrilled and you kind of think weve been on a roller coaster there but I think definitely change is coming and maybe that might be the one kind of inevitable thing out of this so Kamal Im gonna go let you focus on taking the land uh but one thing I do want to let people know uh you know kamals on Twitter he may not respond to you because again he is focused on some things but yeah uh you can at me uh you know at Rory pint my name uh you can at Kamal we do see this stuff we do collect this stuff if you like this format let us know if you want to do it again uh I was I loved it so hopefully you did as well Id love to do it again uh if you think we should make changes let me know Im always happy and open to that feedback and super excited so come all thank you so much for joining us uh it was really a pleasure any parting words before I let you get back to work uh well thank you for having me it was really a pleasure um I think again the goal for this is just to show what were doing why were doing it we we outlined the vision back uh in September uh were heads down uh working to realize this um and thank you for your support uh I I do look uh at Twitter I read things thank you for all the kind words uh and and also we look at things that we could be doing better thank you for that as well um I like that were doing this format this is providing you with the visibility over what were doing and yeah lets just uh keep building chain link all together Kemal El Moujahid joined the Chainlink community on Discord for a Q&A and provided an overview of his vision for Chainlink, the path to enterprise blockchain adoption, the scalability of oracle networks, and much more.Read more about the Q1 2023 Chainlink Product Update: Join the Chainlink Official Discord: Chainlink is the industry-standard Web3 services platform that has enabled trillions of dollars in transaction volume across DeFi, insurance, gaming, NFTs, and other major industries. 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