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Good day, Kryptonians and thank you for joining us on a new journey. Our journey today begins with Dante Disparte, the director of strategy and head of global policy at Cycle, the issuing company of USBC. He has a projection for 2023. He says that crypto technology will pass into from more durable, conservative and stable companies, in other words, it will pass from the hands of speculators to more regulated and established institutions that can provide us with some kind of stability, although many might believe otherwise, according to him, the collapses we are experiencing are a blessing for the industry and weve also said it a few times its the only way for technology to explode and the market to clean itself once and for all he compares it to the dot com explosion in the early 2000s when the future of the internet passed into the hands of model companies of business and use cases more, it is likely that 2022 will have marked the passage of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain to more stable hands, you Kryptonians, what do you think, do you agree with the statements of the director of cycle or have another opinion, see the title of the following news will this be the end of gary gensler ben armstrong known as crypto bitboy said 2023 will be the year ripple wins its 1.3 billion dollar lawsuit against the sec but even more interesting that gusler resigns as sec chair its been two years years with this legal battle and in the first week of the year xrp has gained more than 6% leading the markets the sec has been harshly criticized all this last time for its lack of clarity and the recent link with ftx and it does not give it a better image either not to mention their ties to ethereum as they always say its as if the sec handpicked who survives and who doesnt in the industry to bother And who doesnt If ripple wins the case which would be a major victory for the entire crypto industry most likely we will see a worn out gary gensler resigning his position lets hope at least riple title victory kryptonian outrageous title comes soon but truly they are alcoins in danger today all eyes are on grace kell and digital who could liquidate some of their alcoin trusts to cover creditors of genesis not counting ethereum has bad bitcoin cash unique asset funds chainlink disentraland ethereum classic which we need to highlight as it owns around 8 and a half percent of its entire light market cap Coin solana xlm and zcash as you can imagine The most catastrophic would be ethereum Classic, especially at a time when it has been suffering too much with falls of 90% from its historical maximum the zen token is also in the danger zone Grace gale has 4.6% of its circulating And finally Zeta Cash where the company has two and a half percent market capitalization Although the previous asalcoins are the most vulnerable to possible sales Cascades by Grace Kale, lets remember that they also have 3.3% of bitcoin and 2 and half a percent of tyrion without a doubt the case of Grace gale is one of the most important fundamentals that could drag the entire market a very hard blow to cryptocurrencies on the other side of the Pond in Italy For those who have not heard, the Italian senate demonstrated the disgust that they have with a tax of a hundred on crypto earnings for more than 2000 dollars without a doubt an outrageous tax that must be put on purpose to encourage the following: those who declare the value of their crypto holdings will pay a reduced tax of 14 percent cent passed legislation defined cryptocurrencies as a digital representation of value or rights that can be transferred and stored digitally using blockchain technology or similar before this cryptocurrencies were treated as foreign currencies in Italy and with lower taxes yesterday we were talking about a impulse in the price of solarium that had surprised us but now look again at the graph an outrageous more than 21% in the last 24 hours and it could all be due to the statements of vitalik buterin in support of the network some intelligent people tell me that there is a smart and serious dev community and now that the horrible opportunistic money people are gone the chain has a bright future vitalik commented on twitter just before it started to pick up its hard for me to say from the outside but i hope the community gets a chance of fair to prosper Commented about the developers a very nice in your life kryptonians But be careful please Remember that companies related to Sam Bang control 15% of the circulating supply always think the worst that happens if they are raising the price to sell everything be careful, the following is a reflection to bring some peace of mind, it is possible that many have just started in the crypto market or in investments In general, and this is the first fall they have experienced and the markets have been taking them by surprise since their origins Falls are something completely normal and the reality is that these are the best times to invest the rich are now keep in mind that despite last years fall bitcoin rose 60 times from its low in 2014 and approximately five times from its low 2018 ethereum for its part 14 times from 2018 lows despite having fallen 68% last year various experts inspire that the monthly user base in regards to the blockchain grows up to 100 times in the long term with trading based on games social networks And nfts will continue to take advantage of the kryptonian sales let me know in the comments and finally some revealing data on Chain that comes from crypto quant and confirms that the selling power of whales has been significantly reduced in recent months shows a similar pattern that it happened between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 where there was a rebound and they sold their btc at a higher price and it is possible that as we were saying in yesterdays video this will happen if we use the daily bitcoin chart we see a bearish liquidity gap which could be taken together with several confluences close to $17,200 So that point takes chances in the short term Finally, Kryptonians, the highlighted comment Elías Serrano, one of the Kryptonians who takes advantage of the sales season, time will undoubtedly bring us great joys Thanks for leave your comment and thanks to all of you for joining us one more day here on the channel, Ill wait for you as always on Telegram and discord to continue talking And of course tomorrow in a next video have a great day Algunos otros colapsos en la industria de las criptomonedas podría estar cerca y lo de Grayscale sigue dando miedo. *GRUPO GRATIS* ÉLITE TRADERS: *BITGET* El Exchange que Utilizo: *LEDGER* La Mejor Wallet Fría: ¿De qué vamos a hablar hoy? - Alguien importante pronostica otros colapsos. - Este podría ser el fin del presidente de la SEC. - ¡Atención! 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