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oh no you broke your line again so youll whine and whine what a waste of time but no more introducing the pivot rift the first Riverhead that stopped your line from breaking just watch even banging on pavers and smashing into walls wont break the line nothing stops the pivot rim look its even strong enough to cut right through flight without breaking a single line this secret is the patented pivot action that protects tremor line so instead of bending and breaking the pivoting action saves your line look at this we inflicted repeated abuse on this chain-link fence and the lines are still intact amazing you can get the pivot trim today for only 1995 it comes complete with the universal installation kit and 20 pre-cut lines but hold everything were so confident well use less life that will guarantee you free trigger life for life just pay processing and handling youll get it all for only 1995 call now this trimmer head avoids line breakage because of its pivoting action, giving the user more cutting power and costs less to operate