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yeahyeah Hi everyone, Im back to the wrong channel 098 in todays video , Im going to make a topic of resistance that is on the back of the Token is the highlight of the Soviet Union. In the past time, on Linh Department announced they will launch the speaking feature and how does this feature mean, where it will help Linh in development in the near future. then I invite you to watch this video, in this video, I will have a total of three parts, the first is the goal of Jenny skin , the second is the stage, it is applied on the token in time. Last time, those are the highlights of Linh Son compared to other projects on the market. However, before going into the topic of todays government, the mountain brothers are in the information. In the article and being charged, it will not be advice. Investment Department coming to Saigon we Minh wrong investment activities, receiving Hoa will not be recognized and protected by the laws of some countries and finally Its the frequencies that always have a lot of potential financial risks here, thats why you guys are in front of the pitch, but if you havent, you can join us. If this is wrong, there will be many different articles from each basic to events so that you can improve your knowledge before entering this market. Now I will go into The first part is Jenny Packhams goal, then as you can see here, Jenny Packhams goal will have four main goals in the first quarter. I am increasing the security of the economy from electronic and ensure the quality of service for young people in the second is just to encourage the participation of the community in the inter-network third is to create sustainable rewards for the data providers in the network potassium grid and finally that is to encourage the operator It tekken can get a higher value job Now I will analyze the range of goals and then the first goal is to increase Strengthening security and ensuring the networks service is on the back, you can see here the Linh version, it will be lined by the Node advances in a print this is the person who still becomes the node and the person who provides it. The data for the entire Union network will then be seen as a guarantee of this performance and a guarantee of the quality of the data they provide should a lot of clans of restore they fail. If they do it right, they have wrong things or they give late data , an amount will be cut as a penalty and vice versa, the penalty will be redistributed to the issuers. then who is the next person who found this bug I will go to the next part Looks like you can see whats going on with this Linh cage in the fight against norwich left limit the mountain cyber attacks Come and tell for yourself Because if the piece of the mole on contact 100 goes up, in the data I asked, how much damage can it cause or its your last name, what do you say? The amount of fruit is mixed and you will be reduced it will make the cost to attack the mountain friends there more expensive than the fact that they are punished on the top of the lemonade and thats it. Thats why it will limit the mountain network attack job to toughness. Its similar to the fact that those who have a note in this country if they violate it, they will also be punished. Having to be similar in this will help ensure this mountain is stable and stable as well as having the uniformity of all norwich and now I will come to the second goal which is the The participation of the community, I told you earlier, that is the thing that must be charged and will be redistributed to a party that can detect the error when the parties that detect the error are the community but we Or those who have the ability to drive like a fish, can completely join the big friends of the Channel to become a person who detects errors in advertising images of many sizes in this mountain. In the past, on Linh was considered a centrosaurus, which means a strong force or foe because only reputable parties can provide data, this is also true because If the chain link that I spent completely at the beginning like other rooms on the Vietnamese market and they have wrong data, it means the data is not of good quality or it is very different. each other in that they can still ensure the quality of data through them. Although they are a surprise, it is natural that in the near future, they want to decentralize their countries to become If you go to a cephalosporin, the fact that Decentralization locks their network out will come with a risk that there will be bad data providers, there will be wrong data providers. how to be able to become focused and be able to count at the same time, if the English language is surprised all, then the above will allow the community to join the community as well as play the role of a supervisor. The supervisor gives warnings and risks to receive and rewards, then the above will apply the authorized starking mechanism for the female to restore, here you can see that at the present time. This channel not only supports Linh in ensuring the quality of the data when the water surface and students are concentrated, but it also adds a lot of communities to the network. Jennys network is on the role of supervisor and right now which parties have organ notes that work well and have well-functioning systems that are paying to build a reputation in the community. Once the car is up, our community can use it all the time. Taking people is called a taxi down as it is what you see in the above system. the knowledges do well, I can split the channel so that I can support them to kill Tho get an extra PR account from going to this network, you can see that it encourages the Community participation so it keeps the proper functioning of the nodes you restore and in the end thats it, it keeps saving first the quality of the data in these networks and then the third goal. The main thing is to create sustainable rewards then as you can see in the past or in recent times its someones problem is that they provide a review that also offers Intel Devices. coming to the user is completely coming from the job. I need to let them release the jacket accidentally so that they can attract the users naturally this creates another problem which is the bad part this part does The causes that cause my hearts zodiac to decrease, decrease and decrease continuously are those things that do not create a surplus value for blue whale A and that is why more and more books I will stay there. fall into a situation where the principle is that the city just cannot develop from a young age in the future and that is why the above contact wants to solve these problems they want but in the coming time from above You will need to hug inserted Tran not very small intestines in the community, in fact, in another part, they have to print and arrange for the community and norwich with the fee that Training generates from selling. Look at the sales data. data for the party that they need data, now you can see that the difference is that they will develop more data receivers that receive more advanced and complex things to be able to create more Its more expensive and theyll pay for it. I ll probably come back. This child will also get what you see from the partner program. Above, there is a link between the users so and which one to develop the ecosystem on the link They will stay and give what they ask their boss to give to the Tanker, you can see that the name Linh will apply. The fees collected are used to pay the data provider or because at the fee it is not necessary to do it and say this can create a lot in real ways as many books for the word on your back as well. That is, in order for the quality of the data to be the keyboard with the data or the complexity of the data, it has to go even further in the near future. In the end that is the ultimate goal that is the method. The method of greater value identifies jobs of greater value, this will be similar to this. It will be similar to that when we will forget we will make sure we will. Long-term companionship is much better and thats why in order for us to get jobs. Nourisons it can get from higher-value jobs, they also have something. Then speak on the up arrow to show their long-term companion. Because if everyone goes, those corpses will also get other things that have value after they have complexity. If the party that they provide misinterpretations and gives a glimpse of is causing problems for the mountains, who will be responsible and we wont be able to judge whether the problem is high. Is this side qualified to take this job? And that s why the mouth hugs so killing lives will also encourage in this opposition they can decentralize them whether pain is a good noris understands that people are Prudential they can complete more advanced jobs so they get higher garbage as from that you can see that now the norgesic they will Separated into different colored climbers to be able to serve this water well, after a period of time using the Kali Talking, you will slowly see that the also works. With this good action, they can be at the beginning of a good reputation, at this point, they can completely join the list and life for all network revolution or still have the analysis in the above. Analyzing the second part at this time, they will find data providers who can accompany Lenin for a long time in the future, with the goal of relying on Linh and wanting to create a quality thing. be a safe and great friend and all the development from here is all about Jenny packhams goal Now Im going to get to the second part which is the application stages so Talking Staying is also a gift on here as you can see here on Reetech They will not apply at once all the features that they will apply through the first stages which is V 0 ,1 the second intersection is version 1 and that 3.2 fee, it will be similar to getting a foot on another developer meeting on Lipice, asking before, on the original Plastic, only sh&d can be paired but which they will gradually roll out in Green muot on and also incorporate many other embraces that are on the market for example a BC = b and various coins then they will develop stop detection and they will If you consider it a lot with any problems or still improve, it will start in the application to the following military, as you can see, I have a summary here haha ​​ v 1.0 will be expected was launched at the end of 2012 and will focus on what can get Facebook to be seen as fast systems and it is also a warning system for stickers However in this visited V1 it will system The police system for that book it wont have the main mechanics of charging lots of perches and redistributing the rewards Because those parts will be in the D1 you can see V1 they will add more records sanction and redistribute the reward from it off restore stacker in addition to going to school will also die a part of the mountain network fee for these countries, the V2 will try the main functions as the lining of the sting. loss protection for teachers and students, if they dont properly perform their obligations, the kings initially test it, they will limit the loss to 25 million Linh and will gradually expanding to still 5 million female Spirit A pair will only make it around 5 percent in the V 0.1 yard but that will be an additional bonus, the batteries are ranked from Prime Models and B1s are too much for this event will not be fixed and will depend on Midus fee and also well, the longer my commitment level, the larger my reward will be for the parties where tekken practices Spirit and other players. this mountain friend can see here how they will try to make this evangel in this v140 for those who install it, they will also try they will only get taller at this point and then sign is five percent still after that because even now it is expected that five percent of this is what they will pay in part that is considered to be something in need of incense, you dont need to know that from Linh Nature itself, in the small V1 will start Receiving fees from all parties and distributing there is why it will also be more diverse in the routes it will also come from many fragrant apricots and it will also earn more and that is why the cave is then expected it will also be higher at the stage is v100 then then you try to understand the stages that above should they apply of the transistor because of reasons then I will go to the next parts that are the highlights of the Soviet remix. However, before going to these topics, I want to remind a little bit about the slap then progesic and the dysplasia first, for the two. If you guys want to read and learn more details, you can go to Google this specialist coated and nick em the word warehouse 98 there it will show the wed, then there will be your article. If you go Nguyen, this is a very detailed keyboard, so please dont ignore this article so that we can better understand the operating model and also the way we coffee above. The market is always talking about receiving negative values for their information tree, but for now, I will go and in this part, I will summarize completely with the authors, but hurry the driver will arrange and pass. Asus hands, both of them have proven to be at home, then Saigon is in the phenomenon of worship. They are thinking that yes, the application belongs to the Pearl phone application, but the property information is not. it will take 6 minutes to get more value and thats why my value will go to the dry tree. The application layer is the image of the transformer built on this Coke , it will receive little value. And in recent times, you can also see that happening when applications are developed on an Organ ecosystem, usually its price is continuously reduced. market the so that their Khoai coin will have a stronger growth or if there is no stronger growth, the value they receive in terms of their shares. They will also be taller than the platensis sentence. Why in the bracelet make a calcium but its language from the original Transit will be mixed, its the other projects that give out. Most of them are the pairs of lots. If you have an economy that is open and have business, then why should I mention the Photo Contest tab and the filming locations? You are in for this photo on Linh, as you can see. Can you see in any cake on Linh we just see this as an application. Because of the application it builds on the whistle, questions on lactum when they provide data for things in the application. The use of file that works on this one, but you will see that as the people, this gas station F2 they are gradually becoming and turning themselves into a topological vector and the good point here is the downside. The good thing about it is that when they have become a perch. See, Chen Linh is trying to become a roadshow with a small economy and compared to a servo with a hot economy, for a What is the difference between dried perch and a true perch that has a hot background on it or for now, I will explain in advance about the application lactose port to a Geisha Most of them think that their economic activities only work around their platform and these applications also serve only one purpose and they will operate on a laser lock. or work above in any one product that says Im sure there are many other applications available. However, in Ly they have changed from application to show by becoming a data provider. Whether for a lot of different parties and up to the present time , you can see that on Lien they have a lot of different features from viof ocg afraid speak and all of that, now they Its like a Mouse play that allows everyone in them to have to smack them in the face for data at this point. Theyve become one and one perch allowing all those apps to go wrong. other people can build on Jennys data and others similar then how different would it be for a person in a closed economy box that Im sub-destroying the economy for? Well, on Linh is a Proshow with a closed economy when they are a data provider They are a party Bringing data directly to users However when wearing a lace dress often born, they will also open the economy in their water network, which means that at this time, their two colors are not only that they provide data out at this time, there will be many Sodium not exist or and Bins. yes Decentralized they will operate on Suris networks and there will be parties to monitor you sending that at this point you can see that they are gradually creating a gateway economy and it will become a home slice of many different pieces on the instant noodles, as you can see, there are many different children in the market but why does France make one with many children? which has the most competitive and difficult nature, making them valuable in the market for crops can create a mining economy that helps other parties to compete for money. The benefit of showing themselves that they will now match has been successful when becoming a cans will come to pass and if you attract create from this to this difficult then the car up they will also follow that drink, ask more is to learn to develop liveshow arena apk to get the most value, then this picture is illustrating that person When you can see the difference is the difference. There are many different features and in the operation on Trang Linhs data, there are not only ways to rock on smartphones, but also many applications that belong to this style, insurance and other gaming children. You can see through these pictures so we can better understand what the liveshow of the leg up is in the head with the iPhone text or what the platensis side is for now I will go there and next. Its a constant highlight or here is the idea that I have quickly picked up on Twitter they have their own fan community, you can see the similarity of the latter and the chef Taras opening and channel housing for connection to the defense side is interim planning a left The purpose of turning it off is its security for you on one side is security for the countrys network its on the other side is privacy for the orihome network In addition, this corpse, they still have the work that when we confirm, we will also receive the fee here. receive fees from customers from the party that requests data for their App IDs However there is a difference like this that their channing community raised and I found this to be similar Those two are there thats why I also finished this video so you can get a better overview of whats on top, of course, this data is provided. From the Canon fan and thats why it will be more ebara for this one named Linh. However, my friends, my note is that I wont have super or I wont be there. phen ah i dont want you guys to homo, but at this point you should have a lot of synthesis so you can have different looks so that you can get the most objective hair look first. I can see that my fee Sorry will not show the value of their transaction but their voices will cost you a fixed fee on the blockchain it will depend on your congestion mountain then as you can see here we are if we do a command this move 100 mAh Or we move not an elth like the wrong transaction fee will be that point it will also be like together, this one will not be able to show that this one has a higher level of importance than another command and this will also make it possible for anyone to join a party. the network you can confirm the one in the Transaction is for Jenny and those who want more they can take over more easily because why is that because the heart of a box of water pictures is on it and can be viewed A shortcut lets go if anyone can get that percentage of the net at the root of the power. Now they must be able to determine the law of nature. Now well see what it is. and the Quang Ninh project, we will see if it makes a difference, but well, for Suris friends in the near future, the fee for the requested data will show Giap Thi. what does that request mean if its for requests that belong to requests that write off i.e. generate random blocks for these must game files then for those requests then Its true that its fee must be very cheap because for self-study wifi images The request for that is a lot and this Tet in the data requests from iOS, it will not be human. the data that belongs to the request has high security and requires high accuracy or the value of that data after being requested, it does not have to be burdened too much, however. above so they make up their minds to say what the data above is for those things that are used for higher purposes with money transfers of up to millions of dollars or so. The paper is still data that belongs to the banking economy, at this time its data value needs to be higher, this will require the iPhone to boil the supplier. those data, it has to be the quality parties. It really has to be the parties that are able to provide that data, now in the commune you can see that it is Lien they will create an environment. more competitive and fairer than that, but not everyone can participate in services that provide data with high difficulty and high complexity, at the moment it is not possible for humans to create ah Ah in that, they will stratify the norwichs And from there in search for this Spirits heart it becomes even more important in these systems as those who turn off more Lien than those who can take the lead of Linhs mountain friends. can work better then they can join in and that will help the police friends can go away and always aim to go further when you can provide There are more difficult things is to provide more complex data and thereby also promote Jennys entire ecosystem to develop. This is the cutting point of the Soviet Union, but what eyes can I see in the bar community of the Soviet Union? Besides, the highlight of that is that in the near future, they will do something to reduce their costs because at the moment standing like you is a party. When developing a project in human development, the voltage at home will gradually, you will also know that Jennys data is very good quality, but these are also data with a very high cost. Compared to other people, there is a different suffering on instant noodles and thats why any other choice they still have a door to and develop naturally from Linhs perspective, they will do something to reduce them. If you get the cost of your request in the near future, as you can see the illustration here From 2019 to 2021, it will cost you it in one, its in one. on the uptrend is quite high but since 2002 23 24 years on their back how will they become lower in terms of cost while it is as required in the smartphone view data development, it will continue to grow quite well in the near future with any reform they will do this, according to Canons original sargeras answer at the homesis conference, so they will reduce the room fee data by two concepts after the first concept is public good Portland and the second one is coconut asia For the one in public food fabregas Portland then keukenhof allocates a portion they will ask to cry on For example Bim Bim house on iPad on holger allocates a portion of Block rays of rock Space which means space for Lake umbrellas so that these public data can reach customers who come with a project. The project develops faster, now they can reduce the data requirements, can you imagine that we order food at foody, for example, if a person we order a For the meal, they also charge 10 shipping fee for that. But when we call more friends, we ask you to call a group, it will cost me a fee, it will be cheaper, on Linh they will work with you. The forget parties will probably be Yes for example the I get a which for the data is this shjp used by many different stars then at this time they will allocate a part of rock Space is for a data-hungry that is for the Ola branch. Now instead of each project, each voltage. They require data once, now on platforms so this they can provide data in a single like path at the moment all the projects Or can split those fees to help it lose this fee They reduce a lot, a lot, a lot always And even at Sorry there can be a share that this fee can be reduced to almost zero. Then follow up is the plot and Strain see this time in braga They will be at this time then they should It will be required that on the box there is a commitment date for the allowance you want oripan for the belts and they will pay with this, please ask Lotte to buy it and change it to Lien for the hats or restore Or at this point, when Im studying up to this point, I also wonder why at that time they had to commit to subsidizing an Aura thyroid for slna priority , not the priority guy. with another name and adding they like it, how do they benefit after thinking about it for a while I can see that for these bamboo roots they provide a Ti Armor allowance You just give Paulo the app, it will help the entire ecosystem they develop, why is that the hottest thing is that they will create one in a resource at a base source infrastructure so that when they enter any mystery they will see that this is not this mountain, there is a fee to ask for when its cheap, but at this level, the data or recovery the sentence is available again Or because we work on many other drugs , we will not be able to get it even though it costs that fee, you can see that in the past time, the blockchains .com asked to launch a lot of Instagram to promote the network, the file is here to promote like this guy will promote the wrong game to promote the gold MC Each package like that usually ranges from 100 million dollars to 1 billion I think with such a large amount of money, they can completely inject a small part of it, its vanilla And from there, I will provide their secondary data to Developing armors at this point you will also see that for networks in the right countries that have gene activity, then these mountains will also be close to the development path. Develop the voltages in accordance with it, such as this little call, it will represent the wifi wing at the level that when on Linh Bis it goes anywhere, just project on the file on its ecosystem. will also detect pigs and this is also a website that can be tracked because we know that those ecosystems in the near future will develop with which array, through here you can see If its secondary, of course these calluses will be exhausted every time they have to provide a truck, but in the long run it will have a very good effect on the ecosystems. their attitude and this is the way that they will continue to continue to reach users approaching dep.lop in the near future and then in that way, I have also shared with you all about what If you love and care about me then dont forget to like the Spice Girl at Kotex wrong here, go back and watch it on episode 98 insight There is also a question they will ask here, so what questions do you have in the market and are there any requests to make this icon? Ill let you know. If you dont have a question this afternoon, I will let you finish the question in the ejaculate video, you can easily find it. This is using Minh Tuyet in this video as an example, I recforge this pro, haha. Down below, she also has a word that shows up, now it will have fans asking questions here that you can totally ask if you have any questions, then the child. At the end, I would like to ask. thank you so much Have a nice day with this yeahyeah Chainlink đã thông báo sẽ ra mắt Chainlink staking. Vậy điều này có ý nghĩa thế nào đến cộng đồng và sự phát triển của Chainlink trong thời gian tới, mời các bạn theo dõi qua video này nhé!Vậy trong video ngày hôm nay, mình sẽ cùng anh em phân tích tình hình phát triển và ứng dụng của ChainLink nhé! 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