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Ill be presenting regarding international desk Senden there has been operating in China in the last decades but with the main focus on large state-owned and multinational firms through our collaboration with Bank of Shanghai one of the biggest city commercial banks with over 300 branches we now have full banking capability to support our customers in selected cities in China for this very reason international desk team was set up in Bank of Shanghai that connects China with the 14 geographies where something there has presence this multilingual team phone John Lee by Sunday at Bank of Shanghai is aimed to facilitate your business to trade and invest in China the International desk team offers both banking and non banking services for example a for you were interested in accessing the Chinese market we can put you in touch with some of our third-party partners where a range of services could be provided including but not limited to consulting company set up and text advisory once the company is established we would also be able to offer corporate banking services such as account online banking as well as services or individual employees what makes us different is also the fact that we have a central and regional coverage model for example you will be first received by the International desk team in the headquarter level to make sure all the requirements are clay understood we will then assign a local relationship director to work with you on the day-to-day at any given time you can reach out to both team for any inquiries Banco Santander ofrece información sobre cómo hacer negocios en ChinaPresentes en China desde 2013 el Banco Santander ha ido extendiendo su plataforma en este mercado para cubrir todas las necesidades de sus clientes y es por ello que de la mano de socios especializados en diversas áreas ofrece información sobre cómo hacer negocios en el gigante asiático. El respaldo que brinda el Banco Santander en China y los servicios que ofrece a inversionistas que apuesten por este mercado, son temas de este vídeo informativo donde el empresario podrá despejar importantes dudas al respecto. Cómo crear una empresa, contratación de personal, inversiones, regulaciones e incluso como entrar al mercado chino a través del comercio electrónico son aspectos que especialistas de la entidad ayudarán a comprender a empresarios cuyo objetivo es abordar el mercado chino.