SportRx oakley chainlink polarized reviewOAKLEY Spring 2020 Eyeglass Collection!

chainlink labs chainlink project oakley chainlink polarized review OAKLEY Spring 2020 Eyeglass Collection! SportRx
oakley chainlink polarized review chainlink sgx OAKLEY Spring 2020 Eyeglass Collection! SportRx
our three favorite new mens oakley eyeglasses for spring of 2020 coming up next everybody this is sunglass rob from sport rx and Im here with Andrew our in-house Oakley ambassador to talk about our three favorite mens ophthalmic glasses that got dropped in spring of 2020 these are the newest the baddest the Radice and I aint the maddest you shouldnt be you should be psyched up Im pretty psyched lets talk about the wheelhouse first because its in my wheelhouse its too easy Im sorry I know you saw it coming too so this comes in two sizes right it does so it comes in two 52 and 54 i sized this frame you know just classic kind of oakley frame pitchman inspiration if youre familiar with that model at all but you have stainless steel temples here unobtainium sleeve here on the back half of the temple to keep them secure on your face and they also have the hollow-point hinge system theyre super rad theres no snow to tie you know theres no Center lose its just kind of engineered to stick together like that so super rad its got a keyhole nose bridge for a little bit of classiness yeah a little bit dressed up pair of oh please I like that all-black kind of color what size you got on there these out of 52 so this is a little smaller so probably the 54 would fit me much much better because I kind of a bigger head but clean classic basic rectangular shape kind of sweet kind of RAD next up is my personal new favorite Oakley its the bevel this comes in two sizes this is the 55 theres also a 57 which is even bigger which I love which is the one Im gonna get deco if youre watching send me a pair but this is the 55 which I think I get away with but the idea of this frame is that its a little bit oversized and a little bit angled and its kind of a little bit oh gee gangster I think yeah yeah yeah yeah its kind of their kind of RAD super comfortable Oh matter material lightweight durable unobtainium on the nose unobtainium on the temple and super super clean fair these temples actually have kind of like a wire core oh theyre very easy to adjust and Bend is a major bonus also going on the whole theme of customization these come with true bridge oh no edge is or MMP as hopefully calls it thats module a knows bad system these come with difference thats a nose pads um so you can actually switch them out if you have kind of a wider nose bridge shallower nose bridge for a more custom fit not all noses are made the same and my tent might been broken twice Oh a little bit a little bit messed up so you can get a perfect kind of clean fit on those but Im really dug in digging dug in I dug out and now I dig on I dig myself into a hole its what I just yeah all right I love those the bevels are rad youre gonna see sang ostrog rockin those pretty soon and then we got the wing back square so the wing back is already out there right its super popular super clean very kind of sellable nice pair of glasses and now you got a more squared version of them correct yes all right so they come in two sizes at 54 and a 56 I believe this is the 54 which is probably gonna be a tiny bit small for me but you can tell what they look like real clean open on the bottom works great with progressive lenses as well why dont we let hand you those are white man this feel like nothing its the titanium frame it oh they are titanium very very durable very strong but they look good on you yeah I like those I think you should get a pair of those so thats the wing back square in titanium comes in the 54 more Andrew size 56 is going to be a little bit bigger for guys with big heads like me so those are all the new oakley I guys its great fit nose pads on this adjustable again just adding to the comfort alright thats a wrap those are all the new oakley glasses all the new mens ophthalmic eyeglasses for spring of 2020 get a pair from sport rx in your prescription if you have any questions leave it in the comment section below if you like this video wed love a thumbs up and please subscribe to our YouTube channel the later Check out these new additions to the Oakley eyeglass collection. Sunglass Rob and Andrew fill you in on everything you need to know. Shop Oakley Wheel House: Shop Oakley Bevel: Shop Oakley Wing Back SQ: Shop Oakley Eyeglasses: Shop all Oakley Sunglasses, Glasses, & Goggles: Learn more about the spring 2020 lineup: More Oakley videos: More Oakley reviews, buyers guides & tutorials: Still have questions? Give us a call or leave a comment below. SUBSCRIBE: CONTACT US: Email: Phone: 877 789-3633 FOLLOW US: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Find the best sports prescription eyewear for your specific needs at SportRx: Oakley Eyeglasses SportRx Eyeglasses,Oakley,SportRx,