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hi everyone i hope you are this is coins kid just gonna dive into chain link once again thank you support okay bigger the coins get cruise so right now train link is in the bed which is not good but you can you got a wick there okay and just like ill show you in the previous updates um you know we come close to the apex and it gets very very volatile near the apex you know look where we are right now were right near this apex so again were getting a lot of volatility just here i thought ill remember this in december uh 2020 with that big sell-off the capitulation the wick held start to come back up into the pattern and then we broke out back to the support and then we continued okay i have the apex right there this huge horizontal that we caught up inside of and essentially is what were doing right now as well okay so theres no guarantees obviously like i said if you start coming down here and you start losing support and hitting your head then thats confirmation of a bear market and you youve actually rolled out of a horizontal here but if youre looking for a fantastic entry point obviously grab the weak loads is amazing but if youre sort of looking for a confirmation statement then what you usually do in trading is wait for the breaking resistance fall back to a bad test of support and thats your entry point just there okay like this one was let me show you okay this is the responsible way to trade basically so just here was coin up in this apex like this like that okay you start to break out you run into resistance and you fell back to support that this trend line that you broken out of previous resistance was the opportunity okay thats where you go long and you open a nice juicy spot trade because youve held support basically and thats what were looking for here for chain link were looking for a very very similar scenario weve hit a level of volatility right before the apex just there for chain link okay uh understandably i know why people will be bearish there is one thing that im looking at that is not good here for training full transparency you know im long-term bullish on train link but it doesnt mean theres any guarantees for continuation obviously this is the key resistance that we want to see broken start to come up take out that high like ive said to you fall back to support you know potentially run into that break out come back hold that support fantastic entry point okay you know weve got way up until may april to sort of break out of this horizontal you know in this volatility but what were looking for here for chain link is this this is really really important im going to show you right now on the monthly time frame i think ive shown you in a previous update but look weve got this key level of support which chain links out let me move up a bit you can see just here okay we closed on this key level support just there now what was negative for chain link here was the fact that we were closing below this 20 okay the monthly ema thats quite a negative thing now look at this candles wicked up into this resistance to stay at this trend line okay whipped up into resistance and we got rejected and were coming down essentially so weve got i think 10 days left before the close okay the month now if we can start to come back up and close above this yellow line amazing and work our way towards the apex but if we do start to close below the 20 again were having two months close below the 20 get rejected and start rolling out the pattern you can see where were actually rolling into a bear market here and this pattern here was a descending triangle which is basically a double m top pattern for chain link like double m top pattern like that okay depleting buying pressure on the monthly time frame where youre rolling and you will have a technical breakdown target and i would imagine straight away i can tell you uh where youre going to find support in the bear because essentially this is the bare rear in its head like this okay bear market because youre bowling over essentially but theres hope because you are holding support you know and descending triangles dont always break down start to come back up break the resistance youre up because look youve got descending triangle there as well oh no its going to zero but eventually broke out held support got your continuation way back there in 2020 okay so it is doing something its done before this one trying to tell to you and i did tell you this in a previous update uh a few times ago for chain link but right now its its hanging on for dear life okay you run into a distance which is confluence right now close below the 20 is not good if we keep closing below that you confirm in the downtrend on a monthly youre coming down basically now where would your support be well immediately you can see youre resting on this swing high this way you find support your next level support would be the swing low sort of down there around about eight dollars and if you start to lose that then youre obviously looking at this swing high retest down there around about five dollars for chain link but you know for me to tell you right now its going to do that while shes sort of holding and coiling up in this apex right here doing something that youve done before which is descending triangle you know with the bullish fundamentals of chain link as well essentially what were hoping for this is some kind of fake out you know before kind of shake out before the breakout basically you know thats whats this you know like were showing you volatility as you get closer and closer to the apex you always see volatility okay look at the volatility there volatility there and again youre getting the volatility right here before you know essentially a shakeout for the breaker so they key levels of support you know your monthly 20ma which currently sits at 1971. if chain link within 10 days closes below that level of support then that is bearish and its potentially a massive massive cursor uh signal that you are into in a bear market and im just showing you levels of support break above hold support back test coil up in the apex get your breakout back to support theres your confirmation upside and thats where youre gonna come to these white lines up here for chain link good luck everybody hope you enjoyed the update and i hope it was quite before and explain myself very well okay take care bye-bye CHAINLINK UPDATE ByBit Gems & Trading : $4,100 BONUS! 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