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whats good john whats good its c will and this is the passive income network on this channel we focus on getting passive income and most importantly in three ways through the stock market through online business and cryptocurrency so on todays episode we will be talking about my five thousand dollar crypto portfolio so before i begin i would like to discuss my history of crypto so i started doing these investments in cryptocurrency about three months ago so about three four months ago november or december um the reason why i got on it was just a friend online someone actually i dont even know on facebook brought a product from my website actually a lot of products and i was like damn who would spend all this money on my website without even having no idea who i am so i went you know onto her website or to her facebook and i seen that she was a cryptocurrency lady crypto mama and all she talked about is cryptocurrency so i you know i sent her a message whats going on with this cryptocurrency uh she dm me started giving me information and uh so i got excited you know hit the youtube did all the studying i could do and eventually i figured out okay i need to start putting some money down i put some money down just a little bit of money i lost it put a little bit more lost it and you know my money was just going up and down very confused but several months later here i am and im making money ive done already doubled a lot of my money already so im feeling really good so this is why im excited to share cryptocurrency with you okay uh today let me go to my portfolio tracker all right let me turn this on all right so i will talk about first i use a coin base so well pull up coinbase i know this account here i started with 410 dollars roughly around 300 and i slowly dollar cost average my way up to 410 and as a recently now this account is almost at 900 thats a double unit swap in here i got algorand which well talk about all these currencies throughout our journey uh stellar lumens decentraland a lot of d5 i like the d5 uh decentralized finance we have civic and district these are the main six assets and im trading and buying on coinbase you can see uh how many units i have algorithm xml mana civic how much its worth and i gotta i got in a lot of these coins when they were really low you know even lower than they actually are right now like al goran went up 34 today so this is nice well go through all that and then and make sure yall uh hit the link you can get uh some free cryptocurrency through the coinbase if you use my link and then in cryptocurrency the second site i love to use is a this is the first site i started using its probably still my favorite you got to spend a little bit more money on this site like for example to buy the graph which is a video ill drop later but to buy the grab you need to buy 77 of them you cant just buy one or a little piece so thats something to think about you gotta put bigger chunks of money into once again click the link in the app youll get twenty five dollars free money and ill get twenty five dollars if you click the link in the bio and coinbase right here i mean excuse me still my favorite i use the mobile version this is the website version its not available in the us but lets go to the uh lets go to the app the only buy only place to buy place to buy crypto at true cost i love this damn app right here my account look at this somewhere in between this 400 and 11 000 so im feeling really good so yeah make sure yall check this out well do a more in-depth look at it later but now lets go to my portfolio tracker this is great i started this uh portfolio tracker a few weeks ago or a week ago and i got it from the dream green show shout out to zeke in the dream green show i signed up to his patreon did a little customization and now im here uh so so far i got what about 16 17 uh different cryptocurrencies that i invest in ive done thor research and a history of these currencies and a lot of their use cases which ill break down as we go along our journey i just wanted to give you a brief overview i got some bitcoin here as you can see 847 dollars worth its been going up i have a profit of 397 so thats already a double i got that money actually on block five which ill talk about later and uh some ethereum here got good money here litecoin i had a little on the dogecoin lick just a little bit but uh my favorite its still been uh grt uh band link is going crazy this is my portfolio here uh got everything calculated by my losses and gains im winning right here my market value my cost basis my price uh market price of what it is now how many shares i own so you can see down here at the very bottom you go to cost basis here i spent three thousand nine hundred or three thousand three hundred and ninety six dollars and ninety cent and now my market value is worth five thousand one hundred forty five dollars and 88 cents which means i have a gain of 1748 killing it and then here which means i have the growth of 51.49 im getting a 50 return on my money every month that means for every thousand dollars i put in i get 500 dollars back so 1 000 turns 1500 and ive clearly shown basically 4 000 turned into almost 5200 thats hundred dollars again feeling really good very very good so thats my stock portfolio if you guys have any questions or any suggestions leave a comment send me a message send me an email um basically my overall what im saying is im buying more cryptocurrency and im buying them low im average dollar cost averaging in and im riding them up i shave off a little top of at the top a little profit then i reinvest in my cheaper coins thats my message for today this was videos about my five thousand dollar cryptocurrency portfolio it has already grown by fifty percent im killing it and i feel really good make sure yall hit the like button now subscribe to this channel and stay tuned for more videos thank you for watching Welcome to the Passive Income Network. 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