chainlink top rail post capMistakes people make when Installing T Post for Fencing

link product chainlink operating system chainlink top rail post cap Mistakes people make when Installing T Post for Fencing
chainlink top rail post cap key chain chainlinks Mistakes people make when Installing T Post for Fencing
hey welcome back to murzynski family homestead i know we promised you all a t post quick lesson if any of yall need it um the easiest way to do a t-post because a lot of people have problems with it in my years of doing t posts theres a lot of people that really dont you know know how to do it correctly to make it easier on themselves i mean granted you know anybody can sit there and hammer one in but keeping them straight in line with each other and other stuff thats where the tedious stuff comes in the hand so basically what are you using what tool are you using im using a t-post driver you can get these at tractor supply um probably the best bet to go to try to supply to get one or you can make one yourself i mean ive made them in in the past myself uh when i was a welder but they they just happen to be long going and i dont know where theyre at so um so anyway the base of the tube heres the string line and the base of the t post is probably about three quarters of an inch to the inside of the line but im holding the t post on an angle so by the time you straighten it up uh when you get it started itll be flush with the edge of the line so im going to hold it on an angle and im going to hit it a couple times like this okay and now now when your foot is able to touch touch here okay you if you see the t post twisting any which way and you want to try to keep it straight you just put pressure on this side or put a little pressure on this side but you hold your tension with your t-post driver so it doesnt slide backwards that way dont put you dont put your foot shoe up underneath the thing thats going to go on the ground yeah just put it flat you know just put your put your toes on your boot properly use a boot not sneakers and you can see how it turns if to keep it straight and when you get somewhat down in there its going to be off the line like this before you get this plate in the ground you pull it a little bit just to straighten it and it aint going to really do anything as in loosening post because you still got plenty of distance that its going to be down in the ground and another thing is if she can see the top of that plate as soon as the top edge you know this side has a point in the side as soon as that top edge point comes flush with the top of the ground thats when you stop hitting the t-posts so youll see can you see that in the pitcher pretty good let me get all right and thats all she wrote thats it all right guys so thats how you put a t-post into the ground the proper way its its perfectly straight up and down perfectly you know i aint saying perfect but its its pretty much flawless and its right there on the line the line if i wiggle the t t-post the line you see the line moving if i wiggle the t-post but if i let go of t-post the line stops ill show you but its right there on the line traders and see yall this ones wanting to turn so its wanting to turn counterclockwise its one to turn counterclockwise so you want to put your your foot on the left side see how one side is further closer to his foot than the other so so basically you just put a little pressure and youll see it turn see how its turning straight yep all right now before you get all the way down in there make sure you wiggle it see how straight perfectly on the line without bending the line you can actually hold the if you want to you can hold the line so it dont bounce just hold it off of their hair hes wanting help come on all right yall and like i was saying earlier the top of this plate okay um at the top of this as soon as youre hitting this in the ground you stop you stop the this plate right about here with the flush with the ground so uh and you want to do that so that way if any kids walk by and or any animals walk by its theyre protected by the ground well thats one of the reasons and the other reason is you know this is what stabilizes the t-posts from twisting and and also ive also seen which i want to recommend uh were wanting were wanting animals not to get into this area okay so there is a proper way of you know putting the t-posts of what direction to put it in you know ive seen t post you know put in backwards uh like this and this would technically be backwards because this would be an animal needs to always push on this side of the t-post so basically when you fence in a pasture this area is going to be on the inside of the pasture okay now with the garden you dont want nothing in the garden so basically you want to put it so nothing can push this way so the the flat part of the t-post the top of the tee right here would be on this side so the wire goes to this because if you have it this way and the wires on this side you know theyll have play with it this this this will stop the this will brace the the wire better this is how this is how its supposed to be so basically these ribs here on the t post need to always face where the animal so the animals cant get out basically thats thats what you can think in your brain and uh you know always have that in your thoughts you know a t post like this you know all typos are the same pretty much except the heights they have a few different size heights of it and this ones seven foot um but after its in the ground its probably about five foot uh go ahead so basically you know we dont want animals going this way so we want to have these ribs here so the wire or or the whatever wire youre using to keep them out it goes against here okay ive seen you know like i was saying earlier a minute ago ive seen them put this way and thats what theyre trying to do but theyre just putting it this way and putting the wire on the outer the wrong side so uh and ive done you know through my years of actually doing fencing um ive actually did jobs and went behind other people that installed them the wrong way thats the reason why im saying that all right yall we are i dont know if you noticed but these are refurbished t-posts so basically theyve already been used theyve been in the weather for many years you know so there is some you know some of them aint perfectly straight theyre bent so im compensating for that when im putting them in the ground and its very easy to do um but but anyway i just wanted to let you know that in case you do see any of them look like theyre bent its because probably up up above here is bent a little bit or just by getting them out of the ground because we had to shake them back and forth because we didnt have a pole a pole jack to get them out a t-post puller yeah t-post puller so we just pretty much shook them back and forth for a little while and pulled them up by manually so uh they might be bent a little bit but for the most part for what were trying to do its gonna work just fine all right lets go do the other one the last t-pose for my garden yall and you might have to finagle it a little bit you know pull the post to you in the ground or push it away from it whatever you need to do to straighten it up and before you do the final hit until its before you finally hit it all the way where it needs to be where you need to stop it at do all that pushing and pulling around and wiggling it to fine tune it before you completely fully hit it all the way in the ground where it needs to stop it all right guys so this piece was this part was the one of the first polls we tried to put in the ground and now its the last its the hardest one yep thats all she wrote now granted when you if you do get something like that for a situation like were doing it probably aint it aint really that critical um but to keep a nice uniform line for like a top of a t-post and running wire you need to have these all flush with the top of the ground these points so you can measure consistently and keep your wire gap spacing perfect um but if you look this t-post right here is actually shorter yeah we have three varieties of t-posts three different sizes and uh were making do with what we got yeah making due for what we got and that little bit that it aint going in the ground itll make it pretty much the same height disease yep all right so we pretty much got it now all i need is my roll of fences yeah but thats gonna be a its gonna be another day pulling fences all right yall make sure you uh check this video out uh yall might learn something from me and i appreciate you for watching uh if you liked the video please share hit the like button and if you want to follow us on our journey hit the subscribe button and hit the bell for notifications thatll be great and thatll let you all know when we post a new video throughout the week land and were were on raw land that we just purchased and were trying to uh make our new homestead its basically what were doing thank you all for watching have a good day How to install T post properly T-posts are relatively low-cost and easier to work with than using wooden post; however, it is always a good idea to make sure you space them appropriately and drive them into the ground to the correct depth and facing the right direction. We demonstrate all the details you need to know in this video. By following our instructions, you should have a fence that will last for years with minimal maintenance. 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