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chainlink supply limit chainlink good investment 2021 bitconnect chainlink Millionär mit: Quant Kursziel $3000? Chainlink $80 & Xrp... Teil: 3
bitconnect chainlink is chainlink the least expensive Millionär mit: Quant Kursziel $3000? Chainlink $80 & Xrp... Teil: 3
Welcome to part 3 cryptocurrencies with potential for the coming Bull Run Theory, of course, also for the future, despite the safety warning, of course, please only invest money you are willing to lose in the worst case and do nt be too greedy and realize in the meantime if the course is on Sting wins otherwise I wish you a lot of fun with the video and well start with quant quant network was created in 2018 by an ice hockey 11 million came about and the company has set itself the task of finding solutions for the lack of interoperability between blockchain platforms because different blockchains naturally have different software solutions and would like to bring them together without making any changes. The first generation Bitcoin, the second generation iota, which works but all on their own, so each network only trusts itself, which means there is a lack of interability over time There were of course new projects like the following there and Kosmos, which also create deafness with a significantly greater effort, for example, sometimes another blockchain is created then placed on top of this existing blockchain or other computer mechanisms are added and that is a significantly larger one Effort as quant through its overlaster technology offers quant thus connects published and private networks with its overlay the bitcoin blockchain is no matter whether it’s for training, they can all easily communicate with each other without having to make any major changes, and that’s the unique story at Quandt so that you also have a picture there, namely the overletzer can be used when developing multiple applications, including you can imagine something like this and apps means a developer creates an app on a blockchain, this app is then of course successful at best and so he can use this app also transfer in other networks completely overledge also enables the support of multi ledger tokens including you can imagine something like cbdcs i.e. digital central bank money thus enabling the central bank to transfer back and forth via distributed ledgers then the possibility even smaller companies easily yes the blockchain technology adapt and in the old infrastructures can be designed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively through these over-letze products so it will be applicable quant in the most diverse sectors health care in the government even or of course also quite simply in logistics what use is the qntalk and that is the qnt -talken a license for participants to participate in the network at all, which means they buy themselves a yes with fiat money and this money is used to buy qnt tokens and these then come into a log for 12 months and there is also an annual fee these are paid in the form of qnt talk and of course for data exchange, for example by sending money, yes the qnt token serves as a fee as the qnt token definitely has a very, very strong use in the network and that is of course very, very good important then we come to the cooperation quang-koriert with Oracle, which is the largest company for database management worldwide and they offer soft and technology cloud engineering system and company software products and the sponsorships are possible quanta of Oracles expertise product and marketing like that to benefit from mentoring program to connect with their global customer base of more than 430,000 customers and to be part of a startup community inspired technology experts will oriches exist nor support cloud based innovation and growth then they have a cooperation with the l.a.c chain that is a global alliance which of the IDB is managed under the American Development Bank and this citizenship between the LSC chain and Quanten uses the overledger so that established banking partners benefit from an unbelievable infrastructure for fast and easy border best-hungry payments and the implementation of various use cases in the region by using tokenized currencies and then they have a cooperation with the SIA is a well-known Italian high-tech company part of the next group to offer innovative solutions for the banking and finance industry and they have made an agreement with the CIS chain infrastructure with quartzite around the ledger technology based cross-platform application and services and this partnership will help create a fully featured network another very interesting and notable point is the team or founder behind Quandt namely gilbertyon he also from Quandt and has been in the healthcare sector since is on The problem of the lack of interpreability was encountered, namely patient data was stored on different platforms and he had 20 years of experience before he founded quant in the EMI health sector. He was CEO at, for example, a kind of Mastercard company He worked in the EU Parliament in the United Nation First consultation for very, very many central banks and he is ultimately Auto only the founder he is ultimately advise on everything and he is just this company accordingly I do believe that he has a lot to tell me about the Kasten has actually been able to collect a lot of interesting contacts in the course of his more than 20 years of experience in order to land sponsorships, so I think that this position is definitely well filled then let’s get to the exciting part what it costs a spike qnt everything would be feasible price of 100 years 20 US doll we have a market of only 1.5 billion due to the slight circulation because current assets means here a lot is possible upwards and I always like to use the Shiba for this calculation Inu market cap from the past Buran yes we had a market cap at a meant talken without use of 40 billion US dollars and lets just do this example very briefly we will take the mortgage market cap in the future divide this by the current and lets just take the current price and then you get theoretical price values ​​ definitely feasible is 3280 US dollars for Qt would like an increase of over 2600% sounds a lot to some of course, but with crypto is that the irritable thing and who would have thought that qnt would develop from 0.25 towards over 400 dollars that would not have any possibilities next we will come back with extra and here we have to clarify the difference what is triple what is expert PI what is the expert thats what we take that i specializes in developing technology solutions for the global financial sector and one of their main products is extrapiled shine public blockchain technology that enables banks and financial institutions to quickly and cost-effectively make cross-border payments and xp cryptocurrency running on the extra pilgere is used and this serves as a bridge host to speed up the conversion of payments in different currencies and this allows banks and financial institutions to reduce the cost of borrowing and improve liquidity utilization and Triple already has a great many partnerships with banks and financial institutions around the world then coming were also here for the tension part Ive now held back from the technology cooperation team and so on so that I can go back a little more here otherwise the video would take too long and many always say that the extra price is too low and the performance is bad on the one hand, this has the following reason: the ongoing proceedings, from my point of view, if a company is accused of having a balance sheet or something of the sort, no one will invest in the share as long as this has not been clarified, so the company can give out as many good reports as it wants, yes thats just this risk factor that you dont want to have as an investment, so youre holding back now thats point one, that has to be clarified if its going positively for Apple, then I can imagine just looking at the rise in the price. Fact number 2 is it There is a lot of cooperation that Rippel has, thats true, but the ODL sales from Xen are just too small to actually influence the price in any way, now over 80%, with the Bitcoin, i.e. with the Bitcoin performance and performance from my point of view a little worse than other old coins simply because of the ongoing proceedings thats just my view of things whats possible now briefly its spoke we have a market cap of 19 billion here were assuming 60 for the next burger and because its already the markets is very high, then we just divide that by the current market cap of 19, take the 0.37 times the current price, then we come to a theoretical price that is absolutely feasible of over one dollar, but I would like to go back to this now market cap argument why a lot of people do nt understand this is that they give too much weight to the market cap the market cap is absolutely relevant its just composed of the last transaction spirit paid multiplied by the circulation like that s totally useless this calculation there you see you dont know how much money is actually in this project thats complete madness and accordingly XP can also reach double-digit prices thats no problem at all you have to understand that last but not least look at us channel that s a platform that enables external data sources to be integrated into Ether and blockchain and that enables e.g. smart contracts to access data from the blockchain, e.g. from currencies from stocks, football results or the weather and the left is just the crypt because of this platform and this is used, for example, payments for to make the use of the data feeds and as an incentive for the operators of nodes that provide the data you can get saking fees plus the more link you keep the more likely it is that your information will also be used we also come here to the possible course for the next Buran or for future burans that is theoretically feasible in any case you see very current courses 6.37 us-doll in the market fighting 3.2 billion and I calculated the whole time that would come at a possible theoretical course that is in the neighborhood of 80 $ buy and thats not impossible because we see it was high at 50 US dollars so um theres also a lot going on links is definitely a top project with strong cooperation and drive now the looked I want to buy one I can go with you but recommend keeping the link if you find a video 16 and with that you would also protect me and you get 10 € starting credit afterwards episode verification that would have been it with the video Lars for the research thumbs up incredibly complex video topic suggestions for part 4 in the comments so which crypt we still have great potential would like to subscribe I would be very happy then stay up to date every day otherwise I say goodbye to this video and hope and first again kryptowährungen bitcoin xrp ripple qnt chainlink quantIm heutigen Video werfen wir einen Blick auf die Kryptowährungen Quant Qnt, Ripple Xrp und Link von Chainlink. 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