cardano vs chainlinkMASSIVE NEWS for Cardano, Chainlink, Decentraland, Basic Attention Token, Filecoin and Livepeer

mycelium chainlink chainlink mixcles cardano vs chainlink MASSIVE NEWS for Cardano, Chainlink, Decentraland, Basic Attention Token, Filecoin and Livepeer
cardano vs chainlink will chainlink hit 1000 MASSIVE NEWS for Cardano, Chainlink, Decentraland, Basic Attention Token, Filecoin and Livepeer
happy hump day members of the altcoin buzz army and more specifically happy st patricks day i hope the luck of the irish is with you on this day we have big news of course with regards to cardano its recent listing thats been awesome we also have the winners of our 500 equivalent to 500 kucoin kcs giveaway maybe the luck of the irish is with you there grayscale ushering in the luck of the irish with get this chain link basic attention token decentraland filecoin and live peer listings digital asset products that theyre initiating this in the form of trust with those altcoins we also have news tara virtua avalanche polygon ocean we have other macro level news things are slowly turning around and youre seeing a lot of incredible returns today in specific altcoins guys of course if you like this kind of content bitcoin blockchain cryptocurrency and altcoins be sure to like and subscribe to all coin buzz [Applause] all right so once again happy st patricks day to all you members of the altcoin buzz army you may recall that we had this contest it ended a few days ago now that the dust has settled were announcing the following winners each of which are getting a hundred dollars worth of kucoin token thats kcs and the winners are dark knights 46 crypto mcmillan that sounds irish one my ganny three goriji patti sai and zuka 379 contact us guys and well be in touch with your prizes with your allotments were asking what you guys think we should give away next i actually voted i kind of spoiled this so uh cats out of the bag you guys or at least 47.3 percent of you feel that we should be giving away engine if youre enj as part of our next giveaway you can also vote for chilis binance token and cardano and speaking of cardano that segues us nicely into the next bit of news here because major news major listing from yesterday this kind of broke a few hours after my recording yesterday unfortunately i didnt get around to it but input output hk today i.e yesterday tuesday the 16th of march were delighted to share the news that cardano ada is now on coinbase pro coinbase pro tweeting about this specifically heres what they had to say yesterday starting today inbound transfers of ada are now available in the regions where trading is supported traders cannot place orders and no orders will be filled but trading will begin on or after 00 a.m pacific time on thursday tomorrow the 18th of march if liquidity conditions are met so thats great news you can read more about it on coinbases blog thats once again cardano is launching on coinbase pro some feel its been a long time coming you know cardeno has really been a top contender atop altcoin for the longest time it is now once again in the number three spot so cardano ada just behind shouldnt say just behind but its number three behind bitcoin which of course is number one and ethereum of course which is number two ada now back up a dollar 25 cents now currently up over 16 percent in these last 24 hours given the recent news and the recent exuberance which is certainly something worth celebrating heres something else worth celebrating a really big deal thats helping boost the markets today at least many of the altcoins and some of these numbers are insane were gonna get to them in just a second but if youve noticed the the uptick in prices and you havent really been up to speed its based at least for these projects on this grayscale announcement so have you heard we just launched five new digital currency investment trusts and if you choose to you can read more about that on grayscale but theyve launched their basic attention token trust their chain link trust their decentraland trust their filecoin trust and their live peer trust lets take a look at the press release here just for the sake of kind of highlighting it and then i can direct you guys to this if you choose to look at it in the description below we link to everything there nothing too exciting but if you want to get into the details and the technicalities of it the resource is there for you to peruse lets take a look at some of these returns on those projects that were listed chain link showing some life chain link has not responded as well as many people felt that it should have in recent weeks given the exuberance and the price rallies weve been seeing in altcoins um and the contention of many is that chain link is an all-star project and its underpriced right now so this is kind of building up some chain link momentum chain link above 30 now thats up 10.6 on the day basic attention token now at a dollar and 20 cents thats up over 36 percent on the day with this news here we have decentraland which is the exception down a couple of percentage points sitting just under a dollar right now but file coin ticker fil up over 36 on the day up over 82 dollars and were saving the best for last in terms of price increase here this was a much smaller project in terms of market cap live peer ticker lpt at only 325 million dollars right now thats with the boost it is up over 17 up over 150 percent on the basis of this great news with grayscale i mean you know a big name like grayscale they make an announcement like this uh just doing some quick mental math it looks to me like live pier would have been in the neighborhood of 150 million dollar market cap before this announcement so more than doubling their market cap its an incredible boon and a blessing when you have these big players make these big announcements in your favor live pier lpt kudos to all the holders out there kudos as well to all the storm x holders stmx they have been on an absolute tear as of late and theres no kind of one announcement in the form of you know a grayscale or a coinbase announcement nothing like that just a lot of smaller albeit very positive announcements and ill say this now guys if you are not following our trade signals group in which pratik and many other analysts put out their predictions their their chart analysis their quantitative opinions you got to be sure youre checking it out because you are missing out if youre not part of that community and part of that discussion its not financial advice but its a great place to swap ideas and to have informed conversations about some of our favorite and some of your favorite products case in point stormex stmx one of really our unsung favorites that weve been discussing for the better part of a year now up 67.2 percent on the day now up over 3.4 cents if you invested with us along with us i should say uh into storm x months ago i mean youve had an unbelievable ride up here market cap is still relatively low at 281 million dollars in a nutshell this isnt a video about storm x but in a nutshell these guys are the reward points program of the future when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain and major retail partnerships this is not one to miss not financial advice of course but uh check out stormx if you havent already and if youve been into starmex for a while now congratulations again up 67 on the day okay moving right along lets discuss some silica uh its not quite news but its pre news at silica here on twitter this is an announcement of an announcement so the zil team here pulling a justin sun something out of trons playbook it would seem were announcing the launch of something pretty cool something that even your non-crypto friends would love i have no idea what this announcement is but its going to be made public tomorrow at 10 a.m s gt so stay tuned thats all we can really say for now is that uh youre gonna want to pay attention to zilliqas twitter account lets see what it is is in the news they have a major set of uh upcoming milestones coming up you know their token burn is ongoing theyre burning 70 of their cro supply their main net is about to launch and they also have this new appointment of joe conyers iii as evp executive vice president of their nft platform very cool indeed were proud to announce the appointment of joe conyers as our evp of the nft platform you can read more about that on i want you guys to keep in mind that a lot is upcoming and a lot is going to be happening very soon with yes they are a sponsor of the channel but you know the affiliation that we have uh the bilateral i guess support that we have for each other initiated really in a very organic way like we were all users of the exchange more so the app if im going to be honest but we were all users of the app were all making a lot of money using the app and staking and whatnot and using that as a great digital wallet and then you know it blossomed into evolved into a partnership a business partnership like i said they have a lot of upcoming um significant milestones in the very near future the token burn is ongoing that main net is coming up toward the end of march a lot of people are suggesting that cro right now with over 10 million users in the ecosystem a lot of people are suggesting that the cro token is deeply deeply undervalued im not necessarily suggesting that it is although personally i think its got a lot of upside right now not financial advice but you know perhaps you should check out this video this back from january it was published about two months ago 10 reasons why the cro token is about to soar and why its a project and again broadly speaking its an ecosystem that really ought to be on your radar you can also check out our more recent cro price analysis video ill link to all this in the description below tara virtua here tvk they are in the news this from yesterday were thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with ethernet chain to deliver the benefits of nfts and digital collectibles to the mainstream you can learn more here on tara virtua just killing it lately and expanding their nft game here very significantly so terra virtua and ethernet announced strategic partnership kudos avalanche here in the news at avalanche avx this also from yesterday avalanche developers now have access to fully indexed data thanks to covalent hq apis these apis support price fees smart contract and transaction data across blockchains allowing for the development of more advanced applications more on that is available as per usual on polygon formerly known as matic ticker stomatic polygon is in the news at 0x polygon on twitter introducing zido by z swap zero rather swap labs we talked about zero swap labs yesterday they are a dex offering platform enabling companies to seamlessly launch tokens on polygon in a 100 trustless and fair manner with a widely successful mainnet zidoo is all set to empower companies kickstart on polygon uh a great partnership um that were proud to kind of share with you guys now again we covered zero swap labs i think was yesterday if not yesterday the day before but a project that is kind of starting to turn heads including our own so do check this out keep an eye on them zidoo zero swap dex offering integrates polygon which is a big name to have on board as a collaborator so congratulations ocean protocol here now in the news partnership more and more partnerships thats the great thing about this space theyre never ending ocean is now deployed to xerox polygon another one for polygon users can avoid high gas fees and opt for polygon where transactions cost mere sense with lower latency taking a bit of a jab at the ethereum network there and justifiably so more details in the blog post and thread below you can check it out here oceans on polygon network elrond is in the news at elrond network interoperable data for cross-chain defy applications on the lron thats egld network via un marshall hyper growth 100 day 71 interoperable data for cross chain defy applications on elrond via unmarshall more about that here so as you can see guys the altcoin news is positive its abundant its ubiquitous everywhere you look theres a new partnership and new collaboration and you know i think like in some sectors im not saying alt coins i think in some sectors partnerships are kind of just for show its a very peacock maneuver um and you know youre borrowing kind of the good publicity the good marketing power of one company and leveraging that against another and its this kind of bilateral exchange of good publicity ultimately its kind of fake right its not so much the case when it comes to altcoins because these collaborations these partnerships generally not always but generally seem to happen on more technical organic levels where technical integration is the name of the game and im happy to report on these which just seem to be increasing from one day to the next then thats awesome so thats kind of the micro scale of things partnerships and developing projects and listings on grayscale and coinbase thats the micro side of the altcoin and crypto world right now on the macro side you know we celebrated recently first we celebrated the fact that bitcoin was worth more than mastercard then we celebrated the fact that bitcoin was worth more than visa now were celebrating the fact that bitcoin is worth more than both of those combined so btc worth more than visa and mastercard combined i dont think we have to delve into this article its pretty much all in the title there but you can check it out on cointel etoro is in the news courtesy of coindesk etoro to go public via merger with spac that is a special purpose acquisition company combined firm to have a 10.4 billion dollar valuation im actually surprised its not worth more than that etoro have been pioneers in this space we dont talk about them all that often but the copy features that they have the early exposure actually you know etoro just anecdotally speaking was the first cryptocurrency exchange i ever tinkered with and in the end i i didnt wind up uh investing into etoro just because at the time the kyc and stuff given my region was a little bit more complicated but i remember looking up like initially like you know what price of ether what is this ethereum stuff everybodys talking about in bitcoin and ethereum was probably a dollar at the time bitcoin was a few hundred dollars and uh it was etoro etoro was the first exchange that i ever got into and even at that time i remarked on how wow this copy feature is really revolutionary thats uh thats something that were going to be seeing more of so anyways check out the full right up here on one of their counterparts coinbase theyve registered 114.9 million shares for public listing and more good news here tyler winklevoss telling us that gemini now has over 20 billion dollars in crypto under custody to the moon all of these companies at least the good ones out there theyre growing theyre being rewarded theyre taking in more and more clients and users of these services of these ecosystems kudos to etoro to coinbase and to gemini as well all right guys just a whirlwind of news today very positive in my opinion it never stops and as such do be sure youre following us on all the regular social media channels keep checking back into this website it is for all the latest like subscribe share hit the bell to receive notifications but only if you enjoyed todays video if not tell me what ive been doing wrong best of luck if you choose to invest on this hump day everybody once again happy st patricks day may the luck of the irish be on your side stay safe and as always do be sure to join us again soon in our next video take care Altcoins and Crypto are Exploding $500 Kucoin KCS Winners Cardano ADA Listed on Coinbase Pro Grayscale Announces Chainlink, Decentraland, Basic Attention Token, Filecoin and Livepeer Trusts StormX STMX Price Explosion Zilliqa, CRO, Terra Virtua TVK, Polygon MATIC, ZeroSwap ZEE OCEAN Protocol, Elrond EGLD Bitcoin Macro Investment Newsbitcoin​​​ THETA​ altcoins​​ VeChain​​ btc​​​​​ ethereum​​​​ eth​​​ altcoin​​​​​​​ ENJ​​ VET​​ altcoinbuzz​​​​​​​​​​​ investing​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ cryptocurrency​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ crypto​​​ invest​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 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