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hey everybody matty here with altcoin buzz happy monday hope youre having a great one so far and that you had a terrific weekend we are discussing today michael saylor he is the ceo of microstrategy and is extremely bullish on bitcoin thats probably an understatement hes spitting all kinds of different wisdom hes dropping numbers and metrics and statistics well take a look at his twitter activities were giving away uni were giving away fifty dollars worth of uni tokens to be precise so theres a giveaway that altcoin buzz io is announcing you have a few days left to participate the competition ends on the 25th of september well give you guys all the information in this video falcon swap is in the news fsw has partnered with trust swap and as you can likely imagine they gently have some defy ambitions in mind well then switch gears and discuss chain link which is on a path to experiencing returns similar to early bitcoin were talking about three to four hundred percent return range per year at least thats one individuals argument then we have sharing shr which has joined the bsn that of course is chinas blockchain service network and finally to round things off well remind you guys of the quant network treasury model guide on with this very comprehensive write-up by dpika guys if you like this kind of content bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency then be sure to like and subscribe lets start today with a look at the markets run down a little bit brace yourselves not the prettiest numbers for a monday morning unfortunately were down 5.5 percent today so quite a bit of red were seeing unfortunately 336.8 billion dollars total market cap many projects down several percentage points bitcoin down 3.1 ethereum down 8.3 xrp down 4.3 bitcoin cash 5.9 polka dot down 16 now were getting into the double digits unfortunately binance coin down 12.2 chain link down 13.1 down 6.3 and litecoin down 7.0 percent so its a little bloody out there unfortunately we do have some projects that have gained a very very little bit modest amounts i think in the top 100 there you saw 0.5 was pretty much the one leading the pack and you have other projects such as aragon here ave d5 money that are down in the 20 plus percent range so its unfortunate to see we are seeing a consolidation around bitcoin however to a certain extent and although bitcoin is down today sitting currently at 10 552.99 the one metric that stands out to me is that the dominance continues to rise so yes were seeing bleeding across the board but relatively less in terms of how much bitcoin is bleeding versus the altcoins its the alts that are losing more value right now which translates into a higher bitcoin dominance right now it sits at 57.9 which is nothing extraordinary if you take a look at all the historical precedents weve seen much much higher figures before but in recent times this stands out to me as a little bit higher than i would have expected and i think it speaks to me of a confidence right now in bitcoin where people seem to be fleeing alts at least more readily than theyre currently fleeing bitcoin and that of course would suggest some confidence in bitcoin and here we have a perfect example to segue into michael saylors tweets he is an extreme bitcoin bull you may know the name he is the ceo of microstrategy and he had the following to say on september 14 2020 microstrategy completed its acquisition of 16 796 additional bitcoins at an aggregate purchase price of 175 million dollars to date we have purchased a total of 38 250 bitcoins at an aggregate purchase price of 425 million dollars inclusive of fees and expenses continuing michael writes bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom feeding on the fire of truth exponentially growing ever smarter faster and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy and i think this comment here sums it up pretty nicely at least in my opinion lets discuss some of the technicals here how does a company go about this acquisition well to acquire 16796 bitcoin which was disclosed on the 14th of september we traded continuously for 74 hours executing 88 617 trades about 0.19 bitcoin every three seconds or about one bitcoin every 15 seconds approximately 39 414 dollars in bitcoin per minute but at all times we were ready to purchase 30 to 50 million dollars in a few seconds if we got lucky with a one to two percent downward spike we acquired 21 454 bitcoin via 78 388 off chain transactions then secured it in cold storage with 18 on chain transactions bitcoin scales just fine as a store of value for the extended discussion i would like to divert you guys toward here the pomp podcast episode number 385 which features a discussion between anthony pompliano and one michael saylor this is a fairly extensive discussion here as you can see nearly an hour and a half long and they go into all kinds of details uh discussing the future of bitcoin but especially from a corporate perspective and thats what struck me as the most interesting part of the discussion so michael talks about how you have these publicly traded behemoths right these these multinational companies right now with treasuries so with reserve money to be used strategically in one form or another thats just sitting there and unfortunately for any company whose treasury is just sitting there it translates and equates into a bleeding of funds because theyre hit with some of these invisible taxes in the form of for example inflation in the form of a devaluation of the currency that they currently hold and his argument is that if you have about five trillion dollars worth of funds sitting in these treasuries even if only uh a 10 of that of these publicly traded companies even if only 10 of their treasuries were to be put into bitcoin at some point number one that mitigates the risks that theyre currently facing so it makes sense strategically and financially but that would be a huge boon of course for bitcoin altcoins as well but were talking strictly bitcoin here that would likely be the purchase made uh in terms of a mass corporate purchase similar to what microstrategy has done but on a broader scale and now that microstrategy has really set the precedent here theres an argument to be made that this is no longer risky necessarily its perhaps risky not to do this kind of move and as they discuss in this podcast you know thats thats just assuming a 10 purchase of the 5 trillion of course theyre not going to put all their eggs in one basket theyre going to hedge their bets to a certain extent but that speaks nothing of wealthy private individuals of private companies of everyday consumers and so obviously i think you know not to beat a dead horse here but yes michael saylor is very bullish on bitcoin ill link to this in the description below guys if you want to see this full exchange between michael saylor and anthony pompliano its a good discussion but certainly i think microstrategy more than anything sets a precedent right now that we can point to and that i think will make other firms and other corporations feel a little bit more comfortable when that discussion comes up inevitably about possibly investing in bitcoin for the long term okay altcoin buzz now giving away fifty dollars worth of uni tokens in this giveaway at altcoinbuzz io on twitter make sure youre following 50 uni giveaway winner gets 10 uni about 50 its gonna be a little bit more than 10 at the moment because uni is down today unfortunately sitting currently at four dollars and 45 cents but look whatever amount of uni equates to 50 thats what were giving away here are the details very simple to enter this competition you may as well do so all you have to do is like and retweet you have to follow at altcoinbuzz io on twitter very simple and reply with any fact or opinion about uni swap protocol we are the 21st of september today which means you have a few more days to enter four more days specifically this competition this giveaway ends on the 25th of september but its a very easy one you may as well throw your hat into the race and best of luck to you members of the altcoin buzz army that choose to participate all right big news now for our friends over at falcon swap and at trust swap falconswap here on twitter at falcon underscore swap falcon swap times trust swap this mutually beneficial integration will open up synergies for trust swap and falcon swap in building products that will open doors for long-term growth and adoption of the defy services you can read more about this partnership here on falcon swap and trust swap integrations to work towards the growth and adoption of decentralized smart escrows token insurance and trading options as part of the integration we will be working on the following specific areas number one falcon swap will support swap trading pair on day zero of the falcon swap protocol launch and enable low gas fees trading for swap falcon swap will enable liquidity mining for swap traders mine fsw tokens by trading swap trust swap will provide a time released payment service to falcon swap team for releasing tokens and falcon swap will use the trust swap suite of products for future token payments therefore this mutually beneficial integration will open up synergies for trust swap and falcon swap in building products that will open doors for long-term growth and adoption of the defy services you can read more about both falcon swap and trust swap with all the links that are available here and follow them on social media falcon swap continuing one protocol multiple value editions fsw responding here to super steemian android app for steam all the benefits and features associated with falcon swap so privacy low slippage lower gas fees and faster transactions as you may recall for a number of reasons not the least of which are some of these that are mentioned here we did identify falcon swap as a very high potential project that we had our eye on about truth at least four maybe five or six weeks ago now you can go back in the video catalog and check out our earlier coverage of falcon swap there are at least one or two dedicated videos on the subject we do remain excited about them theyre certainly on our radar at this point no doubt about that okay moving on here lets now discuss chain link here with this tweet by dawn underscore chain link chain link is on a path towards experiencing returns similar to an early bitcoin of three to four hundred percent per year again just one persons opinion but still worth highlighting link price is very much linked to the adoption of the chain link network more crypto projects continue to integrate chain link technology its a plausible argument i dont want to express too much condescension here however its still just one persons opinion so thats the caveat that ill use before introducing the rest of this story on according to one crypto analyst again just one individual chain links annual returns could mimic an early bitcoin it is possible timothy peterson has predicted that chain link will exhibit early bitcoin returns of three to four hundred percent per year the value of link is of course linked to the adoption of the chain link network which does present some value thats absolutely true more crypto projects are continuing to integrate that technology and timothy peterson has also foreshadowed a possible bottom for link in late september here is tims tweet from a couple of days ago an estimate of chain link adoption very difficult for price to drop below value early bitcoin like returns of three to four hundred percent per year so mr peterson the individual whose tweet i just read has constantly used metcalfes law to highlight the relation between network activity and the value of the associated token so in this case activity of the chain link token continues to grow with multiple crypto projects signing up to use the projects price feeds in this past week alone several crypto projects have announced their use of chain links price feeds to begin with trust swap announced that it will be using chain links eth usd price reference data to use its smart lock and smart escrow products and other crypto projects that announced the integration of channeling technology in the last week include spectre ai matic network zapper hack and xfin network baseline protocol and my take on this guys is that i dont disagree with it however anything is possible in this world therefore nothing should be seen as a guarantee just because were early on and just because more adoption is almost inevitable thats fine i agree with all that but it doesnt spell out anything that is certain unfortunately in the cryptocurrency space things just dont work that way there are too many black swan events theres too much happening on a regular basis that can you know just disrupt things there are interpersonal considerations a teams cohesiveness and chemistry also comes into play so i hope timothy is right but i just cant guarantee it so i present it again with that caveat its just one individuals opinion read more about his prediction here on the website you can also read about why he feels that a possible bottom may be in play for chain link in late september in about a week or so well link to this of course in the description below okay we have some news now with regards to sharing they have officially joined chinas blockchain service network bsn which is a huge deal at sharing global here on twitter is the handle make sure youre following we are thrilled to announce that sharing has joined bsn base the bsn foundations mission is aligned with ours and it is to drive worldwide adoption of blockchain technology for businesses and users of all sizes you can read more about it here with the link that is included sharing global also tweeting ama ask me anything throwback series from july of 2020. the ceo real tim boss estimates that there could be at least a few million sharing id accounts by the end of 2020. so specifically tim boss answered this question here how many sharing id accounts are there today answer there are a few thousand now but we expect to have a few million by the end of 2020. we will wrap our other services around the covid passport such as insurance with covet 19 coverage hotel bookings in covid 19 safe hotels we can also help increase the safety of providers by allowing them to accept covet passport before letting the traveler into their hotels etc and heres an article with a more broad perspective on but nevertheless great coverage encouraging signs as china welcomes more international blockchain players to its ecosystem and well get to it in just a second here but sharing is mentioned by name as is tim boss here which is very exciting certainly so chinas decision to include all of these international players these blockchain heavyweights such as chain link neo tezos and ethereum will no doubt be a warmly welcomed story for those seeking to understand the direction of chinas blockchain international developments sharing ceo tim boss said quote we are honored to partner with bsn again the blockchain service network joining industry giants like ethereum neo and tezos we share their vision of removing costly entry barriers to blockchain technology and its benefits for businesses and individuals regardless of their size resources or industry expertise we are confident we will achieve our mission together if youre hearing about chinas bsn for the first time they have lofty ambitions to become the internet of block chains with the most easily accessible and affordable network that uses a cross-cloud cross-portal and cross-framework global public infrastructure developers can simply plug and play to integrate apps allowing them to focus on innovation and programming smart contracts reducing the time and costs associated with interfacing blockchain technologies with traditional legacy systems quote the bsn foundation is pleased to welcome sharing into our ecosystem their ability to offer seamless integration with a broad range of dapps will be a strong addition to our vision to build an inclusive and accessible blockchain network for the world said michael ma the ceo chief operating officer of the bsn foundation kudos therefore to our friends over at sharing weve been in their corner for a long time weve been firm believers in their project and what theyre trying to accomplish for really quite a long time now its been an extended period of time and were very happy to see this development here its positive news for a team that very much deserves the opportunity that they are now getting absolutely okay finally today guys on the website just want to remind you guys you can check out this quant network treasury model guide we discussed it briefly last time i kind of just pointed you guys in its direction this article by deepika quant released its community treasury design earlier in the year and the treasury is designed in a way that it oversees payments from developers to the gateway owners however it also adds additional utility to the qnt token so all im doing once again is just pointing you guys in the direction of this overview here its a pretty comprehensive write-up as you can see here based on the table of contents but if youre struggling to understand the treasury model what its about why its important or how its structured check out this excellent write-up again by deepika well link to this of course in the description below and that about wraps it up for today everybody do be sure youre following us on all the regular social media channels and keep checking back into for all the latest go ahead like subscribe share and hit the bell of course to receive notifications if you enjoyed todays video best of luck if you choose to invest on this monday have a great one though and a great start to your week most importantly stay safe out there and as always everybody we do hope to see you again soon in our next video take care CEO of MicroStrategy Extremely Bullish on Bitcoin Uniswap UNI giveaway FalconSwap FSW Partners with TrustSwap Chainlink Price Predictions ShareRing SHR Joins BSN Quant Network QNT Treasury Model GuideCRYPTOCURRENCY AND BITCOIN VISA DEBIT CARD - GET $50 FREE ON ► CRYPTO.COM *Code is AB Get $10 Bitcoin bonus for trading $100 and more at Binance till September 19, 2020. ► *Code is UAMKZ47P TRADE ON AAX, WORLDS FIRST CRYPTO EXCHANGE POWERED BY LSEG TECHNOLOGY ► AAX EXCHANGE CRYPTOCURRENCY MARKET PRICES AND DATA ► COINGECKO TRADE BARCELONA FC, JUVENTUS AND UFC TOKENS ON CHILIZ EXCHANGE ► *Code is FZAkA1 NOTE If you use the above referral links, we receive a commission at no additional cost to you. 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