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today is Friday we are in the shop and we have got a ton of construction panels to make here we go what are you doing now Matt I am notching up some horizontal pieces for the construction panels foreign change its always like yourself we love it here now what were doing now is taking a link out of the fence to make it fit and fit tightly and properly you dont want to lose fence cause pets get out and Intruders get in and we dont deal with neither one of those it was all hands on deck to get this order done in time even Eric stopped by to motivate good job to everybody keep up the good work what I was just doing was tightening the brace bands down to brace the fence to keep it tight after that well be putting wire tires thats what the guys there are putting on to keep the fence secure at the bottom and top were putting together wire ties to you know hold your fence together so if it gets real windy its not just you know gate Clips because then itll be like wow but but with those on then then you know see how tight that is wire ties tedious but vital process now early in the week the guys had a repair to do theres a road gate it was pretty long and as originally built it wobbled too much I think is the technical term uh so Matt and the guys ran out to put a wind brace on it and hopefully stiffen that frame up so its basically like having a real stiff arm oh like just a little bit outside of the gate but it keeps the gate from wobbling thank you and quality content right here yep this is just silent driving so this is why were out here you can see the wobble all right and then its not supposed to do that this is where Im going to weld on the stubs to attach a piece of top rail to you basically just have little pieces of pipe sticking out and then you put another long piece of top rail on it and the idea being that not only does this help hold it straight but then once you have a brace on the uprights and another piece its going to be able to kind of keep it a little stiffer basically just try to imagine a three inch piece four inch piece a five inch piece and then what I normally do is just weld this side on and let it kind of go up a little bit into the middle and then Ill Attack it to the middle since its sticking out and Ill take the grinder and cut like three quarters of the way around it so that you can bend this piece back in here and then Ill re-weld uh foreign place and Ill just go and Tack it foreign see I called it guys if youre participating in the free Amazon gift card competition which you should be because its a 300 gift card to Amazon this weeks code is my salesman also shout out to Aloha fans for sending me some awesome swag like a thing of beauty so we just got done putting the wind brace on we got that on there pretty good we tightened up the truss rods those were a little loose probably just from Rolling its a 30 plus foot roll gate and thats about as long as youd ever want to make one over time they can loosen up and get a little wobbly but we did the best that we could do here by putting the brace on and tightening up the truss rods so I think we did a pretty good job and were out of here nothings too hard for the fence boys another week is in the books we got the big order done in time because everyone pitched in huge huge shout out to the team at Ozark fence guys and gals I really appreciate you also shout out to Braden for uh filling the Talking Heads roll for the last couple weeks its all so much appreciated but for now Im Joe Everest defense expert reminding you theyre good fences make good neighbors We had a really big order of chainlink construction panels to finish up on Friday - lets see how we get it done! Also, the guys head out to stiffen up a roll gate that was too flimsy.► Click Here To Subscribe — ► Gift Card Giveaway — ► Click Here To Save On Fencing Supplies — Im Joe Everest, The Fence Expert. On this channel, Im going to teach you everything there is to know about fences. Were going to show you how to build a fence, everything about fence posts, different fence installation methods and much, much more. If youre wanting to become a fence builder, or if youre just trying to build a DIY fence, my channel will help you out. So subscribe and ring the bell icon, that way you dont miss any of my fence videos! ► Check Out My Social Media: Email - YouTube — Facebook — LinkedIn — Online Store - ► Gear I Use: Coolest Clock Ever - Main camera - Lens for main and Second cameras - Second camera - My microphone - Sound Mixing Board - Wireless Lav Mic - Tripod to hold our camera - Our studio lights - *NOTE: This description contains affiliate links that allow you to find the items mentioned in this video and support the channel at NO COST TO YOU. While this channel may earn minimal sums when the viewer uses the links, the viewer is in NO WAY obligated to use these links. Thank you for your support!