chainlink top*Major Chainlink Move - Top 3 Cryptos to Invest in Right Now!

pivotal chainlink rise of chainlink chainlink top *Major Chainlink Move - Top 3 Cryptos to Invest in Right Now!
chainlink top chain link come along *Major Chainlink Move - Top 3 Cryptos to Invest in Right Now!
yo whats going on everybody cryptocurrencies again with another video and guys in this one super super exciting stuff going on i really do hope you guys took my advice and bought chain link under 16 i literally said in the title breaking chain link a screaming buy under 16 chain link to 20 end of week guys the weeks not even over yet and were at 21 i really do hope you took that advice oh i just disliked my own video guys dont do that but hey if you want to come over hit subscribe go ahead do that you can do that um so anyways lets go ahead do some quick market analysis here uh so right now im really just checking out ethereum um obviously down a lot on the week we are at basically like thirteen hundred dollars um over at the high around the top was around 1 346 as were seeing um so im pretty sure were going to be getting back to those levels quite soon a lot of this is just kind of dependent on what bitcoin is doing um and obviously today was not the best day for bitcoin as we just saw a massive red candle however we are starting to see a little bit of a recovery so im saying if bitcoin does end up going to 38k or so since ethereum follows it so closely well probably see a pump in ethereum as well hopefully well be seeing i guess we can go ahead and just calculate it real quick im guessing around 10 or so in the coming day or two because i mean lets go ahead and just do the math 116 would bring us to right around 1200 1279 or so um you guys can check my math in the comments but obviously weve already reached that price in the past so im thinking if you have money in ethereum you can at least expect a 10 gain over the next day or two assuming bitcoin does keep recovering um and then if youre in some of these all coins guys we are going to see some of them absolutely exploding like chain link um if you guys want to know my picks on that personally i do like dash a little bit here um just because we did have this incredible spike here so either this person knows something we dont know or this is just kind of bots trying to see if people are going to come into the market and just start buying like crazy at this level and trying to make a quick buck im not really sure which one it was but i just know that a lot of that resistance was kind of cleared out with this move so hopefully we can kind of return to at least these levels um of around 150 soon and then my other one would be xtz uh tazos which follows chain link pro and we just went to euros guys for all my subscribers in europe im sure you appreciate that um xdz to usd though we did see a little bit of a spike here but since tazos is so closely correlated with cosmos and chain link im expecting a pretty good rise from tasers as well over the next day or two its got some catching up to do as well and then my other thing is going to be algo algorand if you guys know that im pretty sure i made a video about it in the past um but this is a project that does have a whole lot of catching up to do i know i just said that about tasers but if we want to check it out some similar coins to it i mean xcc is obviously a pretty fair comparison to algorand in terms of tech so we have a 2.1 billion market cap um versus only a 560 million market cap so im honestly looking for two to three hundred percent gains from algo within the next two or three months i know thats kind of crazy uh but weve obviously seen crazier this year already up six point two four percent on the day um ethereum classic is a bit of a risky player right now so ill be avoiding that um and then uniswap i think if youre not already on it you kind of miss the boat for the major gains obviously more could be down the line but i think especially look somewhere else so regardless lets get right back into what we were talking about so what is my play what are my top three coins going forward well of course this is a little bit dependent on what youre already holding uh i say if you hold chain link you just kind of rock with it and hope that it can climb to the 25 30 dollar range and ultimately i do think its going to 40 this year if you dont hold chain link i would im not a financial advisor but what i would personally do if i didnt hold chain link is just be patient with it of course theres a possibility they can go up further but you kind of just have to hope that it ends up falling below 19 like it was at earlier today and it looks like it is starting to descent now so dont fomo in thats how you lose money every time ive fumbled into a coin ive lost im not kidding ive not won a single time of full mode into a coin so make sure youre just kind of keeping your emotions in check so regardless chain link is my number one coin to hold at the moment and that is based on if youre already holding it i wouldnt recommend getting in at these ultra high prices right now but however if you did i dont think it would be the dumbest move in the world um im just kind of expecting a pullback thats why i say that my second coin i already mentioned earlier is ethereum ethereum extremely undervalued in my opinion personally um obviously the supply is infinite a lot of people dont like that but its not like anyones gonna theyre not gonna dump the supply on us any minute um so although its not a fully realized market cap or anything like that ethereum has some of the best technology in the space and its only getting better the e 2.0 launch and if we do get any news on that could be absolutely euphoric for ethereum we could see a massive rise im honestly still expecting a 2 to 3x from ethereum in the future we can see its at 133 billion dollar market cap im expecting bitcoin to climb to at least 1 trillion um this year man that sounds absolutely crazy to say but bitcoin at 1 trillion i do think well eventually see ethereum at the 300 to 500 million dollar range at least um so obviously thatll be some huge gains for all ethereum investors and who knows what east 2.0 is going to do um for the third coin we are going to switch it up a little bit lets just keep going down till we find it its going to be v chain i dont talk about b chain enough but obviously its the supply chain coin if you guys didnt know um this is one that really really could be a part of the future people are already starting to use it um as we can see what is v vechain its a blockchain powered supply chain platform ill say that three times fast begun in 2015 and launched in 2016 the vechain aims to use distributed governance and internet of things iot technology to create an ecosystem which solves some of the major problems with supply chain management so you guys can uh pause the screen whatever if you want to keep reading but regardless v chain did not have the absolute best week um obviously we did see a little bit of not necessarily a dump but it didnt do super well this week so this is one that im looking to bounce back im basically just trading off of fundamentals right now um as opposed to anything else uh if we just kind of look it up real quick put in vet just kind of see look at some of this data real quick sorry for the weight there but on the one week its down about 13 so when you see a coin that has fundamentals already has uh whats the word im looking for its escaping me but it already has the fundamentals that are gonna take it the distance and be one of these coins that ends up surviving uh its its its in this in a bull run especially its just silly not to invest in a coin like v chain especially given that its down this month so we ended up peeking out over three cents um basically like three one one three two um at the max and then weve obviously kind of gone down since then but i am expecting a full retrace all the way up to basically yearly highs i cant remember yeah i guess this is all-time highs too so yeah v-chain is just definitely my third coin for that ill probably make a video explaining it more in depth later um sorry i didnt really do it justice and explaining it super well um on the fly but regardless those are my top three coins for right now obviously these change every single day so ill be sure to update if anything does changes that is major um but yeah thats what im rocking with right now let me know in the comments what your picks are we are trading on fundamentals above everything right now things are looking good things are looking up i think if you were able to make some profits with chain link you can go ahead and check out some other projects and if you missed the chain link run dont worry there will be more gains in the future the bull run is just beginning were gonna have a year fun so thank you guys all for watching make sure to like and subscribe and ill see you all in the next one peace Below are all products I personally use, I would not recommend them otherwise. 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