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chainlink live chart grt vs chainlink Live CHAINLINK + Bitcoin + Ethereum + ALTCOINS! LIVE SHOW! 5DayCrypto
hey guys welcome into our live stream wait just a few moments here to get everybody load it in and well start it off if youre watching this at a later date might wanna just fast forward a minute or so thanks for tuning in were gonna cover our weekly weekly closes which happens in about 10 minutes 7 pm eastern welcome in guys yeah ethereum is doing well right now i think were going to get the ball rolling on ethereum if you guys could please like and subscribe if youre not already i appreciate it all right welcome in guys well go ahead and get started got a couple people a couple people in here now so so today were going to cover altcoins on their weekly closes if you didnt know uh the weekly close happens in about eight minutes or so so well keep an eye on our top five for the closing and see where were headed next let me delete all these for you so as our current chain link move we are looking like a great candle here uh kind of similar to this last candle so if we can close here which looks like were on track to do uh this isnt a textbook uh dragonfly doji like we kind of hope for but we have a little bit too long of a wick and then also the body is a little bit too long um but we are this is a very bullish candle so the longer the wick on the bottom the more likely you are to continue your upward momentum and think of it like a fire on a rocket so the bigger the fire on the bottom the higher its going to go usually and you know vice versa so if you have a lot of uh a big wick on the top like um you can see over here on where is our bitcoin dominance you can see that long wick on the top usually thats going to push you back down which our dominance is breaking down as we speak welcome man guys sorry thanks for everyone for joining us spacex falcon heavy yep big rockets and our bitcoin dominance on friday was you know flirting with this line and yesterday i tweeted out we need to break below this and hold it and close the candle and we were about this area and now you can see were even lower and dropping as we speak here so well see where it closes but if we can close under this which looks like were going to be easily doing i would expect another continuation of this we might have like a retest of it before breaking down thats always possible to kind of come back up as this is going down over the next few weeks but uh overall this is great news for the rest of crypto and altcoins in the short term uh ethereum is in a good trend channel right now i drew this little channel um usually when you draw a little trend channels and its following after a few touch points stop them down youre going to usually test the top and then you usually test them out then usually before you test the bottom again you come out and test the top and then were back to the bottom and now look where were at so if this trend is to continue we would expect at least ethereum to hit you know 1450 1460 range that doesnt mean it has to come back down that just means it could break that top we would want to break 1450 1460 and hold it this is on a daily we go over to the weekly theory im starting to look strong again again big wick on the bottom big wick on the bottom bitcoin dominance keeps falling ethereum in my opinion will keep rising as long as as long as that happens and doesnt you know kick the bucket back down to you can see its also closing the daily candles under this 21 day which is a good sign um for the rest of all coins its just barely you know its holding that line we dont want bitcoin to suddenly keep dropping we dont want big drops but if you look on the daily we want slow drops and sideways movement this is when all coins boom and you have just your range bound on bitcoin but still bullish so were still were still well above the 21 week moving average which we will test at some point but who knows when that will be 21 week for bitcoin when we test it could be way up here 25 30 000 who knows but as long as bitcoin can remain up here and keep going sideways up and down all coins still have plenty of breathing room here go over to the link bitcoin chart a lot of people requested this over the past few days were looking great we can see our 21 day crossing back up we want to get these sorted back out like they were over here now the link bitcoin im under where these other lines are its just still too young to get a big average this red line is a 200 day moving average blue is 100 day grain is 50 day yellow is 21 day these are all exponential moving averages as you can see on the left here so were looking good we want link to get back above if you watched our video from i think friday we talked about this being like a perfect cycle um overlaying this with the market cycle you know you have your first phase your smart money your first sell-off your media phase your kind of blow off top your dead cat bounce returning to new normal but then it comes back down capitulates goes into despair mode which is always underneath the first sell-off which it did perfectly and now were returning to the so-called new normal so we would want to get you know above this line and thats kind of our normal average and then the cycle so to speak repeats thats what we want from chain link versus bitcoin for sure which i think were going to be pulling off here over the next upcoming year or so right let me get to the comments here asian punks watching football yeah i just watched the uh tampa bay tampa bays going to the super bowl first um first team ever go to their hometown thats pretty cool mcgregor got tkod last night that sucked stayed up watched all that yeah d5 points are doing really well right now i think theyre last time i looked hour two ago most of them are agave and sushi theyre up like 30 today thats pretty awesome like uh link is moving back up we got about two minutes until the weekly close a little bit of a shorter time frame and watch watch link so if we get a break out here itll be nice this is on the hour chart ethereum over around 14. you guys got any questions we got 14 people in here ethereums definitely an uptrend we can continue to get the bitcoin dominance falling this is going to be great last time bitcoin fell below this line this is on the weekly uh this is when chain link did a 10x during this this span right here chain link was about two dollars right here and 20 right here so if this repeats and bitcoin dominance keeps falling but slowly we dont want it to drop huge as you can see this is funny theres this huge drop if it continues to do that i feel like bitcoin is going to keep dropping in price a little bit too rapidly so thats kind of also like the reason why ethereums been kind of not breaking out so to speak i think bitcoins dominance is just falling a little bit too fast going a little bit slower of a bleed like these little candles this is when all coins really start blowing up bitcoin just drops down its dominant slowly you dont want big drops down the stairs like this so well watch that looks like we got a new clothes maybe so lets go check where flinks closing all right just closed so we closed at 2480. if youre wondering where im getting that thats up here you can see the open the high hello the close little weak so this is excellent great sign for train link lets go check our others lets check ethereum ethereum had a nice close we closed at 13.94 so with these two big candles with the wicks long even the pass that was kind of more of an indecision and decision candles well usually a little bit more narrow of a body but you want about the same on the top and the bottom its called an indecision candle and more often than not and decision candles continue the pattern that they were in when thats printed so thats why were continuing up lets see what else bitcoin see where bitcoin closed bitcoin closed at 32 280. thats still good we closed above 30 000 that was like the really kind of the main concern right in this area if we were to close below this i think we would continue down hopefully we can hold out and maybe have just this you know a baby candle bitcoin just ranges on this for the next few weeks i think all coins will really boom what else we got bitcoin dominance just closed way down this is great 63 we want to see this continue to drop but i prefer these kind of these kind of moves for bitcoin dominance thats when thats when we can start moving and the rest of the market dxy though this is a kind of a secret i wanted to show you guys uh that no one else is looking at i feel like dxy is kind of excluded from crypto a lot and it shouldnt be because its the trading pair against all these coins uh this is a 13 year trend channel and if you notice ive been going up and a good trend channel and know how to draw a good change trend channel but it is a good trend as your center line will act as minor resistance and support and as you can see weve had some play time in here on this line and look at look at look at that it held that as a sign of weakness if it cant break above that center line and then we finally get a drop deck drop back down and weve just broken to the bottom of a 13-year trend channel and broken through it this is for the dxy when this drops cryptocurrency generally does very well so this continues to drop which is my belief that its going to because we just had a cross as well on the weekly for your 21 over your 50 whenever that happens on any coin or any stock its usually gonna go much lower the last time we did that was back here that was 18 years ago 18 years since weve done anything like that and we just broke out of this trend channel this is a great sign for cryptocurrency not a great sign for the united states dollar and link is back over 25 already this is what we like to see unless youre trying to buy a link lower which not sure that youre gonna get so many more opportunities to buy link on the 20 level excuse me could take a drink my mouth gets so dry on these live streams all right we got 20 people welcome guys if youre just joining us were looking at the weekly closes we just closed everything pretty good and link is what do you know links going up ethereums still hanging around its been trying to break above 14 1400 all day all week weekly close just closed at just shy of 1400 which is okay hopefully we continue this move up and go to the chat here yep asian punk says its the highest weekly close ever for link that is correct that is super bullish vegan clothes candles at all-time high excellent sign i i if youre new you know im super bullish on link its one of my favorite coins it is my favorite coin um and this in this market cycle i think its going to do very well and by the end of this year i could see it approaching 80 to 100 if all remains well theres no more you know coronavirus part 9 happening so james says uni shut up thats twelve dollars geez auntie stonks shes back yeah ill look at hemc russell asked me how i like tom brady hes good i think hes a good guy uh he just he just he gets so much hate because hes good right hes pretty good yeah grayscale announcing the the link fund uh thats thats going to help link in the short term for sure i think and even more in the long term so uh yeah i think chain link is and for uh when it starts moving again when it i mean i could fully see another one of these moves happening in the next few weeks if not anything stronger yeah cardano yeah i usually have cardano but let me get cardano going um oh we all well looked at the dominance we can cover cardano closed well lets get on yeah this is the weekly cardano closes at 35 cents its still strong as its been in a while so we look for that we have good strong wicks from the bottom i think aydah is going to have a great great um you know 2021 and for us this market cycle i think its going to do very well i think it will be a top 10 coin for sure it already is but i think its going to be a top five um by the by the time this market cycle ends whenever that may be in a year two whatever if you guys dont know my top five are uh bitcoin ethereum chain link uh polka dot and cardano uh auntie stunks wants some uh amc theater so we will do it still small channels so i take any requests and all requests there it was i assume this is the one you want back on auto this the right one i dont really follow amc so is this what you wanted ante so were if this is it i mean this is uh this is not looking super strong in all honesty this is on the weekly if youre holding the 21 week as resistance you gotta get back above that to start turning the ship around you know the daily yeah thats thats its starting to move so hopefully that continues up i dont spend too much time on this but you know the whole coronavirus thing is going to put movie theaters in a little bit of a bind but this is not looking great but you never know this seems pretty low usually dont want to be capitulating as long as theyre not i dont know what their financials are but as long as their financials are strong maybe worth holding or buying more but thats just my two cents lets get back to the crypt ethereum finally is breaking over 1400 we might be on a roll here get a strong oh man ethereums already jumped up the week is 10 minutes long were 10 minutes into the week uh link has jumped 70 cents we open the week at 24.80 were were gonna be at 25.80 before were off this stream lets do it lets see what else we got i think i missed a couple um what are the all coins so i like um well you much of my i mentioned my top five outside of that um xlm maybe moneros i think hell do well in this market you know the privacy coin and everything these two guys you know swapping obvi theyre already doing good i mean theyre both 30 today so its hard to go wrong there they already have a strong market cap built they usually only invest in things that are over a billion dollar market cap i just ive built up enough that i dont really play around with risking too much on the uh you know the micro caps uh adam i like adam uh b chain i think has got a place in this market nam i like tezos thats about it for me im not i dont have a whole whole bunch of them i usually stick to the top 10 top 20 at this point so yeah africa africa is big into um getting big into bitcoin zimbabwe is huge if you go on uh google google trends if you guys have ever done that you can look at type in your favorite crypto and you can see where its at but like bitcoin if you type in bitcoin on google trends like zimbabwe its like off the charts bit boy yeah my name is chase by the way if you guys dont know i do this full time when crypto full-time so i do videos five days a week try to give you updates every day on kind of where the markets at and especially chain link but im still small enough that i can answer most peoples questions so sorry if i missed anything you can feel free to ask again if ive scrolled past your comment i apologize lets see actually got more comments than ever on this one yeah uh hate lanai says um uh if ethereum gets around its all-time high and bitcoin continues to catch itself and go towards uh start moving up a little bit do you see here ethereum hitting 1600 yeah i think ethereums gonna hit 1600 very soon i wouldnt be surprised if that happens this week honestly as long as bitcoin holds ethereums to blow past 1600 very very soon hey make uh mick just ask i just said you just found my channel um what do i think about the the few well its uh what do you mean like the the whole dos like the founders do most of the of the holding is that what you mean yeah thats always been like the main i guess if there is a concern with link that that that would be it but i honestly i dont think that i dont see that being a massive issue until like maybe it gets a little bit bigger they could do a lot of dumping but i dont see that happening until the end of the cycle at least right and if youre heavily invested or a developer and link youd kind of want to to go up kind of like when uh charlie lee sold litecoin the founder of litecoin at the end of the last cycle and so he sold all of his coins and got out like a week before the crash so yeah uh man who knows but yeah thats the main concern with chain link is that you know all the guys have the huge wallets any other questions i want to look at something else im happy to man this is this is looking awesome for chain link to tell you ethereums starting to move again this would be awesome if we can get moving yeah bitcoin just slowly creeps up here all coins will start booming we dont want to see huge red candles or huge green candles honestly because you saw when these moves were happening with bitcoin all coins just stay on the sidelines and are in starstruck of whats happening and then you know it drags the whole market down when it makes these big red candles its only when bitcoin doesnt know what its doing or goes in circles is when all coins can super jump your ingredient next lets check and look what that does we usually look at this every day so were still ranging and its dropped and its kind of uh dropped right to our 40 level which we havent broken since uh summertime so its still good hopefully this is a fake out and we kind of just range up in this area again coin market cap i know you guys didnt see over the weekend chain link was at number seven its lost a little ground right now but i think ill be back up here shortly and i see chain link in the definite definitely in the top five next uh you know year or two whenever the market cycle blows off bitcoins looking good ethereum is looking better and links doing fantastic got a shorter time frame for link you can see were in a nice nice trend channel here let me see if i can get this up adjust this a little bit so trend channels arent like definite like um like uh trend lines trend lines you want to have a bunch of touch points trend channels just kind of a general area of movement and like i showed you in a little bit earlier with um i think uh bitcoin i dont know which coin ever i looked at that oh the dxy that dropped out of the channel so usually youre going to have a touch at the bottom and then you go back to touch the top and thats kind of the range if you can see that thats what happens most times were kind of just kind of fighting our footing in the start of this channel touches bottom more than likely once it starts moving up its going to hit a top once it forms the top it kind of repeats this pattern until it doesnt so until we break out to the top of this which should be look at let me take this all auto and to break out of the top of this we need to be at 28 break out to the bottom you know around 20. so just something to keep an eye out well keep an eye on this like i do analysis every day so well have something tomorrow morning for you lets see what else we got i think i took too many things off there aetherium 1415 lets go take it 14-18 still moving up this is awesome be nice if we just started out the week and just printed a daily candle like 10 or something thatd be great theyre even just tomorrow mornings 1500 lets do it pitchfork what about it oh let me go look yeah i dont really use pitchforks um ive just never had i have a lot of other tools i use so ive never had any uh never really had any use for them ive messed around with them but yeah as far as the accuracy i dont i dont think those are like the the super most accurate maybe in stocks stocks move a little bit slower so its a little bit more functional ethereums just looking really good this is on the daily we want to hold above this almost had like a little fake out down to the 21 day and like i said before um bitcoin on the daily is now broken under the 21 day and this kind of hold we want to be nice to hold that as resistance and just kind of trend along it as were forming it that would let all coins really blow up if it just ranges between these two lines for a couple uh couple weeks or so be great uh jeremy asks will i take profits and link as i go along um i i have been a little bit um if it starts getting strength i wont because the link can get out of hand quickly but i have indicators that i use um i have a telegram channel so i last i think friday or saturday i was alerting people my my buy in there i think i bought like 1760 so hot though like yeah that was a it was a little risky it was a little uh but we were dropping like i mean we were dropping like 10 cents a second and my indicators were going off so i bought it set i got this at 1760. i was a little risky but its paid off for now i sold at 23.40 back here as well but when i make these buys and sells its only um five to ten percent of my total link um link portfolio so i dont im not selling huge amounts here and i i probably wont if we continue this bullish momentum now that were in price discovery mode so not usually a good idea to be selling when youre pricing your prices at all-time highs but if we have a retracement ill probably buy more but um like i said we have a free telegram everything i do is free i have nothing to sell you guys so just like and subscribe i would appreciate it if you guys want to like theres almost 30 of you guys watching i only have 10 likes so if you are 11 likes so 25.50 still moving up links or ethereums doing very well as well this is looking strong so nice little patterns just bought some more yeah uh uh t-dub says awesome name uh link or just uh sell it when that yeah buy it when it reaches 1k yeah uh the higher we start going here if alt coins really start moving its usually not wise to do a lot of trading usually the less trading you do especially if you dont have years of experience the best way to make money is to be just buy and hold especially in bull markets were in a bull market weve just started youre gonna get destroyed if you try to sell and buy in these areas look how fast this moves this is dailies daily candles i mean if you just got one of these guesses wrong you lose half your stack here so if you do trade i would suggest you know its not financial advice but small amounts you get it wrong maybe just set the next one out if you dont have a lot of experience id just be buying in bull markets and doing nothing else link is going up too lets go back and look at link i dont want to we cant miss like 20 were almost over 80 cents in 20 minutes since the week of the week just began 20 minutes ago lets see what so were at four percent four percent in 20 minutes ill take it i think goes to 1k im retiring fling goes to 1k uh well ive already said when once link is at uh 100 oh just 100 im throwing a party somewhere and somewhere and yall are invited all my all my subscribers on my telegram ill post something everythings on me ive been in lincoln well i got a lot of a lot of links so hundred dollars ill ill throw a big party for us fifty dollars i dont know if you guys are aware if you guys are big link holders theres a link tattoo group on twitter so im in that so i have fifty dollars after you get a link tattoo well were officially up over a dollar since the start of the week um 24 minutes ago so congrats if youre holding link and yeah were back i think were back above all-time high right yep we just cleared it our all-time high was 25.50 so were back in price discovery mode not usually wise to be doing much in those areas because it can get out of hand quick and if ethereum starts blasting off and gets to its all time i which is it right there now were all i think ethereums just frosted right now good luck to all the shorters not why is the short crypto either it moves too fast david asks is any chance link hits a hundred years this year yes i i actually think thats very possible if as long as we dont have a some kind of crazy thing going on in the united states or you know the president doesnt sign whatever who knows as long as we dont have if everything rains constant like it has been i think lincoln hit a hundred dollars this year yes stacy since i remember you from twitter youre one of my first twitter followers i know i remember names i know you i i think youre maybe not maybe you to my youtube but youve never made a comment but i know i remember she was one of my i assumed year ago it was i know a couple stacy guys so but yep uh stacy was one of my first twitter subscribers our followers and i also know all my early subscribers on here so appreciate you guys asian bears getting slaughtered yeah theres a not wise to bet against crypto in all-time high territory links still doing good see what cardonas cardanos starting to move again bitcoin 32 6 its moving gently ever so gently back up whats a polka dot doing anybody got some polka dot im gonna keep got up whats that dropping oh this is a this is a very bullish pattern for dot right here its your flagpole and yeah this is going to be going based on this pattern alone i would say that will be going higher in the near future dot is going to do very well this cycle i believe 20 watching 20 likes appreciate it thanks guys thanks james i was scrolling back up uh team mix is like a horse race which bag gets bigger faster yeah this is like uh all this cold all season which ive been calling for for about a week now we get that big bitcoin dominance falling like this what leads to it and then also with the dxy the dollar index that dropping and making the cross for the first time in almost 20 years lets see some real fight this could just be the beginning if the dollar kicks the bucket just keep keep on printing money there bud i like it well put our other averages on here so you guys can see that if you guys are new i use these moving average exponential moving average and uh once these get in order from least to greatest its 200 150 and 21. once hes getting order especially on the weekly this is when you get your big moves wait and then you want super separation the bigger separation the better as well the weekly obviously link is still too young but you can see these are thats looking like crazy link ethereum its the ethereums so we put this back on auto ethereums ribbons have been sorted out for a while now looking good because its nice this u-shape and were just breaking out of it man i dont know where a theorem could go but it could go high fast its already gone high fast right link back to some comments link bitcoin links needs to get back above here if we get if link can start sorting these back out start putting these in order like go back to these levels i think right now if if link got back to you can see up here this is uh i think was sixteen hundred sixteen thousand satoshis 160 000 satoshis back in the peak if that did that again the value i think is like things were at a hundred dollars if you do the math right i was doing it earlier but so if it got back to that same value which was it was 20 right here right the last peak we got back to that same value with bitcoin where it is now its like about 100 100 dollars link which is which is why i believe that link could hit a hundred dollars ethel time hi yep thanks auntie see where were at man thats not every day you see patterns like that on a daily chart thats amazing but hopefully if you see this big pattern here so its on the weekly so this is like two years three years long right imagine this move right here is just this move here just imagine i think over the next few years i think were gonna see that this move is this move i think were just getting started with ethereum imagine were only right here same with link say this big bowl big w i think i think link is right in this area im not saying this is gonna be the same time frame but you know history doesnt repeat but it often rhymes one of my favorite sayings so youre just going to look for patterns data data will be back i guess we got to switch data from crack like not much history we got any more questions thanks guys for watching again ill do another video tomorrow kind of see an update what happens overnight see if i can find anything new to give give you all some tips or tricks or whatever but do a video every day and then im going to start doing at least two live streams a week its all really up for you im happy to take any questions or answer any more but were doing good we can go on uh the shorter time frames a lot of live streams are like looking at the short time frames 30 minutes mostly like you know macro trends looking at the big picture but live streams just gets kind of boring so well zoom in you see link sorted out the moving averages even on the 30 minute these are good you dont want to start tangling up see this once you sort out you get to move up look whats happening again get a bounce off of that little things like that can keep you ahead nice like bitcoin lets see cardano never got this sorted out i dont know where my where the heck is the hell is what wheres binance or i dont i dont think thats it whats going on everybody know what im doing wrong with it it there comes out but that anybody had that i think i asked earlier and look and see if anybody said yes thanks brad brads in my telegram group i dont have many people on the telegram but some people dont like telegram so yeah so whats uh china is like 7 7 am right now so expect some more volatility in the next in the coming hours china wakes up and sees some bullish bullish movement we could get some more another big buying wave here jeremy also i think bitcoin will drop to 27k or less before the pump sold the panda pom panty i like it uh so we go look at bitcoin and on our weekly uh this it has to come back and test this yellow line at some point its our 21 week ema in the past bull markets it always does that no matter what look at this even tomorrow how big the move up i mean these are like 30 percent drop there i was a 40 drop there and then you know if you dont test it and you continue moving up its usually the blow off top so thats your sign just giving you a piece of advice for the future not saying were going to have a blow off top anytime here soon but if you keep testing this like this this 21 week and then you go up and you go back down again and then you start moving back up without testing it and its a year or so from now or whenever were getting way up over 100k or whatever this is were in the final phase so yes were going to come back and test this were going to come back and test this were going to come back and test this time and time again in this cycle this is what second time so we tested it here then move i think well come back here who knows if its going to be you know february march april it could it could go back up again before coming testing it this morning average is exponentially moving up so the longer it takes to test it the higher its going to go you can see the projection right see that so these will continue to move up as time go progresses so by the time we test it it could be close to 30k we dont know so we dont know when its going to happen but its fully expected that it will happen before continuing or it might not even test it yet we could just be in you know the first the smooth kind of like a macro trim this move before coming back and testing it but we have to test it at some point happens every time ethereum oh just wanted to see if theyre get to 1500 the next nine minutes still looking good bitcoin on 30 minutes ethereum here on the five minutes looking crazy i think should we put on one minute get real nutty look at that its even holding the 21 minute support line so these lines are always the same and they just change with the value so this is a 21 minute 50 minute 100 minute 200 minute we go to weekly you know just whatever chart youre on thats what these lines represent if you didnt know you guys got anything else thats about all i got i just wanted to kind of see the weekly close-in and see where were going looks like were going bullish so thats always good we want to wake up tomorrow to even higher prices that will be fantastic link on the one minute lets do it look at all these gaps theres not a lot of volume these gaps just mean not a lot of volume about five minutes nice little move gaps boom yeah sorry man oh yeah yeah i asked you behind me next live stream right oh go to so this is on the daily gloom chart and like a super move here holding good support good formation there yeah its made a heck of a move hasnt it for the past month or so 200 up not always wise or rarely ever wise to chase a pump after its gone up you know 200 percent but hopefully you had some back in here not saying its gonna come back down or anything but i could obviously still go up it looks like um this is great formation so you know rising you know higher lows see the low higher low hopefully make a higher low if we come back down at all break out here so we want to continue this move back up just like ethereum has done make like a little horseshoe and then break out the top nice bold move so it looks so far so good keep an eye on it anytime youre on the live stream with me if you wanted me to check it id be happy to check it and see if i see anything else links 2540 still doing good you know how long do we have on all coins before pull back um yeah thats uh well its the age old question someone could answer that correctly every time hed be a quadrillionaire right um just gonna look for warning signs right now theres not a whole lot bitcoins even going back up some enough bitcoin once bitcoin breaks down here and breaks 29 29k that thats a big warning sign now all coins will get you know you know those little knee-jerk reactions and follow bitcoin usually more harshly than bitcoin corrects but until bitcoin breaks you know closes a candle under here i think were so good that helps all i know if bitcoin went from 32 to 20 28 in a day i mean all coins are more than likely harshly correct but thats what i look for uh bitcoin just starting to you know give warning signs all coins have plenty of room to run if bitcoin goes sideways and we do uh hayden we we do updates five days a week so if youre wondering whats going to happen tuesday wednesday thursday and you havent looked at it in a day or so i can we look at anything every day at least two live streams a week and five videos a week so although i might not do one i wont be able to do one this friday i wont be able to do a video or live stream friday because its my daughters birthday so were going to take a little trip yeah friday saturday sunday ill be out so well do maybe well do one sunday night to make up for friday do another live stream sunday night to close it thatll be the monthly close a week from today monthly clothes weekly clothes daily clothes thatll be a big one so do a live stream for that for sure thatll be big ive got a link on the monthly check that out yes ever look at that that is insane one month link i mean thats uh 123 so far 123 up almost 14 this month so we started out eleven dollars fantastic you guys ever look at these on the monthly its pretty interesting look at that theres ethereum on the monthly uh up 700 dollars in a month and almost 100 almost doubled your money in a month if youve been holding ethereum monthly not as good long wick long wicks is not what you want to see see this back here long wicks call this the john wick because youre dead just kidding i just made that up right then yeah so we want bitcoin to just chill out slow bleed sideways altcoin season will if we can hug this little 21 day line and range between these two lines all coins will continue to blow lets get back in a short time frame here i would fully expect uh china to wake up here in a minute uh hopefully we go to sleep and wake up tomorrow morning and uh this could be itd be nice to wake up higher wouldnt surprise me with now ethereum all-time high and chain-ling gold im high a lot of these coins all-time high i mean i think um what was the other ones today that just exploded here yes thirty percent today thirty percent those definitely market leaders today ethereums up 18 today 24 hours bitcoin not so much if you look at um my top five are you know bitcoin ethereum uh chain lane cardano and polkadot so chain link cardano and polkadot have about 25 of the market cap of ethereum and ethereum house about 25 percent of the market capital bitcoin so that puts it in perspective how big bitcoin is so you have three coins in the top nine that are only a quarter of ethereum and ethereum is only a quarter roughly of bitcoin thats insane anything else talk about anything else talk about anything ill do about like go to eight oclock or something if you guys know anything probably call it about eight oclock been on for about an hour already so youre here i appreciate you being here just trying to grow the channel help as many people as possible dont have anything to sell you or anything like that so just trying to help everybody oh ethereums moving again maybe thats a pretty nice move fifteen hundred by eight do you think we eight oclock fifteen hundred lets do it its only right here so far we have to go to get there yeah one one percent come on we got it give me one percent in 12 minutes rxt lets go look at it okay well were starting to get some good good formation here but generally you know dont want to like see coins and macro down transfer year but you never know there we go its starting to start you know lower lows or higher lows excuse me so we want this to continue to break out you want these lines to start separating more just like we always say looks like its first time its happened in a while so maybe we can get something going here a little bit shorter time frame whats oxt market cap ranked number 130 thats separating itself from bitcoin so thats good but generally lower market cap i usually dont mess around with super low market caps anything outside of the top 20 or so and if you do its just not financial advice but you know if youre gonna make big bets on these or try to trade these generally its wise to do it with just a certain section or portion of your portfolio not your whole thing maybe 10 or so just for you know speculation on you know small cap coins and then 90 in your big caps thats what i did thats what i do so market caps 100 million still pretty small got room to grow more room to go start looking we might make it fifteen hundred by eight still going its like doing links just hanging out it was it was going to be so impressive i thought i was going to get to 26. you can still do it just link flap around on a minute all right good simon good glad glad we got a i can onboard someone to the old linksters yeah uh t-mix says with all the institutions buying bitcoin its surprising that uh bitcoin is not roofing its just it was just getting so overbought i mean its just cooling off just happens at any bull market just its just what it does no matter how much money it seems like it always has a pullback its amazing now it should theoretically in the coming years should be less volatile because it has more money in it its harder to turn a ship the bigger it is right so the more money the less volatile some people get that confused some people think thats backwards but thats how it is the bigger it is the harder it is to move around and play with so thats also why you know low cap coins can be risky because you could 100 million dollar market cap can be have huge swings if someone buys or sells a few million dollars worth right trying so were at all-time high of 1475 for ethereum link is now 25.52 no thats not right i think you got higher than that 25.85 all-time high link 25.85 happened on the live stream 2500 by february i mean anythings possible i think 2500 on the cards for you know this year cyber network i actually had some kyber for a while i dont know why i got out of it i was it was early i look at it k and c is that right i remember right is that right k and c yep its been a while yep so far looking good on the technicals thats a nice thats a nice move so far so good youd want to obviously once we break it all time out two dollars we dont know about far to go we can get there as long as we have an all-season i think it can get back up here sure looking good but i mean uh i dont know about trading this one because this it looks awful volatile this is looks like maybe like a buy and hold for a little bit and see what it does nice moves nice move going here um if you get back below this line which is you know dollar 14.15 if you get back under that that could be a bad warning sign because you know even though its not you know old but turning down until we break above this youd want to hold that line dollar dollar dollar 10 area because as this moves that if it moved back down this would start curving down with it so anything above a dollar youre good if it starts going below that might do some warning signs for you that would be a red flag for me and where lets go still ranging all right we got 21 people watching you guys anything else before we call it i think uh eight oclock cause i said id do it uh we do well do another video tomorrow morning and every day during the week uh technical indicators man i do like um um you mean like uh all these over here like the fibonacci i use fibonacci a lot yeah fibonacci um electron channels thats about it i mean i have some uh no indicators that i use like the rsi and that kind of stuff down below maybe someday ill show you guys more of that but im kind of um just do kind of more analysis for now and not uh if you give away all my all my secrets yet all right so if anybodys not going anything else so look for a video tomorrow morning and every day this week if you guys got any questions you can leave a comment on those videos or just send me a message im on telegram im on twitter five day crypto one uh let me know uh otherwise ill see you guys tomorrow all this week and well do a live stream maybe a couple times this week as well so appreciate you guys have a good night go watch the football or whatever youre into thanks guys see you have a good one We will be looking at Chainlink Link in WEEKLY Close as well as Bitcoin BTC Ethereum ETH and altcoins by request and all of their weekly closes too! *Please like and Subscribe* Thank you!