chainlink transactionsLINK to $222 - SWIFT & WEF Bug-Eaters have Chosen The CHAINLINK

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oh welcome back cutie pie chain link to 180 200 250 dollars look I want to tell you something thats going on on a deeper level I am going to go through this tweet youre gonna enjoy it and before I start reading the tweet I spend 18 hours a day here all right 18 hours a day I stop crypto to go shower to go to the bathroom or to train weights and you know what I do I have headphones on while I train weights and then I have headphones on while Im sprinting on the treadmill after Im doing this 24 7. I absorb a lot of information why Im your friend Im here to give it for free because Im so confident Im gonna win Okay so I want you to understand powerful people they work differently to me and you the most evil powerful people they are paranoid so if they can operate in the shadows they do operate in the shadows thats actually the best place to be because then then you dont know who to focus your legal attacks your violent physical attacks okay thats how they work okay very smart now when there are public infrastructure or public institutions that everybody knows about theres obviously somewhere we can Target but the evil bastards what they do is theyre very smart man what they do is right when they have an evil grand plan they have a method of releasing it to the public and they basically Gaslight us so what gaslighting is they slowly introduce their strategy to us over time they release it on websites they start doing talks and they they start with very gentle language and then they ramp it up over time they never want to shock people because at the end of the day if you are controlling a lot of people the last thing you want to do is shock them so first youve got to get like the you know the five percent of weirdos in you know the people who are like always pro-government those weirdos right then you go then they get the next 10 and 15 and so on so I spend a lot of time I know how these power structures form I know how they work um and I dont blame them honestly for how they do it its actually very very smart so when Im coming to you about this training information I want you to know Im not making this up from bottom of my heart Im telling you this is whats happening I can see it happening and Im here to tell you okay so the Swift theyre there but thats the international payments okay routes through the New York fed its basically when you think about it its the blockchain for the New York fed you know its you want to do any banking transfer its got to go through Swift okay thats how they control everyone Australia UK Africa every single big Bank in the world gotta go through Swift if you start trying to avoid Swift Thats when America starts coming to take you on Okay so the Swift and the WF EF guys right World economic Forum they are openly telling us what their ultimate plan is theyre going to help chain link win the blockchain race with ccip tech okay Ive made a video on ccip Cross chain integrated protocol okay here we go all blockchains will connect to this link ccip Network Swift and WF you know so you want to eat the bugs those guys they will get full oversight on everything okay one link equals two two its actually going to go higher than that I think if this is true man its gone over a thousand bucks but dont get too happy this is like one cycle ahead okay I dont want to talk about these giant numbers okay you know if my real numbers 650 bucks I now know to divide it by three okay Ive learned from the last cycle so lets read this quickly okay so this is from Jonathan Erie whatever his name is okay and this guy is a swift strategy director quite unquote youre not strategy director means it means Im a puppet okay and I was chosen because Im very good at communication with gentle words to like tell you whats going on without surprising you and spooking you okay lets read this together okay so lets go so who says he Swift doesnt have the potential to reach and connect all of them hes talking about blockchains here so what theyre talking about is they go theres going to be Bitcoin and ethereum and Solana and poker trash and kusama and kasamek everything right all these different blockchains theyre going to have different like protocols languages how they operate and they cant be all connected the tickets too complicated and it gets risky with the bridges moving money cryptography all these nerd stuff that we dont get right so what Swift says is we do not bet in 10 blockchains this year and if then if those 10 disappear we lose investment and its the same for the banks so what theyre saying is like they dont invest like me lets throw our money in 10 staff see if one goes a thousand X asymmetric right next part this is where ccip comes into place okay if we Swift connect to this interoperability Network ccip by chain link then we connect 11 000 banks with 20 blockchains and theres more to come and then they finish then we have these two infrastructures Swift and csuip that are secure reliable scalable and connected that is a load of words that is the biggest load of crap Ive ever you know when a government guy when guys who run the world say reliable secure scalable and connected you know thats a big load of rhinoceros doo-doo that means were gonna have all the power thats what that translates to Okay so lets go to some Moon Maxi so chain link okay actually before we look at the Moon mats Okay so as we went through before okay youre gonna have ethereum and Solana and polka dot kusama xrp Ledger right cardano pulse chain all this stuff okay and what what theyre saying is what Swift guy is saying he goes look we dont know whos gonna win like we want ethereum to win but were not even sure thats what they really want they dont know whos actually gonna win okay and they dont know how things are going to change because its so bleeding edge Tech so what they actually thats what theyre releasing this to remember what I said the beginning powerful evil people will Gaslight you so you dont get shocked in five to ten years and nobody has a revolution overnight okay so what they they introduces everyone so they go oh theres all these blockchains oh whos gonna win right they have their chosen ones but it doesnt matter so what theyre saying is they go well lets get Cheney link okay lets get the chainy link logo what this saying is okay they go chain Links gonna make ccip all right and whats going to happen is you know web3 digital world so someone out there is going to make you know like uber 2.0 someones gonna make new social media app right someones gonna make super insurance pay up using crypto right so all these different apps are coming right we dont know what they are if we did wed make a hundred thousand Excel money wed be treating this we dont know what they are but somethings coming the data to get these apps okay theyre gonna come from somewhere theyre gonna come from pulse chain cardana except theyre gonna come from they dont know everywhere everywhere all right we dont know whos gonna exactly win but they are also going to be fed data from somewhere okay and theyre going to be fed data from nodes whats going to happen is these different nodes out here right different countries different nodes and what these Swift guy is basically saying he goes hey let me just caught clone here he says hey man all you guys you know youve got a USA youve got UK right Ive been just simplifying hes simplifying here they go well weve basically weve chosen chain link so what theyre saying is these apps in the future were gonna be theyre gonna be using us okay were going to be connecting in sorry these are actually going to go to chaining okay thats a ccip all right so theyre basically letting you know weve chosen chain link okay so heres Swift payments whatever theyre like telling you now ahead of time were choosing chain link and we like this ccip thing so you know what happens you know what this is a crazy part right you see all these blockchains ethereum Solana everybodys in their own little city and their Universe right you dont know whos going to win but now you dont need to know whos wins because theyre all going to go through chain links ccip okay so they go yeah yeah go play in your playground we dont really care because all of you guys have got to route back to ccip all every single one is going to come back to ccip see its a jungled web we dont really care and from here Swift and World economic Forum with a bug and everyone else they get to watch everything this is a standardized protocol right now we cant avoid this this would eventually happen but Im just letting you know this is how the guys on Top This Is How They want to control everyone this is it right they go hey there are too many standards of data here you know theres someone going to be using tornado cash on polka dot hes moving money he connects to an app that does something on xrp hes doing stuff on ethereum its too hard to control and put all this data and everything whats going on and chain link will like hey why dont we integrate everywhere and make a standard in one nice little place for you and then Swift are like yes yes well then World economic from theyre like yeah thats a good idea put everything in one place so we can see it all and we can control it all okay and remember I was talking about this Uber 2.0 and this social media app this guy is gonna have to connect through nodes data is going to have to come through outside places right like you know maybe its like I said you know Australias income tax rates and maybe data sources from Africas um Africas different post offices are posting like different drought levels so farmers can get insurance and get insurance you see all this random data and stuff out there all of these this guys gonna make the app hes gonna be using chain link there you go everything links up okay so chain link when you think about it Ive said this before you know you got this like interoperability chains connecting everything theyre all load of okay theyre all load of do you think the world government I want to ask you this lets look at polka dot polka dot has parachains and governance voting and like all this do you honestly think the bug eating are going to let polka dot with like you know a couple of people holding hands and voting do you think theyre going to let these guys control all the data honestly have a think about that do you honestly think thats how the world is gonna look a couple of dudes made a blockchain theyre going to be making all their decisions on who comes in big Financial applications and who gets control of the banks no I dont think the worlds gonna work like that I think theyre going to use chaining personally right now not only do I think that the good thing is you go back to my quote here we these Jonathan guys actually saying yeah man were actually doing it right here were telling you right now this is actually what were gonna do okay so you go back to the middle of a message the ultimate goal is control all right thats the ultimate goal of this were not nihilistic this is not like the worlds gonna end Im just saying theres a lot of people out there they like controlling people we know how governments act we know how to behave they just want to control everyone thats it its so much easier more efficient to do it this way right so to happen to be a Visionary you got to think like an evil dictator here and there all right and this is exactly what comes through so now we go through the juice all right so lets go to link Link in its first cycle did I think it was 10 cents right did I think it was 11 cents actually 11 cents went through there you go like 450 x okay thats beautiful see how amazing it is you got to get in a cycle one coins okay pulse Chain Cycle One pulse X Cycle One poor pleb cycle one okay so just quickly youre looking at these cycle one PLS pulse chain soccer one plsx pulse X Cycle One poor pleb PP meme just quickly right throwing it out here so if you can find cycle ones super duper good all right chain link was a cycle one last cycle now its cycle two cycle twos they dont have two diamonds I got one cycle twos are good but youre not going to get your 400x anymore people are going to hope for the 400x but youre probably not going to get it you know so this is where we just guess like I dont know but this was exactly from the low man so if we get like whatever five dollars I like doing 40x its one tenth its conservative you know it gets you there you go 222 dollars all right I like doing it I want to be wrong I want it to be like 15 uh 60x wouldnt that be great thatd be 300 bucks if that happens right so you can we can see that but I dont know Im just too scared Im too scared that youre not long enough and were at 150 bucks and then it Taps 220 right so this is this is the worst part okay so we can go up here maybe here we go we go up to like 200 right well we go back down we go up we top like two to 30 and then back down here okay and youre not going to know this is the top its going to do this pattern but think about this man you hit 220 but you still went down here now youre back here to like 90 bucks okay its exactly actually what happened here you know hit 50 then its down to like 18. do you know what I mean these numbers you can drop like 60 very very very fast I dont want you after all my information to be dreaming of three to four hundred dollar chain link when were up here okay I would rather you be safe and youre happy to start exiting at 100 bucks not exit all of it but go like you know what yeah were on the moon a bit you know were on towards the moon towards the moon at 150 at 180 I want you to be in that position of strength okay because think about the dangerous position here man we all got screwed up here when chaining goes at 30 to 40 bucks we were thinking yep yep hundred and look what happens next goes back to five okay so you now know all this information you know the world economic forum and Swift theyve theyve told us theyve told us were choosing chaining and Ive told you man I spent a lot of time I know how these guys work I know how they think in fact I might get kidnapped one day and they just put me in the back of a car and they asked me to make decisions because I know exactly how to manipulate everyone I know what they do okay so theyre gaslighting everyone theyre saying okay you know were gonna do this and simplify it and remember these words men remember these words secure reliable scalable connected theyre just words okay theyre just words it means were watching you and see you later all right decentralization so they chose a link thats a cool thing isnt it cool I can identify hey theyre openly letting us know that chainings gonna do it right you know if you remember back they quickly they they chose xrp there was xrp rumors with swift but see how far see how dangerous technology is because it it moves so bleeding edge fast xrp had a lot of adoption in 2017 but then with ethereum they may Define so now xrps payment its lackluster and so defy gets made chaining is the Oracle and now Swift have now changed their decision theyre like oh screw xrp were going with chaining so thats just how fast its an unfortunate man its very very hard to predict these thats why man like youre gonna have to take profit somewhere we dont really know we dont know what happens look what happened to xrp you know they could have been the chosen ones but it all went this way all right so good thing is you can be like man even if lets say by the time watch this video lets say I think its eight bucks look youre still gonna get your 25x all right youre going to get your 20 25. I think its still a good place to be if I told you something which is look at this chart cheap against ethereum by it Hitman it it hit 93 against ethereum okay hits 90 like oh man like T even if from here if we just we didnt have to break the high we dont have to break the height if we just go back here thats 5.5 X on ethereum okay that is 1 8 becomes 5.5 eighth or 10 8 becomes 55 eighth like this is so absurd because you know bitcoins going up you know ethereum is more deflationary and has more use case than Bitcoin right and now Ive told you okay the world economic Forum the bug eaters have literally told you that theyre gaslighting you and said theyve chosen chain link and so and chaining is cheap against ethereum this by the way Ive been screaming this from the rooftops for a long time so I know I sound like a broken record but I dont care Ive been saying this for a long time 18 months but yeah wouldnt you have liked someone to tell me and you to buy a link here wouldnt we have like that look how long this is from September 2017 basically all the way for like 18 months 18 months you know and then its still Moon shots thats 13x to the top all right thats still its a long time man thats a long time Okay so depression goes for a long time in crypto but eventually it ends and eventually you start getting this ridiculous stuff right eventually thats gonna happen okay maybe its happening now we dont know we dont know if thats the eventual start okay so we have all the signs weve done all the research we know ccip is a secret Tech we know the WF and and uh Swift have chosen chain link and they want to spy on everyone in the future they want to put everyones data in one place and chain link is getting all the Integrations and its first place and its going to render polka dot and all these other like lets hold the hand and control the world type of Visions its going to render them useless okay its like its a perfect weapon for them the perfect weapon so I like link I feel safe confidently holding it it cant be forked you watch my earlier videos and now you have to decide do you want to put a micro bullet in or do you want to put one bullet or 10 or 50 right its completely up to you there are other coins that I would also hold but Im just saying like this is why I feel confident in here my chain link stack instead of having like seven layer one chains which everyones wasting their time with I just got link because I completely understand chain link is leverage on ethereum and the whole crypto space all right until next time friends Donation Address: yourfriendsommi.eth Click Subscribe + Bell Button All Follow on Twitter: Timestamps 00:00 Intro to LINK to $222 03:00 Deep into SWIFT & World Economic Forum choosing ChainLink 06:00 Blockchains, who will Win? 09:00 WEF & SWIFT gaining control using ChainLink CCIP 12:17 ChainLink did 450x in Cycle 1 15:45 SWIFT chose XRP but then... 18:00 LINK to $222 And to beat ETH