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Chain link is a web3.0 Defi and oracle project is Chain link in fact what a first project that connects off-Chain data i.e. real data with blockchain-based smart contracts today I have a very important update to snatch with you guys What is it, I am going to tell here as well as take Chain link within the coming time, maybe you have a decent amount of profit, if you give it here, then at what price should you take entry? How long should you hold here? How much profit can be made by giving it? If you like the video, then defintly like the video if you do not yet subscribed to the channel then you definitely subscription to the channel, so as we all know that the web 3.0 Whatever it is, all-ready has started here, hasnt it We have some crypto projects that are working here for all-ready web 3.0 and actually Chain link is one of them chain link does that work because we are going to do it here inside the plants, basically inside the stone plants, which is our real word. Yes, we are bringing it, on top of blockchain technology, we want to make it decentralized so that there is no interaction of third parties, there is a chain link here, that is also doing something similar here. it connect offline data to blockchain Real Word data here with blockchain-based smart contracts Viva Oracle Service Oracle Network, so now what was the first project that was providing this service here, due to which there was a lot of popularity There are also major popular projects, all of them have a long list with integration and partnership here, there is a long list of projects here, which have adi, compound, one inch, in fact Binance smart Chain also integrated here with chain link but now because web 3.0 is moving very fast, all the projects here in this web 3.0 If you do not want to do anything, then the binance who are also here are launching their own oracle services here, they are launching their oracle services here, not the pines, they will use it first here. With its binance smart chain but it has become the first first competition for chain link, so when there is a competition in the market here, these Chain all-ready is very popular if a new comption comes in market then definatly projects There is a competition in the middle, they work harder, to compete with each other, lets see how does Binance will compete here to the chain link? But let us not forget that allready is a very popular name, but Chain link has a lot of projects, they have a lot of projects, in what way do they have the things of they work out here? Right now, the chain link has a very big competition, Binance oracle Those who are here have come all ready, comments about what your opinion is, now you talk about Chanilink so the price of linkcoin is going around seven point six dollar round which. a mojor update may can come here with two to three days and the within this week I think it can be given to you here the profit that is up to fifty to sixty percent and eight percent. If you should take an entry above, then I think it will be better to do BCA here, you can do something here at seven point six dollars, one dollar from seven point three dollars and if the price goes below that, then you can make an accumalate On the round of ten to twelve percent, you can place your stop loss here, talk about how long you should hold here, then you can be given profit within the next thirty to forty days, but it is my own There is personal study and research, you must do your own study and resurch before investing anywhere Video How did you like you will definitely tell me in the commerce section If you like the video, then make video calling inside if you have subscribed to the channel so far If you do not do it, then of course we also get to subscribe, We will meet in the next video till then take care bye bye. Link Crypto Ready to Explode ? 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