chainlink cleanerLINK Crypto Chainlink Price, Updated Bear Bottom Targets & Why Im Moving Them

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chainlink cleaner chainlink labs salaries LINK Crypto Chainlink Price, Updated Bear Bottom Targets & Why Im Moving Them
Im working through a chain link bottom Target my previous channel line uh had two aggressive of an angle Ill show you here in a second and now its gone sideways for so long clearly I made you know not the right guess uh back then so what I have just recently taken off let me show you here is so macro uh Channel I guess version two is this line which worked for almost you know about two-thirds of a year right and its moved sideways so long I dont think a bear Market Target can be associated with this channel anymore its too deep its a 70 drawdown I can I see you know on a wick yeah it could um but I I just dont think its the right thing to look at anymore um Im only looking for about a 50 45 to 50 drop for the rest of the bear Market on big the big main cap alts like this uh so I looked at the chart started pissing around a little bit oh yeah and these were the associated price targets that I had I think these are too low so good thing I am looking at this question all right so macro Channel version two honestly it looks like it looks like the bottom of this line really um so lets guess around February there you go 333 thats my guess because Im guessing this as my time axis because its it has a slope so because its not a horizontal and it has a slope the time is important right so where it go where where it hits this line look I mean just look at the number change watch 440. 340. you know and so how long was that thats only a this is a pretty steep slope too yep 333 so it would be barely not that barely from its current all-time lows thats 36 low 37 low chain link rock and roll and feel free to copy this here let me make it a little cleaner uh you could fit this on a four hour no you cant uh if you had like a two foot wide screen you could but youre gonna need the eight hour chart or the daily to fit this on and this right here was its all-time high oops there you go thats how to draw it The Number 1 Chainlink Crypto Price Analysis Channel on YouTube. 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