Low Cap Gem*** DOS Network eos vs augur vs chainlink investmentIs This Chainlink Competitor The Next Chainlink!?

chainlink blockchain shirt chainlink hisgh transaction fees eos vs augur vs chainlink investment Is This Chainlink Competitor The Next Chainlink!? Low Cap Gem*** DOS Network
eos vs augur vs chainlink investment chainlink token burn Is This Chainlink Competitor The Next Chainlink!? Low Cap Gem*** DOS Network
welcome to everything currency Im youre my InFocus yeah right there welcome to everything in currency Im your host Jay and today I got a new low cap gym for you guys low cap Fridays coming at you once again on this channel and as always do your own research and only invest which you could afford to lose that phrase when I first got into crypto was like the most important phrase ever only invest what you can afford to lose and I havent been hearing that lately so only investment you can afford to lose but today the low cap Jim is this BTC dumb and its minute its going up but the low the low cap Jim for today is the do s Network right now lets look at it its below the 40 million market cap a 4.5 peaking up on four point six the daily volumes at 2 million volume volume volume whatever the daily volume is at 2 million dollars and the total supply is at 1 billion so thats that opinion and its up like point 11 cents today the ranked 440 times you guys can go on call martin kappa look at all that it might change by the time we look at it anyway going to the website what do they do what do they do the all-time high this is 3 cents but anyways going to the website what do they do its a decentralized oracle service network to boost blockchains ability in the real world so basically its like the blog chains have to connect to the real word data and this is why one coin that has been popping off has been so popular and its chain link right so everyone loves chain link and its basically the same thing if you go right here its the Oracle problem blockchain empower smart contracts are isolated from the internet world and cannot access external dated we so you know come on here do you research what what I liked one of the things I liked about the project is at the team the team is a pretty solid team of early crypto enthusiasts but these are all guys from the project lead is from Google you got people from Oracle Amazon so you got people from like some big-name companies who you know are developing this project as far as partnership goes these are these are other partnerships right here the biggest one for me is the theory of enterprise alliance because through this through this alliance these these any of these small coins who can work with this this alliance in any of these like big corporate alliances is like they have access to some some of the people and some like big companies who they can talk to you directly and probably get some some closer and more intimate partnerships going and voice going out like for those of you who dont know what the theory I mean the enterprise of theorem Alliance is let me just go to the front pages the EA is a member let industry organization whose objective is to drive the use of the theory and blockchain being on a theory of bullish on a theory in long term because of stuff like this and the capabilities that aetherium has but what I what Im more concerned about for this video is the members and if we go into the members right here as you can see you got do s network theres a lot of theres a lot of other coins on here also like you know chain links on here of course you know theory ums people but the be the BBVA is a bank you know you got Intel on here you got you know ledger so a bunch of companies on this alliance and you got this small little gem of a coin here sitting at four million dollars that but they have access to all these you know to all these companies so thats one and these are all going back to the website real quick you know the team is all people from you know Google Oracle stuff like that Amazon you know so for me look looking pretty good so of course if you made this far lets check out the chart once and for all let me clear my yeah hold on [Applause] sorry about that but getting into this real quick as you can see right here this blue line right here is the 21 daily movement a ver äj-- this yellow line right here is the 50 and this white line is the hundred now when you get across a a smaller moving average which I its a major moving average they would say when you get across of a major moving average a smaller major moving average over a larger moving average like the 21 across the hundred on the daily then thats considered a golden cross thats considered a bullish and golden cross so if you look right here you had the 21 cross the 50 and it consolidated for a little bit and then if you really zoom in so cert some traders have this thing where they say it has to cross twice so it went up right here went down and then once it crossed again real quick and then once it crossed again boom you see this push up right here and then it crossed the hundred boom so now its way above the 50 above the hundred and the 21 its basically sitting on the 21 for support Im thinking that its not you know its gonna be ranging in here hopefully hitting the 21 for support but if this is a reversal pattern then some of the potential that this coin has going forward you can see right here its only the only being that concerns me that the volume is dying off and it was picking up as those I mean its picking up right here as it got close to this bottom but yeah bullets cross a golden cross golden cross on this is do s Network on us deep T on bit max right now let me see what exchanges is there John zombie max MXC so this this exchange right here is actually becoming pretty popular a lot of people like it they like the the UI and the you know user experience and everything I say its pretty clean I havent tried it but they have everything pegged to us DT the Bitcoin they dont you know they have more uset to Bitcoin in aetherium but uh yeah I guess check out this exchange if you want to this video is brought to you by Auto Shop comm check out some crypto gars crypto jewelry get you a crypto sweaters getting cold out here and yeah check out do s Network thats my newest low cap jam some of my other coins are sleeping on me right now Im gonna continue to so right now Im looking more into like defy cuz Im you know Im were you know word around hearing a lot about it and learning a lot about it actually and its looking like this is where we need crypto to go its looking like we need where we need money to go in general like subscribe turn on post notifications ask questions let me know what you guys think and until next time peace This Coin is Under the radar and has very good use case. like subscribe and let me know what you think of this weeks low cap gem. 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