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Bitcoin and eth are absolutely pumping and it looks like all season might be here the rotation is almost here so make sure its not full moon to bitcoin not full moon followers influence and ether it looks like the signals here that the rotations here we want to look to position in all coins that have not yet ran with the potential to run and how do we do that well its not just our guessing or what some guy on Twitter said this is based on historic data based on plots work best historically thats what we do here at this channel so make sure to like And subscribe if you want to know what whats worked best on your outcome before whats made the most money and all kind of you like and then what we do is we build indicators to suit that and we give these away as part of our nft utility if you cut the last video on Solana I think youll be very happy were up uh 15 on that and the other one on each bar since we crossed uh one moment I have to look here but this one is up and I think we caught it somewhere around here it was up to actually 100 not 89 so we caught this a little lower um but happy days if you caught that so yeah make sure to like And subscribe follow guys follow project thuggies on Twitter the links are in the description so you can learn how we do this so lets get into link today why do we think the link might be next to go well as you can see Bitcoin dominance has been in this run for 700 days so its been in this range for 700 days and what do we do with the range we ping pong until were wrong so we want to buy the top of the range our sorry sell the top of the range along the bottom and whats happened now Bitcoin is absolutely rocketed to the top of this range and had a harsh rejection so if Bitcoin can stay at the burn 30k but Bitcoin dominance drops obviously that money is going to go into alts and thats going to rock it so ethers already ran but why do we think why do we think link can be one thats waiting in the shadows that no ones talking about because its been accumulating for so long well this is link on the monthly chart and what they see in finance is the wider the base the higher in space and this on the monthly chart this has been this is the 11th month weve been pinned under the August 2020 monthly open but a couple things have happened with link recently that are bullish and the momentum is turning bullish but this is going unseen another chart we might want to look at here is link dominance you can see here were very much bottomed out weve had the lows back here I kept the lows kept the lows we bounced massively up this last time in terms of dominance so its looking like if we can reclaim here and especially break out this downtrend it looked like link might have another wrong run up another big leg ahead of it now going off link and back testing we can look to at terms of when was link bullish when was link bearish because obviously we want to be in the market when Links bullish we want to be out the market we dont want to hold an asset when its bearish and have that asset devalue so as you can see this is what happened here we have um this method and Orange versus buying and holding Link in blue and you can see that in terms uh when the asset in blue is depreciating link our our method went sideways because were were in stable coins however if we were to look to actually short the market on 1X leverage we massively outperform and this is on a logarithmic chart as you can see from our one thousand dollar starting investment weve got over a hundred thousand dollars versus 19. so over a 5x youve had here using this method of just long link when momentums bullish shorting when the momentum is bearish and how does that look on a chart well as you can see down here here we have a momentum bias indicator that would just tell us oh we want to be in link when the momentum is billish and as you can see here how it works is when we cross this line you want to be long when the momentum is billish for example we cross around here sorry down here so here we cross and then we get our when the momentum turns bearish around here so this trade is from two two dollars all the way up until 3.60 so nearly 50 there and we get out the market we chart this move back down then uh the momentum indicator turns bullish again we cross here and we dont cross back down again until we are here so this trade is absolutely a massive from two dollars let me just put on our um measuring tool were at 250 percent move here and this just works again and again we make sure to that were in the chart movement were in the position when the momentum is bullish were out when the momentum is bearish so this causes our near the top here and at 36 dollars shorted all the way down rebought Road the Longs and this happens again and again well recently even in during this tight range this method is being profitable because um for example here we get above we write this long so this is from like seven dollars all the way up until nine dollars and they were out of her position again we were locking in our profits but recently and this was a nice one here we got it six dollars and rode this one all the way up until it was 7.50 but uh link is not giving us much movement so any profits profit here but recently we broke Above This momentum indicator and stayed there so if we can break above here and Bitcoin dominance can remain on the down on coming down link might be one of these plays to get into rotation another one of the methods we used here is the backdest moving averages and look at when was link the most bullish when was the most bearish where could we have made the most money and what moving averages work best so here we back test all the data for this we export it into Excel and run all the calculations manually and really allows us to build a system which beats the influencers it just takes the guesswork out of it based on whats worked best so looking at this uh in trading view you can see here this orange line is a yellow line rather is our best performing moving average we want to be in in link when we break above and we want to be out of link for example here when the momentum turns bearish when you break down below to make sure were out the market we dont carry on holding uh through this down downturn now weve also included deviation zones in this so that when we get too far over extended from this moving average we want to be trimming our position taking some profits especially up near the highs knowing that were going to perform a mean erosion and return back to this mean which is exactly what we do so wed be taking profits here from two dollars maybe two percent a day five percent a day all the way up until 4.50 and then were rebuying when were too far overextended to the downside so rebuying here at two dollars youve sold at four and a half we bought a two and then youre turning around and selling at the highs again up here at 33 dollars again so it just works again and again heres selling the highs buying the lows and these these moves from the lowest to the highs are 100 so were selling here at uh five dollars rebuying the lows at just under two dollars turning around selling the highs at three dollars and thats exactly how we compound our growth in crypto buying and holding is just the influencers game because theyre lazy they dont have your best interests at heart Im sure theyre not hodling for the long term unless they bought Bitcoin in 2011 and theyve held it today theyve done extremely well but thats not the way to comprehend your growth especially if youre in this for the long term right now the way to do this is to trade this I havent indicator that tells you that its based off when was momentum bullish when was momentum bearish and use that information to your advantage and it just works again and again for example when you sell the highs you can rebuy the lows and accumulate more and more of link if youre bullish on link long term and turning around again selling the highs sorry guys for this is boring but its quite fascinating to me selling the highs buying the lows selling the highs and and what has happened recently well weve been in this range where its been really really quite boring on like yeah weve got some really nice trades for example this five dollars 58 until we break down down below at six dollars just under seven dollars here a 20 move so still really nice gains to be made during the spare Market where link has been going sideways but recently link is broken back out Above This base performing moving average so were going to look to take profit if this runs up and we can get this huge momentum on link personally I wouldnt be taking profits at ten dollars I think this could go much higher especially after 11 months of accumulation so guys make sure to follow thuggies project thuggies on Twitter the link is in the description as I said all these influence uh indicators we built so you dont have to use the influencers are um being provided as part of our nft utility were a research firm that uses quantitative analysis to really build indicators that beat the market and heres your results on bitcoin so if you can see huge results here and and you can look at if you go to the utility section and read a white paper and see how we can back this is how we can build these indicators so um yeah here are the results on bitcoin qnt FTM and these are all but specifically for this altcoin theyre not just one generic indicators to rule them all like were not just large Sauron were not oh boomwhacker sport band because some guy on the internet says no these are all built specific for each altcoin because they all run differently they all turn and bullish at certain times and different data Works differently on each asset so why should we just listen to these influencers and listen to people telling you that one indicators what to use it could be could work well but why not work what works best on those all coins and anyway guys what all coins are you bullish on are you bullish on link let us know in the comments below thanks guys LINK is looking primed to breakout and catch up big time! Chainlink is definitely a coin to watch in the next bull run but a backtested strategy is needed especially with an asset this volatile. Here we backtested LINK to find out what strategy works best and one of these indicators just flashed! After our backtest we built an awesome indicator specifically for Chainlink. No guesswork. No BS. Just pure data and results. Like and subscribe. Twitter: Website: Not financial advice. Indicator is open to interpretation. Past results do not guarantee future performance.