chainlink robinhoodIs Chainlink Going To Crash???

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whats going on guys eddie fliptronix now with the price of chain link absolutely going crazy im going to talk about if the coin can actually crash before we get into this i want to recommend everybody check out the stack the trading course now this is going to be good if youre just getting into cryptocurrency but if youve been in it for a while youre going to learn the different trading strategies being day trading swing trading long term trading now its always good to learn from somebody else as opposed to trying to figure everything out yourself but there are some really good tips in this course so ill link it up in both the description and comments if you want to check it out all right so im not gonna lie i am kicking myself a little bit for not buying this coin you know over a year ago now id been recommending it back when it was around like the dollar and 80 cent mark which was really just about a year ago from you know when im recording this video right now but if we take a look at coinbase here ive got my account pulled up and you know we kind of check out the percent changes based on the month and then the year youre gonna see chain link is number one for the month then if you look at the year its literally only behind the kyber network so this coin has performed you know ridiculously well um and right now on the year i think its up close to 600 percent or like about 600 percent which is crazy so you know typically when coins are going up or if anythings been going up for a while it usually is going to retrace a little bit and you know it should come back down but chain link you know its just been weird because even when its gone back and retrace a little bit it hasnt been much you know what i mean the percentages have been really small and then its kind of kicked up again now um this isnt financial advice uh you got to do your research obviously but i always like to pull up the websites for these different projects ive also got an article im going to pull up um in a second from coin telegraph which is a really good website on you know old coins um but you know this coin obviously its caught on you know they use whats called smart contracts you know with other coins and uh its a little bit technical but you know clearly with the price going up so much you know obviously the projects caught on so whats interesting here is in a top analyst was talking about in april how you know uh when chain link was somewhere around like four bucks he was predicting it to go up to like 25 by the end of the year and whats interesting about this article is that you know were almost at the 20 mark and 25 by the end of the year really isnt that far-fetched you know my prediction on this coin was anywhere from 20 to 30 by the end of 2020 then if things kind of like keep going i could see it getting between 30 and 50 uh in 2021 i mean it could even go higher but you know what im trying to get at right now is can this coin crash absolutely you know if youre gonna put money into it i wouldnt put more than youre uncomfortable losing because you know you want to find a good entry point but the fact that this coin just keeps going up and up and up its really hard to figure out what that price might be you know what i mean because its been on such a terror uh and its hard to buy into something when it just keeps going up because you really dont know if its just going to bottom bottom out or you know you know crash so its possible that the coin would crash i wouldnt bet on it at this point i think its going to keep going up from where its at um and thats just my opinion now as a bonus tip i wanted to recommend one other coin to you guys which is going to be stellar um if i was going to buy another crypto coin right now it would be this one so this coin is geared towards bangs similar with xrp but its also for individual users um theyre also partnered with samsung so they got you know samsung mobile phones and whatnot but the price on this has gotten hammered for a while uh its started to go back up you know but over the last year was like two to three cents when things crashed and its been in that you know eight to 11 to 12 cent range if you bought stella right now and you could get it you know between uh 8 12 cents i would hold on to this coin for at least a year and i think its value could definitely get up to the 20 to 30 cent range somewhere in there so i would take a look at that one if youre looking for you know a good coin before it pops anyways hope you guys enjoyed this uh you know like i said you got to do your own research but it is possible the chain link could crash i just wouldnt bet on it um also you guys could smash a like button subscribe to the channel thanks for watching well see in the next one Best Crypto Course: Best Crypto Exchanges & Apps 1. 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