chainlink and r3 cordaIPC Connexus joins the R3 Blockchain Ecosystem” Robert Coole, Director of Product Management, IPC.

psql chainlink chainlink vs solana chainlink and r3 corda IPC Connexus joins the R3 Blockchain Ecosystem” Robert Coole, Director of Product Management, IPC.
chainlink and r3 corda coinbase pro chainlink IPC Connexus joins the R3 Blockchain Ecosystem” Robert Coole, Director of Product Management, IPC.
Ive seized very proud to have joined the r3 partner ecosystem IPCs been reviewing blockchain technology and how if we implement blockchain technology it would be of benefit to our customer base and when we reviewed the our 3/4 platform we viewed the architecture design of a quarter network is very much aligned with our Connexus cloud platform and also the customers synergies the member community and the r3 member network and the connexxus cloud customer network is more or less a direct overlap so the value to recorder is Corder apps can be deployed instantly across the connexxus cloud platform providing core developers and blockchain providers direct customer access for their applications a lot of the blockchain technologies out there are a distributed ledger technology whereas core of as a decentralized ledger technology which where you look at the services and elements that RPC can actually add value to having notaries and Oracles and node as a service is some of the things that weve been looking at which actually demonstrated value to the customer base and proved as a network provider we can deliver a service to a quarter network IPC strategy is to publish a quarter Connexus app the quarter app that we would publish would enable other r3 members within quarter networks to access the connexxus ecosystem which and they was in to access exchange or liquidity data or even connect to customers on-site applications instead of the actual r3 developed developers or the quartet developers building out something specific for financial markets we would provide that as a managed service the more we enable onto the connexxus cloud from a core debt perspective the more applications on the quarter business networks are able to access market data and what we ascertain working with the r3 team is that theres three primary quarter apps that IPC could develop to the benefit of the r3 community first called app is known as a service what were looking to do is provide a hosting capability for quarter business nodes were a called a business partner mine I have the technical capabilities in-house to manage a node or might not have the infrastructure we can take that on as a managed service and provide them with an SLA around having the node outside of their customer domain we also feel that theres an opportunity to provide notary as a service and our strategy around notary as a service is to provide a time stamp exchange feed or any other data source that we have within the connexxus ecosystem for the r3 marketplace this enables anyone else within called a business network to deploy a node or another notary and access the connexxus notary as a service to secure exchange fee that have been time stamped by the connexxus chrono product another opportunity for Connexus cloud to enhance a quarter business network is to provide an oracle as a service this is where other quarter apps may need to access external data but dont have the capability to connect or source to that data what connects this cloud is going to be able to do via the core data is access to that data but also provided this negates multiple our three partners having to connect to the same chord app and build the same technology we work as a proxy on the edge of the connexxus network from an IBC product perspective we view connectors Crona add-in significant value to quarter business networks if a called out thats published across the global business network is able to reference a single time source globally anyone participate in that business network is able to reference that single UTC time source ensuring both the cord Apple is compliant and the customers who consume the cord at our method - compliant you Following IPC joining the R3 Corda Blockchain ecosystem, Robert Coole discusses the value this will bring and Corda apps, Node-as-a-Service, Notary-as-a-Service and Oracle-as-a-Service, can be developed by IPC to benefit the R3 Corda community.