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whats up guys welcome back to another video so in todays video guys were gonna be taking a look at chain link and the ridiculous 84 percent pump its hard over just the past few days were gonna be talking about realistically where is the chain link price gonna be going are we going to be seeing a correction down to around about $5 were gonna be talking about that in todays video guys were also going to be taking a look at the bitcoin dominance taking a look at some old coins were also going to be having a look at tasers as well as well as some Bitcoin price analysis take a look at the bitcoin hash ray and finally round it off with two winners in todays video of the legit nano s storage device so if you havent already sit back relax and get ready for the video alright guys welcome back to another video thank you for joining me again I do really appreciate all the likes and the support you give on my channel for every single video is very much appreciated so if youre watching my content and you havent already definitely consider subscribing and taking that notification bell so you get notified when I post my next video and as always guys drop the comments down below right now to enter to win the legend an old storage device there is two winners at the end of this video so definitely stay tuned until then without any further ado guys lets get into the video and lets take a look at the BTC dominance the bitcoin dominance again is still falling weve been down around about 4 to 5 percent now and I do personally believe we will fall further we have had a little bit of a slow a kind of a consolidation here were going a little bit sideways by dont disbelieve that the bitcoin Dominus will in fact dump even further pushing more money into all coins and seeing more gains for all coins I really dont doubt that would happen as again weve pretty much ridiculously just fallen out of this long-term trend here back from the first of January 2018 weve fallen out of it and that shows speaks volumes in just the ridiculous gains weve been seeing from old coins recently we go over here and take a look at the markets and if we go over to 7 de Elrond up 100% chain-link of 33 percent if we go to the losers weve got verge down 20% compound down 17% Khyber Network down 10% iOS tear down 10% anything else down here Tron down 5% Celsius down 4% 0x so there are some alt coins are actually having somewhat of a pullback again we can see this with chain-linked we are we did have somewhat of a pullback I wouldnt really call it a pullback we just reached a high and then we pull back a little bit which is perfectly normal and to say the least but do keep an eye out if these old coins do have a reasonable pullback if we see chain link for example pulling back if I can get the right chart up if we see chain link for example pulling back into this range of about six dollars I may go ahead and add some more chain link is actually really exciting right now guys if we go over the Google Trends we can see that chain link has been just doing ridiculously well right here we are a score of around about believe is 85 yeah 85 between June 5th and General Evan previously though guys back in June we actually had a score here of 100 June 23rd - 29 had a score of 100 so we could show there there is more to come of chain link the popularity hasnt actually peaked even though these prices that we are seeing are absolutely ridiculous there is still more kind of traditional people and traditional investors and investors like you or me to come into the market with that and I do believe if we have a pullback on chain link we could see more of that money coming into the market if you guys were interested in trading chain link though teamates is pretty much one of the only exchanges where you can shade trade it both on spot or with zero fees if youre a premium user and also on a contract as well with up to 100 X leverage if you were interested in that now trading chain link is very risky guys as we are new all-time highs and nobody really knows where the price is going to go no technical analysis can really indicate where the price may go but if you were interested in longing or shorting chain link then definitely Phoenix is the place to do it and my link down below well get you 120 dollar bonus for a 0.2 deposit also guys Ive got a 21 free day trial to my trade calls which is linked down below this is a limited time offer so definitely make the most of that alright shameless plugs out of the way guys list look at chain-link I mean we can see that we had highs of around $8.50 absolutely ridiculous and chain-link has just been going completely crazy recently its pretty much the hot thing to talk about and a lot of people have actually been comparing chain-link to Tesla and Im sure you know Tesla has just been going absolutely parabolic in the stock market over fifteen hundred dollars which is insane because if you think the drop that have we had in March Tesla was down around $300 now its $1,500 that is ridiculous again chain link was down here at about a dollar 40 a dollar 30 back in March and now we are seeing highs of eight dollars if you would have bought back then this is absolutely ridiculous actually so if you would have actually bought back here in March when we had the dip I know its easy to say that but you will be up over five hundred and thirty percent and lets get the exact timeframe five hundred and thirty percent in around about a hundred and twenty days which is just ridiculous the gains from chain link right now are crazy one thing is though guys dont go ahead and for more entertaining thinking okay its seven dollars now it could be a hundred dollars next week realistically that wont happen an honest target that I think we could see for chain link is somewhere like ten dollars I dont disbelieve will see a 10 dollar chain link in the next few months a few weeks potentially realistically though if we are going to have a pullback in my opinion it may not be a huge pullback but if we do see a pullback into these levels round about here and which would be between about six dollars fifty and about six dollars if we did see a pullback in between this range honestly it wouldnt be too unhealthy it actually be very healthy for chaining to have some sort of a correction before going even higher chingling has just been ridiculously popular guys and I do think we still have more to come from it I do want to quickly take a look at a sauce though guys this is actually something thats getting very interesting and purely from a making money standpoint of course this is not financial advice Im just simply sharing what I might be doing Tesla says currently well above every moving average we got the 200 here weve got the 50 and the 20-day moving average as well and were currently above all of them and we can see we had a nice bounce off this 200-day moving average which was in fact a very very nice honestly if we do see chain and chain-link if we do see tasers and break this $3.00 mark right about here give or take and then we could go on to test this upwards of four dollars then when we get to this folder on four dollar mark up here that will be very very crucial for Tasers and because we could see if we do in fact go ahead and have a little pullback here break up and come to this four dollar mark if we do break it well we could see taser score absolutely parabolic and just like chain-link didnt in fact right here and we can see once chain link broke this level here at about five dollars tested it multiple times again we can see here and finally a broken and it just went absolutely through the roof so I dont doubt that we could see this for tasers and honestly many other Kryptos if theyre about to break the all-time high or theyre not too far from it if we go over to the weekly chart and take a look it wont be too long but we can see here we are at a very interesting point in the time and the price for tasers so thats pretty much that if we do now go over to some Bitcoin price analysis and you may be wondering why youre putting Bitcoin at the end of your video jack usually its at the start well bitcoin is honestly not really doing much its kind of boring its pretty much a stable coin at this point to be honest and were not really seeing anything interesting again I think were in this descending channel right here if we pull up volume as well the volume should should be declining yeah the volume is still reasonably declining to an extent and I do think we should see a big move coming to Bitcoin up to this 10k mark now when that does happen when we do start seeing Bitcoin breaking out I think some money will in fact come out of alts and go back into Bitcoin right now alts are very much the hot topic everyones talking about old coins everyones talking about all coin games and theyre kind of putting Bitcoin to a side and I showed it in previous videos whenever bitcoin is going sideways like this its never a bad time to accumulate Bitcoin I showed that in previous videos Im not going to show it today basically when Bitcoin sideways its never a bad time to in fact be studying those SATs and you should always be stacking those SATs honestly I do think we will have a nice breakout coming for Bitcoin and of course we will be testing this 10k level hopefully in the next few months at least because bitcoin is getting very very boring the volume is down just no ones really trading it theres not really much going on with Bitcoin to be honest where you just have little highs we pray back down test up right down its honestly nothing too exciting the hash rate however just hit an all-time high so taking a look at this the hash rate just hit new all-time highs on July 13th the measure hit one hundred and forty seven point eight eight exa hashes per second which is double that seen a year ago and over ten times higher of 2017 $20,000 Bitcoin and we can see Matt over on Twitter big on hash rate just reached an all-time high the higher the hash rate the more secure the network we can see right here one forty seven point eight and this indicates that the Bitcoin a Bitcoin is more secure and as a computational network than ever before even though the market has a flatlined bullish for Bitcoin price analysis Max Keiser over on Twitter said BTC is likely to follow the higher hash rate hash rate proceeds price BTC Bitcoin price not that important as gold price is not that important since both Bitcoin and gold trade inversely with the USD BTC hash rate increasing shows confidence in fiat money collapsing soon BTC will actually be drawing energy away from fiat which is extremely nice whats behind the hash rate surge though well Nick Chong over on Twitter actually said after falling 27 percent that after the having bitcoins hash rate has set a new all-time high over 124 x-- hashes per second and this is actually increased I believe as of this right here 147 which is very very interesting its just crazy honestly right now its getting really really interesting and a lot of people are having those kind of pre 2017 vibes which makes me very very exciting it goes our here to say the ongoing hash research comes from on the back of the for these four trends and influx of investments by Bitcoin mining firms the arrival of the rainy season in China you might wonder why the rainy season well the everything is going to be cheaper for them to produce Bitcoin and my nip the sale of more efficient mining machines from ASIC manufacturers and a potential hash rate war which could be really interesting if that does in fact play out so Bitcoin hash rate reaching new all-time high this is very very bullish for Bitcoin finally guys Im moving on to the end of the video now at the moment youve all been waiting for the giveaway of two legend and storage devices so the first winner is in fact drumroll please lets see who its gonna be Harry Johnson I actually struggled to unlock a this is a scammer were not gonna give away the money to a scammer that is for sure lets take pic another person and see in fact who wins ok the crypto kid not buying alts however I am thinking about it what congratulations dude you are the first winner in todays video the crypto kid lets go ahead and take a look at the second winner see whos gonna win the next legend an OS all the equivalent in a Bitcoin lets see who the winner is Santiago Suarez Im 80% I am 80% to increase my BTC back and 20% because I like the project but Im very well I have to stay out of some of them all congratulations dude you are the second winner and definitely contact me by email or Twitter or Instagram check down below I will be requiring proof and you have up to one week to claim your prize otherwise Im just gonna give it to somebody else so congratulations those guys again rounding off the video guys I do see you think we will see a further fall and a bit contaminants down here which would surely lead to a ridiculous price in all coins for example chain-link and Tasers if we were to see that thats pretty much it for todays video guys bitcoins fairly boring if you did want to in fact trade chain-link with leverage go order fee makes using my link down below youll get one hundred and twenty dollars free for a 0.2 Bitcoin deposit and also dont forget about the 21 day free trial for my trade calls or you can follow my trades that I am making so definitely head on over to the link down below in the description to check that out and Ill catch you in the next video BYBIT - $30,000 BONUS ️ BITGET - $8,000 BONUS PrimeXBT $7,000 BONUS ️ Market Spotter: BYBIT - $30,000 BONUS Win $10k In Trading Competiton Join Now - ️ BITGET - $8,000 BONUS - NO KYC required US use VPN PrimeXBT $7,000 BONUS Code: CRYPTOJACK ️ Market Spotter: Profitable Buy Sell Signals & Alerts FREE TRIAL: Free Exchange Tutorials Bybit Tutorial - Bitget Tutorial - For Marketing/Sponsors Please Contact Ellie: BITCOIN 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