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lets talk Hardware wallets so most of you all know of Hardware wallets and weve all heard the phrase not your keys not your coins before but it wasnt until FTX and other exchanges collapsed that we really started to understand how important self-custody is thats where Hardware wallets come in and theyre a great way to keep our coins safe and secure but today Im going to share with you a completely new approach to Hardware wallets that I bet you havent seen before its called tangent wallet and they are the sponsors of this video but instead of just telling you why theyre unique and special why not just show you okay so here it is Yep this is the tandem wallet check this out its right here its not what youd expect when it comes to a hardware wallet though right because it looks like credit cards but essentially this card plus this app the tangent app on our phone makes up the hardware wallet they literally work in conjunction with each other so theres actually a microchip on this card that stores our private keys and signs transactions the phone itself doesnt store any assets on here its the front end it just displays the data so they interact by using NFC or near field communication if youve used tap to pay like Apple pay or Google pay at the grocery store before its the same Tech and in terms of setup Ive already set mine up as you can tell but it was super easy it literally takes less than three minutes you just tap the phone and hold it for a bit so it can generate the wallet and then you do that with the other cards too to set them as backup Im not going to show you that part of the process because that would require me resetting my whole wallet and I already sent some ethon here that Im going to show you sending a transaction with okay so to show you that part of the process thankfully I have an old phone that I havent thrown away see new phone old phone and the old phone I spun up a metamask account if you have metamask you probably know what that looks like but Im just going to hit receive so I have the QR code and on this Im going to send it boom I have the address right here and Im gonna send like just a few dollars worth of eth and Im going to click on the send button it says tap to sign its been sent successfully and its on the blockchain lets see how fast until it shows up boom its already here it was here even earlier see its now point zero zero one eight I just sent that I just had to refresh it was already there so that was a fun demo but now Im gonna answer a bunch of questions that I bet youre wondering right now so first in terms of ease of use one thing that makes them really special is that no more seed phrases like remember those like 12 or 16 word like apple astronaut whatever all those random words none of that for this approach because you have these as your private keys and you have backup cards too thats why I had three in my package and thats a lot better ux because you dont have to remember or write down put it in a safe waterproof fireproof safe right you dont have to do any of that just have these cards as your private keys if you lose one you have backups and if you lose two then you can buy a new set and migrate over over and you still have your third one left right so just make sure to put them in different places make sure to safeguard them also its literally just the phone and the card that makes this Hardware wallet you dont have to use any computers you dont have to use any cables and devices that other popular Hardware wallets require also you dont need to download separate apps for different coins right you know those other they make you download different apps for different networks and blockchains thats such a hassle bad user experience this supports close to 3 000 coins on all the most popular layer 1 and layer 2 networks I think theyre at like 26 blockchain networks supported and Counting also you may be wondering what about dapps right what about using uni swap or openc if you want to trade your nfts you can do that with this too because they support wallet connect and all those most popular adapts can use wallet connect so because theyre integrated with that you can use this to like move move around your nfts do swaps on uni Swap all the normal stuff you do but perhaps the biggest question on your mind is security how does tangent approach security and how are they different here well I think I would sum it up as security and simplicity because they literally just have this card which is antenna microchip and plastic right the plastic component theres nothing uncertified theres no potentially vulnerable Parts its not a really complex machine that has like different points of failures that attackers can kind of take advantage of this is super simple and your private key never leaves the chip in your card so no ones gonna ever find out your private key even you dont know your private key and that means you dont have to worry about the manufacturer potentially doing something weird with this and taking your private key right its actually not even on here when its first made the key is generated when you do the setup process and hold it to the back for a bit thats when its gen generated the wallet is created and also that means that if you ever factory reset the card and then you would regenerate the wallet so you dont want to reset it if theres some crypto on there but I really like this design right the tandem team really thought about every part of the process and its just smooth and secure what more can you ask for also they are super highly certified in terms of the security certification of the microchip on here Im not gonna name like a bunch of random letters and numbers because thats not going to mean anything to you but just know that their certification level is on par with electronic passports which as you can imagine they take that pretty seriously also if youve bought other Hardware wallets before youll see that little hologram sticker on the box right that tells you its hasnt been tampered with its like theyre tamper-proof attestation or whatnot but tangent doesnt need any of that because when you first set it up the app checks for untampered firmware and checks that its legit so thats another great part of their security and ease of use process also another great thing about the security is that they make you set up an access code pin which is like a second layer of Defense because remember this is like our private key essentially so if someone steals this or if we lose it then we have our access code if they dont know the pin that we set then they cant use it they cant access your crypto anyways even if they have your card and lastly theyre rated ip68 which is the highest possible protection rating against environmental conditions so that means they can withstand super harsh elements like dust water heat and even can put it in the snow and itll still work so thats how durable it is that was a lot of talking I need a sip of water now you know what I want to test if this can go and be waterproof so lets try boom its in here okay so my fingers couldnt reach down here unfortunately so I had to get some Chopsticks to grab it out its wet its its dripping wet if you cant tell no wipe it off a little bit on my shirt and then lets see if it scans so it says the welcome back and you can click the scan card okay tap to scan success boom it works it still works even in water so that was fun but I think the last thing you may be wondering is about the company tanjim itself right are they trustworthy are they legit well Ive talked to their team so I think so obviously thats why Im making this product review but also here are some details for your consideration like their company was founded in 2017 theyre headquartered in Switzerland they were actually initially funded by The Venture arm of a publicly traded company SBI group or SBI Holdings and so far theyve had over 700 000 units sold across 170 countries so you can go look at other reviews you dont have to only take my word for it all in all its a great wallet for all crypto investors both beginners and advanced Im gonna continue using mine and take it to some crypto conferences with me if you want one you can get them using my code below for 10 off and also were doing a giveaway for three free ones to to enter the drawing just like this video comment below with why you want a cold wallet and also go follow tangem on social media Ill do a randomized drawing for three winners in a week After all the exchange collapses in 2022, self custody of our own coins is more important and urgent than ever before. 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