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chainlink layer 1 how much chainlink to run a node HUGE NEWS FOR CHAINLINK BINANCE DOES THIS TO SAVE CRYPTO!
welcome back to the O show everything crypto and nfts every day Im your host with the most Wendy oh and yes Im a little little bit tired I slept so well I didnt sleep super super well last night but I slept pretty good and its nice to sleep well its nice to get that rest Etc but anyways weve got kind of a jam-packed show I know yesterday was kind of crazy in crypto but theres more crazy news coming out of California and binance is doing something kind of cool I dont know were gonna cover it and then chain link is really stepping up their game so big big shout out to the link Marines there lets get straight into it you guys all know you need to like comment subscribe set alerts do all of that stuff because it helps support me and the channel and YouTubes algorithm sucks just kidding you too but when we do take a look at crypto bubbles were up were up were up things are looking pretty good you know theres some nice little gains across the board here now when we take a look at Bitcoin Bitcoin had a really really nice move up from about 18.5 were currently testing this area 19.5 and things are looking decent when were looking at Market Cipher and this could be because Dixie or Dixie is down quite a bit we had a peak up here at 114 and now were currently trading approximately 113. please remember that traditional assets move a lot differently than cryptocurrencies they move slower thats just what they do so maybe well get a bit of a correction back down to the ema9 we could break down a little bit probably retest this area 111 maybe even down to 110 and then create another descending wedgie thingymabobber and then go ahead and pop back up because I really do feel that we will see 121 will probably flip back above it now when we do take a look at Bitcoin this is a this is a pretty decent move I do want to look at our wheelie chart that we were playing around with earlier on Sunday and again were still in a consolidation range 1952 approximately 18.6 you know give or take a little bit but things are actually looking good its looking like we might get a nice retest of approximately twenty thousand dollars on The Daily 12 hours looking decent the six hour is also looking nice we had a beautiful move upward we have these two swing Wick lows that occurred on the six hour eighteen four and then eighteen five here and now were back up ema9 is showing some nice positive price action the four hour charge is also looking great even though we could get a little bit of a pullback but were looking nice 45 minute is also looking decent as well so what we want to look for today is we want to see that move up to approximately twenty thousand dollars between today and Friday and if that does happen we want to get that flip Above This Big Daddy Chad trend line at twenty thousand five hundred dollars and then if that happens I would be very very excited however bear scenario is going to be a potential retest of Seventeen six lets talk about um chain link though chain link just tweeted this on September 28th which is today also too I will be speaking at a chain link event at UCLA I believe on October 6th I will have to get some of that put on my website so if youre in the area come say hi should be super fun I really really would love to see them host events at community colleges um I think that those would be a little bit more beneficial than a super fancy college but anyways thats neither here nor there chain link introducing scale sustainable chain link access for layer 1 and 2 enablement a chain link economics 2.0 program scale accelerates the growth of on-chain ecosystems by blockchain layer twos by helping cover the cost of chain link oracles supporting their dapps theres some questions I have there scale is a holistic and win-win economic model for both blockchains and the chain link Network and chain link is part of oracles it helps with price feed data which is really really important especially when were talking about defy in some traditional aspects as layer 1 and layer 2 user bases expand fees from dapps can eventually cover the full on-chain cost of chain link Oracle nodes diving long-term viability viability across different ecosystems the first wave of projects participating in chain link scale program include Avalanche ooh metis Moonbeam Network which is good and Moon River Network so these are pretty decent projects that theyre starting out with and I love to see it I think its absolutely fantastic and I do think that it is going to be important for Mass adoption I know its a really cringy silly buzzword but at the same time it is what it is and we do want to get more people on Border I want to check my double notes and see if I missed anything over here did I miss anything yeah oh also too theres a couple other important things that werent in this thread over here but it was indicated in this article by decrypt so chain link announces staking plans aiming to be AWS of web free this is good because Amazon um there oh my God the words are coming theyre here theyre here I cant spit them out um Amazon I believe thats Amazon cloud services and we do need some sort of fix for that because we want to use decentralized options but anyways we talked about kind of what is happening and their chain link does want to add secure crushing Communications to its services to become the decentralized data services platform and theyre also going to have staking so staking is going to go live in December and will be rolled out in tiers depending on eligibility eligibility app will be released in October app will rank applicants by the amount of Link they hold and their level of community engagement the only thing I dont necessarily like about that um like its hard to accumulate Link at these prices I know Ill double check the prices but a lot of these people that own a lot of Link they got in super early so I really like the um I think that it would be better to look at the level of community engagement that would be a more fair aspect but again they can do what they want initial pool will start at 25 million link and they aim to expand to 75 million tokens please be advised anytime you are staking or locking up any of your cryptocurrency you do not essentially own it so please keep that into consideration now lets go ahead and take a look at link over here lets take a look at link and see what we got and see what price is doing is there was there a positive price action who knows so were going to use the bingx chart if you guys are interested in signing up with bingx the link is going to be down below but weve kind of just been ping-ponging since late earlier this year and weve kind of created this big range between approximately 9.52 cents and five dollars and four cents right now price action is looking kind of glib which I dont know why because you would think that based on this news we would have really really nice price movement however were just kind of ping-ponging when we did actually create another consolidation range I would call for a tighter one between 8 28 and 690 and I would use this as my breakout right now it is looking like we are going to head down and break down below the ema9 so I would probably open a short out to approximately 7.31 cents here taking a look at the 12 hour chart this is also showcasing Confluence six hour chart and the four hour chart as well so it does look like we will get that drop to about 7.55 cents which absolutely stinks because this is positive bullish news like this is great we want to see projects doing these type taking this type of initiative in the bear Market thats the whole point you know so I shout out to link I think that theyre doing a great job with this and Im excited to see more than them and yes I do hold some link um so yay link Marines woohoo now lets talk about this story well actually I gotta check the chat I like to check the chat and see how you beautiful people are doing because I appreciate all of you guys shout out to Marcos Ramirez he gave me 149 super chat for a Costco hot dog you know Im about to go to Costco now shout out to um Colin to crypto Surfer to Marcos to Umbrella guy umbrella guy I got your DM I actually um I got a little bit sidetracked this morning so I am doing absolutely great thank you for asking Im starting to feel a little bit tired and cozy I hope youre doing well also I hope youre feeling good today um umbrella guy is a really great person messages me every day with a good morning its just really nice its very refreshing so thank you and I hope youre doing well and I promise I will respond later I just need I need to needed a it was kind of a little bit lazy today but anyways we have 127 concurrent viewers 47 likes make sure you guys comment in the chat I would love to love to con to engage with you um shout out to crypto dream for the five dollar Super Chat shout out to NBF form Nate Quantum Divergent shout out to Buffalo New York all right lets go and you guys smash the likes weve got over 100 people in here only 57 likes or excuse me 47 likes we got to do better we got to do better but lets get back into the news whoops whoops Im going through all these places okay so we talked about chain link but I want to take a minute to talk about ciscoin and their tweet over here and they are a partner of the Osho full disclosure and I do own some ciscoin weve been working for months on the first roll-up secured by Bitcoin Network the fractal scale nevm and accelerate adoption were happy to announce token or from token 2049 which I wish I could have gone but I didnt ciscoin and Rolex op V1 is live on public testnet connect and build builders in thread so if you guys are somebody who are whos actively building I highly recommend you take a look at ciscoin also too theyve got um there they have a really great article here talking about Roll-Ups on bitcoin which I highly recommend you take a look at and this is the thing we have a lot of Bitcoin Maxes that get do get upset about all coins they call them s coins but realistically ciscoin is kind of helping to make Bitcoin a better ecosystem and a better place so I think we should give credit where credits do and give them a round of applause yay Roll-Ups are going to be important when it comes to bitcoin and anything there also looks like they have an announcement with ape swap ape swap has announced at token 2049 that they are building on Rolex op V1 if swap is bringing their core D5 offerings to decks treasury bills jungle farms and the world of ciscoins Bitcoin squared Roll-Ups again Bitcoin squared roll up guys want to read more about it you can and a couple other announcements that they have that are going to be just as important many of our existing ecosystem partners are already work with integrating with Rolex op V1 to bring their products in dapps public as soon as possible or to supercharge existing ones I highly recommend you take a look at ZK Roll-Ups at obv1 and understand how that works project and Rolex as well projects that are doing these types of things that are helping with layer 2 scalability are should probably do well in the next Bull Run so start learning how this works I know a lot of this is very very technical but at the same time I think its important to know the basics of very very Basics and of course Pegasus Dex is also building on Rolex and theyre the leading amm protocol on ciscoin so you can go ahead and trade there and own your cryptocurrency you dont have to leave it on the exchange and last but not least Lexi Marketplace is also building on Rolex and its the native leading nft Marketplace on ciscoin so ciscoin does in fact have nfts which I love we love nfts nfts are important and again I really think its important for you guys to be focusing on this stuff and thats why I keep saying it now a not so fun story well kind of Wall Street bounces off lows as UK steps in to calm bonds lets read what this is and why it is in fact important because again were seeing a lot of economic turmoil happen on a global scale okay so Bank of England seeks to stem bond market turmoil after tax cut storm okay yes right and so the recap last week UK Finance Minister delivered plans for tax cuts on top of an energy bill bailout this is why I dont understand why theyre introducing all these energy bills and they have bailouts and they have all this stuff we dont even have money to take care of what we currently need to take care of I feel like the whole energy thing is just a cover-up for something else thats going on for the money printing it just makes no sense to me but go off whatever it is this would be funded by an increase in government borrowing so basically theyre going to be bailing out the um bailing out or on top of a energy bill bailout its going to be funded by an increase of government borrowing so basically government is going to borrow and do all this crazy stuff which is going to cause um Financial issues one thing I do like I like the tax cuts but I dont know how thats going to be integrated so I cant necessarily say if I like it or not but this did lead to a freezing of mortgage markets a Government Bond sell-off through Pension funds and a leap into corporate borrowing costs 30 yield guilt government bonds was set for its biggest drop since 1992. the bank of England announced yesterday that the immediate launch of its emergency Bond buying program aimed at preventing further Market turmoil they will be buying up government debt to help restore order after prime minister tax cut plans triggered Financial cast why is why why is cutting taxes going to cause problems cutting taxes is anything to me from the way my mind is working is going to give me more money in my purse and you more money in your wallet so you can spend you can buy a house you can pay your rent you can pay for food you could pay your electric bill so Im not understanding okay but whatever what do I know Im just some YouTuber well I dont know nothing bank will buy up 5 billion or 5.3 billion a day bank will buy up to 5.3 billion a day of government bonds of at least 20 years maturity this will begin today and finish in October wow I wish I had a bunch of dollar bills because thats what this is well actually a trillion dollar billion dollar bills because thats just what theyre doing is theyre going to be printing money to do all this stuff geez man and then this is going to get passed down to the Next Generation wow yeah really wow good job we all know why this is happening they just want to instill fear in us to integrate a U.S digital dollar which well talk about in a minute anyways from Zero Hedge and this is related to the stories the story prior the pivot has the pivot has arrived Bank of England will carry out temporary purchases of long-dated UK bonds from September 28th to restore orderly market conditions according to a statement I actually have to send this to Hotel because were going to talk about it tonight on the Twitter spaces at 7 PM PST I think I read the wrong story oh well um well we can talk about this one too oh this is in relation to what zero had said Bank of England seeks to stem bond market turmoil after tax cut storm pound is trading down point seven percent to one dollar and six cents ah banking bosses are gonna be meeting again Moodys economic plan is growth negative policies IMF does not recommend policies like the UK growth plan um Bank of England starts buying bonds delays Guild sales I actually have a pretty funny counter argument well not necessarily A not a funny counter um argument but I want to talk about this okay lets go to this lets go to my page this is going to be important I promise all right all right daddy Newsom I want to talk about this okay we need to talk about this I tweeted this why is El Salvador thriving in the United States is crumbling and a lot of people got upset this but thats okay lets talk about whats happening this is from president bukali of El Salvador El Salvador tax revenues up 2.7 PP of GDP like a sizable tax reform without doing tax hikes Bank of America invest in El Salvador before its too late and this is going to be the chart here so exhibit one we believe El Salvadors government revenues may be experiencing a structural change explained by more effective tax reform policies okay so it looks like theyre doing pretty good okay looks like things are thriving things are doing really well there and the most important aspect there were do without doing tax hikes without doing tax hides of course of course all these other governments are happy about it United States primarily in California keeps increasing taxes I paid over a half a million dollars in taxes just to live here okay the amount Im going to pay for 2022 gonna be about the same just to live here because I participate in crypto um so guess what that money is not going to the community center the self-care lab its not going to the House of Ruth that helps TV survivors that I support its going to Daddy Newsomes pockets its going to all these politicians Pockets that have done nothing theyre working all the freeways here in California for God knows how long with no progress we have gas tax after gas tax after gas tax our schools are trash our Public Schools you cant put your kids in public schools unfortunately unless you live in freaking Laguna Beach or somewhere theyre scary so this is absolutely ridiculous this behavior is detrimental the fact that the U.S keeps raising taxes and refuses to lower them for the little guys its problematic well El Salvador is thriving and guess what else it has nothing to do with Elsa president of El Salvador buying Bitcoin people I know from El Salvador people I know from El Salvador and some of you viewers that have family there or came especially my friends in California L.A county that their families came over here from El Salvador theyre pretty happy with whats happening over there okay and this is not this is what people are telling me if youre not happy with it I totally understand Im not expecting everybody to support what the president is doing you cant have everybodys support but what Im saying is theyre not raising taxes while in the U.S we keep raising taxes and printing money its very problematic Behavior you see it doesnt work doesnt work La is crumbling La is a cesspool but I wanted to talk about that raising taxes is not going to fix things you got to go back and cut programs that arent working and you know what the public service in California really dont need effing paycheck right now with everything thats going on you dont fix the schools then give a paycheck reward people for good behavior not for bad behavior all bad next all right this is from water Guru just in Fed chair Jerome Powell says a us cbdc would not be anonymous yeah you know what were going to talk about this the reason why everything is crumbling and theyre making us think that were going to be poor and all this BS thats happening so they want to integrate a cbdc its not going to be anonymous so your business is going to be out there your business is going to be out there if you have lets and Im just going to play devils advocate here okay because its gonna its gonna be a lot of problematic Behavior especially were talking about medical conditions especially when were talking about people how they decide to save their money if youre a kinky person guess what youre not going to be able to hide your kinks anymore because theyre going to see every single purchase you make if youre somebody who may have gone to the hospital for addiction or maybe some sort of mental illness or some type of ailment that generally is discriminated upon because lets face it redlining still happens and discrimination still does happen even in a place like California I got stories about this not against myself but people that I know but lets say you do something that they dont like or an employer doesnt like or a person you want to do businesses away theyre going to be able to see everything its going to be like venmo or we can bring it a step further what happens if you are in an abusive relationship lets say your wife is not very nice to you and youre able to kind of take some money aside and hide it in Bitcoin or crypto theyre going to see all of that now its very dangerous what theyre doing very very dangerous and best believe you dont pay a parking ticket theyre going to gaffle you up and freeze your account and its going to be all public as well and the thing is your record can get expunged for people like those lets face it people make bad decisions all the time especially kids teenagers because their minds arent developed properly yet what else if you make a mistake when youre a kid what happens to do something silly is still a lollipop its gonna be on your record for you know gonna be on your record but then theyre going to be able to track that probably with this cbdc as well because youre gonna have to pay fines and all kinds of stuff so sealing your record from a silly mistake from way back when its not going to be feasible anymore one of the biggest problems we have especially in California especially in the United States is when it comes to rehabilitating people with addiction or people that have been in trouble for something what happens is these people end up staying in the system because nobody will hire them and because Society will not accept them so its a big societal problem we have but the cbdc is not going to be a good thing any way shape or form or somebody like myself Im very private Im a very very private person and I like to you know I like to go out take my daughter places what happens if its not Anonymous the cbdc isnt Anonymous I take my daughter to Disneyland somebody cuckoo that has sent me a d or an R threat against my six-year-old and myself and yes its happened what happens if they see that oh shes at Disneyland today Im gonna go get her thats all I wanted to say about that let me check the chat and see how yall are doing over there okay and check the chat and see that was just my opinion oh shout out to three digits for the 10 super chat Cali is in danger 100 for another 10 super chat theyre going to see the only fan all the only fans purchases thats right so if you all want to go ahead and support a sex worker which again I have gotten no issues with sex workers that they want to do sex work if they want to do whatever they want to do with their body and it is consensual and they are adults do what you want to do I dont care what people do just as long as you dont harm the Innocence if its consensual and you leave our babies out of it leave them out of it but yeah youre only fan subscriptions theyre gonna see all that go to montarago live in the mountains I just might you never got caught I will let it go out shout out to El ravido Rob the bag cant say it wear a wig out Mickey Im gonna be wearing a wig out okay Im gonna be wearing a Riga and shout out to Jonathan Del Rio you guys Jonathan Del Rios been a big big um friend of the channel for quite some time so give a big shout out to him Dave says I sold all my sis to him but considering getting back in you know what thats good its good that you took profit you should have took profit you did the right thing by selling your ciscoin why because were in an effing bear Market again if you want to if youre interested in any type of cryptocurrencies set limit buys and let the market decide you get to decide wendio with the elbow from the top rope exactly shout out to crypto dream shout out to all you guys okay save them babies we need to save them babies thats a thing just like The Tick Tock influencer Carla that got caught beep outside of her home yesterday yikes Im so sorry to hear that yeah but its a problem I dont want people knowing my damn business and let me tell you something Im gonna tell you all something right now I will protect my daughter at all costs and those parents that are watching this know what I mean also too like its gonna be able to track its literally like if I purchase a house thats going to be on the cbdc and people can figure that out if I rent pay my rent using the cbdc theyre going to be able to track that thats dangerous yes purchasing a house cant be public record but its going to make things so much more easy to track its going to be scary best believe though you come for me and my babe Lowes daddy is always like within five minutes from me and best believe were gonna keep that baby safe is it the cbdc is a really bad idea and you know what the way that they should integrate the cbdc is they should test it on the politicians first they should test it on Daddy Newsome daddy Powell daddy Gensler daddy Biden Miss AOC Mr Trump they should test it on them first and lets see how well that goes out my hairs a little bit crazy over here too next be wearing a wig out with Miguel were gonna be like this gonna be giving it all right lets see okay Biz Mark cbdc pilot is successful at 22 million transaction no s its successful its freaking easy to do you can copy pasta the damn code over 12 million in value was issued in the pilot with commercial and central banks in Hong Kong Thailand u a e and China taking part all right lets read some stuffliness actually talking about a cbdc he said I want to talk about pal for a little bit he says it would not be anonymous Bearer instrument he described one of the Key properties of the cbdc of intimate if implemented immediately are implemented would be identity verified the four characteristics of the cbdc would be intermediation privacy protection interoperability identity verification how the can you offer privacy protection with identity verification you cant its not going to be anonymous shut up youre full of it absolutely full of it f these people it will be anonymous he says as theyre required to find a balance between privacy protection and identity verification that happens already in traditional banking Powell said the FED would still need approval from Congress if it ever wants raw to cbdc China beats you Powell how does that feel anyways lets talk about this story bismarcks cbdc pilot is successful so the CWC pilot was successful according to the bank for international settlements Biz it comes after a 30-day testing period that moved around 22 million worth of real value crossbar transactions this is so stupid that they even like I get the testing thing but this article is stupid and moronic and the reason why its stupid is because we see thou millions and millions of dollars go across crypto all day every day anyways advisors said the pilot focus on wholesale cbdcs cross-border payments and the role that central banks have on the platform the thing is is we dont really need a cbdc and we dont need help with cross-border payments what we do need is um cryptocurrency stop coming for our industry and then 12 million was issued onto the platform which facilitated 164 foreign exchange transactions and cross-border payments between Banks 22 million total side note Biz reports show up to 90 percent of central banks are looking to adopt cbdcs of course they are because its going to make their job easier and they can track you next lets talk about the U.S Securities and Exchange commissions the SEC today we announced charges against 16 Wall Street firms for widespread long-standing failures to maintain and preserve electronic communications the firms agreed to pay combined penalties of more than 1.1 billion so guess what guess what this means SEC has got some more money in their pocket to come after crypto because thats what were gonna do and F Gavin do some hmm all right lets read about what this is why this happened and okay so they find 16 Wall Street firms 1.8 billion or 1.1 billion why this is wrong taking deals trades on personal apps so this is what the real story is um lets go ahead and read this because its not so basically Bank of America Citigroup Central sues Goldman Sachs Barclays Morgan Stanley and UBS um the SEC says employees at multiple levels were involved including senior and Junior investment banker and Traders yeah no s they claim that between January 2018 and September 21 staff regularly communicated about business matters such as debt Equity deals with colleagues and clients okay institutions did not preserve most of the personal chats ah which violates Federal rules that require Brokers financial institutions to preserve business outcomes SEC says this prevented them from going over from overseen markets ensuring compliance with key rules Gathering evidence in unrelated invests investigations okay so basically unethical Behavior happen in traditional Finance which happens all the time but they happen to get caught because they deleted the chat history so this goes to prove that we have no privacy any way shape or form it also proves that that Wall Street these these guys um are not acting on the best for or theyre not acting in best interest of their client and they also have a fiduciary duty to do so and they did not do that um it also sounds a little bit like insider trading so basically what happened they didnt preserve these records they got caught one question and just a bunch of BS so when theyre talking about crypto being a scam its really theres Bad actors in every sector like weve been screaming on this channel forever so basically theres Bad actors in Wall Street and SCC is going to get a massive payout to 1.1 billion dollars and thats why they need surveillance on all of us with the cbdc the chats are did the SEC do their job here kind of sort of yeah um but at the same time the money is just going to be used to provide detriment to crypto thats all its going to do its really going to hurt the crypto industry because theyre going to use that money to come after us which of course we knew that they were but the SEC plays dirty we know that I dont as far as traditional Finance goes this is kind of good theyre doing their job but at the same time theyre not doing their job with crypto so thats why I have problematic opinion on that next oh lets talk about this and daddy Newsome California regulator targets 11 crypto trading desks operating like ponzis the regulator brought enforcement actions against 11 little to known crypto companies choosing I dont know who the hell these people are you have to go click on the press release to figure out who these companies are I never heard of them so we got crypto OTC trading platform Elevate pass green Corp investment meta yielders Pegasus pulling nor Rama bit City trade scitex trade vamax World over-the-counter limited it just stupid like I dont never heard of any of these people but I guess yay fantastic but the funny thing about this is the funny funny funny thing about this is Gavin Newsom vetoed the cryptocurrency bill in the US and people like oh my God hes doing so good things he didnt hes waiting for the FED to come out and issue guidelines and then ramming into you anyways lets talk about the notes Here all right um basically they said each firm use investor funds to pay profits to other investors in the manner of a Ponzi scheme also each had a referral program that operated in the form of a period scheme what about Herbalife somebody please if youre from California you all know about Herbalife you know about it Herbalife is one of the biggest effing Ponzi schemes ever and its allowed Im not going to come for Mary Kay cosmetics because I do have a program that helps DV survivors but Im gonna come for Herbalife because I dont even know what that stuff is it looks like a big scam but Herbalife is allowed and again Im not saying that these guys werent doing bad things but when you talk about a Ponzi scheme Banks or ponzis they force you to deposit your money if you do not have money deposited in a bank you cant rent you cant buy a house you cant take out a loan you cant get a credit card you cant really do anything you cant take out a student loan in order to get a good job in the US you have to take out student loan debt so you can go ahead and pay for college um but Banks they require you to put the money into the bank account so they can do these things you pay a monthly service fee and they give you like point zero one percent back they take your money and they loan it out yes they still do have reserves on things so yeah these people these cryptocurrency firms could be potentially Bad actors but at the same time were they Ponzi schemes I dont know a bank is a Ponzi scheme in my opinion just my opinion just my opinion my opinion shout to three digits five dollar Super Chat nobody puts baby in a corner thats right nobody puts me in a corner we have 212 concurrent viewers 129 likes smash a like also too I chart Daley says not only track but also block transactions winner winner chicken dinner shout out to Tom Crown windiest hype I am very very hyped the hill the hill I cant say that I cant say that but yeah anyways lets talk about the next story over here I need to wash my hair too its a little bit Dusty shout out to hotep Jesus for calling me on my Dusty hair all right so basically over here is a big story Luna Foundation guard denies claims they made by Korean prosecutors earlier today confirms that no lfg funds have been moved since May um the lfg treasury says that they lfg hasnt created any new wallets or move Bitcoin or other tokens held by lfg since May 2022 um this is a very problematic story because were saying that its been reported that doquan allegedly transferred over three thousand three thousand bitcoins worth approximately 67 million dollars so theres all these conflictions here all of these conflictions here thats happening its going to be interesting to see how this plays out but Tara Luna is going up in smoke also two oops you guys werent able to see it you dont need to see that because I read it to you um also too you guys um Mike novograts came out and said that hes not mad at Tara Looney hes more mad at three arrows capital and Celsius and stuff which is kind of fair but its not really fair and thats probably because Mike novograts cashed out a lot in Terra Luna it was dokon a bad actor kind of sort of hes a sociopath to me um but it was just kind of weird and problematic but the rich people gonna be rich people and thats what they do they have no they could care less about the regular guys but good on them we will never change on this channel no matter how rich we get and I best believe Ill be stacking that money stacking that money all right I gotta get this binance story I gotta find it because it was right over here and I missed it over here but its a really important Finance story did you do yes our s all right yeah this is important story lets go and open this and I want to open this one as well okay all right so this was according to Watcher Guru bias launches a global law enforcement training program to help authorities fight digital asset exploiters fantastic now lets go ahead and read this over here from the binance blog its self just the the little facts over here from this particular blog lets see all right so basically they have a global Law Enforcement Training Program really to help law enforcement when detecting financial and cyber crimes also to assist during prosecution to those who exploit digital assets the program is led by world-class practitioners from binance investigations team it brings in Security Experts and ex-law enforcement agents including operatives who help take down Silk Road and Hydra dark websites the one day G program will assist attendees to get a one-on-one explanation of crypto and blockchain thats good and big investigations team engage with law enforcement officials from countries like Argentina and Brazil Canada France Germany Philippines Sweden South Korean UK wheres the United States should the United States be here United States cannot even figure out how to integrate into integrate um cryptocurrency blockchain law on its own they really should have been at this meeting we have no experts here and the people that are leading the charge of the United States most of them dont know what theyre talking about these countries took these countries and more took part in 30 plus workshops focus on combating financial cyber crimes over the year we literally are going to integrate law about something we have known nothing about thats whats happening thats what this is you guys thats 100 what this is the United States should have been there and one thing I will say I feel like binance is really coming out on top as a good guys and one of the reasons why is they are just theyve been doing a lot of good things and this right here like if you look at CZ stuff anytime there is a massive hack that occurs hes like binance team is on it weve stopped the funds weve done this weve done that you dont see FTX coming out and saying that so big shout out to CZ for doing it theyre one of the top used exchanges globally and I think that this is a good thing okay and this is on self-governance so before you say Wendy youre being a bootlicker no Im not being a boo-licker we have an exchange that is doing their best they can to stop Bad actors and they can track these transactions with blockchain analytics and so what theyre doing is they have a whole entire team that they pay probably pay a lot of money for dedicated to this and this is freaking amazing to me absolutely amazing because it is the industry taking care of itself we dont need Regulators we dont need anybody really coming in here to do too terribly much and theyre not only are they trying to fix the industry and clean it up but theyre educating other countries of course the United States wasnt there why wouldnt they be there because they dont care they dont care about integrating good law they dont but I think that it is amazing that they took the initiative to do this and this is all about this is operating in a true decentralized economy theyre out here stopping the bad guys and I rock with CZ for this 100 I do I feel very happy about this anyways chapter three digits this is scary stuff it sure is I chart daily 199 Super Chat not only track but also block transaction for the cbdc yes yes we are truly a joke to the rest of the world I get it we are binance is very trusted I like Susie I like CZ too but you know you guys its just getting to be its getting to be a little bit ridiculous like with all these stuff happening binance did come from the bottom now they way way up all the way up I did a tick tock to that a long time ago no but not but seriously like sees they like and the fact that what theyre doing is theyre going in theyre able to find these these scary bad transactions theyre stopping them which is good because if somebody is doing an illicit crime or theyre doing a bad thing you want to be able to kind of self-regulate or lets say you get hacked binance is saying no youre not going to cash these funds out were not going to let you you broke the law and Im the law is a very thin line like what is good what is bad um uh oh boy take a look at that in a minute um but anyways I think its a good thing what CZ is doing and Im happy to see them self-regulating and on that note Im gonna get going I gotta do some content for you guys I got some evening stuff coming out sending you guys love and light thank you so much for rocking with me I appreciate you guys make sure to smash a like share this we got some more spicy content coming out this week um but we best believe I will always be here to speak my mind Im gonna go I actually need to hurry up and work out because Im getting a little bit hungry over here also to you guys Ive got very exciting news Im going to be emceeing the first day at the central Con in Miami and I love love love love I might live stream it here but Im gonna MC on the big main stage and they have room um to see 47 or 4 600 people crazy right anyway sending you guys love and light make sure to subscribe to Wendys white paper it is free get your learn on bye chainlink 00:00 Hey babes welcome back!xoxoxoxo 00:50 btc daily 01:10 dxy 01:45 Back to btc daily, 12h, 6h, 4h & 45m 02:45 chainlink launches SCALE & BUILD programmes 05:50 link daily 08:30 Big syscoin updates PARTNER 10:50 uk tax cuts & energy bailouts, wallstreet bounces 14:48 Why is elsalvador thriving while unitedstates crumbles? 17:50 FED chair says CBDC wont be anonymous 23:30 CBDC pilot success 25:50 SEC fines 16 Wall Street firms $1.8billion 28:25 california regulators target 11 crypto firms 31:40 terra luna Foundation Guard denies moving Bitcoin dokwon 33:00 binance launch global law enforcement training program Thank you so much for watching babes! 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