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chainlink eoy 2021 polka dot and chainlink HUGE LINK BREAKOUT - LINK CHAINLINK PRICE ANALYSIS PRICE PREDICTION 2021
hello guys in this video we are looking into chain link or link j link is turning around 26 and 20 cents as im making this video and right now we are seeing a major breakout on the channeling price chart and also i am seeing some other bullish signs so in this video i will use the current price section and some technical analysis to determine the next price targets for chain link now we are on the forum chart on the forum chart we can see that sailing price just broke above a very very important price line which is around 25 and 40 cents you see this price this red line right here this is a very important price line based on the previous price action if we look back we can see so much price action around this price level after price broke above we have seen right here bounce up again another bounce up price action this major bearish move or price retracement correction bounced up exactly from this price line and after the price broke below this price line this 25 dollar 41 cents price level we have seen price retested exactly till this price line after we have seen another break above this price line bounce up exactly from this price line so this is one of the most important price line on the chain link price chart right now and as the price just broke above this price line with a strong bullish momentum or a bullish move we can expect that chain link price will go up or we may see a strong bullish move after this breakout and you see when this four-hour candle close this close above this price line we have seen a retesting or testing of this 25 and 41 cents support line after breakout without any delay we have seen a strong support from this support line so thats a strong bullish sign in my opinion and another bullish sign that i am seeing you see this is a long term trend line on the channeling price line price chart and we have seen that price this bullish move started exactly from this time uh trend line we have seen a strong bounce up exactly from this trend line or the supporting trend line and if we use the fibonacci retracement from this swing low which is around 22 dollar till this swing high which is around 28 and 20 cents we can see that price is getting support from the 61.8 fibonacci golden ratio so right here we have seen so many price action around this 61.8 fibonacci golden ratio so there are three indication or three bullish sign on the trailing price chart right now this breakout of this price line this and turning this price into a support and the supporting trend line also the 61.8 golden ratio working as a strong support so next target is this resistance which is around 27 and 52 cents because there are so much price action around here we want the ceiling broke a break above this resistance if that happens that will be a measure and a very very strong bullish sign for chain link so you see how much price action around this level so we may so we want to we want the chilling price dont stop right here we dont see a bearish move or a rejection by this price line we want to see a breakout and a breakout could potentially give us more gain on the chilling price chart till this next resistance which is around 31 and 44 cents and in my opinion if this bullish momentum that we are seeing if this bullish momentum continue with its current pace then we can expect that sailing price will hit the 35 dollar mark this next resistance right here so right now we want to see how these two resistance react around this how these two how the price reacts around these two resistances this 27.52 52 cents and also this 31 and 40 cents if these two resistance are broken then we can expect that sailing price will reach till this 35 dollar mark so thats it for this video guys please like this video subscribe to my channel for more and more update from me on this channel HUGE LINK BREAKOUT - LINK CHAINLINK PRICE ANALYSIS PRICE PREDICTION 2021~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For Exact Trade Set-Ups and regular updates based on my analysis please join the Patreon, Patreon: TWITTER: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today we perform some technical analysis on ChainlinkLINK Coin in order to make a price prediction for where we could see the value of LINK go in the near future. 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