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chainlink coin png projections for chainlink chainlink limited supply HUGE CRYPTO UPDATES!! Polkadot, Cardano, Chainlink, Ethereum,
chainlink limited supply chainlink price coinbase HUGE CRYPTO UPDATES!! Polkadot, Cardano, Chainlink, Ethereum,
hey everybody matty here with altcoin buzz hope youre having a great one happy tuesday hope you had a nice weekend and a long one for those that had labor day off today were talking about bitcoin by pressure according to one analyst it is fairly intense these days well let you know about that however as always i take that with the grain of salt because of course this analyst has his own angle has his own incentives to want to tell you that yes the pressure is intense but well try to be objective there well kind of look at the alt-season phenomenon right now and ask ourselves whether or not bitcoin is in the picture do projects like ethereum chain link and polka dot have a future here on amb the contention is very much that yes they do courtesy of charles hoskinson and cardena well be talking about geraldo as competition to ibms fabric we have some other updates from cardano as well then were discussing plutus.i it pluton plu plans to apply for a banking license and finally well alert you guys to a project out of india called coin fox they are launching a defy initiative out of that country india specifically so a lot happening guys as always in this space if you like this kind of content bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency then be sure to like and subscribe okay lets kick things off with a look at the markets today on were kind of going sideways theres nothing too crazy to discuss as you can see the total market cap sits at 330 330.3 billion dollars thats down only 0.1 percent since yesterday so like i said kind of sideways projects are down slightly or up ever so slightly for the most part not all that exciting chain link here down 5.1 in the last 24 hours and bitcoin sv somewhat the mirror image of that up 4.7 the important observation is that bitcoin still sits above 10k that resistance that excuse me that support level has not broken were only down 0.3 in these last 24 hours so bitcoin is at 10 120 at the time of this recording with the dominance of 56.6 and when it comes to bitcoin according to at least one analyst were now seeing intense buy pressure at the ten thousand dollar mark so a new bitcoin metric says that investors are still much more interested in buying than selling btc at ten thousand dollars on the seventh of september so just yesterday young zhu founder of on-chain analytics resource crypto quant unveiled his latest tool for tracking bitcoin investor sentiment so it is called the potential buy sell pressure and its a tool that takes exchanges total btc reserves and divides them by stable coin reserves and the resulting number provides a rough impression of trader appetite and it is currently skewed on the bullish side quote btc has intense buy pressure exchanges are holding more stable coins and fewer bitcoin compared to the beginning of this year tweeted key so its an interesting theory and a relatively simple one in effect its just that the less bitcoin that there is currently stored on the exchanges and the more stable coins there are and the more that that is the ratio that thats reflected then it would suggest that people have an appetite to buy bitcoin but i think whether or not people are buying people are more or less holding bitcoin anyway because as denoted by this last point here at the same time as key confirms exchanges bitcoins reserves continue to decrease evidence of a continued desire among investors to save not trade or spend bitcoin in other words even if the reserves on the exchanges for bitcoin happen to be low that just could be because sort of everyday investors like us could be sitting on bitcoin and not necessarily wanting to spend it um were just saving it in effect so that doesnt necessarily mean were buying it but look guys you have to have a wide variety of indicators in this space this could be a new one you can add it to your tool belt its a fairly simple formula here as you can see the potential buy cell pressure equal the exchange btc reserve divided by the exchange stable coin reserve and right now the ratio happens to be low meaning there are more stable coins on the exchanges than bitcoin at the end of the day take it with a little bit of a grain of salt key of course runs crypto quant runs a service wants you to believe that were in a bull market that were going to the moon imminently and you know hes got an agenda thats all so ill leave it at that but um let us know what you think about this new metric in the comments below and whether or not youre bullish about bitcoin at 10k i would say im a little bit more reserved i dont quite share this individuals enthusiasm just because we are at 10k but uh there you have it thats just my opinion let us know yours in the description excuse me in the comments below were here now on talking about alts beyond bitcoin so all season or not ethereum chain link and polka dot are here to stay okay so to summarize the first part of this article were just kind of overviewing the hysteria that weve seen in the defy spaces recently and how you know for quite a long time there wasnt a whole lot happening and then all of a sudden you had a lot of these projects that were just surging and as a result of that ultimately you did see a decrease in bitcoins dominance you know weve been tracking bitcoins dominance from really metrics in the 70s so 70 or so percent all the way down now to 60 and further down even below 55 percent as ive been noting in recent weeks so however whats most interesting as the article points out is the fact that the resultant void left by bitcoin has been rushed into and filled in by some of the crypto markets top altcoins namely ethereum chain link and polka dot ethereum for instance was the biggest gainer over the time period highlighted above with its market dominance climbing to almost 14 for context right now it sits at about 11.5 percent such a development has been contrary to previous instances where the vacant market share has been filled by a more distributed list of altcoins thats a good point and its why many have called 2020 the year of disruptors because its not just ethereum cryptos like chain link polka dot and coin have acted as 2020s disruptors with their emergence reshuffling the traditional cryptocurrency ladder as we know it link dot and cro arent the first alts to surge incredibly to great fanfare and value and they wont be the last either now this is admittedly a bit of an anecdotal example here and were getting a little bit too myopic because were only looking at the trajectory over one month so before we you know you guys launch into any criticism of this example thats kind of the disclaimer i understand the limitations of what it is im showing here however that being said this is the daily exchange volume on binance and as you can see you have the ratio between altcoin volume and bitcoin volume and early on its very clear that bitcoin took up a majority a lions share of that daily trading volume it looks like at least about two-thirds of the volume was allocated to bitcoin so this is earlier on in august of 2020 and as the month progressed and as some of that enthusiasm behind so many of these alt projects swept the market and swept the space you can see how really theres a takeover of interest in terms of the alt trading and the alt volume happening on the website to the point where really in some instances you have days where alt are taking up what looks to be like 80 of the volume now again this is very anecdotal its just one month its just august we have to zoom out and probably consider a more macro perspective but its an interesting little micro observation nonetheless myopic as it may be because august really was quite an exceptional month in fact as the exchange found so binance while bitcoins market volume dominance fell the same for altcoins rose from an astonishing 38 dominance to 68 dominance in august alone so what does this imply well it suggests that altcoins continue to be very popular and that users are embracing binances expanding product range of futures contracts that provide enhanced diversification and better hedging options and history never quite repeats but it does often rhyme so here the comparison is made to 2017 and there are some reasons why we are mirroring 2017 there are other reasons why were not but consider this speaking of dominance a cursory glance at bitcoins price charts would reveal that the worlds largest cryptocurrency market dominance ranged between 35 and 50 during the height of the bull run between december 2017 and january 2018. a year before that bitcoins dominance was as high as 95 percent ergo it can be concluded that the markets last and only bull run was preceded by the worlds largest cryptocurrencies market dominance falling sharply and as weve been talking about really for weeks but more like months now weve been seeing this same trend again dominance you guys may remember was as low as 54.5 percent recently and its tumbled all the way down from the mid 60s so weve seen an even higher video beyond that depending on the time frame that you consider so weve seen a pretty steady and telling trend of decreasing bitcoin dominance with rising altcoin dominance again pioneered largely by some of those big players in the altcoin space namely ethereum polka dot chain link and of course let us know your thoughts about this is the correlation valid can we predict the future with this observation does a declining bitcoin dominance precede an imminent bull run in the future let us know guys your thoughts in the comments below some updates now courtesy of charles hoskinson and cardano so hoskinson heralds gerald lammo as competition to ibms fabric in a nutshell here iohk is planning to compete with ibms fabric with jira lammo which will combine a permissioned and permissionless infrastructure for cardano the project is intended to become a user acquisition machine bringing companies and government agencies into the cardano ecosystem as hoskinson explained here both blockchains attella and cardano are interoperable with each other making it very likely that companies will move to cardanos permissionless infrastructure over the course of a partnership quote these deals we talk around for example the georgia deal gives us 50 000 new users per year minimum and has the potential to scale to 100s of thousands potentially getting into the tourism industry where there are 10 million tourists per year continuing in fact a lot of cases when we say whos going to run the infrastructure they say we dont really want to do that and when you are further along the business relationship you can say lets go ahead and run this on permissionless infrastructure and they say okay fine regarding the exact timetable hoskinson explained that the exact plans are still being developed but will be implemented in 2021. this is something that were going to unify in 2021 we are writing a big proposal to continue iohks participation in the cardinal ecosystem and some of this has to do with rolling up all the innovations we came up with that are out of scope for the 2020 agreement some of them have to do with emerging next generation technologies like zk roll ups and recursive snarks and all kinds of scalability solutions and some of these have to do with unifying permissioned and permissionless together cordano also in the news here with this piece on first decentralized voting to take place as early as october as early as october cardano holders will have the opportunity to decide on the allocation of dc fund resources by decentralized voting iohk is planning an aggressive marketing campaign thats a quote for the next two months to highlight the advantages over direct competitors switching gears now guys wed like to highlight the plutus.itcoin known as pluton plo is the ticker and here is their august update their quickfire ama asked me anything with their ceo and new developments this from the 20th of august we want to highlight specifically the fact that they plan to apply for a banking license and the implications here that result from that there are some interesting considerations here to take a look at so specifically banking license plans thats what we want to dig into here one of our long-term plans has always been to transition from a finance app to a fully-fledged bank so we can offer you all of the traditional and advanced neo-banking features but operate in a way that upholds the integrity and values of the crypto community a fresh crypto mindset to banking is the future of finance and when we are soon to embark upon approximately 70 percent of the worlds adult population owns an account at a bank or mobile money provider which equates to 3.8 billion individuals meanwhile the cryptocurrency market still remains incredibly small in comparison with about 15 million blockchain wallets in total according to reports from statista and plutus is the only company to provide both fiat on and off ramps and at the same time the ability to attach any crypto wallet to your account although its already an achievement and a rare feature with a banking license we can truly harness the imagination of the complete crypto audience and we plan to initiate the lengthy operational process soon these will allow us to greatly reduce some of the finer incurred costs for example card insurance and various types of transaction fees for both ourselves and the end user we currently pay for these smaller operational costs so that you dont have to so a pretty good development there as far as that banking license acquisition theres nothing really to say more than that at the moment it seems to be highlighted as a goal of the team or an ambition but keep an eye on pluton again ticker is p l u plutus.itcoin and we have very good reason to be excited about plutus because theyre offering a new range of affiliate partnerships with brands you likely already know you likely already use on a regular basis here also on new arrivals to plutus perks this is the august update going back to the 31st of august of this year so about a week or so ago earn more than 15 crypto cashback with featured brands such as ralph lauren vodafone sky logitech lenovo geek buying xavi wilco amazon and aliexpress going back down to uh some of the by the way these are all the different perks and the levels that you can take a look at that you can avail yourself of but some of the partnerships that are already in place and some of them that are arriving soon brands include ralph lauren sky vodafone lenovo logitech aliexpress amazon and others are coming soon and again with all of these if you already interact with them on a daily basis there are cash back incentives that will hopefully motivate you to use your features associated with plutus when interacting with them and i mentioned this in the context of another project that we were discussing last week i think that this is how you go about mass adoption this is how you go about basically gaining traction in the space adding credibility adding legitimacy very much its about getting people to interact with those brands that they interact with on a daily basis but add in that crypto dimension to it add those incentives add in those perks so that they have a reason to adopt some of these new technologies and some of these new features and thus the seamless integration is something that is natural and organic so check out this report in full guys again new arrivals to plutus perks this is from the 31st of august and finally for today were out of time but i just wanted to mention this in passing coinfox is a new project that is launching a d5 out of india you can check it out here on a minor an author set out to improve defy from india this article from a couple of days ago the 6th of september 2020 take a look at that guys well link to it in the description below but that about wraps it up for today everybody do be sure youre following us number one on all the regular social media channels number two keep checking back into altcoinbuzz dot io for all the latest number three go ahead like subscribe share and hit the bell to receive notifications but only if you guys enjoyed todays video best of luck if you choose to invest on this tuesday the 8th of september 2020 if youre going back to work today maybe youre going back to school i wish you a good return and a good start to your week stay safe as always and as always we do hope to see you again soon in our next video take care Bitcoin Intense Buy Pressure Altseason or not, Ethereum, Chainlink & Polkadot are here to stay Cardano ADA Charels Hoskinson heralds Gerolamo as competition to IBM’s Fabric Cardano: First decentralized voting to take place as early as October coin PLUTON $PLU plans to apply for a banking license Plutus also had a new affiliate partnerships with Amazon, Sky, Vodafone, etc. More than 15% in cash & crypto at a load of new online retailers KoinFox to 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